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Tell me about the one who loved him (part four)

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Part four of Tell me about the one who loved him.

Par two and three here.

12, Grimmauld Place, wasn’t a very happy part of Sirius Black’s life. Nobody knew as much as him how this old house, located in Central London, brought bad memories with it. There was this grim old hallway ending with the staircase leading to the upper floors, decorated with a row of withered house-elf heads, mounted on the wall on silver plaques. And there was this awful room, decorated with the giant tapestry of the Black family tree, where his mother burnt his own name when he ran away as a teenager, along with other disowned family members names. The abuse he endured in this house could not be described; only he could really remember how much it hurt him as a young boy when he discovered that not all families were as cruel as his. Sirius was sitting in the drawing room, admiring the flames dancing in the fireplace, the only thing that really warmed his heart since everybody got back to their business. Harry was back at Hogwarts, along with his two best friends and all the Weasleys were back to the Burrow. Which led him to endure his loneliness, once again. He looked down at his empty glass of wine. If he kept this pace, he’d empty his father’s cellar way faster than he’d hope. But was there something else to do than drink? Everybody was useful in some way – except him – he was totally useless for the cause, for Harry, for everyone. He sighed. There was something else bothering him too. Now that he knew he was a father, it didn’t even bring him joy. He was frustrated with himself. What a prick he had been, what a selfish and impulsive man he was back then. He missed all of those years with his daughter. He never saw what she looked like even! She didn’t even know he was her dad. What a great way to cheer up…

When he was in Azkaban, after many years, he finally tried to forget about his life prior to James and Lily’s murders. Obviously, he missed Y/N but he knew he wouldn’t ever get out, so he tried to bury everything he felt for her . And if it weren’t for the fact that he hadn’t seen the proof that Wormtail was at Hogwarts, near Harry, he wouldn’t have dreamt to escape. He was driven by vengeance and mayhem only. That’s what really mattered at the time. But now he was into his childhood house, alone with his thoughts and memories and that’s all he had left. And he obviously thought about Y/N. About her beautiful doe’ eyes and the softness of her skin. The way she was always cold and the way he’d wrap her in his arms. The way their lips would melt into each other, like they were the only ones in the world, like if life was just a décor, an accessory surrounding. The way they would always fight about anything and everything but always making up by making love. At school, in a bar, near the Black Lake, hidden in the Shrieking Shack, in his old flat: everywhere. And he spoilt everything. In this very day, there was this little girl, well, no, it was more of a young woman now, that had his eyes and, rumour has it, his arrogance, walking into the same halls he walked years before. His own daughter.

‘Sirius?’ asked a voice distantly.

Sirius looked above his shoulders. He wasn’t even bothered to get up. Remus would find him where he always was: drinking, somewhere in the house. As he thought, Remus’ face appeared in the doorframe. He looked more uncomfortable than usual. Not that he looked more tired or torn than usual, no; it was his expression, a curious mix of guilt and excitement. Remus sat next to Sirius and took away his empty glass from his hand.

‘Are you drunk?’ he cautiously asked.

‘Unfortunately, no’ Sirius answered, sighing.

‘Good’ Remus replied. He looked into Sirius’ eyes.

‘Pads. I brought somebody with me…’

Sirius chuckled.

‘I don’t care, Remus. Bring whoever you want…’

‘Come on, get up, and greet our visitor’ said Remus, standing up and going out of the drawing room.

Sirius didn’t even know why he was acting like he didn’t care. Usually, he was so exited to have company, to have actual people to talk to and make conversation. But since the Christmas holidays were over, it was like he didn’t care anymore. With or without people, he felt lonely anyway.

He stepped into the dimly lit hallway. There was a silhouette standing near the front door but his vision seemed to be blurry and his knees started to feel weak. He had only drank one, maybe two, glasses of wine, he thought, he couldn’t possibly be drunk. He stood still in the hallway, trying to find his balance back. Remus was near him and put an hand on his shoulders.

‘I convinced her to come and see you, don’t make me regret it’ he sighed into his ear. ‘I’m going to have a drink in the kitchen, if you need me…’

Sirius heard his friend step away silently but he couldn’t move, neither was the woman at the end of the hall. They just stood there, staring at each other in complete shock and desolation. Her face was not even recognizable from the lack of light but he knew it was her. He tried to walk to her, to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. As he reached the end of the hall, his vision started getting clearer but no sound would come out of his mouth. His throat felt suddenly sore and tight. How much he dreamt about this very moment, the instant where he would see her beautiful face again? He felt exactly like his old self, when he laid eyes on her for the very first time. He shook his head. Did he really think that he was over her? If he thought that time would stop him from feeling this unexplainable attraction to Y/N, he was wrong all the way. He looked into her eyes and couldn’t read what she was thinking, like there was this thin film covering it, preventing him to read what was on her mind. Did she feel the same way he did? She didn’t move either, she was frozen in time like a statue.

