cheer up after the finale

The farmer’s been off, acting strange and sad for awhile and Seb trying to find out what’s bugging them but they won’t open up. Maybe him cheering up his partner after they finally spill? Thank you.

“Look, I know something has been bothering you.” Sebastian said as he took a seat across from them at the dining table, a fresh cup of coffee becoming a curtain of steam between them. Their only response was to rest their chin on their knees, their legs pulled tight against their chest and their arms wrapping it all together like a bow on a gift.

Sebastian combed his fingers through his hair in concern and frustration. “Won’t you say something to me? Pleae? What can I do to help?” They said nothing again, staring at the wood paneling on the cabin floor.

Sebastian sighed and shook his head. He really did hate seeing them like this. He took a drink from his coffee before he stood and scooped them up in his arms. “I can’t wait any longer, I just need to know you’re okay, alright?” He kissed the top of their head and carried them to the bedroom they shared, setting them down and wrapping them in their favorite blanket. He moved the tv in front of them and put on their favorite show then gathered up a few servings on their favorite food and set it in front of them, sitting behind them and wrapping his arms around him and laying his head on their shoulder.

As time passed, their eyes began to focus on the tv rather than staring at nothing and, in time, they began to eat what was before them. When they finished, they sighed and leaned back into Sebastian’s embrace fully.

“I’m sorry.” They sounded so small and weak when they finally spoke.

“It’s okay,” Sebastian nuzzled their hair and gently kissed their neck. “Just please tell me what’s wrong.”

“It just hit me the other day that I’m probably going to outlive all the animals. All the chickens and cows, they’ll probably all die before me,” they gestured to the window that spilled in a bit of moonlight, and they could just barely make out in the darkness the corner of one of the barns. “I just love them all… I love most creatures, I don’t want to see anything or anyone die.” Their voice was beginning to tremble like their lower lip.

“Hey, now,” Sebastian gave them a gentle squeeze, “It’s okay, that’s not going to be any time soon at all, okay? You can relax. You know they’re all in perfect health, you’ve made sure of that.”

“You’re right… I still can’t help but worry though. Maybe I’m not just worried about the animals dying… Maybe I’m worried about you dying too.” They couldn’t look up from their hands, messily laid out in their lap and half shielded from their view by the blanket.

“You don’t have to worry about me dying either.” He gently stroked their hair. “Would it make you feel better if I stopped smoking?”

They looked up finally and back at him over their shoulder, their eyes full of hope. “I would really appreciate it. So, please.”

“Anything for you,” Sebastian smiled and gently kissed their forehead. “I just hope you can deal with me being a bit crabby for a while.”

They smiled and leaned against him. “Anything for you too. Even you crabbiness.”