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-there WILL be fireworks.

-because seokjin is he definition of “extra”.

-pops the big, beautiful question at disney land, where you both first admitted you loved eachother.

-had to have all the boys opinions on the proposal before he planned everything.

-picked the most beautiful ring for you that costed a pretty penny.

-made sure your favorite disney characters were in attendance.

-as you were distracted by the huge colorful fireworks that spelled out “marry me?” Jin, got on his knee behind you and waited for you to turn around.

-once you did, you broke out into sobs as everyone around you was cheering and jin was on the verge of tears as well. Awaiting your answer.

-you could only nod your head “yes” frantically before jin literally jumped up and wrapped his arms around you, crying and pressing his lips against yours.

-you just know you both will have a long happy marriage.  


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-wanted to write a song and ask you to marry him through the lyrics.

-spent literally day and night trying to work on the perfect song but he wasn’t satisfied with any of it. 

-you were getting worried and absolutely over thinking that he was spending so much time in the studio and not with you.

-you really began to think he was growing tired of you.

-it was now 2:30 am and yoongi was STILL in the studio while you were tossing and turning in bed. 

-”fuck this,” you said before getting up and getting ready to approach yoongi at the studio.

-once you made it and you knocked on the door, yoongi opened up and you immediately noticed how out of it and tired you look.

-his eyes met yours and he began to tear up.


-”i’m just trying to make my proposal fucking perfect and I can’t even do that for you, damn it.”

-obviously the stress of asking you to marry him in the way you deserved was getting to him.

-holy fuck, you just realized he said “proposal”.

-”you want to marry me, min yoongi?…”

-he came and held you tightly to him, small tears running down both of your cheeks.

-”will you please?” he asked with his forehead pressed against yours while he reached into his pocket for the gorgeous ring he’d gotten you.

-it wasn’t exactly traditional but you were so happy you were proposed to by the love of your life.


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 -scared. scared. SCARED.

-practiced how to ask you with yoongi.

-”this is so unexpected, oh my god YES!” yoongi teased.

-”hyung stop playing, I really love her! She has to say yes…”

-”she will, just go ask her.”

-didn’t want a crazy proposal, just wanted to keep it intimate and personal between the two of you.

-legit proposed to you once you answered the door for him.

-didn’t say a word, just got onto his knee, busted out the beautiful ring and stared at you with nothing but nervousness in his eyes.

-you gasped and seriously almost passed out from the shock.

-you screamed out “YES” before being attacked with Hoseok’s hugs and kisses.

-planning the wedding is gonna be HELLA fun.

Rap Mon-

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-well thought out and fucking beautiful proposal.

-rented out your favorite restaurant so that it was just you two with your favorite food and music playing.

-you both were so entranced in interesting and fun conversation, it felt kind of like a first date.

-namjoon grew anxious and excited when it was time for dessert come out.

-(you bet your ass your ring was inside the chocolate cake you would be sharing.)

-although it both kind of made you cringe, you allowed namjoon to feed you the first bite of cake. 

-believe it or not, you got the ring in the first bite.

-once you pulled the gorgeous diamond ring out of your mouth, you looked over at a nervous/ unbelievably happy namjoon get onto his knee.

-he slowly reached out and helped place the ring onto your finger.

-tears filled your eyes as you looked at the gorgeous piece of jewelry and then at your gorgeous fiance.


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-was at first so nervous and had no idea how to ask you.

-thought day and night of cute ideas on how to ask you.

-figured out the best way finally.

-blinded fold you at like 3 AM and took you to where your first met.

-a concert venue during a BTS performance.

-he helped you onto the stage where he first locked eyes with you while you were in the audience. 

-”open your blindfold, baby…”

-you see Jimin on his knee with the most beautiful ring you’ve ever laid eyes on his hand. 

“Y/N, there’s so many reasons on how and why I fell in lo-”

-he couldn’t finish due to your pouncing on him and knocking him down, passionately pressing your lips against his.

-you both had such an intense makeout session on the stage floor, when you pulled away you were both out of breath and slightly dazed.

-”yes.” you whispered against his lips before kissing him again.


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-seriously got a ring a week after you both started dating.

-ya’ll have been together for 3 years now and he wants more.

-decides to take you on a vacation and propose to you in a relaxed and loving setting, just the two of you.

-is sitting on the plane with you and watches as you stare out the plane window, feeling like he’s falling even more in love with you with each passing second.

-can’t even hold it in anymore.

-”please marry me,” he says to you while looking at you with nothing but love in his eyes.

-you turn around to see him reach into his pocket and pull out a velvet box.

-you couldn’t help but cry and nod your head yes and while Taehyung slipped the ring on your finger, promising to make you the happiest person in the world.


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-asked all of his hyungs how he should propose.

-he took namjoon’s “just ask how you’d like to be asked” advice.

-thought you deserved an unforgettable proposal so that’s exactly what he gave you.

-called you up on stage during an actual fucking concert and instantly became all giggly and smiley. 

