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i marathoned the enitrety of woy and a) im heartbroken there are no more eps and b) i cant. i cant stop drawing wander. i have 3 enitre sketchbook pages filled with this hairy spoon please help me

Moment (Prompt Fill)

An anon requested Tony faking his death and then coming back for Infinity War. I dont know if this is exactly what you wanted anon, but here it is!

Warnings: Super angsty, mentions of suicide (but no actual suicide).

This was hard to write, first part is hard to read. (3400 words)


Tony couldn’t pinpoint the moment he decided to die.

It was definitely sometime after Ultron though.

Sometime after that horrible AI had tried to take over everything, sometime after he and Thor literally put their lives on the line to try and save Sokovia and consequently the world. It was sometime after Pietro had died and Wanda had come home with them, broken and hurting and only a shell of herself after losing her brother. Sometime after JARVIS had…had…gone, and Vision had appeared.

And sometime after Steve had kissed him.

It hadn’t been a big deal, that first kiss–or at least it hadn’t started as a big deal.

Sometime post-Ultron and Steve had stormed into the lab and shoved Tony up against a wall and snapped that sometimes Tony made him “so angry” and that the resulting fallout from Sokovia was going to “change the entire world and not for the better” and that maybe the next time Tony “created a goddamn experiment” he could make sure it didn’t have a will of it’s own.

And then Steve had wrapped his arms around Tony and whispered that maybe next time Tony could “sit aside and let someone Steve didn’t care about so much offer his life in exchange for civilians”. And maybe next time Tony could be “a little less reckless”. And maybe next time Tony could—

But Steve hadn’t finished that sentence, because he had just kissed Tony instead. Just a short one- firm and no nonsense, just like the man himself.

Then he had made this soft desperate sound and dragged one hand through Tony’s hair and tilted his head back and kissed him again–and this time Tony’s knees were weak before they finally parted.

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BTS to their girlfriend coming out as depressed [TW]

EXO version here.

a/n: It’s a delicate topic and I hope I represented the members fairly enough. Honestly, I believe they would all be 100% there for you, no matter what. Enjoy! ~Juni


Darling Seokjin would be very touched that you took the courage to come out about something so deep and personal, and trust him with it. He wouldn’t pretend everything is okay and wouldn’t ignore that part of you, but he would do everything in his power to cheer you up. Yes, it would be with god awful jokes that you secretly live for. But it wouldn’t mean he didn’t want to listen to you if you wanted to talk about the harder things, at any given time. He’d also keep it a complete secret, deeming it best if you were the one to talk about it to others. The harder days would mean double the kisses and delicious meals. The easy days would be something he’d give you as an example, when you’re too low. “Remember how we laughed last friday? I know that wasn’t fake. And days like that will come again, I’ll make sure of it.


Yoongi has seen his fair share of darkness, and he will probably understand you better than anyone. So he’ll be there. He won’t stop you from talking to interject his opinions and say “I’ve had the same.” because people have done it to him and nothing made him want to shut up more. So he’d listen silently and comfort you if you asked him to, or if he saw you needed an arm around you shoulders or a hand on your knee. He wouldn’t be overbearing about it, but he would be sensitive to you changes and mood swings. He’d do small gestures like get off work a little earlier to spend time with you. He would also offer advice if you asked. He wouldn’t say anything unless you asked, because unsolicited advice can be a pain, but if you did ask, he’d help you as much as he could, but on a less emotional and more practical level.Whenever you finished speaking, he would ask, “Do you want comfort, or advice?” and be 100% there for both, whichever you needed most at the time.


While Hoseok has an upbeat and sometimes over the top personality, he’s a sensitive and smart person with a heart of gold. Your confession would hurt his heart in a very big way. To him, you are such a ray of sunlight, he couldn’t imagine you being so hurt, in a way. He wouldn’t immediately know what to do about it other than to embrace you and assure you that he only has the utmost respect for you and your strength. He wouldn’t judge, he would educate himself and ask others for advice, not revealing why, as he’d respect your privacy. Hobi would want to be able to support you as much as he could, so he would take it very seriously. However, he wouldn’t show it and always keep a bright exterior when around you, doing his best to keep you smiling as much as he possibly can. And it’d be genuine too, not a forced smile or laughter. Hobi is Hobi, and despite all his worries, he will always be a ray of sunshine, even if it can be harder at times. 

