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Time management

I wrote this to fill this anonymous prompt: If you still want Zimbits prompts, I’m an absolute sucker for any Bob and/or Alicia pov with them seeing how happy Jack has become with Bitty and the SMH team. Bonus if this is the first time they’ve met Bitty as Jack’s bf + roughhousing of any sort. Thank you so much! I love your writing soo much I’m subscribed to you on AO3 😄😄💚

It doesn’t quite hit all the marks – this is set before parents’ weekend of year 2, long before they are boyfriends – but I think it’s in the same spirit. I hope you like it!

And I’m always in the market for new Zimbits prompts!

Alicia stepped on the mat and raised her eyebrows at Bob.

There hadn’t been a mat last time she was here, and if there had been, it would have gotten lost in the detritus that had littered the front porch: battered bikes, broken furniture, maybe even a discarded keg that no one had returned for the deposit.

That hadn’t really bothered her; it was right in line with the frat house decor she remembered from her time at Samwell. But now the porch sported functional furniture (mismatched, but still) and showed evidence of recent sweeping. And it had a welcome mat.

Well, actually, the mat said “Welcome, y’all!” in a cheerful cursive script.

“This is new,” she said.

Bobby just grinned. “Didn’t Jack say Bittle – that kid from Georgia – moved in this year?” he said. “Either it’s his, or the boys are chirping him a little.”

“You know very well Bittle – Eric, isn’t it? – moved in,” Alicia said. “Jack practically mentions him more than he does Shitty, and I’ve never met him. That’s half the reason I decided to come with you.”

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begin again (m)

Summary: As a new professor at Hogwarts, you knew separating your present and your past within the walls was an important distinction to maintain your respectability. But finding out that your coworker was your schoolgirl crush for five years hadn’t been part of the plan.
Pairing: Hoseok | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Harry Potter AU
Word Count: 13,788
Author’s Note: Took advantage of some Hoseok feelings I’ve been suffering from as of late and decided to pair it with my Harry Potter AUs!!!! Once again, tagging @chokemejimin who has asked to tagged in my HP works!! Hope you like it! 


There’s a saying that goes around that often relates to the idea that people, places, or things that were once daunting and terrifying gradually start to become less intimidating with the help of time, growth, maturity—all those things you never believed would happen to you. After all, who wants to welcome the idea of growing old with opened arms?

You remember being seventeen and witnessing what you had believed would be the last sight you would ever get of Hogwarts, the comforting walls that housed seven years of your childhood, seven years worth of secrets, friendships, youth, innocence, and a desperation to chase after something you didn’t quite know about yet. Being as young and naive and indecisive as you were, it would have been difficult to comprehend the idea of returning, if returning to Hogwarts was something you even thought to consider in the first place. It never was.

It’s funny how much you had a tendency to return back to the place that reminded you most of home. Despite the history behind its walls, the war across the campus, Hogwarts remains consistent and peaceful and traditional. Unlike your very first day at eleven years old, you brush in through the doors of Hogwarts with a grace of familiarity. No longer do the tall walls that seem to stretch out to the ceiling terrify you and no longer do the endless corridors frighten you. You’re no longer a student who perhaps did not know any better. You’ve returned as a professor, just a little bit older and just a little bit wiser.

The baggage handle curled around your fingertips feel as if they’re growing heavier and heavier the longer you find yourself making your way through the outside courtyard of the school, towards the castle, trying to make your way to the new quarters you had been gifted with as a new educator of the institute. In spite of the struggle, it’s hard to keep the bounce out of your step, the smile across your features, because although returning back to the rooms of your past is not something you would have elected to spend your career under, it’s a new whole sensation approaching Hogwarts and knowing that you would get to do something and invest your time in something you were always particularly passionate about.

You’re just reaching the front steps of the school, before a voice calls out to you, striking a chord of familiarity in your heart as you let the tone sink into your mind and rummage through the archives of your brain. “Hey, you need some help with that?”

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To all the art kids

Well done for still doing what you love despite everything.
Despite being called a distracted doodler in class when drawing helped you learn and concentrate.
Despite your teachers being dissapointed in your wasting time pursuing art.
Despite your art teacher (more often than not) wrinkling their nose at whatever style you chose to draw in.
Despite the fact that your name will not have been cheered on a sports field nor embroidered on a jacket lined with school pride.
Despite the fact you weren’t awarded or comended for the hours of hard work and dedication you put into honing your craft.
Despite choosing to follow something considered frivolous in a clockwork world.
Despite the fact that even maths and spelling had nationwide contests to prove their skills on a regular basis.
Despite your government trying to cut any curricular support you may have needed in your passion.
Despite all that you’re still here and you are still doing what makes you both incredibly happy and desperately sad.

Despite all that you’re an artist and you are so hardcore and wonderful. Never give up art kids, keep building a magical world!


Based on this prompt.

Harry couldn’t help but snicker at the outraged expression on Draco’s face.

“What in the name of Merlin is going on?” he grumbled as he wiped off the confetti of his shoulder.

“Well,” Harry began, trying hard not to laugh out loud. That would only make Draco angrier. “It seems we walked right into a Muggle parade.”

Draco huffed, grabbing the hem of his shirt to shake off more confetti. Harry’s eyes immediately fell to his exposed stomach, making him gulp. The urge to touch Draco was getting stronger every day now.

