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Newt Scamander played Quidditch

-Ok but don’t imagine Newt playing Quidditch for Hufflepuff.
-Don’t imagine him doing a dorky dance every time they won.
-Don’t imagine him staying positive after losing and cheering his teammates up.
-Don’t imagine him having the biggest grin on his face every time his team scores.
-Don’t imagine him being a good sport and congratulating the opposing team on their win.
-Don’t imagine him going back to the dormitories after practice all sweaty and covered in dirt.
-Don’t imagine him being scuffed up but being super happy and enthusiastic.
-Don’t imagine him P L A Y I N G QUIDDITCH.
-JUST D O N ’ T.

Kick It

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  • Unsurprisingly, Choi Minho is the star of your university’s soccer team.
  • Captain, top goal-scorer, unofficial mascot; Choi Minho.
  •  He spends 99.9% of his time on the field either playing or practicing. And when he’s not playing? He’s cheering on his teammates.
  • If superlatives were still a thing in college, you bet Minho would be voted most spirited.
  • With the amount of time he spends on the field, you’d think that he didn’t have any classes or, at the very least, he’d be failing the ones he does have.
  • But no.  Minho takes his academics just as seriously as he takes his football.
  • Which is why, more often than not, Minho spends nights that he doesn’t have practice or a match cooped up in the library.
  • And that is exactly where the two of you met.

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After getting some Ovi & Nicky treatment at morning skate Justin had some positive energy to share during the game:

- his glorious “jumping puppy” celly (after pocketing an assist on PP):

 - and cheering up his teammate (Beags) sitting across the ice in the sin bin:

can we just appreciate the fact that it’s canon that sawamura eijun enjoys singing out loud 

whether it be him walking down the schools hallway 

or him hanging out on the rooftops with his classmates 

or just him singing their school anthem 

or him singing in the dugout to “cheer” his teammates on 

i swear if he wasn’t such a baseball idiot he’d be clawing his way through tokyo to relive his dad’s dream of being a rockstar. hahahahahaha. 

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Once when I was playing a 3v3 as mercy both of my teammates died and the enemy still had a roadhog left,my ult was at like 98% so i ran from the roadhog pretty far then the second my ult was ready i flew past the roadhog, rez'd my team and we fucking annihilated the roadhog, my teammates cheered for me, the roadhog was like "great job mercy" and it was honestly the best feeling feeling ever. We won the round then later in the night i got put in the same team as that match and they remembered me

Why do people say that Hinata is kind? She isn’t! She:

  • Claimed to care about Naruto, but instead of talking to him when he was sad and lonely, she stalked him and followed him around.
  • Was willing to risk letting her team fail the chuunin exams, just to help Naruto-kun cheat.
  • She refused to cheer for her own teammate in the chuunin exams because he was going up against the boy she had a crush on.
  • She ignored Naruto’s wishes for her own selfish gain, using a tragedy like Pain’s invasion on Konoha as an excuse to confess, taking a long time to confess when the time she spent confessing could have been used actually trying to save Naruto. She prioritized herself over him twice in just this chapter.
  • While Neji’s corpse was rotting, she was thinking about how big and strong Naruto-kun’s hand felt.
  • She let her 12 year old son go into a dangerous situation without knowing if he’ll be okay, and instead of saying something along the lines of “be safe” or “be careful” she said “take care of Naruto-kun! ! !”

Shyness =/= Kindness. She’s selfish.

What I Want: 

>Kuroo and Oikawa interactions somehow. Like, please take your time and imagine that.

>The 3rd Gym Squad reunion

>Bokuto and Akaashi meet Oikawa somehow…and for my crack ship to finally interact coughOiAkacough


>Akiteru meeting Kuroo just because


>Fukurōdani flashbacks and how Bokuto met Akaashi 

>Oikawa and Iwaizumi going to the same university 

>Tsukishima shouting after winning a match and cheering his teammates

>Kageyama complimenting his teammates casually 

>Kageyama laughing (ACTUAL PURE GENUINE LAUGH)

>Akaashi and Kenma realizing Bokuto and Kuroo are graduating and they will have to go through their final year without them

>Bokuto and Akaashi comforting each other after losing a match



Suddenly it was as if the roar of the crowd, the echo of the final buzzers, the cheers of my teammates were all sounding from 1,000 miles away, and what remained in that bizarre, muffled silence was only Peyton. The girl whose art, passion, and beauty had changed my life. In that moment, my triumph was not a state championship, but simple clarity. The realization that we had always been meant for each other and every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth - I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer.

Find yourself someone that cheers you on when you really need it. I have a really hard time taking care of myself - I don’t know if it’s the depression or what - but when I do something simple like doing the dishes, my boyfriend always tells me how I did such a good job and how he’s proud of me. That might sound really silly to some people, but it really helps and makes me feel good about myself. It helps me keep the momentum to clean and shower and do basic everyday tasks that I often neglect. Find a good teammate to cheer you on when you need it and take over when you just can’t do it.


