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You Belong With Me

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A/N: AND SHE RETURNS!!! Hello, it only took me eight years but here I am, with something new, especially for @thatsadbreakfastclub and our mutual love of Reggie. Its not perfect but it’s s o m e t h i n g (hopefully it’s not eight more years until the next one)

Summary: Walking alone in Riverdale can be dangerous, especially at night when well-meaning football players are lurking. (Andrews!Reader)

Word Count: 2,133

Warnings: N o n e, ‘cept some mild fear at the beginning 

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A Win || Jeno

Group: Nct
Member: Jeno
Genre: Fluff, basketball!au
Word count: 1.2K
A/n: I’m so bad a endings what is wrong with me, this is my first jeno fic so I hope you enjoyed it, I love basketball player jeno.

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Getting dressed into your red and white cheerleading outfit in one of the stalls you were nervous and excited for the big game tonight.

“Y/n are you excited” a fellow cheerleader called from the outside. You smiled a bit “yeah I can’t wait I stayed up late perfecting. the routine” you told them.

One of your teammates giggled “make sure you cheer extra hard for Jeno” another girl added.

You paused your motion “why only Jeno ” you said nervously. To be honest you did cheer extra hard for your friend. It motivated him when you would yell Jeno and give him a cute fan chant. He would always glance at you with a wide smile.

“Because isn’t it obvious” another girl piped in. “Jeno has a thing for you” she said. Your mind reeled at the words “for me” you said confused.

The Jeno. The tall basketball play you always cheered for. “Yeah y/n it’s pretty obvious don’t you think it’s weird no boy has confessed to you” another added.

“No I mean I’m not special” you told them completing your change. You left the stall to see most of your team already ready.

One of the girls huffed “Boys are just afraid to ask you out because Jeno is always with you.”

You thought about it for a second reeling in your mind. Jeno and you were always together. Walking to practice together. Walking home and such. You would hang out with his basketball friends and such.

“No its because I’m a cheerleader and he just wants to be nice” you explained to them grabbing your pom poms. In your mind you told yourself Jeno didn’t have feelings for you. In reality that’s all you ever hoped for of him. Is maybe a little spark could ignite into a romance. You dismissed those thoughts.

“When will you learn” your team mate said shaking her head. You rolled your eyes, your captain coming out.

“Okay girls let’s take it from the top before the game” she said clapping.

You tried to focus on your routine but all you could think about Jeno.

While Jeno was in his locker room. His thin eyes stared at the floor just thinking.

“Ready for the game” Jisung said tying the laces to his sneakers. Jeno grinned “yeah just thinking about something” he told his friends.

Jeno smile weared down his mind racing. “Is it about a particular Cheerleader” Renjun asked. Jeno head snapped up “how did you guess” he admitted.

Jeno was thinking about you the game the pressure. You and him have been close friends for a whole. You being on the basketball team cheerleading squad made him rather happy.

He got to see you almost everyday. His cheeks flamed red when he watched you cheer in that small costume. He always was distracted at practice with your stretching and jumping around it was to adorable.

“Hm it’s so obvious” Haechan added. “You almost snapped at me for making a comment on her uniform” he said.

Jeno sighed closing his eyes he did remember that. His jealous side was flared at the problematic comment the Jeju boy said. He felt justified for giving his friend a warning.

“Don’t get to distracted today” Mark warned but with a kind manner. He was the best leader for the team. Always giving nice encouragement. Jeno nodded knowing what he was goig to do after the game. 

“Let’s go Nct, Let’s go” you yelled. It was a close match with Neo culture team only down a few points. Everyone was on edge waiting for the loud horn to start the last 5 minutes.

“Okay girls good job” your captain said. You all cheered and sat back on the bench to continue watching the game.

Your eyes never left the game and particularly Jeno. His long strong legs jumped to great heights.

His basketball uniform looked nice and clean. His black hair pinned up with a sweat band.

