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Steve Imagine: Marriage? Pt. 1

Request by simply -g0ld Can you do Steve proposing out of no where? Like it’s really unexpected?

A/N: This is a part 1! stay tuned for a part 2!

—-Your P.O.V.—-

     I really just wanted to go home, take a shower, and sleep. Its been a long day and I really just wanted to see Steve, too. Steve and I have been dating for a while and I couldn’t be happier. He always makes me laugh while I’m on the verge of tears and always cheers me up when I have a cruddy day, like today.

“Hey babe, how ya feelin?” Steve questioned as I walked into our shared apartment. 

“It’s been a rough day, I’m better now that I see you,” I answered him as he walked over to give me a hug. I could smell the gasoline in his shirt even though he had already showered. 

“Well, why don’t you get in the shower and then we could go to sleep,” Steve said.

“Okay, I guess so,” I sighed and headed for the shower.

—-TIME SKIP—-(after your shower)

    My hair was in a messy, wet bun and I slightly smiled at the sight of Steve in the kitchen stealing some of my homemade chocolate cake. 

“C’mon Y/N. Let’s go to bed you look pooped,” Steve said.

“Okay,” I had my head on Steves chest and our legs were tangled together. He kissed me lightly on the head.

“Marry me,” he said out of nowhere. I looked at him like he had three heads.


“You heard me, Y/N. I want you to be my wife. In all of the ups and downs of life, ever since you came I’ve had way more ups and you still let me hang out with Soda, you’re not overly-bossy-”

“YES!” I screamed. Now he looked at me like I had three heads.


“I love you, Steve Randle and I would be happy to be your wife,”

I smiled at him as he pressed his lips to mine. This was going to be the marrige of a lifetime, and I was okay with that.