cheer sounds

What I will never forget about the march in DC. 

Walking to the march, the streets were packed. Every once in a while you’d hear loud, distant-sounding cheering. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from until we walked over a subway grate. 

It was coming from underground. There were so many women coming in on the trains that you could hear us through the street

  • action adventure Princess saving the world!
  • cute songs!
  • MAGIC! (bc of course there is–it’s a Disney Princess movie!)
  • I saw it in 3D bc I like 3D movies
  • 10/10 would recommend
  • will totally see it again probably
  • DEFINITELY getting all the Moana merch I can fit on my shelves!
hot toddy...

“You caught me goofing around with holiday-themed lingerie in the store and now everything is awkward and I’m still holding this fur-trimmed teddy, aren’t I?”

This one was requested by a number of you, I wonder why? Here’s some smutty, holiday cheer!

The only sound in the apartment beyond the “click, click, hiss” of the burner beneath the tea kettle as the gas finally ignites is his long overdue sigh of frustration. The clock on the microwave shows 2:27 am, two hours and twenty-seven minutes since he tried to go to sleep with certain visions dancing behind his eyelids. Visions of his roommate, his best friend, his Emma…and sheer red fabric trimmed in white fur. Fake fur, undoubtedly – but that’s not really what’s been keeping him up.

It was just supposed to be a fun day of holiday shopping, and it was - until it wasn’t. All it took was finding Emma in the lingerie department, holding the top of a racy holiday themed negligee up over her sweater clad breasts to send the rest of the afternoon into a series of awkward laughs, uncomfortable silences and meaningful looks. Well, the looks had certainly been meaningful to him, anyway. It’s the question of what he was seeing behind those beautiful green eyes of his best friend that has him up at almost 2:30 in the morning, making tea to add to his rum.

They’ve had moments before – him pulling her close to cuddle on their couch as they watch television and him kissing her softly on her cheek to say goodnight at the door to her room after one too many drinks. He’s pretty sure she knows his feelings, even if he has yet to find a way to put a voice to them. The fragile nature of his own heart has made him a bit uneasy at the prospect of opening it up to be shattered. His friendship with Emma is too important to lose.

So lost in his own thoughts, he doesn’t realize he’s no longer alone until the glow of the white string lights taped to the edge of their kitchen island catch the white of Emma’s sleep shirt from where she’s standing on the other side. Her high ponytail has loosened and a few tendrils of her blonde hair have escaped onto her shoulder, which she quickly pushes back behind her ear as she catches him staring.

“Apologies, Swan. Didn’t mean to wake you.”

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Tennis Dipper (and a dash of Golf Mabel)

I like the idea of Dipper getting into tennis and Mabel getting into golf in high school because those are both sports where the spectators are supposed to be quiet and respectful but I can just imagine their families going CRAZY and cheering and their grunkles hooting every time they make a good shot and their HS coach eventually threatens to throw them out if they can’t tone it down.

And maybe Dipper gets embarrassed by it, but he also feels super loved. Mabel loves them and is pretty hard to tone herself down too, but she manages.

Imagine Tennis Dipper:

He hasn’t hit his super growth spurt yet. He’s still kind of short (not as short as he was at 12, but not super tall either). But he’s small and fast and can cover the court. His shots are less powerful, but that’s not to say he’s weak. His backhand is amazing. He stays away from the net and he can rally ALL. DAY. LONG. He’d be so intense, too.

Mabel learning how to calm Dipper down when he gets worked up on the court. Running to the fence and making eye contact, doing something silly to distract him from his thoughts before he begins to serve again.

Mabel would get in trouble because she’d wanna cheer for him in the stands. Mabel learning exactly what the rules are for cheering, and using that to the fullest extent when Dipper makes a good shot. That’s how noise makers and air horns got banned from the matches. (Dipper is the exact same way at Mabel’s games too).

Dipper used to try and play with Wendy’s hat on too, but it was too hot and he didn’t want it to get super messed up sweaty either. But then people started seeing his birthmark more. Most people were cool about it, but some ‘upper schools’ in tournaments would give him crap for it. Dipper said nothing but it was extra satisfying to beat them in those matches.

