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AU: Uni Shawn - Midterms

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“I know I failed it,” You remark to your friend as the two of you walk across campus together. You had gotten dinner together after your exam, and you just finished telling her about how badly it went.

“I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as you think,” She tells you, trying to be a good friend by making you feel better, but this time its not working. You don’t think you’ve ever felt worse coming out of an exam than you did that one, and that’s saying a lot. You try not to think about it, knowing that it won’t change anything, but you still feel like there is a black cloud following you around now.

When you reach the library, you say goodbye to her since she still has to study, but you just want to go back to your apartment. Once you’re back, you take a shower, hoping to wash away the sadness, but it doesn’t help much. An hour later, you’re sitting on your bedroom floor, just sitting. John Mayer is playing through your phone’s speaker from Spotify, and you’re staring blankly at your ceiling. The only good thing about that exam is that it was your last one for a while. So you only have regular assignments and homework throughout the rest of this week, but even that knowledge can’t make you feel better after that disaster of a midterm.

You hear a knock sound on your front door, but you don’t even move from your spot on the floor. Your roommate, who was studying in the living room, opens the door, and you hear her greet Shawn. You wrack your brain trying to figure out if the two of you had plans for the night, but you don’t come up with anything. A few seconds later, he appears in the doorway of your bedroom, and you stand to greet him. Neither of you exchange words because he seems to know that you’re sad even though you haven’t told him. He kisses you lightly on the forehead, and you move so you can bury your face in his chest. His arms wrap around you comfortingly.

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biology squads at my uni

(according to me)

anthropology: the cool ones; biggest swag of all scientists, high self-esteem, inappropriate jokes, messiest labs ever, always cheerful, late to everything, love undergrads, nice lab coats

genetics: the nerdiest nerds; lots of colored pens and pretty posters, know a ton of fun facts, strong sense of community, good at old-school lab techniques, meme lords, labs always have fruit flies flying around

evolution-zoology-comparative anatomy: the hippies; weirdest lectures and classes, unusual working hours, constantly talk like they’re stoned, most original research, good with animals, always smell faintly of formaldehyde, either the best teachers you’ve ever met or absolute messes

molecular/cell biology: the motorbike gang; perpetually tired, highest coffee consumption, get to work with the most advanced equipment, always on their phones, complicated lectures and classes, amazing at drawing stuff, very hard-working

neurobiology: the badasses; wild west of science, never quite sure what exactly they’re doing or researching, lots of huge illustrated textbooks, sci-fi labs, mind blowing lectures, regular philosophical discussions, great dress sense

ecology: the chill ones; really good at math and physics, bitter about climate change, lots of trips and field work, love to talk about their research, best lecture presentations, hang out in the library a lot, dirty lab coats, low-key scared of undergrads, pretty much live on campus

geology: the cryptids; nobody is really sure they exist, idk they probably do, but I’ve never seen one


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10 Things I Learnt From Undergrad

I did a 4-year undergraduate degree in English literature and as I am going to grad school in September, I thought I would reminiscent a little and share the things I learned that I think may be useful for freshmen everywhere. 

1. Bring a water bottle, one sip of water can make any class better

2. Always bring a notebook with you, even if you think you don’t need it. 

3. Use your library website well. The past exam papers can be really useful because professors are lazy, exam questions are likely to repeat themselves.

4. It’s okay to eat alone for lunch, a lot of people do that. If you don’t want to be in a canteen alone, then grab a sandwich and sit outdoor. Some alone time would do wonder to a stressed mind.  

5. Sit closer to the front in class. It will make you pay attention easier. Also, you can get to talk to the professors/lecturers during breaks and build a bond with them. It will come in useful when you graduate. And also, some are just great to talk to. 

6. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you have anything uncertain about schoolworks or things taught in class, or even something you disagree with, just email to TA or professors/lecturers directly. They will be delighted to answer you. 

7. Plan ahead!!! One thing that screwed me over is when essays come in herd during mid-term with tests. Even if it’s just an outline, write it down. You will thank you later. 