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i spent a lot of time today thinking about about bad behaviour in fandom. not because it’s new, per se, but the widespread disrespect for boundaries, both with the actors and with each other, is new in its sheer volume. entitlement to others and entitlement to your space without regard for its impact on others is a new thing and i have a need to pick at why it is and where it has come from.

at a macro level, there’s been a huge shift in what fandom is. until fairly recently fandom was a few things, but universally it was creatively focused and carried out in privacy. yes, people were fans of the actors more often than not, but that was distinctly separate from fandom, which above all else was about doing things with the material. it occurs to me that fandom may have been the wrong word for what we were, because the reason people found themselves entering fandom was as much as out of frustration as it was with adoration. we wanted to do something more with the material. it absolutely is not this way anymore. being in fandom now is about being a fan, the loudest and the more intense that you can be. it’s like cheering for a sports team, as if your encouragement will get your chosen team over the finish line first.

and also who can be the “best” fan. see also: ship polls, getting acknowledgement from people  involved in the material, and your chosen ship becoming canon.

the goals have changed. it’s not about doing something yourself. it’s about getting other people, namely the material creators, to do something for you. and it is all very, very public.

and yet congruously there is this entitlement to treat your own space in fandom as if it were private. the belief that what you want to do is yours to be done regardless of consequence because it’s your space. most overtly i see this in things like not tagging nsfw content, in not rating fic, in not recognising that just because you choose to engage in fandom, a space that is at times highly sexual in nature, doesn’t mean those around you must be forced to participate with you. in shoving graphic fanart in actors faces. in making actors read fic about their characters.

a part of this, i’m starting to feel, is owed to the growing but fracturing spaces that fandom inhabits. disregarding twitter, which is a steaming pile of bad behaviour directed at anyone with a speck of name recognition, fandom is ironically in what feels like a very public/private split at the moment. yes, we’re all here on tumblr. but tumblr is horrible for conversation, and so most people have shifted to a secondary space for conversation. so much of the dialogue that makes fandom great is now taking place away from easy access to broader fandom. everybody’s got a group chat or five, and that’s where you’re a person and not just a faceless tumblr of other people’s content. with that split, a lot of institutional memory and general good behaviour modelling is fading away, especially as those who have been around for an age start to pull back from engaging in this new era of fandom because it’s not what we signed up for.

i don’t have any conclusions about all this, other than that it all makes me very uncomfortable. i don’t want to be associated with this public face of fandom, and i never have. but as fandom becomes more and more mainstream, i can only see this escalating. and as a fan of the power of language and the capacity it has to define what we are, a part of me wishes some great schism will come. 

yet i can’t help but feel some responsibility for this place i’ve called home for nearly 20 years. i want us all to be better, even if we don’t all want the same things out of this space we all share.

the zodiac signs in gryffindor

aries: will definitely catapult your a s s to uranus if you’re in their way

taurus: looks lazy af but will work hard day and night if they need to get something done till the next day

gemini: makes awful jokes and quotes memes irl, everyone including their friends wonder why they don’t get beat up on a daily basis

cancer: a bit shy and reserved but would fight a grizzly bear if their loved ones are being threatened

leo: the ultimate gryffindor™, wears sports hoodies even though they don’t particularly like that sports just bc aesthetics

virgo: saltier and more dead inside than the dead sea, will sass someone out in front of a cheering crowd when they have a bad day

libra: sweet and kind and doesn’t consider themselves very strong or heroic but is actually really brave

scorpio: looks all tough and cool but there’s an 80% chance they’ll cry if you tell them a kinda sad story

sagittarius: has so many talents and is instantly good at almost everything new they try it’s just ridiculous

capricorn: impossible to bring down to their knees and never seems to be tired, probably isn’t even human

aquarius: would 10/10 do something really reckless and dangerous/horrendously stupid just to surprise people, makes bad puns

pisces: small but not weak at all, argues with you for two hours if you say something they do not agree with

Game day

: i. need. s ome sports supportive reader x archie. like wearing jersey to school on game day, wearing his jacket, cheering him on from the sideline. yelling at his coach when he yells at archie. just owningit. being cute. being supportive.

A/N: this is cute and smol

See more of my work here

Word count: 648 words

Warnings: cursing i think

Originally posted by riverdales-daily

“That’s my jersey.”  You turned, a wide smile on your face as your eyes met Archie’s.  

“Yeah!” He smiled right back.  

“You look better in it than I do…” He teased, hands coming down on your shoulders.  

“You said it.”  You turned back to your locker, blowing your hair out of your face.  

He leaned over to your ear. “You coming to my game tonight?”

“Am I coming to your game tonight?” You asked mockingly.  “Of course I’m going to your game tonight.”

“Can you not yell at Coach this time?”

“Listen you made a great pass, and he had no right to yell at you for that,” you defended yourself.  “It’s not your fault he couldn’t run it.”  Closing your locker, your brow crinkled in anger.  Archie laughed.  “I’m still pressed.”

He swung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you to his side as you two walked next to each other down the hall towards your class.  Grinning, Archie replied, “I know you are, babe.”

The game was typical.  The Bulldogs were crushing, and you’d like to think it was solely because of your beautiful boyfriend. You’d catch his eyes every once in awhile from the sidelines, smiling widely to show support.  “Go, Arch!” You’d yell whenever he had the ball, always finding his small grin under his helmet.  

“Hey!” You turned, narrowing your eyes at Coach Clayton.  “L/N, I’d tell you to get out, but you really help him play better.  So, I’ll just ask you,” he leaned in close to your ear.  “To stop!  Screaming!  In my ear!”  

Eyes wide with surprise, you coughed slightly.  “Strong lungs you got there.”

“See you two are getting along better today,” Jughead commented sarcastically over the fence.  Raising a bright blue jacket, he pushed it over towards you.  With it’s blue and gold color scheme, bold R on the breast, you knew exactly what it was. “Archie told me to go and grab it from his house for you.  Said it would be cold.” You reached forward to grab it from him, tugging it over his shoulders.  “Look at you two.  So eighties coming of age movie.”  

Out of nowhere, the crowd suddenly roared in disgruntled, surprised noises.  They resembled a crowd booing, but less angry, more concerned.  The three of you had been distracted from the field for a moment, however you didn’t have to see the field to know that something had happened.  

You turned, seeing the ref angrily blowing his whistle.  You noticed the letters on the scoreboard change.  34-31.  While the Bulldogs were still winning, it was the fourth quarter, and this score was too tight for comfort.