Rap Monster:

Namjoon has also had his run ins with depression. As a thinker, he’d be there for your 3am talks about the point of life and debates about anything. He’d be open to listening, comforting, giving advice and sharing. He’d help you define what could trigger depressive states, or alleviate them. Together, you’d find coping methods. Namjoon would also remind you professional help is available and make sure you don’t feel bad about getting it, if you chose to. He’d be quite tactile with his comforting. Massive bear hugs, forehead or top of the head kisses, etc. And during the moments you were down, he would also respect your boundaries, wouldn’t make any flirty or dirty comments, unless he felt they’d cheer you up and make you laugh. All in all, he’d be your partner for your deeper, and darker thoughts but also the warm arms that remind you of better days.


Jimin would take it a little personally at first. Feel like he isn’t enough, like he’s not doing everything in his possible to make you happy. So he’d apologise, and promise he’d try to be there more. You’d have to explain to him how it has nothing to do with that. Whether you have a “reason” to be depressed, if it’s just a phase or something more constant, you’d explain it isn’t his fault. It’s just the way it is. With that knowledge, he’d turn to the internet and look into it more. He’d feel lacking, like he can’t support you and feel insecure about it, so he’d look up “How to help my girlfriend with depression” and read entire articles. He’d sometimes be a tiny bit tactless. “Y/N, are you depressed now? You can just tell me and I’ll hug you. You can trust me, you know.” He’d want you to know he’s there and he loves you so much, the idea of you hurting makes him go nuts. 


Taehyung would be a bit confused at first. “But you seem so happy.” He’d feel guilty for not noticing and also a bit sad you never told him before. He’d reach out to some of his friends who had told him about their depression and ask them for advice, if needed. But in general, he’d try to infect you with his care free behaviour and take you places, trying to help you overcome it with cool dates and lot of hugs. He might have the hardest time dealing with it, since it’s something he has a hard time imagining, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do his best to understand and support you. He’d be there and he’d be sweet. Sometimes, when you asked for alone time, or down time where you didn’t want noise, or to be with others, he’d respect that and be a bit worried he pushed you too much, so he’d make up for it with a quiet night in and a lot of warmth. 


Jungkook would immediately turn to his hyungs. Being so young and practically raised by them, he’d need them now more than ever. As someone who is capable of being both very upbeat, but also calm and peaceful, he’d make sure he’s there for you, whatever side of him you need. He’d have a bit of trouble reaching out at first. He would be afraid of saying the wrong things and even if he noticed you were unwell, he wouldn’t be sure if it was okay to talk to you about it. But slowly, he’d pick up the habit of being there for you, in various ways, even if it didn’t include speaking. He’d have trouble expressing his emotions on the topic as well. He’d want to reach out and tell you how much you mean to him. Once he gets more comfortable with it though, he’d be a sweet and constant presence. Even if you two just spent the evening sitting down listening to sad music, he’d be fine with just being there, not necessarily holding you, but just laying down, hands barely touching. 

note: So these are just my takes on their personalities. The reaction is a bit longer than I usually would make them because I feel that it’s an important topic and if it can bring comfort, I’m going to put that much more effort into it!

Connverse and Starco Parallel

Cheerful super powered fourteen-year-old beings secretly have a crush on their human nerds

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Slow dance 

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They love hugging each other 

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They fight well together 

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Even their family knows their perfect for each other 

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Huge hints that their soul mates 

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Red shirt boys wants to cheer up their sad bae

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I love seeing these kids bonds develop. I hope they become cannon.

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Hey, I'd like to request a scenario. Where BTS is taking care of a sick S/O. I don't feel good at the moment and I just wanna imagine BTS taking care of me. Thanks 💓

Thanks for Requesting and I (j)hope you feel better! And if you don’t mind, I decided to make it into a reaction instead (like BTS reaction to you being sick) because I thought it’d be easier and would just fit the scenario better. But if you really want me to make a fluff imagine on it, just tell me.

Rap Monster:

*Would do everything in his power to cheer up his S/O, no matter how stupid he looks*

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*Would definitely cook you up some really good food and scold you if you don’t eat it or don’t want to eat it* “No excuses, Y/N. You need to eat.”