‘Hi…’ he said very softly, like if breaking the silence too loudly would disrupt the moment.

Sirius hung at the tip of her lips, waiting for a response which prevented him to see her cold hand slapping his left cheek in a deaf sound; that was not what he expected. Confused, he looked at Y/N again, catching sight of the tears starting to slowly accumulate in the corners of her eyes.

‘I guess I deserved that…’ he sighed, rubbing his reddish cheek.

She finally opened her mouth to speak:

‘Fourteen years…’ her sweet voice whispered.

‘I know-‘

‘Fourteen years you disappeared, fourteen years without any news, complete silence, fourteen years without a single clue if you’re okay or not, and the first thing you say to me is an innocent ‘hi’?’

He looked at Y/N. She was angry with him.

‘What did you want me to say?’ he replied.

She just collapsed on the floor and started to sob without restrain. Sirius sat next to her and tried to take her in his arms.

‘Don’t!’ she shouted, breaking off the contact.

Sirius nodded.

‘I thought I’d be okay, seeing you, I thought I would be fine’ she continued.

Sirius felt his eyes tickling too.

‘I am sorry’ he said, trying to put his hand again on her shoulder.

This time she let him touch her and hid her face in his chest. They both stayed like that for what seemed to be forever. Sirius would only breathe the sweet perfume of her long hair, that hadn’t changed too. What started with a polite accolade was now transforming into a tight embrace, where their bodies melted into each others, his grip around her body was firm; he didn’t want to release her, he was holding on to her, he never wanted Y/N to get away from him ever again now. He caressed her soft cheek with his index.

‘I’m so sorry’ he muttered again.

‘I’m sorry too’ she replied, muffled with emotion.

At 12, Grimmauld Place, Sirius Black felt home for the very first time.

Y/N released her body from his, suddenly noticing how close she let herself be with him, to Sirius’ disappointment. He didn’t know if it was the proper moment, but something he wanted to say was making the end of his tongue tickle.

‘I know about Stella*.’

Y/N turned around and stared at Sirius.

‘No’ she answered firmly.

‘I’m her father’ he replied, feeling weak again.

His head was starting to buzz lightly.


*In my imagine, his daughter’s name is Stella. Feel free to replace with whatever name you had in mind. ;) 


a/n it’s so short, i tried to make it long and enjoyable to read but i somehow just can’t, sorry

gender fluff

sumarry trying to cheer samuel up after the final of pd101

word count 464

warnings none

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After the ranking announcement everyone were sad. People how got into the debut group, people who didn’t get in and trainees who were eliminated at the beginning. You could see Samuel’s face at the tv behind the scenes and your heart were breaking. He did everything he could and nothing worked. 

After everything you just stood in the hall and was waiting for him. You needed to do something, you didn’t wanted to see him being sad. Finally, you saw a boy with purple hair coming in your direction and you opened your arms for him to come in.

“It’s okay Samue.,” you whispered stroking his hair as he cried again that day. He just cling to you and cried harder. Minutes passed and he is finally calming down, breathing properly and not crying anymore. You lightly push him away, to look at his face and squish his cheeks “Ahh, our baby, don’t cry anymore. It will be okay.” he giggled and you couldn’t be more happy.

“I know.. it’s just so annoying and I just can’t but cry.” he rubbed his eyes and sighed.

You looked at the clock - 5:24 am. It was so late but you’re sure that your favorite dog cafe in hongdae is open. Everything in hongdae at this time is open to be honest.

“Samuel, I know that it’s late and you are probably so tired right now, but maybe we could go to this one cafe. I’m pretty sure you will love it.” you said while grinning. He thought about it for a few second and agreed. He quickly changed in some normal clothes and you were on your way.

Samuel opened the door to cafe and you were welcomed by few dogs and the owner. Some dogs were sleepning, some already jumping on Samuel while he giggled and some of them were with other customers. You guys sat in the corner and ordered food. 

“So.. do you like it?” you rested your head on your hand and looked at him while smiling. 

Honestly you could answer that question yourself, by just looking at him, smiling at the dog on his lap, who was licking his face. Maybe it’s better for him not to be in this group? Maybe he meet more time and debut as solo artist.

“Yeah, I like it, thank you y/n.” he said while smiling and you coudn’t be more happy. 

The rest of the night you spended petting the dogs, taking cute pictures of them, and soon the sun started to sine and that may sound selfish but you were happy that he didn’t have to leave you yet. You still have so much time together and maybe someday his time will come and you will be ready to let him go.

Sebastian Stan Imagine

Hii!! Could you please write a Sebastian Stan imagine where him and the reader (an actress) started dating when they were filming the first avenger and he proposes to her while they’re filming winter soldier?

