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A family can be 2 traumatised soldiers and their 30 children (1)

Jyn Erso (who may or may not have broken a man’s arm during mandatory recruitment training) is forcibly assigned to train the Rebel Alliance’s “youth” class as a punishment.


A ‘Jyn accidentally ends up adopting 30 children and Cassian thinks she’s #nuts but helps out and wHOOPS guess we’re basically parents now’ fic.

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Part 1 

Jyn Erso could handle the cold.

She had grown used to surviving any kind of weather while fending for herself. The flurry of snow that rattled the base walls, the icy blasts that raced through the Echo One hangar, none of it deterred her. Nothing would make her move while she was waiting.

He’d been gone four days this time. Not the longest amount of time by any means, but long enough that she was starting to get twitchy. Any longer, and she knew exactly what would start happening – the headaches, anxiety and the severe lack of sleep – and so self-isolation it was. The symptoms came and went, depending if it was a good or bad day and she knew that it probably wasn’t very healthy to have another person’s presence decide whether it was a good day or not, but she’d just been through a goddamn war. She’d handle her issues later.

It was when she kicked her heels against the metal crate she was perched on when she could finally breathe again. His shuttle had announced it was coming in to land over an hour ago, but only now was he finally traipsing back into the hangar, a disgruntled expression on his face as he dusted snow off his jacket. Jyn had stopped caring about what others thought months ago.

She ran.

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//honestly i love these prompts bc i can relate and also i like writing about emotional shit lmao// 

((ok im splitting this into three sections))

happy crying


-has always loved this about you. he thinks it’s so adorable and genuine

-but you become a sniffling mess and he doesn’t know how to immediately respond so he’s just like “bro” and laughs it off. then gives you a bro hug. then a loving hug.


-can’t hold back a chuckle because it’s just so cute when you get worked up like this

-he gives you a big warm embrace and you’re both just so happy and emotional that you just stay there like that for way too long


-cries along with you. this wholesome boy has no shame of letting his tears flow.

-someone asks you what’s wrong and you both just wave them off, laughing while crying like crazy people


-offers a handkerchief from out of nowhere and laughs when you make the silliest sound blowing into it

-your happiness is contagious and is just so overjoyed he almost can’t handle it


-quickly looks around for some tissues before anything else

-thinks that crying is the ultimate form of emotion and that it should only be reserved for the most important things


-thinks you’re stupid for crying over random things

-”but you’re not even sad” 

-but honestly it’s super cute and he has a hard time holding back a big grin


-is an emotional wreck and instantly starts crying whenever you do, no matter the reason

-he smiles through the tears and sniffles with delight. sometimes you think he just enjoys crying

sad crying


-”bro no please don’t do this to me” 

-it’s too late, you’re crying, and he breaks down and starts crying as well.


-doesn’t quite know what to say, but boy is he good at comforting you with hugs and smooches

-”do you want to go home and play with Maxwell? that always seems to cheer you up.”


-he gets anxious when you’re this emotional, and tends to get a little clammed up when you cry

-eventually grabs your shoulder and reassures you that everything is fine. you look into his deep brown eyes, and all you see is love and comfort


-looks down and gives you some space at first, but then he has you in a hug, all wrapped up in his cloak

-constantly whispers, “It will be okay, MC. It will be okay.” in his soft deep voice


-shakes his head slowly, arms already wrapped around you. “Shhh.. MC. Don’t cry. I’ve got you, you’re safe.”

-really just wants you to stop crying because it makes him want to cry as well, which he does not do often


-hates it when you cry, because it hits him hard in the heart. he can’t bear to see you this pained, and naturally gets misty-eyed also

-hugs you tight and kisses you all over, doing anything in his ability to make you feel better as quickly as possible

-”god damn it MC you know I’ve reached my emotional vulnerability quota for the year, right?”


-again, this boy is a mess, and feels as if his heart is split in two when he sees you shed a tear

-thinks that you don’t deserve whatever pain you’re feeling and that he should be the one instead to suffer

-you both just lay in each other’s arms and sob away

sex crying

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maritime canada gothic

·        it has been snowing endlessly for days. you havenot seen the sky or the sun in so long. snowbanks slowly build higher andhigher and soon there will be no way to leave the house. you ran out of food yesterday.