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*Would be annoyed by your complaining and nagging but would take care of you anyways because he loves you*

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*Would stay away from you because he doesn’t want to get sick*

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*Would come to your house right away after hearing you’re sick* “I’m coming, Y/N!”

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*Would also do the best to make you feel better but to more of an extreme - like insisting on doing everything for you, doing something funny (similar to Rap Monster), trying to cook you something, etc*

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*Would search up online how to take of someone who’s sick because he doesn’t know what he’s doing*

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Hi you are the most beautiful human being I have ever seen??? Just.. thanks for existing I guess? Continue to be a beautiful shining bright beacon of female power??? Cheers babe xoxoxo

WHOA. Hella compliments here!
I don’t know about all that, but thank you homie!

When I read all that, I only think of one person that fits that description.

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Dear Evan Hansen: Way Too Out of Touch

@amazingmsme asked: Could you maybe write a fic where Evan & Connor are watching a movie with a t scene & Connor squirms a lot during it so Evan sees what’s up with that

I combined it with a small idea from an anon. Very sorry that I don’t watch movies with tickle scenes very often, so insert your own movie in the fic XD Also this is hardly in character lmfao I suck at writing for these two

Words: 1,662

A movie at Connor’s house. What could be so bad about that? With a kind donation from Connor’s parents, they were able to order Chinese. With Zoe up in her room and his parents gone, Connor knew he practically had Evan to himself. And that was both wonderful and terrifying. They only started dating a week ago, so the two teens were getting used to being in a relationship. 

But oh god, what do we do? What do I offer? Fuck, he probably thinks I’m a moron for not knowing how to host somebody.

“Y-You wanna maybe, I dunno, watch a movie?” Evan suggested, wiping his mouth after chewing on some Lo Mein. 

Connor’s lip quirked up in a relieved grin. That’s exactly why he’s your boyfriend. 

“Sure. Anything you got in mind?” Connor asked. 

Evan thought, not wanting to make the decision since he was very bad at those, “Uhh… whatever you want is fine.”

God, they were hopeless. Connor sat back down on the couch with remote in hand, and he started flicking through some On Demand movie selections, “Stop me when you see something you like.”

Evan’s eyes darted through the titles as he continued eating his food, now enjoying some plain white rice. He saw a title he recognized and figured it would be sweet for them to watch, so he spoke up and pointed it out to Connor. The long haired teen had never seen that film before so he just went with Evan’s gut and pressed play. The two sat back on the couch to watch it, each with a carton of Chinese food in their hands. 

“Wanna try a sweet and sour pork? It’s really good,” Evan offered Connor with his chopsticks outstretched, cheeks puffed out because of the food he was still chewing. 

Connor smiled very softly at Evan’s overall cuteness and he took the bite offered to him, “Mmm, not bad.”

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Loki x Reader

What if feels like (fluff)

“You know, I miss the time when we were children; nothing to worry about, no Tesseract, no Aether, dark elves” Y/N said to break the silence between them and the god of mischief who was sitting in front of a window that revealed the skyline of Asgard.

“Neither the Tesseract, nor the Aether were not present during our childhood, Y/N. We chose to ignore their presence, and therefore, we ignored their strength” Loki replied without taking his eyes off the realm he had desired to rule.

“I suppose you are right. However, present times are unusually rough. In all nine realms. Especially Midgard” Y/N spoke, wandering across the hall.

“Wherever there are powerful creatures, others will challenge them. That’s the case in all nine realms, Midgard is no exception” Loki commented absentmindedly.

“Tell me, Loki, when you fell from the Bifröst, why did you disappear? We all thought you were dead” Y/N asked quietly and added, “I thought you were dead.”

Loki turned his head around just enough to see Y/N’s reaction to his answer whilst smirking slyly: “Why? Did it hurt at all? Did you cry?”

Y/N stopped walking and looked at the black-haired god: “Loki, we grew up together. We played together, we fought together, studied together. Of course it hurt.”

Loki stared at Y/N, his gaze turned to a piercing one: “But did you cry?” His voice was sharp, a lot sharper than before.