-but super nervous on the inside.

-once you came up on stage, he wasted no time and decided to just do it.

-you hadn’t even fully made it onto the stage when he got onto one knee in front of your direction.

-the cheers from the crowd outweighed the very soft but inevitable boos.

-the boys stood back and watched with happiness and proudness in their eyes.

-you covered your face with your hands while Jungkook put the microphone down and asked you loudly due to the intense cheers.

-you simply nodded yes, too emotional to say or do anything else before he jumped up and picked you up by your waist, kissing you hard and already planning your married life.


Veronica and Heather going to their daughter’s school concert. They dress her all up (Heather probably insists on a tiara), Heather probably cries too. She cries everytime her little girl is on stage. Veronica gets intense and cheers a little too loud. Everyone knows Mrs. and Mrs. Chandler are there because they hear Heather crying and Veronica yelling.


So this just happened.

But apart from that…wow…Hamlet was stunning. So stunning I can’t even put it into words how incredible the performance was. Andrew as an actor never ceases to amaze me but tonight he put on a performance that was indescribable. He quickly snaps back and fourth flawlessly from a crazed hamlet to a calm one. Not to mention some parts were absolutely hilarious and his deadpanned expressions killed me 😅but it was phenomenal how insane and dark he could go almost instantaneously. Andrew was also very nice and talked to everyone at the stage door and signed my programme 😭❤️

The rest of the cast too was amazing and Jessica blew me away with how poignant her portrayal of Ophelia was.

Tonight was amazing and I laughed and I cried (a lot) and I loved every single second of it.


The actor who played Luke fon Fabre on the Tales of the Abyss stage play we saw on the first day of Tales of Festival (June 2nd 2017) wrote an emotional ramble about the experience on Twitter. My new friend and Tales of Festival buddy Rayna translated it, and I am reposting with permission.

Original Translation Tweet:
Original Tweet from Iwaki Kota:


Thank you to everyone who attended “Tales of the Stage—The Last Score—” at Yokohama Arena.

All of the Tales fans are probably feeling the low that comes when you leave Tales of Festival, and I’m probably going to make those feelings worse by writing this now, but please let me express my sincere thanks.

First off, the fact that we were able to make “Tales of the Abyss” into a stage play and that we were able to perform it for the 10th anniversary of the festival is all thanks to the fans who have loved the series for more than twenty years. Truly, thank you very much.

I had the honor of playing Luke Fon Fabre in the “Tales of” series’ first stage play. Right up until the day of the performance at Yokohama Arena, I continued to reexamine myself, consult with my colleagues about the things that were troubling me, and search deeper into Kouta Iwaki’s Luke. It was the most fulfilling month of my life.

Although I’m a positive person at my core, during rehearsal and even just before the actual performance, there were times when I couldn’t help but feel down. But at those times, I got warm words of encouragement from everyone at my company and the fans, and I was once again able to raise my head and do my best. Everyone’s words were…how should I say it…like “light” to me. So from now on, too, whenever times are hard, when I start to feel down again, I will look at everyone’s words and fight onward!!

Many things happened, and soon the date of the performance at Yokohama Arena arrived. From the moment I stepped on to the stage, the audience’s voice filled my ears. It was incredibly, incredibly warm. I was nervous about performing in front of thousands of people, but strangely, when I looked around the arena, I felt calm. When the light illuminated the audience, I suddenly had the realization that right there, in front of all those people, I was truly bringing Luke into existence. I will never forget the scenery I saw from the stage.

I reflected on each scene and stood with all my soul on the stage. Because this was the only performance in the arena, I thought that this must be what “putting your heart and soul into something” means. While taking in the cheering and intense gazes from the audience to my heart’s content, the arena, wrapped up in the world of Abyss, moved into the last scene. From part 2’s preview, we moved into the curtain call. Many emotions filled my heart…but until the very end, I was able to stand firm and look forward, bringing the performance to the end. I was truly, truly happy. Like it’s written on my profile, I was a railroad/station worker until 3 years ago. I was someone who stood by the ticket gates, but now I’m standing on Yokohama Arena’s stage in the leading role. Funny things like this can happen, I found myself thinking. I have nothing but thanks for my parents whom I’ve worried until now. I said, “I’ll do my best from now own, too!”

After finishing the play, I was really happy when everyone welcomed me back to the stage for the talk show, this time as Kouta Iwaki. During the talk, when Yukana-san said “Don’t overwork yourself,” I became fraught with emotion. When Chihiro Suzuki-san said “Playing Luke and Asch shaved some of the years off my life.” While thinking with awe, “Ahh, me too,” I looked at Chihiro-san’s eyes and could understand his feelings. I flashed back to everything that happened this month and became overwhelmed with emotion. When Chihiro-san gently placed his hand on my shoulder, my delight and sense of accomplishment and thanks gave me a sense of vertigo and I couldn’t do anything but bow to everyone with all my gratitude. Saying “It’s not my fault!!!” together with everyone in the arena will also become a lifetime memory for me.