AN: I made up the readers character so they could be in both the FA and WS

For the last 3 months you had been working on Captain America: The First Avenger and you were loving every second of it. Not only was it an amazing movie but you loved your co-workers. You were playing Elizabeth “Betty” Caldway, a fellow agent who had had a light version of the serum tested on her just before Steve.

You came out of your trailer in your 40’s style red and yellow dress. “Looking good Betty.” You turned towards Sebastian, who was dressed in his 40’s soldier uniform. After your first day on set you and Sebastian were quick friends and were known to flirt back and forth on and off set. You liked the guy but you were too afraid to take a step forward and ask him out, scared he’d say no and the set would become awkward.

“Looking good yourself, James. What are you up to?”

“Thought I’d come see you before the scene.” The two of you were about to film a scene together where with Chris and were decked out in full 40’s gear. “Want to walk with me?”

“Sure,” you agreed and walked with him towards the set. You kept up some small talk with his demeanor suddenly shifted.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Um, sure. Everything ok?”

“Yeah, I was just wondering what you’re doing this weekend.”

You chuckled, “Going over the script again so…nothing.”

“Would you want to go to dinner tomorrow night? Maybe go to that Italian place we went with the cast a couple weeks ago.”

“Sure, who’s all going?”

His face contorted nervously, “Just us?”

“Like a date?” He nodded and you grinned. “Alright, pick me up at 7.”

“Really,” he was shocked.”

“Unless you need to eat before that,” you joked and went to your marker.

*3 years later*

You were filming one of the last scenes for Captain America: Winter Soldier. Your character, Betty, was sitting with Steve and Sam in the hospital room waiting for Steve to wake up. After the final “cut” was called the cast cheered and you stood up out of the chair.

“Wait wait wait,” everyone paused on the spot and you watched as Sebastian, out of costume, walk into the fake hospital room. “Before everyone goes off and gets ready for the party tonight I have a couple things I’d like to say.”

The cast and crew gathered around and your boyfriend’s smile took over everyone’s attention. “I’d like to thank everybody for all the amazing times we’ve had on set. Making this movie was even more fun than the first Captain movie and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this.” Then her turned towards you. “I am especially thankful that these movies introduced me to and help keep me close to my beautiful girlfriend Y/N. Y/N,” you were shocked that everyone’s attention was on you now, “these past three years together have been the best and happiest of my life. Every second we spend together makes my heart flutter and I want to have that feeling for the rest of my life.”

He got down on one knee. “Y/N Y/L/N, not only are you one of the most talented people I know but you are one of the most intelligent, compassionate, and genuine people I know. Make me the luckiest man on Earth and do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Tears sprinkled from your eyes and, once you got yourself unfrozen from excitement, you nodded vigorously and threw your smiling self into his arms. “Yes, yes,” you stood back up and held your left hand out to him. “A thousand times yes.” He slid the ring on your finger then stood up,  lifting you in his arms and kissing you again.

Reaper76 AU/HC Thing Where Gabe is Deaf

Credit: this HC was collaborated with @icey-and-missy

In this AU, Gabe is deaf and is currently attending college where his mom teaches ASL courses.

Jack hears about the cute guy who can’t hear and how everyone has tried to learn ASL to date him, but they always fail because they find that learning the language isn’t easy. So, Jack makes this his main goal cause damn he was gonna make Gabe his.

He takes the class Gabe’s mom teaches and didn’t know that Gabe hides away in her office when he isn’t in class. Ana, Gabe’s 24/7 interpreter, warns Jack to stay away because “men like you only distract Gabriel from his priorities.” Angela is one of Gabriel’s closest friends, she’s known him since she was five because her parents are his primary doctors. She too warns Jack about staying away from Gabe. Jack ignored everyone and pursues Gabe anyway.

Gabriel doesn’t mind Jack trying to get to know him at all. Even though they communicate on random pieces of paper he finds on his mom’s desk, Gabriel finds Jack to be fun and chill, unlike his family and Ana. Gabe’s mom stops class to scold Jack and her son about speaking when she’s teaching. After the semester ends, Jack and Gabe keep in contact by sending text messages every second of the day. Jack learns that Gabe’s mom is trying to raise the funds to get him a cochlear implant so that he could at least hear sounds or anything close to it. Jack decides to help out, along with Angela and Ana.

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“So I have something to tell you.” With those seven words your heart dropped. You looked up at your boyfriend Luke expectantly, your mood going from bad to worse when you saw the serious expression on his face. 

“What?” You asked. 

Luke sat down next to you on the couch and pulled you close to him. You sank into him like a reflex. “You know I love you right? And if I had things my way, we’d be together all the time?” 

You began to see where this was going. “You have to leave again don’t you?” 

Luke sighed. “I know I was supposed to be home for three months but we’ve got the opportunity to work with this great producer and he’s only gonna be in LA for like the next three weeks before he goes on some year-long creative retreat in Alaska somewhere. Y/N, we can’t pass this up.” 