Y/N raised an eyebrow: “Would you want me to cry over you?”

“You didn’t answer my question, Y/N” His voice had turned into an icy shiver.

“You never answer mine, so I doubt you can complain” Y/N retorted and walked towards him: “But next time you want to play dead for a few years, it would be very kind of you if you left a clue so I’d know that you’re still out there.”

“They think I am dead right now” Loki spoke with a sarcastic voice, “So you have your clue right in front of your nose.”

“Indeed. Thank you for sparing some of my nerves, then” Y/N said with an amused tone.

“So you were worried, Y/N?” Loki asked with a smirk and a hybrid of a pleased and amused voice.

Y/N laughed: “It’s as I said. Of course I was.”

“How was it?”

“How was what?” Y/N asked confused and sat down next to the black-haired man. His face changed – from the smirk, it changed to an attempted emotionless face, but one could see the bitterness in his eyes.

“How was it to lose me?”

Y/N’s gaze wandered to the skyline of Asgard in front of them: “It was… conflicting. On the outside, no one was really sure what to say. Some thought your death would bring peace to the realms.” Y/N knew that these words affected him.

“Of course they did-”

“But Thor and Frigga were incredibly sad. She lost her son, and he his only brother” Y/N added.

“I’m neither their son, nor brother. Just a relict that Odin wanted as a trophy” Loki said, each word dripping with bitterness and the taste of betrayal.

“They were devastated, nonetheless. And regarding me…” Y/N pressed their lips together, “I felt like I lost something of which I didn’t knew I had it.”

Loki’s eyes shifted, but Y/N couldn’t read his thoughts for now. His face was so emotionally blank, Y/N had no clue what was going on inside of his head.

Y/N sighted: “I asked Heimdall day after day if he saw you. But you were gone, he couldn’t see you. So after a few months, I reached the point where I had to come to terms with it. That I had failed to tell you that I… care about you.”

It was dead-silent after Y/N had said that sentence. Loki’s eyes were fixed on Y/N’s, probably trying to read their thoughts and emotions.

“You changed the tense there” Loki then pointed out.

“I know. That was intentional” Y/N sighted insecurely.

“If all you said is true, then tell me why” His voice was starting to change from soothing to fierce, “Why would someone like you care about the most despised traitor of Asgard that is not even an Asgardian, but a Frost Giant that neither ascends to the throne, nor has the cheerfulness or mighty powers Thor has? You could have chosen anyone, anyone but me who basically resembles the reject of Asgard!”

Y/N said nothing for a bit, simply looked at his broken expression. “Yes, I could have. Maybe I should have, really, considering the fact that by sitting here, I am pretty much on Odin’s wanted list. But I didn’t. It was never meant to be easy, and both of us are warriors. I don’t desire a throne, nor do I desire the power to rule the nine realms. Seems like a silver tongue does the trick, too.”

“They will throw you into the dungeons if they find out you had contact with me” Loki said and took Y/N’s hand.

“I know.”

“What is it you want to gain, Y/N?” Loki asked quietly, turning Y/N’s head in his direction.

“I wish I could give you a rational answer to that, Loki, but I fear I cannot” Y/N replied silently and smiled, “But I’m fine with not gaining anything but your trust.”

“You’ve gained that a long time ago.”

His lips were unsurprisingly cold, but passionate and gentle. Y/N pressed his hand slightly.

“So that’s what it feels like” Loki said quietly.

“To be kissed? This couldn’t have been your first one” Y/N said with a laugh.

“No, I don’t mean that. I’ve been kissed more than I’d care to count. No, what I meant to say was that this had to be the way it felt like to be loved” he replied with a genuine soft smile.

@ultrarebelheart I hope you enjoy this!!

nothing better than marching through the city and seeing stuff like vagina power, pussy power, the future is female, pussy grabs back, keep your laws off my ovaries, my pussy isn’t up for grabs, my body my choice, etc without any “this is transphobic what about males uwu!!” honestly it was refreshing it was freeing it was beautiful omg, walking up to a group of women with vagina power signs and yelling pussy power!! and cheering. no death threats or any of that because i couldn’t hear it over the overwhelming female solidarity. thank you 2017 this march cleared my skin balanced my energies aligned my chakras god bless

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