Happy Birthday to the best leader of the world.

As a leader you have a lot of responsibilities, but only a capable person like you could make a great work as you’re doing now, we could not ask for a better leader, a leader who has the sensibility of understanding the members, a leader who knows how to cheer up, a teammate who can they lean on, a friend with a shoulder to cry,a person with a warm heart, a big brother who protects his family, a honest and humble man who out stands from others. N you’re definition of hard work, after all your efforts, your sweat, your happiness, tiredness, sadness and even tears that you silently shed without anyone knowing, slowly but effective things got better and better, everything that you collaborate with helped with the growth of VIXX but not only as a professional grow, but as a intimate and personal way, because of you their bond got stronger and it would be difficult to break it, in those cases where the progress is slow the product is stronger better and enduring.

You saw your group getting bigger, gaining popularity, creating beautiful moments with Starlight and Vixx members, and I hope you and I have the opportunity to see more improvements.

We love you.
Happy birthday and Thank you for being born.💖

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"refused to cheer on her own teammate because he was fighting her crush". She didnt even cheer on Shino, and he wasn't fighting Naruto. I get that you hate her, but pay attention to her character? If you read the manga, you'd know she is timid and shy; unless real, life-threatening events were happening, Hinata wouldn't raise her voice. And if you read the manga, you'd see her development too. So sad you chose to dedicate your life to this low bar... Do you need a friend? I'm here for you.

Ur calling me sad yet wrote an entire paragraph because ur salty that I don’t like ur ship

His Last Memories

James heard the door slamming shut upstairs knowing Lily had Harry hopefully safe enough

Next thing he knew Voldemort was standing in front of him, not even sparing a thought before yelling ‘Avada Kedavra’


The adrenaline was still rushing through his veins as his teammates all cheered him on and hugged him, his thoughts were only screaming 'Lily’. James spotted the auburn locks through the crowd, the softest yet brightest green eyes staring back at him as he made his way over to her.

You did good Potter” Lily teased, the lightest tint of blush spread across her cheeks

James just kept staring at her, the way her eyes stayed locked onto his own, the way her smile eased into a grin, the way her left eye crinkled when she grinned, the way she bit her lip with nervousness. Without any thought James glanced at Lily’s eyes once more before surging forward and claiming Lily’s lips with his own. James reveled in the way Lily gasped quietly against his mouth before she eased into it and pressed closer against him

Only breaking apart when a familiar voice yelled “Get it Prongs!” accompanied with many whoops of cheer

James couldn’t be bothered with any of them, the smile Lily sent up at him capturing all of his attention


James couldn’t stop smiling while the words played over and over in his head

I’m pregnant James” Lily announced only moments earlier

The endless thoughts were pooling around through his head, he could buy a little mini quidditch uniform and broom for their baby, he would have this tiny bundle of joy growing up looking up to him, they  would have this little tiny Potter running through their house, a little tiny human they could call their own

We’re going to be parents” James whispered, tears glistening in the corners of his eyes

There’s a baby in there” James mumbled, dropping to his knees in front of Lily’s stomach while Lily laughed at him

James stared at Lily’s stomach before pressing light kisses all over it, looking up at Lily he found her staring back down at him with tears in her own eyes

Not sure if you can hear me yet but you are a gift to this world, we’re going to teach you so many things some your mother might not like” James mumbled while Lily slightly slapped his head

You’re going to be such a quidditch prodigy, I’ll be so proud of you. I love you already” James pressed one more kiss to her stomach before standing up and kissing Lily with so much love flowing through him


'This is what happiness feels like’ James thought to himself as he watched Lily make goofy faces at their baby. Harry giggled loudly as Lily stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth while tickling Harry’s sides at the same time.

James had his family in front of him, the pure joy of his life before him but he couldn’t stop the nagging feeling of the war around them find it’s way back up.

Lily turned to look at him, her smile so breathtakingly bright as Harry pulled on her fingers, James smiled back letting the happiness of the moment overtake him again. Siting near them Harry squealed happily upon seeing his dad’s face

Da” Harry giggled out, as James smiled down at him while Harry’s laughter surrounded them


The loud crack thundered through the room, they both knew this was coming. Lily looked over at James as he pulled his wand out before glancing back at Lily

James no we can’t no” Lily cried out, tears already spilling down here cheeks. James hurriedly wiped them away before pulling Lily close against him

I love you so much” James muttered, lips pressing against Lily’s once last time before Lily grabbed Harry and headed for the stairs.

I love you James” Lily whispered

James watched as the tears kept falling down Lily’s cheeks, watched as Harry stared at him with eyes matching Lily’s own.

Take Harry and go!” James yelled, watching as Lily ran up the stairs with Harry


James’s memories flashed through him, before everything went black.

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