You looked behind you to see the older varsity team watching the younger ones. At least they seemed happy to watch the juniors.

You held your breath as Jeno passed the ball to Chenle. The short boy faked out the other players and throw it at Mark

The huge red clock hung as the numbers ran down. You looked at the players Mark was trapped between three others. As he dibbled the ball he kept it close but knew he couldn’t travel.

All could be heard was the crowd cheering and sneakers squeaking against the floor. You watched in interest, holding your pom pom close to your body.

“Jeno” Mark said tossing the ball to Jeno who was clear. The clock ran down as Jeno caught the ball and threw it to the hoop. It felt like everyone in the gym was quiet waiting to see. As Jeno closed his eyes then a loud blare of the game ending signal. 

We all held our breath seeing Nct scored more points, the last hoop was a three pointer. Which put them ahead of the other team. Then louf cheering filled your ears watching them win.

Jeno huffed and smiled at the clock. The sweat was glistening against his tan skin.

“Okay guys” your captain said, we got up doing out routine cheer, you lifted up the pom pom. A smiled attached to you feeling utter happiness for your team.

You watch junior Nct team all came together yelling in huddling together. This game was basically the most important win in our district.

Us cheerleader did our pom pom dance as we all watched in admiration at our basketball players. Feeling pride at this win.

Tears were brimming in there eye. Renjun was crying heavy “Renjun is so cute” one of your teammates gushed at the scene.

Suddenly you felt two large arms hold you. Spinning your around in the hold. “I did it Y/n” he said releasing you slightly. You blushed at the close proximity he was. His uniform smelled like a mix of sweat and cologne.

“Yeah you did” you said in awkward manner enjoying his embrace. Looking at your team they all have knowing smirks on there faces.

Jeno wiped the sweat from small his eyes with a small towel around his neck. “Um y/n” he asked. Jeno awkwardly looked at his team who was separately celebrating with there older basketball team.

“Would you like to grab something to eat” he said stepping back away from you. You already missed his arms around you. Your heart skipped another.

“I-I would love that” you spoke to him. Jeno broke out in a huge smile. His nose scrunched up, as he smiled. “Great I’ll see you after we collect our stuff” Jeno said.

Before he left he suddenly he swooped down to give you a small kiss on the forehead. “See you” he said a large smile lit his face, as he ran back to his team again.

Your hand touched the spot. Feeling the heat radiate from your face already. Your heart was racing and your legs weak at the small kiss.

“Oh my gosh y/n” your friends came around you, there eyes held complete shock but joy. You blushed and looked at them. “Oh my” you said broke out in a smile.

“I have a date with Jeno” you said breathless. Tonight you knew sparks would ignite. You glanced at Nct again to see them holding a huge trophy.

Tonight was going to be eventful you thought watching Jeno hug everyone on the court.

She wears high heels 👠 I wear sneakers 👟 she’s cheer captain 👱🏻‍♀️ and I’m wanted for aggravated manslaughter 🤷🏼‍♀️

Gilded Butterfly: a JB fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Chapter 7

I never thought things between us could turn out the way they have. I knew I was going to fight him every step of the way. And so did he. He still held on.

Maybe because I always thought it’d never happen.

But he wanted it anyway.

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Can you do pros and cons of dating Seungcheol please? I really like your blog please keep posting 💖


  • fit and sporty 
  • so like if you’re sporty you guys would do tons of sports together like basketball or skateboarding hehe
  • very very caring 
  • protective
  • manly (acts)
  • seems like he’ll enjoy cuddling
  • exploring lots of cool places with different cultures
  • would show you off to everyone 
  • loyal and lots of trust 
  • he would be honest with you about everything 
  • like surprising you and seeing your reactions
  • would show you off a lot
  • esp to his members
  • would really consider your feelings and be careful with his words
  • like a real man tbh
  • subtle matching sneakers :))
  • you cheering coups on at basketball games
  • he can taekwondo so will protect you at all costs
  • plays small pranks on you 
  • beach dates


  • might get a lil competitive
  • seems like the type to get jealous easily 
  • doesn’t like rollercoasters??
  • apart from that he’s basically very loving and goals????