Luke went silent after he finished, waiting for a reaction from you. “When do you leave?” You asked. 

“Saturday.” Just three days away. “I wanted to tell you sooner but there were so many details we didn’t figure out till today, and I didn’t want to worry you if it wasn’t gonna happen anyway.” He ran his hand up and down your arm reassuringly. “And we’re only gonna be gone for three weeks. Then I’ll be back and we’ll still have almost two months together.” You were both quiet for a few moments until Luke spoke again. “Are you mad?”

You answered honestly. “No. I mean I’ll miss you.”  You didn’t mention that missing him would hurt like salt in a wound and it would be like losing a vital organ. “But I knew when we started dating that it meant that you wouldn’t always be around. I really can’t be mad.” You glanced up at Luke to see him staring down at you in awe. “What?” You asked. 

“You’re just amazing. Like, I know me having to go away so often isn’t really fair to you and you could date someone else who can always be there for you. And dealing with my schedule and the three AM phone calls and the Twitter hate aren’t easy but you’ve stayed through all of it.” 

You felt a rush of affection for your boyfriend and tried to pour it all into the kiss you planted on his lips. “You’re worth that and so much more.” 

[SF9] Reaction to GF being on her period.

Inseong: He would act like he knew exactly what was going on, but really has no idea. He would attempt to do things for you, but you mess it up. Already being irritable, you would only get upset. To make it up to you, he would start all over again, more seriously this time. He would bring you some chocolates and just hold you. He would sing to you softly, trying to soothe the pain.

Youngbin: Binnie bean also wouldn’t have any idea about where to start, but he would do anything you asked of him without question. He would be as caring and tender with you as he could possibly be. He would devote his entire day to being with you, in hopes that it would help you feel better. After getting you everything you could possibly need/ask for, he would curl up with you and hold you until you fell asleep. His number one goal: Make you as comfortable as possible.

Jaeyoon: Honey would treat you as if you just had a cold. He would bring you some tea with a touch of honey and lemon. And some other natural remedies that he could find. He would bring you some snacks and comforting food, all stuff that’s easy on the stomach. You would feel appreciated, but would end up crying because you are super emotional and feel as if he doesn’t have the slightest clue. He would be super confused about everything, but would try his best to make you smile again.

Dawon: Now this kid, wouldn’t have the slightest clue about what was happening. He would keep trying to figure out why would seemed down and weren’t paying as much attention to him. He would spend so much time trying to make you laugh and cheer you up. After some unsuccessful attempts, he would finally settle down. You would take this opportunity to move in for some snuggles, wrapping your arms around his waist, rubbing your head against his shirt. Seeing you do this, he would absolutely melt and realize that this is all you needed the whole time. 

Zuho: He would be well aware of what time it is, maybe even long before you knew. He would be so in tune with you that he could pick up on the subtle changes in your behavior leading up to your period. When you start feeling it, he would become super careful with you, catering to everything you could possible ask. And he would be super affectionate, even more so that he normally would be. He would know exactly what to do to help you and exactly when to do it. 

Rowoon: He would be so doting and would know exactly what to do. He would wrap you up in a little blanket burrito, making sure that you are all snug. He would cook you the most delicious and comforting foods.. or just make your absolute favorites. Whatever you want, it’s all up to you. He would have a timer set for regular medicine giving intervals. He would make sure that you get pain meds on time, every time. That way you stay as comfortable as possible. He would constantly have hot packs available for you and would switch them out on a regular basis. He would wait on you hand and foot. You wouldn’t have to worry about a thing, just rest away.

Taeyang: He is another one that would know exactly what to do in order to make you feel better. He would be super sweet to you, with constant cuddles and soft kisses on your forehead. He would use his natural sunshine to lift your spirits. He would do anything you asked of him. Mainly, he would just hold you. As he cradles you in his arms, he would gently rock you and sing to you softly. He wouldn’t stop until you asked him to, or you fell asleep. Even then, he would continue to hold you, stroking your hair as you slept, knowing that you needed this rest.

Hwiyoung: He wouldn’t have any clue about what to do. He would start to do something that he thought would help, but then stop, second guessing his decision and not wanting to upset you further. He would constantly ask you what he can do. He would run off and do whatever you needed him to without question. He would hesitate around you, slightly afraid of touching you or making a wrong move. He would be constantly worried about you being upset with him. But he tries his best to be good to you and help with whatever you need.

Chani: Baby Chani would be clueless. However, he would be super concerned about you and would ask tons of questions about what was going on and if you were alright. He would ask every 5 minutes if you needed anything, and would make an excellent little caretaker. He would do whatever you asked, and would try to improve every time. At the end of the day, his answer to everything is to give you a massage. And it would end up helping. 


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Uhm, could you pretty please do a headcanon (or fic, I guess) where gladion finds out that you had "not the best" parents? I really love your writing style and it'd really cheer me up, thanks for reading my ask either way!