·         every patron in the bar is wearing the same plaid shirt and the same rubber boots. when you stand up to use the washroom, each patron watches your every move. they are all smiling and talking to each other, but they look only at you.

·         it is the middle of august. the heat is unbearable, and the cicadas are giving you a headache. when you look outside, the town is covered in three feet of snow, snow that burns your hands when you touch it.

·         you decide to drive from your small town to the city half an hour away to run errands. you drive down the highway for three hours straight. there are no exits. you haven’t seen any other cars. the trees are beginning to look the same as the ones you passed by twenty minutes ago. on your right, the next exit is for the town you just left.

·         you call a taxi one night to take you home. your driver is a friendly old man wearing a ballcap, and his voice is heavy with the maritime accent. you get in the back of the cab, and your driver adjusts his mirror. in the reflection, his face is your own.

·         you’re new to this town. you enter a store you’ve never been in before, and at the counter is a woman you’ve never met. she stares at you and tells you that outsiders are not welcome here.

·         the snow is blowing so hard you can’t see the end of your street. it is simply gone, consumed by the storm. beyond that is only void.

·         your neighbours seem nice. they have a quaint house, well-cared-for gardens, and pretty flowers on their door. you have never seen them, and every window is curtained at all times. the bright and cheerful welcome mat on their porch is stained with old blood.

·         you walk up to an intersection. cars are waiting for you to cross. they were already waiting when you approached the intersection and they continue to wait after you’ve crossed. the cars have no drivers.


 Again, slowly going through old prompts. Sorry it’s short again. Takes place when FNAF just came out. I hope you enjoy!

 “I need you to play Five Nights at Freddy’s.” Nate was just about to take another bite of his food when Mat had hit him with the, well, demand really. Nate put his fork down and stared at the tiny, who was looking up at him innocently.

 “Why?” Mat’s face turned sheepish.

 “Well…I’ve seen a couple of things on it and I think it would make for an interesting topic for my next theory.” Nate blinked then allowed a smirk to appear on his face. He placed a hand on his cheek, leaning against it.

 “Alright, I’ll play. But we’re doing this the right way then.” Mat looked at him confused.


 “We haven’t even started the game yet and I’m already regretting this decision.” Mat said as Nate took his seat at the desk. The computer had the menu screen of the game pulled up and Nate had just turned off all the lights. To give them more of an atmosphere.

 “Can’t back out now, I already bought the game.” Nate smirked. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was a little scared himself. He had heard things about this game.

 “So we gonna do this like we do all the other games?” Nate asked and Mat nodded.

 “Yep. We play through the whole game first and then again to focus on details.” Nate nodded and both human and tiny took a deep breath before hitting play.

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This Was Not Part of The Plan

Peter(Tom Holland) x Female!Reader

Warning: kissing and awkward Peter, but we all know awkward Peter is the best


p>Requested: yes!!!!

Request: by crazyimaginesrandomfandoms: Hi! Could you pretty please do a Peter Parker (tom Holland) x Female!reader where they are best friends in high school (along with Ned, of course) and he is completely smitten by her? And Ned knows this and later realizes She likes peter back and tries to get them together? Thank you 😘😘

No thank you!!

Ned watches Peter while the superhero gazes upon (Y/N), who’s captain of Midtown High cheer team and also way out of his league.

But some how, by the power of the gods, (Y/N) is completely smitten by the nerd who can’t string a normal sentence in front of her.

Ned was beside himself when (Y/N) told him


p>p>‘Ned you have to promise not to tell Peter, I have to do it on my own’

which he replied with.. ‘of course I won’t…But you have to listen to my plan I have for you’ he than started to whisper his scheme into her ear.

'No that’s stupid’

'What? No it’s not! it’s fool proof!’

'Just let me do this alone, and DON’T tell Peter’

'Okay I promise’

He’s been keeping his promise…until now.