As we said farewell in the lobby after the performance, many people came to meet us and said “I was moved,” “That was the best,” “Thank you, Luke,” and many other things, I thought, “My job was able to make this many people happy!” Even though it’s me who should say thank you, I was thanked by a lot of people instead. Lol.

From the next day onward, I shook my light stick as the voice actors and guests did the special skit, talk show, and concert, from beginning to end without losing the excitement. My colleagues and I were flattered as we listened to Chihiro Suzuki-san talk a lot about “Tales of the Stage” from the guest seating. We were also allowed to join them for the cast party, and I was able to greet and talk with all the famous voice actors there. I received many words of encouragement and became a little tense. I was allowed to participate in the 3 day festival…and on the second and third day had the privilege of interacting with everyone at the early ticket sales booth, but I’m grateful that Tokyo and Osaka’s performances on both days sold out. I think those who lined up but were unable to buy a ticket should be able to get an eticket. During the line-up festival, I was able to talk with a lot of people and they were happy with my abs. Laughing and talking with everyone was true happiness. The amount of fans lining up at the booth exceeded my imagination and I couldn’t help but stare. Even though I thought that I would be there with a smile, I was a little moved. I’m thankful to everyone surrounding the “Tales of” series and will do my best to exceed everyone’s expectations in the next performance. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Tokyo and Osaka. Please continue to support Tales of the Stage from now on, too!

“Tales of the Stage”
Luke Fon Fabre, Iwaki Kouta

Finn| Bad Intentions |Balor

Title; Bad Intentions

Pairing; Finn Balor/Reader, past Prince Devitt/Reader

Words; 6110

Summary;  Is it such a sin for me to take what’s mine?

Warnings; NSFW. Heel!Antagonist!Reader. Smut, choking, breathplay. Some angst idk? VERY unhealthy relationships. Emotional abuse, mental abuse, and grooming of a younger woman by an older man if you squint and read between the lines.

A/N: repost from the old blog

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freedom (just another word for nothing left to lose)

Well, here’s a little ficlet thing set in an AU where the Galra found the Castle of Lions and Allura before Shiro ever escaped gladiator-hood. Possibly this is the darkest timeline? 


The air feels different, as Shiro is herded with all the rest into the great arena. It stinks of blood as it always does, and not just the iron-rich scent Shiro used to know. Members of dozens of races have bled and died here. The conflicting smells turn the air into a sickly miasma that he’s grown family with.

He breathes in the stink of death, adjusting the leather wrapped around the handle of his blade. There is a little pocket of space around him, afforded by his fellow prisoners due to some mix of respect and fear. He’s gotten used to that, too. They are all afraid of him. He has been here long enough to accept that perhaps they should be.

He glances up at the crowd from behind his hair, finishing with the leather wrappings. There are more Galra gathered that usual, and they all look… unnerved. Or excited, perhaps. Shiro overhears one of the other captives asking what’s going on, his voice full of nerves, crackling.

It’s a sensible reaction. Nothing that excites the Galra is ever good for them.

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GoM/Kagami/Takao and Kiyoshi cheering on their partner when the partner is playing in their own match

Kuroko: He knows you won’t be able to pick him out in the crowd or hear his voice above everyone else’s. He doesn’t even want you to waste your time and effort trying. So he comes to your game with a big ass sign–one he has to hold up using 2 sticks so that he can hold it high enough for you to see. And you do see it, and he sees the smile on your face and the determination in your eyes grow. Mission success.

Kagami: He perhaps gets too involved in your game. He starts out being there just to cheer you on an support you, but soon he’s screaming the exact same things as your coach, and it takes a basketball to his face to put him back on track. Sometimes he’s more of a distractions than anything else, but you know his heart is in the right place.

Kiyoshi: The smile never leaves his face. Even when you’re down a few points, when you look over him, he is always there to reassure assure you. His positivity is contagious. Every time you look over at him, just his smile gives you the boost of confidence that you need to win. And then he actually uses his voice to cheer you on–that just drives you to push yourself as hard as you can not to let him down.

Kise: He has to make sure that his cheering is the loudest. And he’s always right behind your team’s bench, right in the front. It gets a bit annoying at times, but it is reassuring to know that he’s just as invested in this as you are. Maybe a bit more invested with how frantic his yelling is. Either way, you couldn’t imagine winning without hearing that excited voice behind you.

Midorima: He stands behind you always, always holding both his and your lucky item. He never gets too riled up when he’s cheering you on, but he’s not shy about using his voice when he finds it necessary. It always startles you when he shouts a vaguely excited “Yes!” but you accept it as his support nonetheless.

Takao: He is loud, but not obnoxiously so. He knows you need to focus while you’re in action. However, the second a buzzer goes off, he’s happily and loudly cheering your name, waving his arms around until you look over at him so that he knows that you know that he’ll always be cheering for you.

