cheer's birthday


Why I do this Seven is treating Yoosung to a gaming convention for his birthday…on one condition XD


Masterlist Issues Resolved...I think...

Hey guys! Long time no see!

I’ve been getting a few messages about my masterlist not working so I came on to fix it. I think it should be okay now. I’ll link everything onto this just incase!

Thank you all for your continued interest in my writing! It still makes me very happy.

Much love,



Calum Smut:

Taking Charge

Can You Come Get Me?

Ex- Friends ‘Til The End

Ex- Friends ‘Til The End Chapter Two

Ex- Friends ‘Til The End Chapter Three

For You? Anything.

Three Cheers For The Birthday Boy

Learning From Each Others Knowing’s

Thigh High

Michael Smut:

God Bless Lasagne

Answer Me Kitten

I Bet I Could

Cancel That Date

Luke Hemmings Smut:

Making Up For Lost Time

You’re The Songs I Wrote

All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Momma’s Boy

Who Takes Care of You?

Could She Make You Feel Like This?

Down Time

Ashton Irwin Smut:

The Past Never Stays Where It Belongs

The Past Never Stays Where It Belongs; Chapter 2

The Past Never Stays Where It Belongs; Chapter 3

The Past Never Stays Where It Belongs: Chapter 4

The Past Never Stays Where It Belongs: Chapter 5

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd, but Five’s a Party

Late Night Phone Calls

Too Forward?

Bed Buddies

Calum Blurbs:

Daddy Cal

Best Friend Becomes More

Skype Sex (Visual)

Needy (Visual)

I Guess the MacBook Can Wait (Visual)

Luke Blurbs:

Drunk Luke

Have You Seen My Beanie? (Visual)

Library (Visual)

Vibrator (Visual)

Enjoying the View (Visual)

Extra Special Dinner (Visual)

Better With Three (Visual)

Sweet Dreams (Visual)

Ashton Blurbs:

He Meets You In A Bar

Possessive Ash

Daddy Ash (Visual)

Eating Out (Visual)

Work For It (Visual)

It’s Been So Long (Visual)

Michael Blurbs:

At A Gig With Him

That Time of The Month

Private Dancer (Visual)

Daddy (Visual)

Sick Kitten (Visual)

Sex Tape (Visual)


How you wake him (Visual)

How He Teases You (Visual)

Favourite Positions (Visual)

Blowjobs! (Visual)

He Eats You Out (Visual)

He Fingers You (Visual)

You Discover a New Kink (Visual)

Squirt (Visual)

Toys (Visual)

Thigh Riding (Visual)

DP (Visual)

Spanking (Visual)


Santa’s Little Helper (Lashton)


Happy birthday, Choi Sooyoung! (90.02.10)

Everyday you keep on growing into an even more beautiful person and it’s the biggest pleasure in the world to be able to witness that. Your kind heart and bright personality really make this world go around at a more peaceful pace, because even if things sometimes remain chaotic for a while, you always set the right example on what being human really means. Thank you for all the years you’ve spent with us and I hope we get to celebrate many more together. Thank you for all the love, joy and peace that you put into the world. Thank you for still being our cheerful princess, happy birthday  💖


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUS! (@silversflint)
— hope your day is as wonderful as the queen of nassau herself :’) [throwing pirate confetti] luv u to st. augustine and back <333

8 Years of Hetalia Kitawiki!

Today is a very special moment for us! It was on this day in 2009 that we opened our doors for the first time. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs throughout the years but we are still going strong thanks to the support of the many contributors that have helped out, past and present, but most importantly, you and the fandom as a whole! Whether you are writing a fic, roleplaying, or just a new fan looking to get to know the series better, we hope can continue being a helpful resource to all of you!

Happy birthday Hetalia Archives! Cheers to many more birthdays in the future!

(Transparent by @heta–transparents)


Happy Birthday! (March 21st) 

  • Anemoriritchi (Tamagotchi) 
  • First Lieutenant Spacey (One Piece)
  • Zixuan Chen (Cheer Boys!!)
  • Mikado Ryugamine (Durarara!!)
  • An Tachibana (Prince of Tennis)
  • Kamenashi (Gintama)
  • Takuya Morooka (Majikoi!)
  • Falulu Bokerdole (PriPara)

At just past midnight when it was officially November 1st, Nakamura Tarou tweeted:

Inuoka Sou-kun!
Happy birthday!  
Since I met you, I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful people!!  
I think everyone loves Sou-kun since he’s the most straightforward and fights so hard for Nekoma.  
I’m so grateful that I’m able to play him!!  
Please continue to support us!  

Takeru (Yaku)
Oh, Inuoka.  
Happy birthday.

Bishin (Tora) 
Oh, Inuoka happy birthday!
The celebrations just keep going~

Naoki (Kai)
Inuoka.  Happy birthday <puppy>

Translation by @nimbus-cloud