“So you’re saying that the (Y/N) (L/N), the captain of the cheer team, Midtown’s best and brightest, our friend-”

“Yes Peter, she likes you man, like really likes you” Ned said as both boys grab things from their lockers getting ready to leave.

“So she-(Y/N) likes me, Peter Parker, the nerd of Midtown High?”

Peter asked one last time, who, like Ned, is completely beside himself.

p>He’s loved (Y/N) since kindergarten, when he first saw her he was awestruck by her beauty. From her long (h/c) and bright (e/c) to her long (s/c) legs

She’s everything to him.

“For the love of cheese and rice! Yes Peter! Now be a man and do something about it” Ned said and started walking out of school.

He noticed Peter just standing there.

“You broken or something? School is over.” Ned said in a huff

“I promised (Y/N) I’d watch her practice today” Peter said slinging his backpack over his shoulder.


p>“‘I promised (Y/N) I’d stalk her around today’, my goodness you’ve got it bad” Ned said

“Wait I never said that!”

But it was too late and Ned walked out the building waving his best friend bye.

Peter started to rehearse on what he was going to say to (Y/N)

'Hey (Y/N) I lik-no, um well hello (Y/N)-ugh grossed me out- um, uh-’

“Hey Peter! Ready to walk me to practice?”

p>Peter jumps at the sound of (Y/N)’s voice

How his spider senses didn’t catch that he’ll never know, not that he cares, when (Y/N) grabbed his hand and pulling him towards the gym all thoughts of Spider-Man flew out the window.

“So I be been perfecting my round-off backhand spring full and I think I have it down-”

While (Y/N) was talking Peter was staring at her lips as the move slow and her pink rose buds look smooth and soft as she forms words that Peter stopped listening to.

“So my house or yours?”

“Wh-what?” Peter said, he spaced out for too long

“You weren’t listening we’re you? Okay I said we can hang out after my practice, is your place good?”

'She wants to hang out tonight? Alone? This could be it. My chance is right in front of my I’m not letting it go’

“Yeah-yes my house, the house that’s mine, I mean-”

“Perfect! Okay well I gotta go and lead the girls in stretches, you sit in the bleachers okay?” (Y/N) giggled as Peter nodded his head jerkily in response.

She hesitated than gave Peter a peck on the cheek, her cheeks flared and she ran to the cheer mats.

Peter sighed contently and walked to his place in the bleachers.

For two hours he watched (Y/N) flip her self in ways 'Spider-Man’ can and be thrown in the air like she weighs nothing.

After her practice was over they both venture out of school and walked to Peter’s house.

On the way the two them joked and laughed and teased each other, enjoying each others company.

Once they arrived at Peter’s house (Y/N) nerves went on edge.

'Today I’m going to confess my feelings to Peter, the boy who seems too oblivious for his own good’

She watched him as he threw his backpack next to his bed and slipped off his jacket. His muscled back flexed as he took it off.

Her cheek flared for the second time that day at the thought of Peter taking his shirt off too.

“So whatcha want to do?” Peter said trying to be nonchalant but epically failing.

'I have to do it, I-ugh okay (Y/N) just say it, like ripping off a band aid’

“Peter, I have to tell-wait…is that a picture of me?” (Y/N) was in the middle of confessing her feelings when she saw her captain picture framed on Peter’s nightstand.

“Yes-and I, well I, it’s just a really good picture” Peter said in a stuttering mess.

“Thanks…um back to what I was saying, Peter I’ve liked you for a long time now, and I can’t keep these feelings anymore and-”

“I know Ned told me.”

(Y/N) freezes in fear.

“Ned told you? Oh my, I’m sorry, maybe I should go”

(Y/N) started to grab her bag.

But Peter grabbed her arm to stop her.

“I like you too”

Time seemed to freeze, colors began to brighten, and life started to play a beautiful tune.

“You do?” She asked surprised

“Of course, who who wouldn’t, I mean look at you, you’re an angel-”

(Y/N) cut Peter off.

“kiss me” she grabbed Peter by his shirt and brought him to her level.