Aomine: His cheering is on the lazy side at first, for he has yet to get truly invested in your game.  He stands across the court from your team so that you can always look over and see him when you’re not on the court. As the game goes on though, his cheering gets more intense. He wants to see you win, after all.

Murasakibara: He’s not shy about cheering you on. Although, when you do seem to be losing  motivation, all he can think to do is motivate you by promising you pastries if you win. Not exactly the ideal reward, but you know he means well, that he wants more than anything for you to succeed. And that’s what drives you to push yourself harder.

Akashi: Of course he always remains calm. Whether you’re winning or losing, he doesn’t lose his composure. He’s always standing just off the court where you can see him, and his smile is kind. When you need a boost of confidence or energy, you always look at him and he somehow is able to silently transfer a bit of his own to you, simply through his presence and the odd kindness in his eyes.

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7 or 118. Thanks!!🙂

Thanks luv!!! I did number seven for now - “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” Hope you like it!


Cheer practice had been intense, given she was the slave driving captain, as they liked to call her, that was hardly surprising. But they weren’t going to win the upcoming inter school championships if they were slack. Plus, the thought of wiping that smug smile off rival captain Hayley Marshall’s face was an added incentive.

Caroline was driving home, dusk was falling and the sky had darkened considerably meaning the rain would be coming soon. At least she’d be home before it did. She turned up the stereo, singing along loudly with Taylor Swift about trouble.

She was broken from her thoughts by a loud bang, the car began to shudder and she briefly lost control of her steering veering closely onto the other side of the road. Her heart was racing and the adrenaline coursing through her body but Caroline managed to pull over and stop on the roadside.  Luckily her mother had taught her how to handle her car if the tire blew out.

She groaned loudly, hitting her fist on the steering wheel multiple times in frustration. She was stuck all alone with a busted tire in a secluded area of the road with a storm imminent.

“Just great,” she muttered, hoping her spare was actually useable.  

Before she could cut her engine and get out to inspect the damage a car parked behind her. She checked her rearview mirror, noticing a lone figure approaching. Why did this feel like she was the star of her very own horror movie all of a sudden? If Caroline wanted to escape she had no chance given her current dilemma.

She watched as he edged closer, and from this view she could make out his familiar dark, blonde curls and crimson lips.  

“Evening, love,” he uttered, peering in the window. It was Klaus Mikaelson, resident out cast and all round bad boy. Mothers everywhere lived in fear that their wholesome daughters would fall prey to his charms, Liz included. “Nice music.” He quipped, sarcastically.

“That’s the first thing you’re going to say to me?” She huffed, killing the engine.

“I did wish you a good evening,” he grinned, those dimples making an appearance.  “Although judging by your current predicament, I’d assume it isn’t so good.”

“Did you just stop by to gloat, Mikaelson?” Caroline growled, opening her door and causing him to step back slightly.  It was hard to ignore just how good he looked in that fitted, black henley and dark jeans.   

“Gloat, change your tire,” he explained. “Same thing really.” Caroline rolled her eyes, pushing past so that she could open her trunk and get the spare.

“I’m perfectly capable of changing a tire,” she drawled, pulling it out.

As she inspected her broken tire, the rain had begun to fall slowly and Caroline couldn’t believe her luck. Klaus, meanwhile, was glancing at her from the other side of the car, that smug smirk plastered on his face. 

“What? I can tell you want to say something. So come on, just say it.”

“You might need a jack,” he offered. Caroline didn’t reply just stomped back to the trunk to find a jack. Maybe she’d never used one before but she figured she’d get the hang of it, eventually. 

She rummaged through the contents of the trunk, unable to locate it. Maybe if she knew what one looked like, it might help. She felt his body move up behind her, his arm grazing her skin as he pulled out what she assumed was the jack.

“I think this might be what you’re looking for,” he whispered in her ear, his hot breath tickling her earlobe in the process.

She turned around slowly, her heart racing as she took him in. His chest was mere inches from hers and his gaze unwavering. She couldn’t miss the way he licked his lips in anticipation. The water was falling heavier now but Caroline couldn’t move from her spot if she tried.

“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy,” she murmured. Klaus dropped the jack and placed his arms on either side of the trunk so she was trapped between him and her car.

“Says the Head Cheerleader, Class President and all-round good girl. I suppose that would explain your reluctance to tell anyone about us.“ 

Caroline sent him a knowing smile and looped her arms around his shoulders, playing with a stray, wet curl at the nape of his neck while she took in his scent. One she always missed when they were apart.  

“I’m not that good and you know it,” she smirked, cocking her left eyebrow.

“Pretending we don’t know each other in public and role playing is fun for a while but I’d much prefer everyone knowing that you’re my girl, Caroline.“ 

“You forget my mother is the local sheriff and she carries a gun.”

“And apparently I’m the bad guy? You know I’m beginning to think you’re ashamed of me, love,” Klaus teased, although Caroline could detect the raw vulnerability in his voice.  