8. You can sleep late, but sleep anyway. If you have to pull an all-nighter, do it. But afterwards, even one or two hours will be good for you. Give your body a breather even though it is short.  

9. Take a break for your mental health if you have to. It’s nothing shameful to skip a class or two for your mental well-being. If you feel really overwhelming, you can either talk to the teachers or go to consultants at school. One thing about college, you get to decide your own schedule. One class wouldn’t make you fail the entire course. Put yourself as the priority. 

10. Get your own study group! You don’t even need to meet in person. You can make a chat group to discuss things and remind each other about deadlines, and make a google drive folder to share notes. 

I am not sure how useful they are. If you have anything you want to know, feel free to send me an ask. It is okay to get stressed, just take a breath and stay hydrated! Cheers!

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Seven Minutes 😂

Idk if this was a prompt but I took it like that so… here it is!

(If it wasn’t a prompt an explanation of what it was would be nice)

Aubrey would’ve felt bad about being a bad friend and not listening to Chloe talk about Beca, but they’d been over the situation a million times. Yes, Beca had finally accepted that she liked her, and yes, their date had been awesome, but she still hadn’t come up with an alternate theory about why the hobbit hadn’t tried to kiss Chloe other than she was very awkward. Besides, there were other more interesting things at the party, like Stacie licking her lips before taking a sip from her beer.

“I mean, is there something wrong with me? Am I hideous?” Chloe sighed and leaned against the wall.

Aubrey rolled her eyes, fighting the urge to go find the stupid midget and beat her up for making Chloe feel this insecure. “There’s nothing wrong with you, Chlo, she’s just a spaz. Maybe you should make the first move.”

“But what if she changed her mind? What if she realized during our date that she just wants to be friends and I ruin everything?”

Stacie bit her lip on the other side of the room, scrambling Aubrey’s neurons and stopping her from really thinking through the next words that came out of her mouth. “You didn’t ruin anything. Just pull her into a closet or something and make out with her.”

Chloe gasped. “You’re a genius!”

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45 “Tell me a secret.”- Kurotsuki (I nearly sent 20 but then I thought about the pain and said no)

“Tell me a secret, Tsukki.“

The wind is fresh on Tsukishima’s face, and the stars shine brightly above them and above the balcony of the hotel room. In the distance, he can hear the sound of the sea somewhere.

He looks at Kuroo, unsure what the other wants to hear. He is leaning against the railing of the balcony, his cheek propped on his hand and a grin on his face.

“A secret, something you’ve never told anyone before.”

He is staring, and it’s this stare again, the one he always has when they are alone, it’s so awfully warm and sweet and combined with that grin that is more of a lovesick smile it is close to unbearable to Tsukishima. He has no idea what he did to deserve this man, and he hopes he’ll never lose him.

“Why should I tell you then?” he teases. Kuroo should be aware that he is the last person he would keep something secret from. He feels like Kuroo can read him like an open book, he doesn’t even need to say a word to him and he would understand.

That’s what being in love must be like, he thinks to himself and he can’t help but smile. He lets his hand brush against Kuroo’s before he leans against him, his head resting against Kuroo’s.

“Then I’ll start,” he says. He reaches for Tsukishima’s hand, his palm feels soft against his and his fingers fit into the space between his like it was made right for him. There is a new sensation to it though, the brief cold feeling of metal against his skin, the gold of a ring on Kuroo’s hand. “I love you so incredibly much, that even if you counted how many stars are in the sky it would be less than how much I love you. And when I see you being embarrassed like that, there is no moon and stars that could compete with how beautiful you are.”

Tsukishima’s face feels hot and flushed, he turns it away from Kuroo even though there is no need to, Kuroo has seen it anyways. After all those years, even after they are married, it is a mystery to him how Kuroo can say things like that with a straight face.

Kuroo laughs, he puts his free hand on Tsukishima’s face and turns it towards him again, kisses his lips with a smile. “I love you, Kei,” he whispers.
“I love you too,” Tsukishima tells him with closed eyes.