And with that the two lover met with a sweet and urgent kiss.

(Y/N) placed her hand around Peter’s neck and weaved her petite hands through his think brown locks.

Peter didn’t really know where to put his hands, this was his first kiss.

“Touch me.” (Y/N) demanded when she pulled away, when she did she pushed him on the bed and started to kiss his neck. Her body straddling his.

“Yeah I that” Peter said before letting out a groan, nothing ever felt this good.

As they both started to lose themselves in each they heard the soft playing of 'You Belong With Me’ by Taylor Swift playing softly outside Peter’s room on the fire escape.

The two teens slowly pulled away from each other, both looking confused and both looked like a reck, from their crazy hair to their swollen lips.

By the second the song got louder.

Both Peter and (Y/N) get off the bed and looked out the window.

They both rolled their eyes at what they saw.

They saw Ned holding a boom box with Taylor Swift playing loud for all of Queens to hear.

Peter opened the window.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m setting the mood, you know, this is all part of my plan, is it working? Of course it is I mean look at you two.” Ned said while trying to get into Peter’s room but (Y/N) put her hand against his chest preventing him from getting any further.

Ned gave her a weird look.

“You told Peter I like him, even though I told you not to.”

“Come on (Y/N) he’s obsessed with you it’s not that big of a deal, and anyways he told you how he felt first right? So my plan worked” Ned said trying to get in again only to be stopped again.

“Actually it didn’t, she told me how she felt first.” Peter said wrapping an arm around (Y/N) shoulder.

“And it is a big deal, so your punishment is walking back down the fire escape and come in like a normal person”

(Y/N) said with a huff crossing her arms, Ned looked at Peter for back up but Peter put his hands up in surrender.

“Whatever she wants, she gets”

(Y/N) smiled and kissed Peter, “damn right”

“Wh-come on really?!” Ned said as Peter and (Y/N) started to kiss again and Peter shut the window and locking it.

“This was not part of the plan”

anonymous asked:

Remember that one cheerleader anon about Sharon and Alaska stretching on a mat dying cheer practice and Sharon would finger her under spandex shorts while no on was looking and she stuck a finger in her asshole and Alaska screamed and everyone looked. I miss that.


Cheer Guide

Tumble- either one or a serious of various backflips/gymnastics skills

Stunt- when one to four people lift (generally) one person in the air, where the flyer performs any number of tricks or skills in the air

Pyramid- a series of difficult stunts put together, typically near the end of the routine and the flyers hold hands/hold on to each other a lot; a great place for scoring points and a major part of the score sheet

Needle- when a person has a very flexible back and can lift their leg behind their head at a  180° or more angle with their other leg.

Dorito- what a beginner’s scorpion is called, typically when they do not have a flexible back; similar to a needle, though the person’s legs make a 90° or so angle instead of 180.

Stick- when a cheerleader lands a tumbling pass perfectly and keeps their feet glued to the floor once the pass or skill is over.

“Whip it out”- what people say when you are working on a new tumbling pass and it’s time to just do it already

Hit hit hit pull- what people yell during a level four or five jump sequence, to help the cheerleaders remember to be sharp in the jumps and set high during the connected tumbling skill.

Hit hit squeeze- what people yell when the flyer is doing a kick double basket toss.

Werk- what you need to do to be a good cheerleader

Elite stunt- a stunt typically in the middle of the routine, often after running tumbling, which is a great place to wow the judges and earn some killer points.

Running tumbling- hen a person takes one or more steps into a round-off and then does a series of tumbling skills.

Standing tumbling- when a person does a one singular or a series of tumbling skills from a stand-still position.

Comp- short for competition, because “competition” is just too long to spell every time.

Uni- short for uniform; it sounds like you know what you’re talking about when you use this.

Tick tock- when the flyer switches feet while in the air; the bases release the foot and then catch the opposite foot a second later.

Set- when a tumbler spots a place on the wall for a second and goes straight up, using their arms and shoulders to lift them off the ground, performed after a round-off or back handspring to prepare for a higher skill; what every tumbler needs to learn to do.