“It’s not that, believe me,” she promised.

“So, what is it then?” She paused; it had been something weighing on her mind but Caroline was too embarrassed to say. “Oh come on, we’ve been together three months, surely you can tell me.”

“I’m scared.”

“Why? Because I’m such a bad guy?” He scoffed.

“You are not a bad guy,” she insisted. “I want to tell everyone, I couldn’t care less what they think.”


“I love the fact you want people to know about us but I guess I just need to know this is really serious for you,” she murmured, her eyes cast downward. He placed his finger under her chin and pulled it upwards so she couldn’t avoid his gaze.  “My ex hurt me and I…”

“You are not comparing me to Stefan and his hair right now?” He baulked. “Did you ever wonder how I found you here?” Now that he mentioned it, Caroline wasn’t sure. They didn’t have plans to catch up tonight. “It’s because I was following you.”

“You realise stalking is illegal in all fifty states right?” She grinned. “Including ours.”

“I’m trying to be serious here, love,” Klaus chided. “I knew there was a storm coming and I wanted to make sure you got home safe after practice. If that doesn’t prove just how much I love you then I don’t know what does.” Caroline was silent for a moment, processing what he’d said.

“You love me,” she squeaked in disbelief. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to hear his confession, she just wasn’t expecting it. “Really?”

“I believe that’s what I just said. I was kind of hoping you’d return my sentiments instead of asking so many questions.”

Caroline didn’t respond, just leaned in and pressed her lips to his. The kiss began softly at first as he massaged her mouth before dipping his tongue into her warmth. Caroline moaned against him knowing that even with the distance between them at times she would never get tired of that feeling.

They were soaked by now but neither cared, too lost in their kisses to really worry about the weather. Caroline eventually pulled away, albeit reluctantly. “I love you too.”

“Glad to hear it, love,“ he smiled.

“How about you help me with this tire and come home with me for dinner.”

“As much as I’d like to boast about the fact that you need my help with the tire I’m far too distracted by your invitation. Dinner? You mean with your mother? Like tonight?”

“Don’t tell me the resident bad boy is scared of my mom?”

“Hell yeah, I don’t have a death wish.and you were the one who reminded me about her gun,” he shot back. “I don’t think turning up soaking wet is really going to impress your mom. How about we do this gradually, we have plenty of time, right? I don’t have any plans on going anywhere.”

"What a coincidence,” she smiled. “Me too.” Her lips were on his again, the rain or the busted tire not concerning her in the slightest bit because they were in love.


Team Pellegrino

Request: Hey, I was curious if you would write a imagine with Mark P. getting jealous because Mark S. Is flirting with y/n at the panel?

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1138

Tagging: @most-angels-are-dicks

Originally posted by ruuuzek

The crowd was extra enthusiastic that day, mostly due to the fact that Creation had decided to throw you, Mark Sheppard, and Mark Pellegrino into one special panel. You were completely stoked at the idea of sharing a stage with them, since you had already shared a few scenes with both of them in the show. Mark Pellegrino being there was an added bonus. It had been quite awhile since you had seen him, and in your mind that felt like months, years. That’s what happened when your heart ached for someone.

“My question is for Y/N. What was it like filming with both of the Marks?”

You centered back in on the panel, feeling hundreds of eyes on you, including the eyes of two of your close friends. “It was tremendous…ly awful,” you teased, shooting both of the Marks a smile as they acted offended. “Kidding. It was great. They really welcomed me into the family when I started, and we’ve been close ever since. Though, they did mess with me on set a lot, making me screw up my lines or miss my cue,” you added as you sat up in your chair, perching on the edge.

Mark S. chuckled and reached over to place a hand on your wrist in a friendly manner. “I think someone was just distracted,” he replied in a teasing tone, evoking cries from the fans. He shot you a wink before pulling away and settling back in his chair, laughing softly at the crowd’s uproar.

Mark P.’s eyes narrowed a fraction of a degree, his gaze burning on the spot Mark S. had touched. As you started giggling at Mark S.’s words, he pulled his eyes away and put on a steely smile.

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with you

summary: home is where the heart is. shallura.
also read on: ao3
for: @alluran, with a thank you for your kind encouragement to me
part of “the princess and the paladin” series. link to master list here.

She tells him of Altea.

She tells him of home—how when she was young she would wake before the king and the queen and all the knights of the castle and climb the many flights up the tallest tower to lie on the roof. She would just barely make it in time to catch sight of the purple-striped clouds over the horizon, the light of the first sunrise and second moonset spilling over blue-topped mountains covered in evergold trees.

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the thing about yoonmin is that people tend to brush off moments when they arent loud and grand and right in your face so a lot of their moments get swept aside. but their dynamic is actually so loaded with this playful domesticity and intimacy? it’s so grounded and settled and just familiar that it doesn’t hit you right in the face. it’s not all over the place or obnoxious it’s just calm and comfortable and knowing.