Preview →  One For You, Two For Me
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Kim Taehyung
Genre: humor, lighthearted, mild fluff, slight angst, haikyuu!au
a/n: thank you so much to @kimnomster for the amazing artwork for this fic! I’m literally crying over how good it turned out.

There’s a warm sensation traveling through the palm of his hands, dancing its way to his finger tips. It tingles, but the feeling is more satisfying than painful. He clenches and relaxes his hands repeatedly as he takes note of how red they’ve become in such a small amount of time.

The atmosphere that fills the crowded gymnasium is suffocating and reeks of anticipation. Though there are cheers, whistle blowing, and sneakers squeaking from a freshly polished floor, there is a bitter silence looming over the court like a dark cloud on a stormy afternoon. It is almost too easy for him to drown out the sounds of everything else except for the erratic beating of own his heart.

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earlier this week
(or for years, idk)
I couldn’t take myself out of this feeling that I was chewing up my life
chewing and chewing
and digesting, regurgitating, and starting the process over.
Come home, the room is a mess, i open and close the apps on my phone until it dies, I fall asleep. Nothing satisfies me. 

I tell myself, maybe a nice new pair of sneakers might cheer me up. The cool sneakers people wear on instagram, Nikes, they sort of look like a woven basket-sock. Those.
I do my research and get really excited by the prospect.

I tell myself I might have to keep the shoes a secret though, because someone online will say something bothersome to me, in some way, backhanded or forwardly, that will devalue my purchase. The purchase that was supposed to make me feel better, somehow, and take me out of my um, idk, slump.

Jon comes home and I tell him my idea. I want to make a night of it. 
He knows I’m sad™, because he says he’s sad™ too. 
We leave late, and run out of time completely for the shoes. 
The shoes that were the imaginary fix for my sadness. 
I tell myself I can make another day of getting the shoes. Maybe by myself, and that could be fun. 
We pass by a starbucks and I offer jon a drink.
We order, he gets an iced drink, and we head outside.
I pull out my phone to snap the occasion. 
“Please don’t take my picture.”
“Why? We’re having fun?”
“I just don’t want my picture taken.”
“But we never go downtown together, I just thought it would be fun to take a picture?”
“Well I don’t want my picture taken.”

I’m self obsessed. I’m 25. I’m online, i’m neurotic, my phone is an extension of my brain. I’m under it’s spell, I must appease.
I am a photojournalist of my own existence.  
I want to see what I look like. I want to see myself having fun, being in different places, being sad, content, fashionable, unfiltered, makeup, no makeup,
I want to know I exist.
I want to see myself, and know i’m alive and potentially well.


I dated a photographer once. It was very brief, and I wouldn’t even say I knew we were dating until I looked back on our time together, and thought about it.
Did he pay for that meal? My train fare home? was he in my bedroom?
When he decided to take surprise and undirected photos of me, I felt like I could be captivating. Beautiful, interesting. 
Unscripted. Real. 
In existence.

I want to see myself. 
I want to look back and be able to see progression. 
External hard drives, icloud, dropbox, flash drive

I don’t talk to jon the rest of the night. 
Or I did, I don’t know. I can’t remember.
The shoes were a loss, the sentiment was a loss
i can’t satisfy anyone
not myself 

it’s friday and I could go out and buy the shoes, but now i’m tied to my obligations.
Serve the public in order for them to criticise.

i’m not allowed to photograph him
and he won’t protograph me

“You look so beautiful tonight,”
a stranger screenshots me

Charlie x Jo highschool!AU 

She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts. 


She wears high heels, I wear sneakers,

She’s cheer captain, and I’m on the bleachers, 

Dreaming about the day when you’ll wake up and find 

That what you’re lookin’ for has been here the whole time.