Dip- a very small bounce where the bases prepare to go up or down in a stunt.

Pop- a slightly bigger dip, usually used when preparing for stunts that involve a lot of power such as a slip or double down.

Sponge- when the flyer is in starting position in a squat at the base’s belly buttons

Half/Prep- when the bases have their elbows bent and their hands at their chest, and the flyer’s ankles are about at the base’s mouth level

Extension- when the bases have their arms straight and elbows locked above their heads in a stunt.

Lib- stands for liberty; when one leg is bent and the foot is placed next to the other leg’s knee.

Bow and Arrow- when the person’s leg is held by the opposite side’s hand over the head, and the other hand is in front of the leg usually making a fist.

Tilt- when an extremely flexible person hyper-extends in a heel stretch; what most people think they can do when really they can’t at all.

#–OD- stands for “#– or die,” a pretty nasty yet common saying for fierce teams

Mat- the big (generally) blue spring floor we cheer on

Eat mat- when a person completely falls and wipes out during a standing tumbling pass

Line- the tape that holds together each panel on the mat; also see: if you have to tumble on these, god bless

Space- between each line on the mat

Tight- what every cheerleader should be; when you squeeze your body and tense all muscles.

Bobble- when a stunt shakes and may fall

Touch down- when a person touches the mat at the end of their tumbling pass

Bust- when a person fails to finish a tumbling pass

Full- when a person rotates their body sideways during a backflip

Tease- hair that is combed backwards and makes you look fierce

Sloppy- what my coach screams at me as i’m trying not to throw up during the routine

Voice overs- the only thing that will save your terrible music

Honey- what to call me if you want to get slapped; typically used in sassy voice overs

Tea- the shit; amazingness

What’s the tea?- what you ask when you know you are the shit

to serve- what you should do 24/7, especially in cheer routines. also see werk.

SAVE IT!- what people scream as a stunt is falling and they want you to keep it in the air.

Partner stunt- when one single base lifts one single flyer

Beast mode- as in beast mode activated; typically when two girls participate in a partner stunt or when an unexpected tumblr pulls out an amazing pass.

Full out- did you mean death?

“Lets work on the dance”- the biggest sigh of relief you will ever hear

Ride- when you pull your arms and shoulders up while flying up in a basket toss

Cupie- when the flyer’s feet are right next to each other in a stunt; flyer usually goes to cupie when sponging

8 Count man- what we hear when we fall asleep

*ding ding ttthhhrrrr*- girl you know that was just a kick double

Flexi- short for flexible; also see: Gabi Butler; Kelcie Burch

Hand- short for back handspring

Toe- toe touch, as in “toe hand tuck”

Whip full whip double- eddie will be calling you for smoed

USAFS- the devil of the cheer world

Basket toss- are you read to bruise your wrists?

Pike jump- you better have flexible calves

Toe touch- jump where the cheerleader splits their legs wide open to each side; where i most commonly say “i hope i didnt unexpectedly get my period


(i don’t really like how I did this one but hey I tried) 

Insecurities Mats Hummels




Y/n frowned as she stared in the mirror; she had been standing in front of it for at least five minutes, dissecting what she saw. She was supposed to be getting dressed but all she really wanted to do  at this point was curl up in a ball and hideout in bed.  

But she couldn’t.

She had promised her son, Julian, they would go to the neighborhood playground when his father got home from training. The two year old was so excited about it, all he could talk about was the different things he remembered from the last time they went. As soon as Mats walked through the door Julian’s excitement went into overdrive.

Mats only shared his little boys enthusiasm; it was the cutest thing to watch them interact with one another because Mats always looked like such a big kid. They were both ready to go, Y/n just needed to get dressed and they would be on there way. It seemed like a simple enough  task…until it wasn’t.

As the evidence of scattered clothes showed, it was a lot harder than she had ever anticipated. Already going through a third of her wardrobe, she was feeling more and more frustrated by the minute. Everything was just all wrong. Nothing looked or fit right; her body had changed significantly after she had Julian two years ago and she never really bounced back to her pre-baby body. Most days she was okay with the curves having a child bestowed upon her, but there were always those days when she felt a little less secure in her own skin. Like today.