“Time!” Clayton called angrily, waving his arms in the air and pulling the team into a huddle.  You leaned against the fence next to Jughead.  

“You think it’s because you weren’t watching him for two seconds?” He joked, elbow nudging your padded shoulder.

“I mean you’re kidding but… It means a lot to him.” You frowned.

Jughead sighed.  “Never thought I’d be friends with a quarterback.”

“Never thought I’d wear a letterman’s jacket.  Yet here we are.”  Archie’s eyes lifted from the heads of his teammates to meet yours.  “For that goofball.”

“One second, Coach,” he murmured, taking steps over to you.

“Hey, baby,” you said softly, “You alright?”

“Yeah, just stressed,” he sighed.  

“You guys got this,” you assured him.  “You need anything?”

“Just you, here,” he answered softly.  “I like the jacket.”

“It’s warm,” you nodded.  He smiled, pulling on the thick fabric to bring your lips to his.  You pulled back, scrunching up your nose.  “You stink.”

Archie lightly punched your shoulder.  “Hey.”

“Hey, you know what.  You go out there, you kick ass?  I’ll cuddle you tonight regardless of whether or not you shower.” You leaned forward, kissing him one last time, before lightly pushing his chest.  “Go kick some ass.”

The thing that needs to be said

As some of you may know, i am from Russia. We (Russians) are always being told that the whole world hates us and is afraid of us, because we are strong and special as fuck (yeah yeah, that’s kind of dumb, i know). But, sadly, we grow up with the feeling that we are all alone, that no one in the world will ever support us in something, that we must only rely on ourselves and so on.
There are people from States, from Europe who cheer our gymnasts, who know who the hell Aliya Mustafina is, how many medals had she won, they even have their inside jokes about Beefarm™ and others! Like, how insane it is!??
I can tell you that there is nothing more heartwarming for a Russian than a foreigner that actually knows stuff about our country and who likes us!
Sport unites, guys. Sport unites.

Pentagon As HighSchoolers That Has A Crush On You

Jinho: Lead Singer of The School Choir. Writes songs about you in class as he stares at you from across the room. Often daydreams about you as well. His textbook is filled with song lyrics but somehow always aces his tests. Is too shy to speak to you so he leaves a mixtape in your locker with songs he composed that were dedicated to you. You never figure out it was him so he does this every valentines day hoping you’d one day realizes. 

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Hui: Junior Year Member Of The School Choir. Is the second lead singer and waiting to be the first as soon as Jinho graduates. (Is his competition in choir and for your heart) The one who comes up to you with his crew acting cool. Is greasy, often hits you with cheesy pickup lines and dad jokes thinking he looks cool. Tries to show off his vocals during school performances, often trying to sing over Jinho’s part. Jinho is in his crew but somehow Hui is the leader.

“What, do you like her too or something?”


(Meanwhile Edawns memorized by you). 

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Hongseok: Captain of The Wrestling Team. Tells his friends and whole family about his crush on you. Warns everyone at school that “Y/N my girl. Hands off.” even though he’s never had the courage to ask you out. You think of him as a big brother because he’s always conveniently there to save you from a flying soccer ball or from bullies. The popular girl in school likes him but he only focuses on you so you often get in trouble by her alot but he’s always there to save the day.

“I’m not dating the popular girl but I do have someone else in mind…”

Originally posted by organicdawn

Edawn: Best friends with Hui. Often skips class or sleeps in class because of the late night rap battles at an underground club that he attends to often . Often gets in fights at school with students and teachers. Doesn’t show up when there are tests until one day you flicked him in the head when he was sleeping and told him to study. Finally noticed you who sat next to him and developed a crush. Starts to come to school more often and jokes around with you in class. You then start to tutor him and help him pass classes. You are the only person he will listen to and set him straight especially when he does stupid shit. 

“So we studying together after at your place or what?”

Originally posted by edawnnie

Yeo-one: The nerd. Passes every test and always offers you the notes or answers to the next test because he’s the teacher’s pet. Likes you alot and always tries to get close to you by helping you with class work. Overshadowed by Hui because he’s Hui’s minion but still likes and admires you from afar and he’s content with it being that way as long as you know of his existence. 

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Shinwon: The popular boy in school that gets gifts and confessions from girls every day but he only sees you.Is close friends with you too. Often gives any snacks he received as a gift to you for lunch and leaves it on your desk. Doesn’t hit on you but whenever you two get into a heated argument it’s always with you against a wall and his face inches apart from yours but never actually kissing you and just walking off in frustration. Genuinely cares about you and has confessed to you once before but his high reputation always steers you away from him. 

Originally posted by hongseok

Kino: The president of The Dance Club. Performs during every school festival and rallies. Super nice and is your childhood friend who you never knew had a crush on you. You two walk home together because you live next door to each other and You two do almost everything together. You often go to his performances to support him. He is always there when you need him during hard times and knows all your secrets. He is determined one day you will be his girlfriend because he’s confident noone else knows you better than him.

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Yanan: The foreign exchange student who is really good in math and Korean. Eventually becomes head of the Student Council. Best friends with Yuto and Wooseok. Super strict and reserved but whenever you come to him for school concerns, he turns into a stuttering smiling mess. Always denies other student’s request but will agree to whatever you desire. Is in your p.e class and often falls on his face or gets hit by a flying ball because he wasn’t paying attention from staring at you too long. Buys you lunch often or makes lunch from home and gives them to you with a shy smile but can never eat with you because Kino is always there. Gets jealous super easily too and turns into a kid when he does.


Wooseok: shhhhhh its ok its ok.”