Episode 176
  • Markus : This is uh, this is sounding an awful lot like a sport to me.
  • Inien : Markus, what do you have against The Sport ?
  • Markus : I'm terrible at it, that's all I need to have against it
  • Inien : Which -?
  • Markus : All of it.
  • Inien : All of it !?
  • Markus : All of the sport.
  • Inien : Is this, Is this why you won't join my Ohnorian tackleball team ?
  • Markus : Of course it is ! But also because your name is ridiculous.
  • Inien : Oh okay, I--
  • Markus : The Grave Diggers ? W h a t ?
  • Inien : And you think The Nutty Balugafish sounds so much better ?
  • Markus : I think that it has style
  • Inien : Okay okay okay, how 'bout this, we can compromise. We'll go with The Nutty Balugafish if, we can get you in a costume as our mascot.
  • Markus : So I'm gonna be ....playing the sport ?
  • Inien : You wouldn't be, well like, a lot of people say that leading cheers is more intensive than the sport but I think you'd be good at it. Especially if it was, like a,, sexy fish costume.
  • Markus : So I'd be entertaining people as a sexy fish you say ?
  • Inien : Yeah you'd be--
  • Markus : Yeah I'm in, I'm in.
  • Gregor : Yeah, that's like, 75% of what you do already.
Monthly Volleyball 2014 - March Issue - Haikyuu!! Feature - Interview with Furudate Haruichi

– so 1. stage play and interviews has wrecked me 2. hq s2ep24 has worsened my condition this might be my permanent state of crying
anyway, so because of the above stated reasons, I started trawling through tumblr and digging up stuff about haikyuu, and I chanced upon this magazine interview posted here by aerobird. Yes it’s kind of (very) late considering it’s a publication from 2 years ago (wow), but I really liked what I read so I decided to translate it out of personal interests (plus I haven’t been translating stuff lately so this is good). there’s also another haikyuu feature in a magazine called DaVinci which was also found on tumblr, it’s a little longer than this one I might translate it if I have the time. I can’t remember who posted it but I will put up the link if I ever do get down to translating it. for now, please enjoy!

– So I understand that Furudate-sensei has been watching the Spring High Volleyball tournaments every year! First of all, please share with us your thoughts on this year’s tournament.

Furudate: Well, this is something that strikes me every year, but the cheering is really intense! The very moment I step into the gymnasium, I’m overwhelmed by the cheers of each school. They really raise the atmosphere by a notch. Hearing the cheers also make me think of the players who must be so full of pride, to be able to play a match with so much support behind them. At the same time, I also recall my high school days, when I thought that it was so unfair, because only the baseball team got the whole school to support their matches! (laughs)

– This year you were allowed on the benches to collect material for your manga. How was it witnessing the matches up close?

Furudate: I was allowed to watch the matches from the reporters’ bench which was situated at the end of the court, and the balls were always rebounding in my direction! I was able to once again relive that feeling of ‘closeness” with the ball.

Other than that, I was able to see the match from the serving player’s line of sight, which gave me a very realistic view. And when I was down on the courts once again, I remembered how high the ceiling was and how bright the lights were. The players must have felt dizzy every time they practiced and had matches in the gymnasium. It must have taken them a while to get used to it.
Though I couldn’t enter the court, I was really happy that I got to witness the match at such close proximity.

– Were there any plays or scenes that left a deep impression?

Furudate: Since I’ve been watching the matches from the audience seating until last year, the behind the scenes work which I was able to catch a glimpse of this year definitely left a lasting impression.

I was definitely able to feel the players’ anxiety while they waited for the previous matches to end and for their own team’s matches to start. And when the matches end, witnessing the reactions and feelings of both the winning and losing teams also left a deep impression.

– Were there any teams in the Spring High Tournament that left a deep impression?

Furudate: I was able to watch Seijoh High School and East Fukuoka High School practice in the sub-arena before the semi-finals. Seijoh had a more mild and quiet playing style, while East Fukuoka was intense and impactful, it was quite an interesting contrast. Each team’s unique personality also really shines through during the few moments before the start of a match.

– Were there any players who left a strong impression?

Furudate: To be honest, it’s quite hard to find someone who stands out as “The One” from first glance. I’ve always longed to stand on this kind of platform but I never had the chance to, so everyone who has made it to this stage is an existence above me (laughs)

Also, while collecting material I tried to focus more on the off-camera action, as the actual matches can still be watched on DVD. Bearing witness to these little details, the number of players that left a strong impression could only increase.

Haikyuu!! Is a story revolving around volleyball. What inspired you to create a series like Haikyuu!! ?

Furudate: I was part of the volleyball club in middle and high school, and I still feel a strong sense of attachment to the sport. At that time, club activities were the only thing driving me to go to school. Even so, I wasn’t able to accomplish anything of much result. The feelings of frustration and regret, and the things that I wanted to do – I channeled them all into my manga and created Haikyuu!!

– What is the charm point of volleyball to you, personally?

