cheer society

I just came to a realization.

Society: you ok?

Me: yeah I am just feeling depressed.

Society: Aw cheer up.

Society: you ok?

Me: yeah it’s just my anxiety kicking in.

Society: oh but it’s not that big of a deal.

Society: you ok?

Me: yeah…I just couldn’t stop thinking and went to bed late last night

Society: haha Just go to bed earlier!

;Society: you ok?

;Me:I just wanna cry…for no reason.

Society: you’re probably tired.

;Society: you ok?

;Me: I feel like I bother people. I feel useless.

Society: You’re just paranoid.

;Society: you ok?

;Me: …I’ve been having suicidal thoughts.

Society: well don’t do that.

;Society: you ok?

;Me: I just want to be alone.

Society: oh ok.

;Society: you ok?

;Me: I’m lonely

Society: that’s because you stay at home all the time.

;Society: you ok?

;Me: No! I’m not ok! I don’t know how to function anymore! I go to bed every night saying “maybe tomorrow will be better” and that’s how I get through the day! When will I actually feel better?

Society: yeah life is hard for all of us. Quit trying to get attention.

;Society: you ok?

;Me: it’s just a splinter


“One can imagine a sane, healthy, cheerful human society based on no more than the principles of common sense, as validated each day by work, play and living experience. But this remains the most utopian and fantastic of ideals. 

If America could be, once again, a nation of self-reliant farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers, and artists, then the rich would have little power to dominate others. Neither to serve nor to rule: That was the American dream.”

— Edward Abbey

And the words found on the dogs jacket say

Service dog

Do not pet

Dogs never live long

So lets put them to work

And deny them affection

Or leave affection to a distracted owner

Because affection might make the dog useless

Or unable to remember job trained for

And wont ever get a living wage

But may be removed from the first owner

If that owner has no living wage

Or external support that covers veterinary bills

Plus food

Which probably makes dogs sick these days

Since they suddenly have health problems galore

Just like their disabled owners

But depriving them of contact they crave is love

Since distracted could kill the owner

And we all know the dog aint as bright as people

Even though dogs were aware enough to get jobs

More aware than pals or professionals

But why give dogs affection beyond the owners

Its not like dogs cheer up more than their owner


Even though theres plenty of proof they do

So much they visit hospitals to cheer clients up

Society has definitely gone loco

Cant say its gone to the dogs

Or they would be free to be petted by any they chose

And dont get me started on prices to own a dog

Nor fees for licensing each to be helping with coping

in a society gone loco in every area of life


Tonight is the devil’s ball,
you could come every fall
We’ll dance and scream and burn
‘cause you know that
anything could happen

The World/Inferno Friendship Society - Hallowmas 2014

(I couldn’t sleep last night so I decided to be a nerd and make these. I’d actually never watched this recording before so that was fun! It’s interesting how much you miss of what’s happening on stage when you’re in the back dancing, but on the other hand this video doesn’t depict any of the fun things that were going on over where I was, so I guess it goes both ways! Inferno shows are pretty much 2 performances for the price of 1- one by the band on stage, and the other on the floor by the audience. The former you can see above, and the latter you’ll just have to come to a show to experience for yourself!)

fiores-finest-deactivated201508  asked:

Good luck on your blog! Could I request a scene in which Toshiro is jealous over his S/O? Like someone is being a bit to touchy with them? Thank you.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Toshiro growled. He tugged you away from the other man, pushing you behind him to shield you.

Relief filled you and you gripped the back of his shirt in your hand, peering over his shoulder at the standoff going on. The other man, new to the squad, looked almost smug as he towered over you and Toshiro.

“We were just having a conversation. Ain’t that right?” he sneered, eyes glinting as they slid over to you.

Quickly, you pulled back to hide your face from him. You could swear you heard Toshiro growl, and missed the narrowing of his eyes.

“It looked like a lot more than that.” His hand twitched, ready to lay the man out, but reigned the urge in. The guy wasn’t worth the trouble it would cause.

As he led you away, he mentally stored the man’s face for later. He was going to get the shittiest details Toshiro could find.

Thanks so much! Cheers!


✱⋮ ❛ gradually.


After a long day at practice, he figured that he would relax for a couple hours. And by that, he meant watching a drama he had yet to get into. Yunhyeong could forever spoil several for him, but he wasn’t going to give him the chance to. “Cheer Up, High Society, Oh My Venus..” Hanbin scrolled through his watch list and sighed, until he reached one. “Strong Woman Bongsoon. Of course.” He pressed play before he pulled up the covers, fluffed his pillows and readied himself comfy.

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Fluffy scenario of Aizens s/o being scared of him when he gained power with the arrancars, so he tries to show them, that the man they loved is still there. :)

He had never seen that look in your eyes, and you had never backed away like that before. When he reached out to you, you flinched. It filled him with a strange mix of emotions, the most prominent being sadness and hurt.

”____, are you frightened of me?” he asked. He hadn’t meant to let his feelings seep into his words, but they had.

With shaking hands, you pushed yourself up as you regarded him warily.

“Have you seen yourself?” you choked out, hands clenching into fist. “You tried to kill people, tried to have people killed, and not to mention you kidnapped me.”

He closed his eyes, sitting in the edge of the bed. You were the only person he allowed himself to be so vulnerable around purely out of trust. “I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you behind.”

His words struck a chord and you looked down at your feet. “I don’t understand.”

"Don’t understand what?” he asked, looking at you. “How much you have meant to me? How much I care for you?”

You bit your lip, taking hesitant steps until you stood in front of him. “Really?”

He took your hand, pressing it to his cheek as he looked up at you.

“I have lied about many things without remorse. That has never been one of them.”



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Hi ♥ Could I have a scenario with Byakuya and his teenage son which is a bit of a rebel ? Thanks ♥

Byakuya sat listening without a word as he was told the news that his son was caught trying to sneak into the human world. Again.

After that, his son was ushered in, looking as though he had no idea why he was there.

”____, what were you doing?” Byakuya asked when the door was closed and the room held only them.

“No idea what you’re talking about.” He sounded bored, slung casually in the chair like some peasant.

“Sit up straight. You are a noble—”

His son’s head jerked up, a sneer forming as he finished his father’s sentence. “So act like it. Yeah, father, I know.”

Byakuya regarded him coolly— they were as different as fire and ice, always butting heads. A small smile spread across his features as he looked at his son.

“You remind me of myself at your edge.”

His son faltered, surprised at his father’s words. There was no malice as he asked, “how do?”

Byakuya chuckled lightly as memories surfaced. “Impulsive, hot-headed, and I never listened to the people who knew better either.”

He met his son’s eyes again and this time they were softer. “I had forgotten what it was like to be a teenager.”

His son bit his lip, looking at a knot in the desk. “I just wanted to see my friends. I had free time but I kept hearing no.”

“You should have come to me,” Byakuya said, voice serious once more.

In a small voice he said, “You would’ve said no too.”

Byakuya realized his son was right. He probably would have told him no. Now instead, he sighed.

“Be back tonight.”

His son looked up in surprise. “Seriously?”

Byakuya nodded. “If you aren’t back, I will send Lieutenant Matsumoto after you.”

His son gulped. “Yes, sir.”