After like… forever, I’m finally working on new things! Yay, me! I should be doing my online quiz and studying for the other quiz I have tomorrow but whO CARES? WAHAHAHAHA.

Also, I made the reader adopted. Because, there is a nice canonical mother in Pokémon SuMo that I can’t overlook.

Never Be Like You (But Maybe That’s Okay)

Summary: “Gladion, I’m back-” You freeze at the familiar clearing of a throat. The throat of the person you’d once wanted to strangle an unhealthy amount. “Hello mother, father.”

Pairing: Gladion x Reader, or Gladion x Moon if you prefer.

It was the damn wedding invitation.

You wrote one for them, of course. They were your parents, until they left you with your infinitely nicer and more caring mom. You didn’t really know why you wanted to invite them in the first place. Maybe it was because Gladion asked? You knew Gladion hadn’t had the best relationship with his mother especially after his dad disappeared and he’d just wanted you to have that, to have a chance to reconcile with your parents like he’s desperately trying to with his mother.

That’s why you love him.

Gladion appears so cold, but he hides such a loving and sensitive heart.

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Bus Rides- Chapter 4

The phandom is kinda having a bad time right now, so to make you all (just kidding nobody’s gonna read this) feel better, your favorite undiscovered (because I suck) writer is back with more of her first trashy Phan AU!! *whoop* As always, thanks for being one of the five people who actually read this and please give me feedback and prompt ideas if you have them. :)

Chapter 1-

Chapter 2-

Chapter 3-

Chapter 4 Word Count- 1085

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11 of 99 ways to say I love you

Gray has known it a long time, somewhere far in the back of his mind. It happened before the Grand Magic Games, before their first S Class trial, before Galuna Island.

It budded while they were young. Too young to understand why they need to be around each other all the time, or why they only knew how to express that need through thrown fists and snarled insults.

It’s been rooted deeply in his chest for years, the affection he feels for Natsu. It’s flared and grown, made a comfy home within him until it became second nature to hold him, to touch and caress, bask in his presence, revel in their memories.

He has listened to Natsu gripe, laugh, cry. He’s competed against him, challenged him to better himself, held him while he cried, continues to do all that and more to this day.

Some days he looks at him and wonders how he got so lucky. He doesn’t voice this often. Natsu would brag entirely too much. Other days Natsu does something like smack his drink out of his own hand when he’s talking with his hands and too excited about whatever it is he’s going off on and shatters yet another glass. Those are the times Gray asks if this is really his mate, if this is who he’s fucking stuck with. That, he doesn’t hesitate to say, and he laughs when Natsu tosses the wet, alcohol soiled towel at him.

Some days Natsu looks at him the same way, whether it’s in awe or endearment when Gray makes an ass of himself.

He’s looking at him like that now, eyes puffy and red rimmed. Gray has tripped over the blanket, the one he just pulled out of the dryer to wrap Natsu in because he knows that never fails to make him feel better. Natsu can’t stop laughing and Gray’s grumbling for him to shut up.

Natsu slides off the couch, sits next to Gray, and wipes tears from his eyes. Gray’s struck with heat in his chest, familiar and welcome. They’re tears of mirth. He’s finally managed to cheer Natsu up after such a shitty day.

Natsu runs his fingers through Gray’s hair, grazes his nails against his scalp. “You’re–” he wheezes. He takes a moment to compose himself while Gray pretends he’s still offended. “You’re–” Natsu blinks those beautiful, bright eyes at Gray, and his expression shifts, from that endearment to awe. “You’re my best friend.”

Gray has known it a long time, somewhere far in the back of his mind. It happened before the Grand Magic Games, before their first S Class trial, before Galuna Island. But hearing Natsu say it out loud is like discovering it for the first time.

So he smiles, grabs one of Natsu’s hands, and presses a kiss to his knuckles. The same knuckles that have smashed into his teeth, the same knuckles that have devastated enemies that dare threaten him. “Yeah, Flamebrain, you too.” Natsu squeezes his hand around Gray’s. “You’re mine, too.”

Putting Dazai Back Together ♡

A/N: HAPPY LATE BDAY TO @ticklyfandoms !! Before you all go judging my story, Tickly asked for a hurt/comfort lee Dazai fic, with this exact scenario! It’s not that I relate sadness and death to birthdays, it was requested! In my defense XD Also, I rarely write this genre out-of-comfort-zooone so I have to warn you all it’s not that good, sorry ticklyy u__u.