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Yuto: The captain of the baseball team. Knows his best friends like you but will not give up either. Very friendly and waves hi to you from across the baseball field when you are at p.e and Yanan think he’s waving at him. During school sport festivals he loves to show off his athletic skills in front of you and loves winning for you when he’s on your team and cheers for you like crazy too when it’s your turn for batting. Always invites you to a ramen shop after school and chats until it gets dark. You two become good friends even though Yuto wants to be more than friends. 

“You were cute out there on the field even though your bat flew across the field instead of the ball.”

Originally posted by adachisyuto

Wooseok: Best friends with Yanan and Yuto. Is part of the school gang of misfits but never let anyone mess with you ever. Comes to school with bruises and bandaids on his face but because you two are friends, you always ask if he’s fine and touches his face for comfort. Falls in love with you even more everyday and texts you 24/7. Cocksblocks Kino every chance he gets and always calls you after every fight so you would run to where he was with your safety kit. You end up always sitting with him on a bench near the local convenient store bandaiding him up and eating ice cream together. It has become your tradition ever since but he doesn’t tell anyone about this. Wants to protect you and likes you alot.

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Dating Danny would include? (He's my favorite Not so Grump)

Originally posted by vastwebofgalaxies

  • So much singing. Good singing, bad singing, singing through giggles, serenades, duets, all the singing.
  • You definitely have to stand on your toes to kiss him, and he’ll sometimes give you a mischievous smile and stand on his toes as well before eventually leaning down to meet your lips.
  • Danny walking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, either resting his head on top of yours or peeking around to see what you’re doing.
  • Lots of forehead kisses.
  • He loves being the little spoon just as much as he loves being the big spoon; he loves being held by you, the feeling of your head resting against his back as your arms pull him closer.
  • Whenever he struggles with sleep paralysis, you’re there to talk him down from the panic; then, you either cuddle him until he can fall asleep again, or the two of you just talk about anything and everything as you wait to watch the sunrise.
  • Even if you’re not all that interested in sports, you’ll watch the NY Giants with him and cheer along, doing your best to keep up with the rules of the game (which Danny is more than willing to help out with.)
Quidditch Matches - Fred Weasley

Word Count: 4,223

Prompt: Fred and his Gryffindor girlfriend attend a Quidditch match together when other plans lead them back to Fred’s dorm room.

This is just based off and idea on what I could see happening if Fred Weasley brought his Gryffindor girlfriend to a Quidditch match between Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Warnings: Fluff, very light smut, mention of sex, unedited 

“Hurry up, love! We’re gonna miss the match if we don’t get there in time!” Whipping your head around you found the source of the voice. You rolled your e/c eyes abated at your eager boyfriend. Fred was practically dancing back and forth on his toes as he stood waiting for you in the light mist. His red hair was hidden under a dampen wool hat, the ends sticking to his skin.

“Give me a second, Fred. I just need to put my boots on.” You mumbled leaning up against the brick walls of the castle. Fred Weasley had been raving the entire week about the Quidditch match playing out Saturday night. It was set between Slytherin and Ravenclaw and for some reason your boyfriend was more than thrilled to attend. He managed to hook you in and when Saturday finally did roll around, the match was all he could talk about. At five o'clock on the dot Fred dragged you out of the Gryffindor common room, where most of your weekends were spent, before you could even get dressed for the occasion. You snatched your raincoat off the hook, lucky for you a pair of thin fleece gloves were buried in the pocket, your boots by the door, and a homemade tie blanket to sit on.

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Since you are the official Fandom mom, what is your favorite thing about all your children?

jskag;hkls;gha;gsakhl; i’m still not entirely sure how to respond to this fandom mom thing but

Uraraka: i love how determined she is. i love how she wants to be a hero for money, but not for herself; she wants to make her parent’s life easier because they’v had to work hard their entire lives, and she’s damn determined to help them. even willing to go toe-to-toe with Bakugou, the scariest and one of the strongest of the entire class, to make it happen

Shouji: He’s so???? sweet???? oh my god???

he’s always looking out for the other students and he always does it almost instinctively??? he just. helps them and it’s the sweetest thing oh my gosh what a sweetheart. he’s also such a chill dude and i love him. he’s like the silent older brother of the class

Mina: SHES SO PEPPY AND UPBEAT. she’s just so super super positive and happy??? she’s also a little naive which is adorable

Momo: oh  my gosh i love Momo. she tries so hard to be the best that she can be?? she lost her way at one point, but she came up with a plan and go ther confidence back?? and she’s also really dorky too b/c she grew up in a rich household so she ends up seeming a little out of place (which is really adorable and the other students also find it cute). also she loves to help people???? she was so excited to help tutor the other kids oh gosh what a sweetheart. she’s a total cinnamon roll

Aoyama: i love how dorky he comes off as?? but he clearly does have some insecurities, but he really does want to be closer to the class. unlike the the shoujo stereotype he’s sorta parodying, he doesn’t wanna be better than anyone. he wants to be on the same level as everyone. AND HE WAS WILLING TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF TO LET THE OTHERS PASS THE EXAM AHHHH

Mineta: as much as he frustrates me with the perverted jokes, i really love the moments when he’s able to work through his fears and win

Tsuyu: another??? total????? sweetheart????????? she worries about everyone and makes sure they’re all okay and often compliments the others when they do something they’re proud of. she’s just like an older sister for the class and she’s just so sweet. i also love how observant she is!!

Kirishima: GOSH, ANOTHER TOTAL SWEETHEART…. he’s so emotional??? and he determinedly stays Bakugou’s friend despite Bakugou’s insults and rough attitude?? and he cried when Tsuyu was crying??? and he also got all sad b/c Tetsutetsu’s quirk is similar to his and he was like ‘NOW I’M EVEN LESS ORIGINAL!!!” and gosh he just cares so much but he’s also hot blooded and dorky?? i love him

Tooru: oh gosh she’s just so sweet. like i genuinely can’t think of a single bad thing about her??? she’s like an invisible ray of sunshine and positivity 

Sero: we don’t really know much about him, but he seems like a really chill dude??