The Grunkles at Dipper’s matches:

Ford and Stan have been given a few warnings about their cheering and getting threatened to be thrown out of their nibling’s games. Their reactions are to pull out the brass knuckles and fancy sci-fi tech. But if Dipper’s coach is anything like mine was, he’s not fazed by these two old guys, no matter what they’ve got, and follows through on his threats during one game. So Stan and Ford now find other ways to celebrate Dipper’s games. (Even if they do still slip up sometimes. I mean, can you blame ‘em? That’s their favorite grand nephew acing the court out there!)

And Dipper shaking his head and getting a little red but having A HUGE grin on his face because his grunkles love him a lot and he loves their support at his matches.

Luckily their respective seasons are opposite of each other, tennis in the spring, golf in the fall (for boys/girls) so they can be there for every match/game for the other. (Nothing in the world could drag Dipper away from a single swing of Mabel’s clubs during one of her tournaments).

Just… Dipper being great at tennis and his family supporting him and Mabel discreetly spraying cheese whiz in his opponent’s bag when they make fun of his birthmark.

USA. New York. March 8, 1991. U.S. soldiers returning from the Gulf make telephone calls at the Kennedy Airport. The soldiers, tired after their 14-hour flight via Rome, flashed “victory” signs as they stepped off planes to the sound of cheering airline employees, and an Army band that played “God Bless America.”

Photograph: Bebeto Matthews/AP

anonymous asked:

Could I request an imagine where MC tells RFA + V and Saeran that she's pregnant?


sorry V’s is kind of short/bland, i’m still having some difficulty really characterizing him well


  • you thought it would be funny to drop the news while he was playing a game of LOLOL
  • he rips off his headphone set and turns around to gape at you
  • you just stand there grinning until he starts tearing up
  • he’s so so happy
  • pulls you into a huge hug that lasts forever
  • he’s saying something between his tears but you can’t really hear cause a) his face is buried into your shirt and b) he’s crying like a newborn
  • you do make out “happy”, “omg”, and “love you” a lot though
  • he pulls away when he finally stops crying
  • when you both hear some weird noise coming from his abandoned headphone set
  • he reaches for it and all you hear are distant cheers and congratulations sounding from the people he was on call with
  • yoosung goes bright red at the realization that he forgot he was on a call with his teammates
  • you find it funny though, and yell out a thanks
  • he spends a lot of time looking up parenting tips online to prepare
  • also loves playing his favorite music near your stomach so the baby can hear
  • you fear that your child will be born humming the LOLOL theme


  • he was sleeping when you suddenly darted out of bed and made a beeline for the bathroom
  • he blinks blearily at the sudden motion, confused at what woke him up
  • but once he hears you throwing up, he’s out of bed in nanoseconds and running for the bathroom door
  • “babe, are you okay?! what’s wrong?! did you eat something bad last night?!?!”
  • you clean up and step back outside, where he’s looking completely worried
  • “nope, morning sickness”
  • (you already knew because you took a test the night before - you wanted to tell him today since he came home late last night)
  • he takes a few seconds to process that before screeching and giving you the biggest bear hug
  • you’re both laughing and hugging 
  • he carries you bridal-style back to the bed before hugging you some more
  • he’s slightly worried that the child is going to be too good-looking about having too many work commitments because he wants to take care of you
  • promises that he’ll be home as much as he can now between work and practice to give you A+ treatment


  • you two have been looking for a way to have children and gave IVF a shot
  • you find out it was successful, and decide to wait until she gets home to break it to her
  • she ends up coming home hella late damn it jumin and is ready to get her 10 minutes of sleep
  • she’s surprised that you’re still awake, and ushers you to go to bed
  • “sorry, we just wanted to wait for you and sleep together”
  • “we???”
  • “yup. we.” you pet your stomach for good measure
  • she doesn’t get it at first, but then realization hits her like a truck
  • and she drops her files on the ground
  • shit the papers all flew out 
  • you’re now out of bed and helping her collect the papers 
  • except when you look up to hand them to her, she has tears in her eyes
  • she never imagined having a family would be possible in her future because of her demanding work schedule
  • but you made it possible and she’s so eternally grateful
  • get ready cause she’s gonna be the most efficient mom to ever roam this earth
  • she’s already got files and bookmarks dedicated to proper childcare and steps for a healthy pregnancy