Furudate: “Entrust”, and “to be entrusted with”, are foundational concepts in volleyball. Without understanding them, the game will not fall into place. For any team sports, it might be a given that teamwork and “connecting” is necessary for each play to work, but in volleyball such concepts form the roots of the game. Other than serving, even a simple offense cannot be done alone. That is precisely why the joy we share with our teammates, the frustration we feel when we can’t do anything on our own, are the charming aspects of volleyball.

– While reading Haikyuu!!, I noticed that there were many “speedy” scenes. Is “speed” also an aspect of volleyball which you find charming?

Furudate: I haven’t been consciously thinking about it, but the “speedy” feeling from these scenes may have actually been a result of trying to depict the “rigor” of the sport. Volleyball is different in the sense that continuous running is not involved, but as long as the ball is in the air, one must be constantly on the move and have their senses honed in order to stay focused in the game. I might have been trying to depict the rigor and anxiety felt in such scenes. Even though I’m the one drawing it, I’m analysing it as if it’s another person’s work (laughs)

– Within the manga, I noticed that a size 4 ball was used during middle school years, and the designs of the coloured balls changed with time as well. I feel that sensei has put in a lot of effort into these minor details. 

Furudate: When transitioning from middle school to high school, we also upgraded from using a size 4 ball to a size 5 ball. The thought of “It’s big!” that I had at that time Is still very fresh in my mind, so I decided to put in such details in the manga as well. In the manga, I wanted to add in a scene where Hinata was thinking, “The ball’s different from the one in middle school!” but sadly, due to the limited number of pages, I had to cut it. When I was playing volleyball in high school, we also switched to coloured balls (we were still using white balls at the time when I entered high school), which left a deep impression on me. The designs of the balls keep getting more and more intricate, it’s getting tougher to draw (laughs)

– Are there any volleyball players you like?

Furudate: Aoyama Shigeru (former Japan National team member), and for currently active players, I like Torray Arrows’ Yoneyama Yuta.

– There are many unique and fascinating characters in Karasuno High School. Are there people in real life whom the characters are modeled after?

Furudate: Personality wise, I thought of the different aspects of the people I know, my own shortcomings as well as my own ideals. I have yet to create any characters who are modeled after real-life players.

– Why did you choose to set the story in Miyagi?

Furudate: Karasuno is located in Sendai City of Miyagi Prefecture, and may give off a sort of countryside image. In the beginning, I was deciding between Miyagi and Iwate. I lived in Iwate until high school, so I thought of modelling Karasuno High and its surroundings after my hometown in Iwate. However, my hometown was so far into the countryside that not even trains passed through, so it was kind of impossible to encounter students from other schools. I also rarely walked around town, so I actually didn’t know as much about my hometown as I had expected, so I gave up in making Iwate the setting (laughs)

I spent about 8-9 years in Miyagi after graduating from high school, so it’s like a second hometown to me. I feel a great sense of emotional attachment to the place and I’m also familiar with the area. Furthermore, it’s also the hometown of my editor-in-charge, so in the end I decided on Miyagi for the setting. But thinking about it now, having characters from a rural countryside with no trains saying things like “Ey we’re gonna go to the Tokyo Gym!” would be kind of interesting to see (laughs)

– Were there any scenes that were particularly difficult to draw?

Furudate: The rules and explanations of the different plays. Majority of the Jump readers do not have a prior interest in volleyball. I didn’t want to bore the readers with the explanations, so I try to incorporate them as parts of the story. The rotation of the players is also another issue. When I think that, “Hey! The protagonist can shine in this scene here!” in the next rotation, he would be shifted to the backrow. But the rotation itself is an interesting concept that can be expanded on in the manga.

Other than that, sometimes it’s just the scenes and frames where I have to continuously squeeze in the characters. When I’m drawing in a half-asleep state in the middle of the night, I’ll carelessly draw a character who was supposed to be in the backrow jumping to block the ball, or drawing right-handed players spiking the ball with their left. When I realise I’ll be like,  “Uwaaaa!” and then I’ll have to redraw the scenes. Sometimes they get published without me noticing so then I’ll be like “Uwaaa!’ and I’ll have to redraw those scenes for the comics publication. (laughs)

– Volleyball terms such as direct and indirect delivery, break, etc. were also all very well-explained in the manga. I can tell that sensei has put in a lot of effort in explaining these very daunting volleyball terms…how was it?

Furudate: Conveying these terms to readers who are not familiar with volleyball in a straightforward manner has always been my top priority, so I always try to use words that leave a strong impression or simple explanations. Especially for foundational rules (the ball must be sent back to the opposite side of the net after three touches, player rotation etc.), the names of the different positions and the basic attack strategies, I hope that the reader can remember them in order to fully enjoy the manga. However, unlike the basic terms that appear very frequently, the specialised volleyball terms are rather difficult to understand and commit to memory. The technical terms might sound cool to someone who’s never heard them before (at least that’s what it’s like for me? How about you?), so even if they can’t remember their meanings, just by filing them into their memory as “something cool”, when they come across these terms again while watching a match on TV, they’ll think, “Hey! I think I read about that term in a manga before!” It’ll be great if they can slowly familiarise themselves with the terms in this way.