Tokoyami: oh gosh… what a dork.. what an edgy dork…… he stands in front of his door to keep the other kids from seeing his room b/c he’s embarrassed and they have to PUSH HIM OUT OF THE WAY….. and honestly, he just??? he’s so free with giving compliments or thanks. plus his fucking “Banquet of Darkness” thing i just hska;gha you try so hard Tokoyami i love you

also, he has this really sweet moment with Uraraka here where he tries to cheer her up. i grabbed the official translation b/c the scanlations missed it

Ojirou: he’s another character we haven’t seen much of, but he seems like he has a strong moral code?? he willingly got out of the Sports Festival because he felt like he didn’t earn his place there. that takes a lot of guts

Kaminari: oh my god what a fucking dork. he’s just. so clumsy. like, he sticks his foot in his mouth a lot. or he’s just scared to fight. or freaking out in the background. or he tries to play himself up more than he actually is. what a kid oh my gosh. PLUS i love his moment where he pushed aside his fear to stand up for Bakugou ahhhhhh what a sweetie he cares about his friends

Jirou: SHE LOVES TO FUCK WITH KAMINARI AND HE DOESN’T EVEN NOTICE HALF THE TIME LMAO and she’s just so chill??? she’s super sweet in her own way and i love how she’s just ‘nope’ with drama lol. and i love how she just.. fucking loses it when Kaminari fries his brain lmao

Todoroki: OH MY GOD HE IS SUCH A DORK HE IS SO OBLIVIOUS AND JUST. THERE ARE ALWAYS DRAMATIC ZOOMS ON DULL SHIT HE SAYS. HE THINKS HE’S GOT A CURSE THAT HURTS PEOPLE’S HANDS. he is so sweet and dorky and he cares so much about his friends and he tries so hard i love him

Iida: HE’S ALSO SUPER DORKY. he makes weird hand gestures when he talks b/c he just gets so INTO what he’s saying, and he takes his role of Class President really seriously, and he tries to set a good example for the other students and???? he cares so much about his friends too??? and he wants to live up to his brother’s legacy???

Izuku: I LOVE IZUKU SO MUCH. He wants to be a hero so badly, beause he wants to help people and make them smile like All Might does. he had so little self confidence, but his relationship with All Might made him so much more confident, and he’s a natural leader??? and he just cares about his friends so much that he’s willing to do almost anything to help them??? and he trains so hard to get better and better at using OFA and he’s also such a dork and HIS ENTIRE ROOM IS AN ALL MIGHT SHRINE. EVEN AFTER MEETING ALL MIGHT AND BEING CLOSE TO HIM, IZUKU NEVER ONCE LOSES HIS ADMIRATION OF HIM AHHHH

Bakugou: MY ANGRY SON I LOVE HIM SO MUCH????? HE STARTS OUT AS SUCH A LITTLE JERK, BUT OVER THE COURSE OF THE MANGA HE SLOWLY BECOMES NICER AND NICER AND DEVELOPS SO MUCH AS A CHARACTER. GOSH and i think the moment i started to truly enjoy his character is after his match with Uraraka when he’s all “There’s nothing fragile about her.” and he is JUST as determined to be a hero as Izuku is, and nothing will sway him from that path. no offer could move him from what he wants to be, which is a hero like All Might. and he does care. he’s shown worry over All Might (more than once), he refused to use any of his more destructive moves in fear of hurting  Kirishima, and he knows there’s something between All Might and Izuku, but doesn’t push the issue. and then he thanks All Might, when at the beginning of the manga, he never would’ve done that. AHH HE’S SUCH A LITTLE SHIT BUT HE’S LEARNING AND GROWING AND I’M SO PROUD OF HIM AND AHHHHHH I LOVE MY ANGRY SON SO MUCH

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BTS what they'd do for a first date.


His first date would be relaxed and a way for the two of you to just hang out together to really get a feel of how the other is in that setting. He’d take you to do something very fun and nothing fancy that could be seen as intimidating like mini golf. It’d be a good way to laugh and joke around while still being close enough to make it flirty. He’d buy you cheap food that might not be the best thing you’ve ever tasted, but really can you go wrong with a corn dog and lemonade? As the date would go on and it got colder he would stand closer to you, give you his arm as you walked form hole to hole and if you were having troubles he’d even wrap his arms around you to show you just how its done. 

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You’d know upon him asking you that music was everything so you wouldn’t be surprised when he took you to see live music at a restaurant. He’d say you two were going for the music but staying for the food. Though he knew it would be somewhat loud in the restaurant with the music he knew it would give you two a reason to sit closer in the booth and whisper things in each others ears. He’d suggest beers for you to try and as the two of you were finishing up your meals and were almost to stuffed to talk he’d slip his arm over the back of the booth and over your shoulders, now touching your shoulder to slightly bring you in every time he wanted to say something. He wouldn’t be extremely forward with the touching, just enough to get your attention and to let you know he was having a great time. 

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He’d take you somewhere he could really get to know you at, thats why the aquarium would be perfect. Its quiet and intimate enough to really be able to walk next to someone and for what ever reason, fish always seem to bring out the best stories about ones past. There would always be something to talk about, wether it be the seahorses in front of you or that one time your parents took you to the beach and you got stung by a jelly fish. He would make sure the two of you would go through it slowly, really looking at everything and reading off the descriptions to one another. When it came to the hands on stingray pool he’d buy a handful of food and help you feed them, placing your hand in his as he watched your excited expressions. Before the date was done he’d make sure to take you to the gift shop and would pick out a plushy of the creature you seemed to care for the most, buying it and then surprising you with it when the date was over. 