  • okay telling him through a chat message was probably not the most romantic
  • but he was going to be at meetings all day and you wanted him to know as soon as possible
  • except the minute you send the message he leaves the chatroom
  • you’re thinking his meetings started
  • until 15 minutes later he’s running into the house with a pregnancy dietician, prenatal fitness instructor and a childbirth educator in tow
  • “jumin wtf what about your meetings for–”
  • “cancelled them. don’t stand, save your energy.”
  • “i’m fine, thou–”
  • “actually, lie down. are you feeling okay? do you need tea?? a hot pack???”
  • the pregnancy specialist squad has to fight to calm him down
  • he’s super excited, but he’s also really really nervous about being a father
  • cause he doesn’t want to be like his dad –  he wants to be more interactive and closer with his kid
  • you’re sure he’ll be a great father, and he feels a lot better when you tell him that
  • he’s quite passionate about you having the most comfortable pregnancy though
  • he even has a person on standby just to go buy whatever you need to satisfy any food cravings you might get


  • doesn’t actually believe it until you show him the test
  • you thought he would get mega excited at the sight, but he starts tearing up instead
  • you’re slightly worried until he pulls you into a hug and starts saying “thank you” over and over 
  • during his past life as a secret agent, he’d never even thought to dream about having a family
  • and now it was right in front of him about to become a reality
  • he’s super hyped after he calms down though
  • a baby!!! you’re having a baby!!!
  • belatedly realizes he’s going to have to stock the kitchen with food other than PhD Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips
  • also does a whole lot of research on parenthood and how to take care of you during the pregnancy
  • he watched footage of a baby being born and was screaming louder than the woman in the video
  • loves loves lying in bed with you and talking to your stomach when he has free time
  • you learned early on not to give him naming privileges
  • “can we name her elly?”
  • “it might be a boy. also we’re not naming our kid after jumin’s cat”
  • “if it’s a boy, we can name him elliot!” 
  • “we’ll see, saeyoung”
  • “… if he or she’s born with long legs, can we name them longbaby? we can make our child famous like longcat!”
  • “that’s a definite no”


  • he’s so happy
  • you’d never seen him smile as brightly as he did when you told him
  • pulls you into his lap and nuzzles your neck for a loooong time
  • constantly asks if you’re feeling alright
  • like he asks an unhealthy amount of times
  • but you know he’s doing that because he cares
  • this man will cater to your every need
  • also loves taking pictures of you when he can
  • wants to do a photoshoot throughout your pregnancy to mark the progress
  • does his best to research proper methods to care for you 
  • you already know he’s going to be a goal dad
  • the kid’s probably going to be spoiled rotten though


  • to be honest, you expected him to be indifferent about it when you broke the news
  • his eyes immediately went to your stomach after you told him
  • after a long staring contest with your stomach, he put a hesitant hand on it before asking “you sure?”
  • “yup, i did two tests. i can show you them if you want”
  • but then the gentlest smile you’ve ever seen touches his face
  • and he pulls you in for a hug
  • who is this man this isn’t saeran since when could saeran smile
  • sure you’ve seen him genuinely smile once every 4 business days, but his expression was one you’ve had yet to encounter until now
  • you’re standing there stunned before reflexively moving to hug him back
  • but then you hear a small sniffle
  • “….saeran, are you crying?”
  • “i’m not.”
  • “it’s okay if you a–”
  • i’m not.”
  • you laugh before saying “congratulations, you’re going to be a father. and a great one at that!”
  • you know better than to mention the constant sniffles you’re hearing, so you stand there rubbing his back until he’s ready to let go
  • never did you expect to hear him whisper “i love you” into your ear though who knew that phrase was in his vocabulary
  • it was an unforgettable day for you in more ways than one
SVT as Key Signatures

S.Coups: D flat major - Grand and majestic, yet comforting and calming to listen to. Songs in this key: “Clair de Lune”, “Umbrella”, “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

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Jeonghan: E major - Bright, graceful, artistic. Often associated with contemplation. Songs in this key: “Spring”, “Kamikaze”, “Counting Stars”.

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Joshua: F major - Happy and sweet, but still very versatile. Can be extravagant or simplistic. Songs in this key: “Autumn”, “Just The Way You Are”, “Hey Jude”.

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Jun: B flat minor - Bold and daring, can sound like “the feeling you get when you are all alone.” - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Songs in this key: “Piano Concerto No. 1″, “Lithium”, “Part-Time Lover”.