Summary: Dazai is depressed and doesn’t act like himself, and when he snaps at Atsushi and makes the poor boy cry, Kunikida and Ranpo are there to fix that attitude! [BSD Season 2 spoiler warning]

Word Count: 1455

There was nothing to celebrate… Why was he even here? Dazai stared at his empty glass, his shoulders hanging. Today was the anniversary of Odasaku’s death. He was supposed to have a drink by himself, toast to him and reminisce about the old days, their friendship. Their laughs…

But here he was, at a bar with his colleagues. He wasn’t even sure why they had dragged him along. Something about a bet between Ranpo and Kunikida how Ranpo wouldn’t be able to solve a case. Ranpo won.

Atsushi was with them as well, and Dazai could vaguely register how he was trying to get his attention.

“Dazai, won’t you have another drink?” Atsushi’s voice was soft and not clear enough to break through Dazai’s fuzzy mind. He imagined Odasaku’s face. How he looked before he left this world. His last words… Wait. What were his last words?

Panic and confusion arose within him. Was it the alcohol? Why did he forget? He knew vaguely the things he told him. But he definitely should know his last words, what–

SHUT UP!” Dazai slammed the table when Atsushi’s stammering voice disturbed again, and the noises in the bar died down and heads turned. Dazai’s heart was racing. He hadn’t even realized what he was doing before it already happened.

His hand which was still flat on the table was stinging from the slam, and he then finally looked at Atsushi. His lips trembled and he slowly pulled back a shaking hand which he had reached out to Dazai to get his attention. He felt guilty, but only for a split second. His concerns were back to that one thing he had forgotten.

“Wait. Atsushi!” Kunikida yelled, standing up as well, but he refrained from chasing after him and shot Dazai an angry look.

“What is wrong with you today?!” Kunikida snapped his fingers in front of Dazai’s face. When Dazai didn’t react to the finger-snap, the blond leaned over the table and grabbed his collar.

“Dazai!” Dazai twitched when Kunikida raised his voice, and while he had been busy hunting for the memory of Oda’s last words, he finally looked straight at Kunikida, his brows furrowing.

They ignored the sounds of other people leaving because of the uncomfortable and tense atmosphere they created in the bar. The elder bartender looked concerned rather than annoyed, but he didn’t have the guts to get in between these fighting men.

“He probably just draaank,” Ranpo said, throwing his head back and drinking carelessly. His cheeks were slightly rosy, even though he was just on the brink of being tipsy.

“Let go,” Dazai huffed, grabbing Kunikida’s hands, but Kunikida raised from his seat and pulled Dazai along with him.

“Once you step out of here, the first thing you’ll do is finding Atsushi and apologize. Got it? After that, you’ll allow us some explanation. You’re not yourself, I don’t get -” Kunikida’s rant got interrupted by a squeak from Dazai, and he frowned in confusion. He then saw Ranpo who sat next to Dazai with  cheeky smirk on his face and his finger positioned on Dazai’s side.

“Why so serious guys?” he asked, and he poked again. Dazai jerked at the touch, but Kunikida still held his collar despite Dazai’s hands desperately clinging onto him, trying to pry his hand off.

“R-Raha! Don’t you dare!” Dazai brought out. Ranpo raised his eyebrows and obviously taking this as a challenge, he got up and stood right behind him.

“Don’t I dare what? Mr. Grumpy-grumps?” Ranpo ran his fingers up Dazai’s sides, eliciting a giggle, and Dazai switched from grabbing Kunikida’s hands to flailing his arms backwards in an attempt to stop him.

Kunikida who had a stern look on his face all this time loosened up as well and he grinned when Ranpo continued to tickle Dazai from behind.

“Oh so you can laugh huh? Good going Ranpo, I guess he needs it.” Kunikida then tugged at Dazai’s collar and the giggling and flailing guy ended up sprawled on top of the table.

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Heartbreak Hotel (Part 3)

Part 3 of heartbreak hotel. Go read the other parts if you haven’t already! I really hope you all are enjoying the series! I’ve been working hard on it, so I hope it is good. I will be updating everyday at 10pm UK time. Come and MESSAGE ME! I’d love to hear about what you all think of the series. ENJOY~

Jungkook x reader (Mentions all the members).



~Part 1~ ~Part 2~

“Y/n, hi!” You stared at the person in front of you, recognising their face. “H…hi?” You looked at them as they smiled slightly. “You don’t remember me do you?” You shook your head and he sat down on one of the swings and you followed, sitting down on the other swing. “I’m Jimin…” Your eyes grew wide as you start to remember the events that happened last night. “Jimin…” You muttered to yourself.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. You felt a tap on your shoulder and you turned around. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing! Shoving your tongue down my boyfriends mouth!” Her fist and your eye made contact causing you to hit the ground. “Sabrina! What are you doing here?” Jimin said as he crouched down to assist you. “Jimin baby!” He raised his hand at her, signalling for her to stop. “Stop Sabrina!” You got up on to your feet, with the help of Jimin and some other man. “I think you and Sabrina need to talk. I’ll go take care of y/n.” You looked to your side to see who the other guy was and to your surprise it was Jungkook. “Jungkook! What are you doing here?” You had your arm draped around his neck but your feet weren’t moving so he carried you bridal style out of the club. “The same reason why you’re here. I’m guessing.” You hummed slightly. You could feel your eyelids getting heavier and soon they shut.