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He would want to do something that would keep the both of you laughing non stop, so why not go to a karaoke bar? He’d take you there early enough that the singing hadn’t started yet so the two of you could order and get settled. He wouldn’t force you to sing but he’d get up there multiple times to sing and dance to update songs making sure you were practically on the floor laughing. If you wanted to sing something too he’d join you and the two of you would try to be as serious as you could through the laughing. When that got old he’d take you for a walk, holding your hand lightly and smiling nonstop at the conversations the two of you were having. He’d give you his jacket if you were cold, stop and get you something warm to drink and by the time you two had decided to make your way home your cheeks would have been so sore from all the smiling the two of you would have been doing. 

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Jimin would be a little more traditional with his first date choice. He’d pick you up at 6 and take you to a fancy dinner, but though the date was basic nothing else would be. He’d suggest you picking what he eats and him picking for you without telling one another, crazy stories would be told and when dinner was done you would even start dancing on the empty space in front of the band causing more older people to join in. You’d soon catch on that this dinner was more than a game than something serious. How much trouble two kids could get into without getting kicked out of the restaurant. It would be fun and flirty and the food would be amazing, not to mention he was probably able to slip in a sweet short kiss here and there.

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He wouldn’t have something to set plan. Instead he’d take you somewhere he knew had beautiful scenery, live a Botanical Garden or something along the lines of that. If you were hungry he’d take you to a food truck and as the two of you ate you’d walk around and take pictures of one another doing aesthetically pleasing things. The two of you would walk around with your arms linked looking around at the simple yet breath taking scenery. There wouldn’t be a whole lot to do other than walking around together but all that would mean was there was more than enough time to just talk and get to know one another in a better way than before the two of you decided to go on this date. 

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Though probably not the best at planning dates he definitely knew what would be fun. He’d purchase tickets to a sporting even, and as he picked you up and tossed the jersey for the team the two of you would be cheering for he’d chuckle shyly. The two of you would sit in the stands together, get stadium food, cheer loud and high five and hug as things went well. He would constantly be asking you if it was okay and if he did the right thing in taking you to a game, but it was actually alot more fun then you thought you would have had. It would also be one of those dates that ended up back at one of your houses, where a the tv would be turned on and the two of you would drink a beer while talking nonstop. 

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rfa, saeran, and V reaction to MC wanting to adopt teenagers since they usually don't get adopted as often as younger kids

(heck yeah I’m here on team adopt older kids and teenagers!!!)


  • at first he doesn’t know if it’s a good idea
  • not because he thinks the teenager would be any trouble, or that the idea itself is flawed
  • he’s just not sure if he’s going to be able to be the father of a teenager right away??
  • MC can’t help but snicker when he spills his worries
  • seriously, that’s all he’s worried about
  • he knows he’s weak when it comes to his loved ones and he doesn’t think he’ll have enough strenght to berate his new child if they rebel 
  • MC is just, laughing at this point because they know this man will make a great father 
  • after a while, he’s much more calm and ready to talk with MC about the plans- when should they adopt? where could they go? should they start meeting teenagers in adoption right now? and all that important jazz


  • her smile is as wide as her happiness is
  • Jaehee is a pro for adoption of all kinds, especially seeing as she was taken in by her aunt and uncle
  • of course, when MC expresses how sad it makes them to think of all those teenagers thrown about in the adoption system, Jaehee joins in with her feelings too
  • it’s not even a conversation- MC just says it and Jaehee is agreeing by the second
  • Jaehee is usually one for calm planification though, so MC knows that it’ll be ages before the actual adoption takes place
  • because obviously, Jaehee will want to read up on teenager care, adoption care, nearby high schools, the psychological needs of an adopted teenager, and probably any sort of book related on the matter to make sure she’s prepared for everything


  • at first he’s a bit surprised to hear that
  • when he hears “adopting a child” his mind just tends to picture the typical scene of a couple with a baby in their hands after leaving an orphanage or something
  • he hadn’t ever just wondered what happened to the older kids? he guessed they left, but the more he thinks about it… the less he likes the fact they’re left behind
  • still, he’s a bit hesitant and MC notices it, mainly because he remembers how he was as a teenager
  • and oh boy is he not ready to take care of a teenager like that
  • him and MC end up visiting one of the adoption centers to meet some of the teens for adoption, mostly so Zen can see not everyone was an unruly little shit at age 15 like he was
  • once at home, Zen starts wondering about the future- he’ll skip through all the baby care, the raising… and he doesn’t really mind. MC seems happy, and honestly, just that is enough to tell him it is the correct decision


  • his heart is split in two
  • one side says he doesn’t mind, he really doesn’t care that MC wants to adopt and he’ll gladly go along, and that he’s happy as long as MC is
  • the other half screams that his father will be unhappy, that of course someone like his father wants a flesh and blood grandchild, and that this might just tear apart his father’s patience
  • MC notices he’s worried, and for a second they think he might dislike the idea of adopting a teenager
  • Jumin opens up rather easily, maybe because he’s spent so much time with MC, about why he worries his father won’t like the fact he’ll get a teenage grandchild like that
  • after talking for a while, Jumin decides to simply think it through- he and MC can tell his father after everything is done, and frankly, as long as neither him or MC mind adopting an older child, who cares?
  • it’s not easy for him to adopt the “it’s our choice” mentality (after all, his father had been asking for a grandchild since Jumin was about twenty, and had always been there to add his opinion to most of Jumin’s big life choices) but once he does, his worries melt away


  • Seven is a bit serious when it comes to the topic of children- not because he feels like it’s worrying, but because he feels like if it’s something important to MC, he shouldn’t joke around it too much
  • really, Seven is ready for whatever. MC wants children? he’s happy with that. MC wants no children? he’s more than ok with that. MC wants twenty kids? a-ok by him. 
  • so MC wants to adopt a teenager? he’s more than happy to cheer along
  • he just feels like his life is now complete with MC by his side, and whatever happens afterwards with them will be filled with happiness no matter what
  • and if that is by adopting a teenager, then he’s more than happy to proceed with that plan
  • he can’t help but crack a joke about it here and there, though- such as how he’s going to make the poor teenager’s life a mess by throwing in dad jokes 24/7 at them, or how he’s planning on driving them to high school in the most ridiculously expensive sports cars he owns to make their classmates think they’re the child of a multimillionaire
  • which, y’know, taking in count how much money Seven has, is kinda right