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Hoshi: E flat major - Fun, cheerful, heroic. Could sound serious or carefree, though always thoughtful. Songs in this key: “Symphony No. 39″, “Pumped Up Kicks”, “Pretty U”.

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Wonwoo: D minor - Often quite sad sounding, but can also be invigorating or exciting. Songs in this key: “Cello Sonata, Op. 109″, “Rumor Has It”, “Locked Out Of Heaven”.

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Woozi: A minor - Very versatile, can be bright or relaxed. Often the key of choice for acoustic or folk songs. Songs in this key: “Für Elise”, “Falling Slowly”, “Stairway To Heaven”.

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DK: G major - One of the most popular keys in western music. Very happy and energetic. Songs in this key: “Flute Concerto No.1″, “Call Me Maybe”, “When You’re Gone”.

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Mingyu: B major - Very common in pop music, because of its bright and sweet sound. Songs in this key: “Symphony No. 46″, “Lights”, “A Thousand Miles”.

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The8: A major - Youthful, cheerful, suitable for “declarations of innocent love…” - Christian Schubart. Songs in this key: “Italian”, “Here Comes The Sun”, “Get Lucky”.

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Seungkwan: F sharp major - Very exciting and extravagant; sometimes described as transcendental. Songs in this key: “Piano Sonata No. 24″, “Born This Way”, “Rude Boy”.

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Vernon: A flat major - Most often very bold, commonly chosen for its dramatic sound, though it can be soft and subtle. Songs in this key: “Waltz in A Flat Major, Op. 39″, “Drunk In Love”, “One More Night”.

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Dino: D major - Bright and energetic, yet luxurious. Its sound is often associated with the color gold. Songs in this key: “Canon in D”, “Gangnam Style”, “Wake Me Up”.

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Night Changes

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You told yourself, year after year, that this would be the last time that you put off holiday shopping until the last minute. Every time you witnessed the hordes of grumpy shoppers and the less than cheerful sounds of children screaming, you swore that you’d get your shopping done early next year.

And yet every year you found yourself in the same situation. Every year you found yourself braving ridiculous line after ridiculous line and grumpy horde after grumpy horde far too close to the holidays to be good for your sense of cheer.

This year was, unfortunately, no exception.

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Mark Imagine - Adorable

A/N - This one was requested by an anon so thanks for the request and I hope you liked it! Keep sending in your requests everyone~

You let out a sigh of relief as you finally stepped into your apartment and threw off your shoes. You’d had a stressful day working and you just needed a rest. No disturbances. Just sitting around doing nothing and regaining your energy for another day of working tomorrow. As you walked to your bedroom, you heard Mark come sprinting to see you.

“(Y/N), you’re back! How was your day?” He sounded cheerful and excited, the complete opposite to your current mood.
“Not great. I had a lot of extra work to do and I’m exhausted. I’m just going to change out of these into something comfy.” Mark followed you into your shared bedroom and sat on your bed, watching as you looked through your wardrobe in an attempt to find some casual clothes to wear. He could see how tense you were so he got up and walked up behind you, using his hands to massage your shoulders.
“You can wear some of my clothes if you want to be extra comfortable, baby?” He still sounded full of energy as he rubbed your shoulders for you.
“I think I will. Your clothes are just too nice, Mark,” you said giggling, already feeling some of the tension leave your body.

After you changed into his clothes, you went into the living room so you and Mark could cuddle. He was already sat and waiting on the sofa with his arms out, reaching for you. Snuggling into his chest, you began to feel more relaxed and you were soon forgetting the stressful day you had had. At least you were until your phone buzzed, alerting you of a text message from your boss. She was asking you to work even longer tomorrow than you had today. Obviously, you responded saying that was fine but as you put your phone back down, the frustration had already built up again. You had barely survived the day today, let alone an extra few hours tomorrow. You groaned loudly as you fell back onto the sofa, causing Mark to look a little worried. He always thought you were overworked and this was just proving his point. Knowing you’d be too annoyed to want to cuddle, he decided to resort to what he knew best. Aegyo. Never in your life had you been able to resist his cute actions and he knew it. No matter how annoyed, stressed or upset you were, his adorable aegyo would always put you in a good mood.