You woke up once you reached the destination and you could feel something coming up. “I think I’m gonna puke!” You manage to say as the sick begins to make its way up. You get out of the car and go to the side of the road. Being drunk, you managed to get it all over yourself. You looked up as the tears rolled down you cheek and you saw the sign flickering once again. “Hey lets go inside and clean you up.” Jungkook said as he helped you go in. Once you reached a room he came in to give you a white t-shirt to wear since you didn’t have any other clothes with you. But instead he found your figure collapsed on the bed. He didn’t want to leave you lying in your own puke, but he didn’t want to take advantage of you. So he asked one of the cleaners to help you change. After that, he tucked you in and left a surprise for you in the morning on the bed side table. “Can you get this dry cleaned?” He asked one of the workers before he left you to rest.

“Hey y/n!” You looked at Jimin who had his hand placed on your knee. “I am truly sorry. Sabrina is a long story and she can be quite jealous sometimes.” You could tell how he was genuinely sorry and you placed your hand on top of his. “It’s fine don’t worry about it. Is she your girlfriend?” He shook his head. “No she is my ex, sort of.” You noticed that Jimin was fidgeting a lot and that his glance kept flicking to you and then to somewhere else. You followed where he was looking and noticed the same all black car that was parked outside the other day. “It’s fine Jimin. Don’t worry about it.” You narrow your eyes at the car, trying to figure out who was in it. “I think I’ll get going now.” He watched as you left the park. “Errrm…ok.” You hid behind a big oak tree as you watched a confused Jimin scratch his head before he started to move towards the SUV. You saw him point in the direction you left as he spoke to the person who was in the car. You just about managed to see who it was despite the fact they were wearing sunglasses. Jungkook.


You pulled up at Tiffany’s house and honked the horn. Tiffany came out with a surprised and confused look on her face. You stepped out swinging the keys on your index finger as you rested on the bonnet. “Do you like it?” She stood there for a moment before speaking. “What? What’s this for? How? A Bugatti?” You smiled impressed with yourself. “Yeah! It saves us walking and now we don’t have to call a taxi every five seconds.” She circled the car and looked inside. “But won’t it be more expensive to buy this than getting a taxi.” You shrugged your shoulders. “Maybe.” She continued circling around it, her fingertips dancing on the metal. “But how did you afford it?” You mentally slapped yourself, realising you almost blew your cover. “Ermmm…it’s a company car! How else would I afford it?” You laughed nervously as you scratched the back of your neck. Lie number 6. “Do you wanna drive it?“

“No!” She said, her eyes grew wide. “Tiffany I’m sorry, I shouldn’t…” She ran inside and you followed. “Tiffany! I don’t know what I was thinking I’m sorry.” You quietly spoke to the back of her head. She turned around, tears threatening to spill. “It’s fine. I…I…” You pulled her into a hug and stroked her hair trying to comfort her. It had been a year since the accident. “It was my fault…” You cut her off and looked at her eyes, grabbing her face gently. “No. It wasn’t. Stop blaming yourself.” Her tears cascaded down her cheeks. “It was! If I didn’t distract him. If I didn’t fight with him…maybe…he would still be here today!”

“It wasn’t your fault…” She looked away from you as she scrunched her eyes releasing more tears. “The crash…it was my fault y/n. I know it was. We argued in his final moments. I’m a terrible person! I’m sorry.” She left the room and you sat down and ran your hand through your hair. You weren’t sure how you were going to ask Tiffany but you knew you had to.

She came down stairs after half an hour because you called her down. “What…” She stopped when she saw your suitcase beside you. “You’re not leaving are you?”

“Yeah. It’s not because of you. I’m going to go travel around South Korea for a bit.” Lie number 7. She didn’t say anything. “Thank you for letting me stay.” Still nothing. “I know I shouldn’t leave you right now, especially now but…”

“No go. It’s fine. But make sure you come back and say bye.” You plastered on a smile and hugged her. “I will.” Lie number 8. You grabbed your bag and smiled again. You opened the door but turned to face her again. “Oh before I forget. I just wanted to ask you something.”

“What?” She looked worried like she had something to hide. “You know after he passed away…” You hesitated a little. Did you really want to know the truth? “You didn’t pay a visit to the Heartbreak Hotel did you?” She looked at you with wide eyes. “What! No! Why would you ask?” She looked down and fiddled with her top.

“Because you knew so much about it and when I asked people around here, they said it was a friendly hotel that only foreigners go to. So tell me. Did you go?”


“You’re lying.”

“Y/n I’m not. I have never been!”