  • one of his fears, that he hardly ever expresses, is accidentally harming a child- even more so if it were his child
  • MC had mentioned adoption before, and he hadn’t minded much; the idea of adopting was natural to him? he’d never quite understood why people would say things like “they want it to be their child” when speaking against adoption
  • and fairly, teenage adoption seems more…easy, in a sense
  • MC warns him that it’ll be a bit difficult- and that the teenager might be a bit awkward at first around them, or might rebel a bit, but he knows he can handle that
  • secondly, he knows that at least with a teenager he doesn’t run the risk of accidentally dropping them and hurting them when trying to play with them
  • and as an added bonus, nobody would judge the teen’s clothes if they went through an emo phase. because. one of their parents is already a Big Emo so


  • after everything he and MC have been through, it’s easy to talk about anything with him
  • maybe it’s that or his naturally calming aura that make MC pretty chill with the whole telling him and seeing what he thinks
  • V listens to all of MC’s points, about why they think adopting a teenager would be good, and about why it’s harder for teenagers to get adopted, along with other benefits, as V listens carefully
  • he nods along and hums in agreement, not interrupting MC
  • once they’re done, MC looks at him, waiting for an answer
  • he just smiles, and asks MC if they have a plan or a set date when they’d like to begin the process
  • he just jumps head-first into it, ready to go along with it 
  • he’s also pretty excited to take a family photo- but he says he wants to wait to actually adopt so he knows what kind of scenery or aesthetic the teenager would like for the photo, so he waits before making the arrangements

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Requested by the Anon whose request didn’t show up in my askbox. I’m really sorry that some of your requests aren’t showing, but I’m pretty sure they’re there, the counter shows way more messages than the displayed ones.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for the request (:

“Why does it have to be me accompanying you? Couldn’t you have picked someone else?” Stiles whined while you held his upper arm with excitement for tonight’s basketball game.

“Oh, shush!” You squeezed his upper arm slightly, your eyes looking up at him with a scowl. “Just because you love lacrosse doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other sports too. Besides, we’re here to cheer for Derek. It’s been tough for him lately, and basketball seems to make him feel better.” You finally entered the gym, spotting the rest of the pack with two saved stands for you and Stiles. “Oh, and I did invite the rest of the pack.”

You greeted your friends when you sat in your seat and looked at the time on your phone, the game should start in a couple of minutes. Derek was with his team on the court, giving you a small smile that made your hear flutter and your cheeks become rosy. You turned to Stiles and sighed nervously. “I know I said we’re here for Der, but I have no idea how basketball works.”

Stiles stared at you blankly for a moment, before raising his right eyebrow and lowering just as quickly. “Okay, it’s quite simple: you take the ball and try to make a basket.” Your forehead wrinkled at his words, but then he explained it better. “The game begins with one player from either team at center court. A referee will toss the ball up between the two. The player that gets his hands on the ball will tip it to a teammate. This is called a tip-off.”

Derek was preparing with his team to start the game and stood at center court, ready to tip-off, but his gaze turned to you talking with Stiles. You were feeling hot with your jacket on and you hair down, so you removed it while Stiles was still explaining the rules of the game, Derek’s cheeks heating up as he saw you wearing a tight tank top.

“Focus, Hale!” Yelled his coach when he noticed his best player being distracted.

“Okay, so Derek is a center.” You said while pulling back your hair and tying it tightly in a high ponytail, feeling relieved that fresh air was cooling the skin around your neck.

“What the hell, Hale?!” The coach yelled again, angrily, when Derek didn’t tip-off the ball first.

The way your fingers were combing through your locks, pulling up loose strands and the ponytail swaying to the sides… These simple movement gave Derek goosebumps, his eyes entirely captivated by you, making him feel as if everything around him was in slow-motion, but it wasn’t, and he snapped out of his trance when he head his coach whistle at him, shouting for him to start playing instead of slacking off on the court.

Scott smirked and turned to you. “Guess, you make him nervous.”

“What- What do you mean?” You questioned, only to turn your head to Derek and him quickly moving to play the game, but his eyes would find you from time to time.

His team would win this game, and Derek was going to win for you.

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The best best friends

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Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairings: Fili x reader, Kili x reader
Genres: platonic fluff, friendship
Words: 1.510
Summary: You are having a bad day, but Fili and Kili are there to cheer you up - requested by @princess-of-erebor1992

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More celebrity crush hcs but with jack, genji, and Gabe?

Celebrity Crush

A/N: First post found here.

Jack Morrison

Celebrity Stuntman/woman

  • You met Jack Morrison when you decided to take the challenged issued to you by your fans and company. Which was to undergo the Overwatch training program for at least a week.
  • Jack knew you from a number of shows and movies. Actors were great and all but he knew you did all the harder and more dangerous work.
  • He signed on the papers allowing you to do the trail run with more curiosity in mind. Wanting to know if you’d last as long as he hoped you to.
  • He was surprised how easy you took the regimen. The running, weights, and hand to hand combat was a bit more than your usual work out but a breeze nonetheless.
  • The strike commander was even more impressed with how you managed to knock down some of his best soldier’s and beat a number of course records with flying colors.
  • It all came down to one of the last days when you were finishing the last of the training given to you a bit leisurely. He knew he had to recruit you. Jack Morrison hasn’t met anyone to have impressed him on such a level as you had.
  • “Is there any way I can convince you to join?” The blonde asked sincerely. “Your skills would be a great asset to our combat team.” You reached out to settle the punching bag in front of you before giving him a once over. He pretended not to notice, trying to stay professional in front of an impressive person such as you. “Buy me a drink?” You smirked. “Or two and I’ll think about it.” You tossed him a wink and returned to your training. This time he could not stop the blush that crossed his face before nodding and excusing himself.