She pulled at the  t-shirt she had just put on a minute ago, before smoothing it down. Her eyes zeroed in on her midsection and her frown deepened. The sight out the slight prodding of her stomach was both discouraging and frustrating. No matter how much she hit the gym, she couldn’t seem to get rid of it.

Mats always told her that her body was even more sexy than before but sometimes that was so hard to believe. Especially when gossip magazines, blogs, and people on social media went out of their way to remind her about her weight gain. It seemed like everyday someone was mentioning the difference of her weight, some even going as far as calling her fat and to put now the cheese burger before Mats left her. It was crazy; she didn’t usually let it get to her, but even the strongest cracked under pressure once in awhile.

Y/n wanted to scream in frustration, her grip on her emotions slipping as she became increasingly displeased by what she saw staring back at her. Everything was too tight, showing off what she wanted to hide. So she went for the only way she knew how, without literally hiding out, quickly grabbed a hoodie she  pulled it over her head.  Her gaze went back to the mirror  and she nearly screamed that time– while the hoodie did its job of hiding her, it made her look even bigger than she was.

She couldn’t win.

On the verge of tears, she snatched it off and castes it aside with the rest of the discarded clothing. Getting ready to change for the thousandth time just as Mats walked in the room, Julian in his arms.

“Y/n, you ready to go—yet.”He started, trailing off once he saw the chaotic state of things, it looked like a mini tornado had passed through,”babe whats going on?”

“Nothing,”she mumbled.


“Really Mats, its nothing. I just…I think I’m gonna sit this one out you take Julian. take lots of pictures.”She said hurriedly rushing into their bathroom in hopes to get away before he asked anymore questions but before she could close the door behind her, he stepped in as well.


“Why—-baby, what’s wrong?” He started but once he noticed the tears in her eyes his confusion quickly turned into concern. Great just great; now he wasn’t going to leave until he knew exactly what was wrong. You just couldn’t hold onto your emotions a little longer huh Y/n? she scolded herself. But that wasnt even the worst of it, the worse was when Julian noticed his mother distress,

“Why Mama crying?”Julian asked, a frown now marring his innocent little face; it looked so wrong because he has always been a happy go lucky kid. When he only cried when he was really hurt and frowned when he saw one of his parents were upset. Y/n instantly felt worse knowing her baby had to see her like this. She was suppose to be strong for him and here she was a few wrong words away from an emotional breakdown….over something that shouldn’t even matter so much to her.

“Mama’s just a little sad that all.”she forced a smile, as she made sure not to look at Mats who was staring so intensely at her. Julian squirmed in his father’s grasp, “Down, Papa!”

Mats put him down and no sooner than when his feet touched the ground was he running into Y/n’s legs, hugging them tight.“Hugs take sad away?”He asked as he innocently stared up at her. Y/n felt her heart explode with a warmth only the loves of her life could put there. “Oh baby,”She cooed as she gathered him up into her arms, hugging him close,”Yes you’re hugs always takes the sad away. thank you.”

“Welcome, Mama.”He said as he placed a kiss on her lips as he wrapped his tiny arms around her neck. Y/n should have known her son would be her cure all, just holding him close made her feel a hundred times better.


She tensed, knowing Mats wasnt about to let her off easy,it didn’t matter if she felt better now, he was going to want to know what had her upset. He was so good to her, always wanting to protect  and do right by her and their family. As much as she loved him for that, she wished he could just let things go but just by the way intensity of his gaze she knew he wasn’t about to let this go.

”Yes Mats.”she sighed.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”he demanded  gently.

“Nothing wrong Papa, Mama all better!”Julian cheered happily. Mats smiled at his son before gently taking him from his mother’s grasp and putting him down on his own feet once again.

“And you’re the reason, good job champ, how bout you go watch TV in Mama and Papa’s bed?”

“Okay Papa!” With that the little boy rushed back into the room, Mats followed after him to put the tv on sesame street before he came back. Y/n could handle a little of his staring before tears started streaking her face. Mats quickly closed the space between them holding her close.