“But you did go. With her didn’t you?” You said as the tears started to build up. You looked straight into your best friends eyes and all you saw was guilt.

“With who?”

“You know.” You stepped out and slammed the door. How could she pretend like she didn’t know anything. You ran straight to your car and tossed your bags in the back. You saw Tiffany step outside and she mouthed ‘sorry’ as her cheeks glistened with the familiar tears from earlier before. You stepped hard on the pedal and disappeared.


“Can I have another one?” You requested to the bartender. You were swallowing your pain with every drink that you guzzled. How could Tiffany do that? You placed your head in your hands as you remembered you little trip to Busan.

“Dara hi can I come in?”

“Y/n. What are you doing here?”

“Are you not happy to see me?”

“Y…ye…yeah of course!”

“Great so can I come in?”

“No!” She said suddenly. “I mean…I’m going out right now. So…”

“That’s fine. I’ll only be a couple of minutes.” Before she could say anything else you had stepped inside. You scanned the house trying to decipher your surroundings. It was one of your many talents but reading people’s faces was your speciality. That’s why you were always sent to interrogate people, you could always tell when they were lying, like a natural instinct.

You took a sip of the drink that she placed in front of you. Both of you sat there in silence. She was twiddling her thumbs whilst you just watched her. You sighed, deciding to break the silent room. “Look. I just want you to answer a few questions, alright?” She nodded her head, not making any eye contact with you. “Ok. So when did you go to the Heartbreak Hotel?”

“I don’t know what that it.” She stated and you narrowed your eyes at her.

“You’re telling me you’ve never been.” You said trying to clarify what she meant.

“I’ve never been to Seoul.”

“Wait. You said you don’t know what the Heartbreak hotel is?”

“I know what I said!” She said this time finally making eye contact with you.

“But how did you know it was in Seoul?” She stared at you without blinking. “So how about we cut the crap and you just tell me everything!”

“Fine you want to know!” She shouted finally cracking. “We wanted to cheer up Tiffany after the accident occurred, so we decided to go out. We saw the hotel and we heard the music blasting, so we went in. We got drunk. Very drunk and we did things we regret.” She paused and took a deep breath. “We were in one of the hotel rooms when we heard shouting and screaming. We went to the door and I don’t remember what happened.”

“What! Why?” You questioned. She couldn’t just stop there.

“Well…one minute we’re in the hotel room, the next we’re tied up in a dark basement.”

You lifted your head up to see a man sat next to you. “Hi.” He said. You stared at the stranger who seemed familiar. “Hi.”

“I’m Yoongi and you are?” It wasn’t his face that was familiar, it was his voice.

“Yeah. But be quiet, we’re not allowed to disturb her.”

“I’m y/n.” You said as you took another sip of your drink. “Well y/n, can I ask you a question?” You hummed in response. “What’s a pretty girl like you, doing here all by yourself?” You shrugged your shoulders as you stared down at your drink, misery washing over your face. “I don’t even know.”

“Well I’m sure when you go home and get some rest you’ll be fine.”

You chuckled derisively. “Yeah if I knew what home was.”

“Oh you don’t have anywhere to stay?” You shook your head. You were the one who wanted to leave but you knew if you had stayed with her, you probably would’ve ended up killing her. Like you nearly did with Dara.

“And…I can’t do this.”

“Well you’re gonna have to if you want to still live.” You said growing tired of her stopping.

“Calm down. It’s hard you know…”

“Just spit it out already!”

“They asked us where we were from. I said Busan. Then they asked if I was a citizen and I said yes. They did the same for the other two. They released me and Tiffany.”

“But three of you went in.”

“I know! I know there was three of us! I fucking know! Look I don’t know what you want y/n.”

“I want you to tell me where the fuck she is! I want you to tell me why you left her! I want you to tell me what sort of place that is! Go on tell me! Tell me!” You screamed in her face as you grabbed hold of her.

“I’m sorry y/n. I’m so sorry. They told us if we tell anybody that they would kill us. I wanted to help. I swear!” She sobbed. You loosened your grip on her and finally you let go as you took a few steps back.

“You know what disgusts me. The fact you didn’t get help. The fact you left her. The fact that when we called and asked you how she was, you told us she doesn’t want anything to do with us. That she hates us and she’s going to stay in South Korea. That’s what hurts me the most. I would kill you right now in a heartbeat.” You slammed the door and kicked it.

“Hey you can stay at the Heartbreak Hotel. As one of my guests.” He beamed snapping you out of your daze.

“No I can’t. That’s too much.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m one of the owners.” I know you are you thought to yourself.

“Sure why not.” You said coming to a sudden realisation. “Great! I’ll see you there.” He left the bar and through the window you saw him walk to a black SUV. He wasn’t alone. He spoke to the person in the car and finally they were off. You just managed to see the person but you could have guessed it as well. Jungkook of course. The only way to find her was to actually get inside.