Genji Shimada

Celebrity Dancer

  • Genji had recognized you from his youth, having appeared on a number of shows and music videos, dancing hypnotically to the beat. He always having admired how rhythmically inclined you were, catching his attention with how you moved. The music moving your body so fierce and quick, slow and sensual, or even loose a fun-loving.
  • He’d lie if he said he hadn’t learned a couple of your dances many years ago. Some of which he could still recall, although vaguely.
  • He held a big admiration for you and now that you worked for together he hoped he could possibly dance alongside you. His new body letting him be more agile and free.
  • However, he could not work up the confidence to even speak to you. Much less ask to be your dancing partner.
  • Zenyatta was the one who had given his pupil the much needed pep talk that gave him enough of a boost to approach you.
  • “Excuse me,” He called pulled your attention away from the mirror in front of you as you practiced. “I’m sorry to interrupt but I wanted to ask if I could perhaps join you?” You raised a brow. “Genji, right?” You questioned, the cyborg simply nodded in return. “You came at a perfect time. This dance routine is perfect for two people.” You smile pulling him in. “Just follow my lead, alright?” Genji nodded in understanding. You grabbed his hands placing one tightly on your waist and the other at your back. He resisted the blush that spread across his as you guided his movements. His hands lightly clenching at you when it got to the more complicated part of the dance.

Gabriel Reyes

Celebrity Sports Player

  • You had been transferred into a sports team that Gabriel had a big following on. Though, he had been a bit apprehensive to the new addition, he had heard many great things about you.
  • It was only 3 games in that you proved to a great competitor and you had him smitten.
  • Your playstyle was heavy and fierce but you played to the rules. Which had him in awe with what you could get away with on technicality.  
  • He ended up being a bigger fan than he thought. Cheering you on when your games were playing to buying a team jersey with your number.
  • He also owned a copy of a sports magazine with you on the cover tucked away in his desk but that was his business alone.
  • He followed your team for a number of years. That is until you called in an early retirement.
  • He was very upset when he heard you were leaving. His mood souring even more when Jack had called him in for a meeting.  
  • “I’m sure it’s someone you’d like to meet.” He had told him over the phone. Gabriel ,however, highly doubted that.
  • The door opened and he was immediately caught off guard as he met your eyes. Mouth opening slightly a bit agape.
  • You scanned the man before you with intrigue. He was handsome no doubt but the prominent colors of your team’s jersey peaked from the dip of his hoodie had caught your eye. You smiled. “Nice to meet you, Mr Reyes.” His heart skipped a beat as you stuck a hand to shake.  He took it and both of you shook firmly. “It seems I will be joining your ranks. Hope I can live up to your expectations.” His eyes widened as he looked over to Jack, who smiled smugly. “If you fight as hard as you play, I’m sure you will” He remarked. You laughed, “Oh, you have no idea.” The comment itself wasn’t meant to sound so forward but it had him smirking like no tomorrow.
  • He decided not to give Jack such a hard time for a week in gratitude.
Your Number One

Your steps were light as you made your way through lunch rush toward Dudart Café. You’ve just done four go-sees in the morning and booked all of them. But you were more excited to tell Jay about your biggest runway booking yet.

As you neared the café, you could see a bunch of fan girls surrounding someone, asking for photos and autographs. You peeped the blond top of his head and saw Simon joking around with his fans. He was teasing them about how they should all try not to cry when he announces his marriage.

You signalled him that you were going inside the café when he loudly called out your name. You stopped on your tracks and scrunched your face at him. The fans all simultaneously turned around and were now approaching you. They were asking you for photos and autographs as well and Sam used this as his cue to enter the restaurant.

When they were done taking photographs, they started a conversation with you which made you happy. You must’ve been talking to the fans for a quite a while because Jay had started to hover near the café’s entrance to try and lure you inside.

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A dear friend of mine made my day! I received a call from Mark ( @mrt1104 the left) saying he had someone that wanted to talk to me. It wasn’t just someone, it was a girl that I fully respect and admire, though I honestly do not know her well. Ashlyn Harris is a super star in my eyes, playing goalie for the Women’s USA Soccer team and for Orlando Pride. I was completely calm with normal excitement, like when your best friend calls that you haven’t spoken to in a while. After ending the call I went into shock and I could just pinch myself!!! I sincerely believe that Ashlyn Harris is more honorable for more than being a sports celebrity. She stands for women’s voice, courage, determination and rights. She has a heart of gold, that shows through her smile.
After I spoke with Ashlyn, I sent Wendy a text that I spoke with her “Girl Crush” and that we need to get tickets to see USA Women’s Soccer Team play this Sunday in Houston. Then WENDY surprised me that we already have tickets for the game on Sunday! We will be cheering for you ladies!!!! Thank you @ashlynharris24 for taking time from your shopping to say Hello! Send me a message if you and your peeps are free one evening while you’re here in Houston! Mark’s fabulous Houston friends would love to take you all to Dinner or have a cocktail! @wendyb0581#usawomenssoccer #soccer #pride#instalove #instadaily #livewithmoxie#makelovenotwar #courage #instapic#christianlouboutin @loubidallas#loubidallas #ashlynharris #moxiehouston#dennisbrackeendesigngroup #designlife#girlcrush

first dates w/ jaehyun

• right
• so your friend johnny had been begging you for months to let him set you up with one of his friends
• but you’d turned him down like every time
• bc the last ((and only)) time you let him set you up the date had been a disaster
• you’d ended up hiking up some mountain with this guy named yuta
• nd you spent the whole thing wanting to die
• not even bc yuta was bad company like he was nice enough
• but
• it was a date ?? on what planet does getting up at seven am to go hiking equal a good date idea
• anyway

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