He got off the sofa to kneel on the floor in front of you, making you give him a look that said, “Don’t you dare try anything.” Ignoring your stern gaze, he began to pull his signature cute face, accompanied with a high-pitched noise that always made you fall for him even harder than before. You tried to roll over so you would be face down but Mark made sure to hold your legs still so you couldn’t move away from his cuteness entirely.
“Mark, I’m not in the mood for this. Can I please just go to sleep or something?” You asked, letting your frustration seep into your voice.
“Nope,” he replied laughing, “I’m not stopping until you smile and laugh your adorable little laugh.” You groaned in annoyance again, only to have Mark pull up your limp body and lean in so his nose was touching yours.
“You know you love me, baby. And you know you love my aegyo.”
“No I don’t,” you replied halfheartedly, knowing full well that was a lie.
“How about if I do this?” He began to sing the gwiyomi song, complete with adorable hand gestures, knowing you had a soft spot for when he did that.
“Fine!” You shouted exasperatedly. “I admit that you are adorable now can we please cuddle? And can you keep doing aegyo for me please?” Now it was your turn for the cuteness so you could try and convince him to resume your cuddle session from before.
“Yes!” He practically jumped on you and wrapped his arms around you, letting you snuggle into him once more. Now as you lay there, you realised how truly amazing your boyfriend was to have completely taken your mind off the stressful day you’d had and the stress that was awaiting the following day.


Could you do an imagine where the reader is pregnant and she tries to keep it low key but her boyfriend, Stephen Strange already knows because he read the signs. Plus the reader is an awful liar and by the time she tells him even Wong knows -Requested by anon

“Stephen,” you started off, not really knowing what to say next. You had prepared this elaborate speech beforehand, but actually standing in front of him made your mind go blank. Today was the day you finally told him your big news: you were pregnant with his kid.

“Yes?” He cocked an eyebrow at you, urging you to continue.

You shifted on your feet. Suddenly it was hard to stay still. “I, uh, have some exciting news.” You tried to sound cheerful.

“Yes?” he prompted.

You took a deep breath. “I… I’m pregnant. And you’re the father.”

You expected him to react with surprise, or joyfulness, or even anger. But the blank expression on his face was not what you anticipated. All he said was, “I know.”

It was your turn to turn blank. “What? You… you know?”

Strange rolled his eyes. “(Y/n), I’m a doctor. It’s in the name! Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to tell that my girlfriend is pregnant? You started showing signs, what, about a week ago?”

You did your best not to facepalm. Duh! Of course. To be honest, you casually called him “Doctor” so much that you kinda forgot he was an actual doctor. And, to be fair, there were rumours circulating about you and Stephen. You denied everything, of course, because you didn’t want other people to know before you were ready to tell Stephen. You could feel your face redden at your embarrassment. “You knew this whole time, but you didn’t say anything?”

At that exact moment, Wong walked into the room, his nose buried in a book. How he managed not to trip while walking and reading was a magic of its own. “Knew what?” he said distractedly, not looking up from his book. “Are you guys talking about your pregnancy?”

Your jaw dropped, but Wong didn’t notice. “You knew, too?!”

“Of course I did.” He flipped the page. “You’re a terrible liar, (y/n).”

Your buried your face in your palms, trying not to die of mortification. “So this whole time both of you knew! And you let me walk around the place making a fool of myself by denying everything!”

Stephen shrugged. “I was waiting for you to say something first, (y/n).” He lowered your arms and tilted your chin up so that you looked into his eyes. He smiled. “And if it makes you feel any better,” he added, “I’m so happy for us!”

abc thingy

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Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. when you are done tag up to 10 people….most importantly, have fun!

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Of Ninjas and Foxes (SLBP) Epilogue part3

For a moment, she got a frown between her brows and she bit her lip. She turned her head aside avoiding Masamune’s eyes before she turned to look at them again a smile on her face. Masamune could see the smile didn’t reach her eyes, there was something he couldn’t quite grasp and when she started to speak, her voice sounded eerily cheerful,

“I was… with the… with some good people who took care of me before I came here in Kyoto,” she stopped for a while and Masamune could see her forced smile turning into a genuine one, “I really love it in here. Everyone has been so kind to me and have helped me when I have needed it. I’m truly blessed to have met all these people, especially him… And the children,”

Him…? Did she mean her husband? Sasuke had mentioned a name, Saizo? Masamune’s trail of thought was interrupted yet again by Shigezane,