“whats wrong baby?”He said softly, rubbing her back in soothing circles.“Its stupid.”She mumbled, feeling increasing dumb that she was getting  emotional over this. Gosh she was so vapid and vain.  

“Not if its upsetting you, tell me.”

“I just…I  just feel so unattractive.”She admitted softly, “its been two years since I had Julian and I still can’t get rid of all the weight. I go to the gym and I still can’t get it off… No matter what I buy nothing seems to fit me right. And everyone seems to notice…and and I knots stupid and superficial and people have way bigger problems but I just want to crawl into bed and not go out.”

She was rambling but she couldn’t help it, it sucked that this bothered her so much. That she couldn’t brush it off , it made her feel weak. She looked down at her feet, Mats took her hands in his own and gave her a reassuring squeeze. He waited until she looked back up at him before he began to speak.

“First of all you’re beautiful. Stunning.”Y/n rolled her eyes and scoffed but Mats didn’t let that stop him from continuing, “ There is literally nothing unattractive about you…well maybe except for your snoring.“he teased, he was happy when she cracked a small smile. He hated when she was upset especially about things that weren’t true.

"You and ‘unattractive’ shouldn’t ever be in the same sentence because it’s a lie period”Mats said firmly,“Yes your body’s different since Julian but it’s a good different. I didn’t think it was possible for sexiest woman on the planet to get even more sexy but you did. Every curve Julian gave you is a blessing and perfection. And as for your clothes–they look as good as ever on you.”

“Really?"Y/n felt her heart beating rapidly as every word he spoke seemed to fill her entire being. He always knew what to say. "Why else do you think it’s so hard for me to keep my hands off you?"Mats smirked.

Y/n blushed; He was right, there were plenty of times she had to swat Mats hands away when they were out in public because of how touchy he was at times. Specifically with grabbing her ass. As shy as it made her, she couldnt deny that she felt desired. He always made her feel desired.

"You’re beautiful Y/n and don’t doubt that. But when you have those moments when you do just tell me and I’ll tell you every reason why you’re perfect to me."He promised kissing her lips tenderly.Y/n couldn’t help her tears as she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest.

"Thank you.”

Once Y/n got herself together and dressed, the family of three headed to the neighborhood park. Julian dragged his parents around getting them to play with him on whatever caught his interest at any given moment. They laughed as they ran around chasing one another, climbing the ladder,sliding down the slide and swing on the monkey bars–well Mats held Julian up walking the young boy from bar to bar.

The best part of it all was the fact that people were respectful of their privacy. Sure some stared and a few random paparazzi took pictures, they kept their distance. Julian’s world of play and innocence wasn’t disturbed once, and Mats and Y/n were thankful for that.

It was early evening when they  finally decided it was time to leave. Julian had long since tired himself out and had been in Mats’ arms all but two minutes before was sound asleep. When they got home Mats instructed Y/n to go to their bedroom that he would takes care of Julian. He room the boy a bath and changed him into his pajamas before putting him to bed and heading to the master room. he found Y/n sitting in the middle of the bed, he got in bed with her pulling her onto him.

“Mats what–”

Her question was left  incomplete as he kissed her. “You’re  beautiful,” he mumbled against her lips in between every kiss. He tugged at her shirt before pulling it over her head and continued to undress her until she was only in her underwear.

“You’re beautiful Y/n and Im going to make sure you know  how much.” He told her and though  those were the last words he spoke for the rest of the night, he kept his word.Making her feel beautiful in every sense  of the word  as handled her with a gentleness and passion that only a man head over heels in love could .





I noticed that he [Henrikh Mkhitaryan] was so broken after the Champions League match against Real Madrid. I sat next to him on our return flight and I said to him: ‘I’d gladly show you a video of my 15 worst mistakes and you stop dwelling on that chance you missed ok’
—  Mats Hummels to the question “Is thinking too much a bad thing for footballers and what is his advice for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who seems to ponder on poor performance all day long”, kicker Interview, Nr. 36, 28.04.2014