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Figured i’d draw something from mine & @oldbrooklynsoul rp mars!au since The Martian movie came out this weekend. You know how NASA has those strict rules about crew mates in relationships etc well lets just say Steve, captain of the Hermes, and Bucky, the engineer/biologist??, are secretly flirty on the ship to Mars. All the inside jokes, constant eye contact, and hand touching for a minute too long and when they breach mars all hell breaks loose within a few days and they’re stranded there.


I dunno what to say, you guys. I-I…thank you. You’re the best! And this…well, it makes me better about myself. I promise I’ll do my best to keep on smiling for all of you!

Also, if I shouldn’t feel bad about myself, none of you should either. I want you to all know that all of you are special too in your own good ways, and you all deserve to be happy no matter what anybody says! (but it’s okay to be sad every once in awhile too, because it’s only natural!)

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Of Course Daddy

Requested: nope
Writer: Elizabeth

Best friend, daddy kink Ashton. I wrote this forever ago so if it sucks that’s why. If you read I hope you enjoy :)

Of Course Daddy

Your best friend Ashton Irwin was finally coming home from his world tour with his band 5 Seconds of Summer. You hadn’t seen him in a long while and you were so excited to finally spend some time with him. You had been madly in love with him ever since you met when you were six but you couldn’t tell him.

He called when the plane landed and you picked him up in the airport. Somehow you didn’t get caught by any fans or paparazzi. He hugged you quickly and then you drove to your house. The whole car ride home you kept staring at him out of the corner of your eye. He wasn’t the same dorky looking kid anymore. He had chiseled features and was just all around sexy. You thought that he would never like a girl like you.

When you got inside your home Ashton threw his bags down and flopped on the couch.

“Is it ok if I crash here tonight?”

“Yeah of course Ash, but I don’t have a spare bedroom so you’ll have to sleep on the couch,” you frowned.

“Cheer up butter cup,” Ashton giggled.

You smiled at him and he looked up at you. His hazel eyes locked with yours and your stomach flipped.

You broke eye contact and asked quickly, “do you want anything to drink?”

“Sure,” he giggled.

You opened your fudge and bent over to look in.

“Nice thong,” Ashton giggled from the door way.

You bolted up right and pulled your shirt down and you could feel heat rising to your face.

“Ashton!” You yelled turning to face him.

He smirked and walked closer.

“Is it for me?” He whispered, his lips almost touching yours.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and connected your lips.

“I take that as a yes,” Ashton giggled.

He reconnected your lips and it quickly became heated.

“Ashton…” You moaned.

“Call me daddy,” he said kissing down your neck finding you sweet spot.

“D-daddy, I-I think we should move this upstairs. Don’t you daddy?”

“Jump, baby girl.”

You did as he said and wrapped your legs around his toned torso. He laced his hands under your bottom and carried you up the stairs kissing you.

“Now daddy is going to take real good care of his princess. Daddy is going to make her feel so good,” Ashton whispers into your ear.

You moaned quietly at this.

“What was that princess?”

“Daddy, you’re so sexy. I want you daddy.”

A shiver ran through Ashton’s body as you said this. He laid you gently on the bed.

“Now princess if daddy gets too rough let me know because I don’t want to hurt my baby girl.”

“Oooh, daddy…” You moan out.


You began slowly taking your clothes off and tossing them on the floor.

“Is daddy going to strip too? Please strip daddy, I want to see how hard your cock is for me.”

Ashton practically tore his clothes off after you said that. His dick sprung free from his boxers and slapped his stomach. Your eyes widened at how long and thick he was.

“You’re so big daddy….”

“Suck,” Ashton commanded.

You knelt in front of him. You ran your tongue up the prominent vein in his shaft and swirled your tongue on the tip. You took half of him in your mouth and pumped the rest of him with your hands. In a matter of seconds Ashton was a moaning hot mess above you.

“Stop baby girl, daddy doesn’t want to come yet. Lay back on the bed.”

“Yes daddy.”

You laid on the bed and Ashton hovered over you kissing up and down your body.

“Please daddy, I want your cock in me. Please daddy, I’m so wet for you.”

Without any hesitation Ashton slammed into you.

“Daddy…” You moaned as you arched your back.

“Does that feel good princess?”

“Fuck yes daddy. D-daddy…fuck me harder daddy.”

Ashton began to pound into you with relentless force. He hadn’t been inside you long but you could already feel your orgasm building up.

“Oooh daddy. I’m so close daddy.”

“Me t-too baby girl,” Ashton stuttered as he propped your leg on his shoulder and started to rub roughly on your clit.

The new angle he had was letting him go very deep. He was hitting your g-spot every time. Your walls started to clench around him and you were moaning uncontrollably.

“Cum for daddy. Cum on daddy’s cock.”

You vision blurred and you threw your head back.

“Daddy! Fuck! A-Ashton!” You screamed as you came onto Ashton’s length.

“Fuck! Baby girl! Shit! Y/N!” Ashton screamed as his orgasm hit him.

You felt him twitch inside of you and his hot fluids fill you. He thrusted into you, ridding out your highs. He collapsed onto you. His head lying on your chest. You ran your fingers through his sweaty hair.

You realized how much you truly loved him. And you thought about his daddy kink, and how you actually liked it. You felt his eyes on you and it snapped you back to reality. You had just had sex with your best friend.

“Are you ok?” Ashton asked sweetly, his dominate kinky side had faded and he was again the sweet boy you knew.

“Yeah,” you smiled faintly.

He pulled out of you and laid back on top of you, “I want to do this again.”

“That would be fun,” you said running your fingers through his hair.

“I love you,” Ashton said looking at you seriously.

“I-I love you too,” you whispered out in shock.

Ashton giggled and blushed, “sorry about the daddy thing.”

“To be honest, I thought it was hot,” you blushed.

“Oh thank god, I thought it would scare you away,” he said sheepishly.

You laughed and said, “you say you love me then apologize, I think you reversed the order there Ash.”

“So?” He giggled.

“Just so I know for next time, can I scream your name or do I have to scream daddy?”

“You can scream my name on one condition,” he giggled.

“And that is?”

“If you’ll be my girlfriend,” he smiled.

“Of course,” you pecked his lips.

“Round two?”

“Of course daddy.”

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