“The children! Kojuro and Masamune mentioned you have a herd of brats running after you, but I have still only seen few,” Shigezane asked a grin on his face, making her giggle again,

“I wouldn’t say that, lord Shigezane, if you still want to return to that beautiful wife of yours,” she told him, making him turn pale,

“No! I didn’t mean anything bad by it! I’m sure they are lovely kids!” Shigezane tried to save himself, but Masamune could see she was holding in a laugh,

“It’s all right, lord Shigezane. I told them you are my friend too,” she grinned, making Shigezane sigh relieved,

“You know… What Masamune told about that girl, Hiyori… They are not regular children, are they?” he asked seriously,

“Some of them are orphans if that’s what you mean,” she said blinking slowly, obviously misunderstanding on purpose.

“And the ones that aren’t…?”

“Are here, because they were sent here, one reason or another and wished to stay,” she avoided the question masterfully, Masamune congratulated her on his mind. He had noticed the only children he had seen smiling, were the ones Sasuke had told were her own, but it could just be him. Children rarely smiled in his presence.

“Mother!” she was on her feet before the door had slammed open and running to the yard. Masamune stood up and looked after her. He could see some of the children in the yard, one of them sitting on the ground holding his knee. She kneeled next to him and looked at the small scrape he had gotten. She cleaned it with her handkerchief, hugging him afterwards. That’s when Masamune saw it, the smiles on the faces of the children. They didn’t know he was looking so they could smile at her undisturbed.

She made her way back inside, closing the door after her and asked him to sit down. Just when she had sat down and put some food in her mouth, they could hear shouting from outside,




Her eyes widened and she put her hand over her mouth, swallowing quickly, before she ran to the door, opening it to the yard again. Masamune glanced at her and realised she had that same look she used to have when he had been away in a war. The relief and joy were so clear on her face, Masamune felt jealous of the man he could see through the open door. The silver haired man greeted the children smiling, glancing every now and then at her, but she waited until the children had finished greeting him before she walked to him smiling.

Before that smile had been reserved only for him, Masamune could feel his hands turning into fists when she leant in and kissed the man, as if he wasn’t even there. The man turned his eyes on him, never breaking the kiss as if he was gloating for the fact she was his, not Masamune’s. Masamune averted his eyes from the scene, but he couldn’t help overhearing her,

“I’m so glad you’re home. I thought you were coming yesterday, I was so worried. Are you injured? Hungry? Do you need a bath? Do you want to go to bed?” she kept asking questions, making the man chuckle,

“I think we are forgetting something, little lady,” the man said, nudging towards the house. She turned around noticing Masamune and looked surprised as if she just now remembered she had guests. She laced her fingers with the man’s, looking at him smiling, pulling him inside.

“I’d like you to meet my husband, Saizo, this is lord Date Masamune, Date Shigezane and Katakura Kojuro,” she introduced them, never letting go of his hand,

“A pleasure,” the man said a mischievous smirk on his face.

“I think we’d better go, you obviously have some family issues to take care of, ____,” Kojuro said standing up and bowing at them, Shigezane following suit.

“Ah! Let me walk you to the door!” she finally let go of Saizo’s hand and walked them outside, “Thank you so much for visiting me, lord Masamune, lord Kojuro, lord Shigezane,” she bowed at them. Kojuro nudged Shigezane along with him moving a short distance away, leaving Masamune alone with her. They stepped away from the door and Masamune looked at the ground before he finally managed to say,

“… I’m glad that you are happy. That you have found someone…” he went silent for a moment, before he continued, “Masaru… Saizo is not his father, is he?”

She smiled a bit sadly, “No, he is not,”

“… Is there some kind of trouble with his father?” Masamune asked, looking at her face closely. She looked a bit troubled,

“No, not anymore. I…“ she trailed off, biting her lip looking at the ground. There was clearly something about Masaru’s father that troubled her. She had told him she was staying with the Takeda. And if he guessed right, Masaru looked very much like his father.

Masamune felt guilty, if he guessed Masaru’s age correctly it wouldn’t have taken long for her to get pregnant after he had seen her last, it was even possible she had already been pregnant by then. Had she been in some kind of trouble? That would explain why that man, Sasuke, had been so harsh towards him.

“Is there something I could do?” he smiled kindly at her. This was the only thing he could do to her anymore, he would do anything in his power he could to help if she asked.

“Thank you, lord Masamune, but no. He doesn’t know about Masaru or where I am, so everything should be fine. Just… it would be better if you didn’t tell anyone you saw me here.”

“…I won’t. I promise,” he said reaching for her hand, but he stopped himself on time. Suddenly she looked like she remembered something,

“Actually! There is one thing you could help me with,” she said, the happy smile she had had a while ago returning to her face,

“Anything,” Masamune said seriously.

“Hiyori liked you. She was wondering if she could come and work for you?”

“…She liked me?” Masamune blinked confused. It certainly hadn’t looked like the girl had liked her at all.

“Yes. I have never seen her like anyone before. She keeps telling me everybody is too noisy, but she really liked you. You were all she could talk about last night,” she sounded so delighted when she told him about Hiyori, he couldn’t but smile,

“… I guess I could give Kojuro and Shigezane some break being my bodyguards,” Masamune thought Hiyori was a bit too young to be a bodyguard, but he couldn’t deny her, especially when she smiled so happily at the idea.

“Great! She’ll come to you when she is ready,” she suddenly turned serious, “And I promise, if I ever get into trouble and I need your help, I’ll let her know.”

“Thank you… Goodbye, ____,” he bowed at her and she bowed back,

“Goodbye, lord Masamune,”

He walked to Shigezane and Kojuro, turning to look back, but she was no longer looking at him. Instead, she was in the arms of the silver haired man, smiling at him, her arms around his neck,

“She really does look happy, lord Masamune,” Kojuro said after they had stood still for a while. Suddenly a group of children ran past them, surrounding the happy couple smiling and jumping excitedly. She took the smallest to her arms and ruffled another one’s hair before she stepped inside the restaurant.

“… Yes, she does,” Masamune said, a small smile on his lips.


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  • Gemma Wilson: or maybe its not custom for rhino beetles to kiss IDK
  • Gemma Wilson: that could be cute lmfao
  • Gemma Wilson: they just nose boop
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: omggggg dont do this to me u cant tell me such cute things at 5 am i will die
  • Gemma Wilson: LOL IM SORRY
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HAHAHA
  • Gemma Wilson: OR NOSE CLONK
  • Gemma Wilson: LESS CUTE
  • Gemma Wilson: fuck caps lock
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HAHAHAHA
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: that needed to be in all caps
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: definitely necessary
  • Gemma Wilson: you may clonk the bride
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: AKLJSDFGH
  • Gemma Wilson: *clonk sound and cheering*
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HAHAHAHAHA
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: //WHEEZE
  • Gemma Wilson: TERRIBLE
  • Gemma Wilson: lmfao jfc
  • Gemma Wilson: beetle version of valentines day
  • Gemma Wilson: the sound of clonking resounds around the country
  • Gemma Wilson: RELENTLESSLY
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: CLONK DAY
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HHAHAHA
  • Gemma Wilson: songs about kissing your lover replace the word kiss with clonk
  • Gemma Wilson: its majestic
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: I CLONKED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HAHAHAHAHA FCUK
  • Gemma Wilson: Ben: Lolly... I...may I ....MAY I CLONK YOU?
  • Gemma Wilson: Lolly: ???? WHAT???
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: sea life in the bg: “ u wanna, CLONK the girl "
  • Gemma Wilson: WOAH WOAH
161229 Perfect Man
161229 Perfect Man

OMG AMAZING fanchants from SHINHWA CHANGJO during Shinhwa’s KBS perf! .. I just cut it coz in KBS official video there’s almost no sound of cheers to Shinhwa during the performances. (KBS, maybe finally u’ll listen to all complaints accumulated over years & spend some money on ur beautiful sound system?!)
And Shinhwa, the group that’s debuted 19 years ago & still get such awesome fanchants from awesome SHCJ .. I’m soo proud of Shinhwa who sang amazingly ALL-LIVE while dancing .. Reaching the top is easy.. maintaining the position is the real challenge.
(this is from ub eric amazing fc)

I told myself I wouldn’t draw Agito until he was a non-traitor and guess who finally got him to stay till true end on her 9th playthrough (with Marco too it’s my ideal end)

When I was learning their names I kept calling Agito the asian pop idol guy cuz look at that hair

His non-traitor max bond dialogue with Sho is so cute??? It was like best friend wedding vows… be prepared for more shippy Lost Dimension pics