Also, for a shonen Jump manga like Haikyuu!!, there still hasn’t been a special move with a cool name yet (due to the author’s lack of naming sense), so the use of these specialised terms actually helps to shoulder some of the burden (laughs)

– Are there any characters whom you especially like?

Furudate: If I had to only choose one, it would be the protagonist Hinata. I put in a lot of effort to arrive at the Hinata that’s in the serialised version right now, so I have a really strong emotional attachment to him. Other than that, from Karasuno I like Tanaka, and from the rival schools I like Aone of Date Tech and Bokuto of Fukurodani. Basically, I like characters who don’t think about the consequences before acting. I’m someone who tends to overthink the consequences, so I really admire characters like them.

 I think it’s a really amazing concept to have someone small like Hinata who only stands at 162.8cm to be a middle blocker. Please share with us your thoughts and inspirations for this idea.

Furudate: I wanted to make quicks the main weapon, so I decided on middle blocker. Before Haikyuu!! started, I wanted to draw a story about a super amazing setter who could send the perfect tosses to his spiker. Following such an idea, I thought, rather than being “taller than the block”, why not be “faster than the block”? In the first chapter, we see that Hinata makes up for his lack of height with his amazing jumping power, but yet he realises that such ability is insufficient. I wanted to make Hinata reach the “peak” before his opponents, to triumph over those who are bigger than him, so I gave him an extraordinary jumping power to contrast the handicap his overwhelming lack of height gave him.

I also played middle blocker during my school days, so I really wanted to convey the feeling of touching the ball when making an awesome quick!

– I feel like the names of many of the players in the story are kind of uncommon or unconventional…is it just me? (laughs)

Furudate: I don’t think it’s just you (laughs) At this juncture, the surnames of the players from Aoba Johsai were taken from the names of hot springs in Iwate, and the surnames of the players from Date Tech were taken from the names of hot springs in Miyagi (for most of them). When more characters are introduced, it’s also really difficult to think of names for them. Now I’m still using the names of hot springs in the Tohoku region, but in the future it may expand to the whole of Japan. For the teams that have animal motifs, I think of their names by relating them to their respective animals.

– Hinata and Kageyama are indeed the epitome of yin and yang. I’m also looking forward to their individual growths in the future. Please tell us more about the future developments!

Furudate: As to how Hinata and Kageyama will change from now on, to be honest, I’m the person who knows the least. I’ll work hard to create a progression that the readers would be excited about.

Right now we’re at the Spring High Preliminaries, but there will be teams that will lose their third year players, and there will be teams that will completely change too. I also want the readers to also look out for teams that will be competing once again. Nekoma High and the other rival schools of the Kanto region will also be facing off in the preliminaries at the same time. I haven’t drawn these scenes yet, but I definitely want to do a good job portraying the matches between the other schools.

– Last question, what is the one thing that you want to convey the most to the readers through Haikyuu!! ?

Furudate: The fact that volleyball is fun and cool! I hope that Haikyuu!! can become a gateway for people to become truly interested in and pick up volleyball. I want it to be a story which both people play and do not play volleyball can enjoy, and I’ll work hard on that. Please look forward to it and thank you for your support.

Order Up! (Lay x Reader)

What is good people? Been awhile, huh? Well, I thought I’d give you guys a little something to tied you over while I finish my exams. This was requested by a sweet anon, who’d I also like to profusely apologize to for this requests tardiness and I hope you’ll forgive me! Anyway, please enjoy!


“Order up Miss ____!" 

You perked up, but not before finishing the silverware you had been meticulously folding, smoothing your apron front daintily. You smiled gently at the chef, who’s impatient frown softened as you grabbed the tray of food and chuckled, "If you ask me to go any faster, I might as well have to learn to teleport just to keep up with you." 

 As you gracefully slipped through the restaurant, you heard the chef give one of his rare belly laughs, another grin flitting across your soft feature. You weaved in and out of customers and coworkers, the platters you were carrying wafted a warm and delicious aroma behind you.  

 When you reached one of your tables, you set down the food happily, the diners gaping at both the food and you. Your cheeks were dusted pink when one of the customers admonished, "You’re so cute, Miss ____! How are you not famous or an idol?" 

 You waved away their compliment with an embarrassed smile, "Oh, no. I’m really not-" 

 "It’s really a shame you’re couped up here waiting tables day and night, don’t you think?,” the young woman looked up sincerely from her plate. 

 You’re eyes widened, “I actually enjoy my job very much, ma'am,” you bowed politely, clutching the serving try tightly, “If there isn’t anything else you need, I’ll leave you to enjoy your meal.” With that, you spun on your cute Mary Janes, your face suddenly burying into someone’s chest. You gasped loudly, stumbling backwards in shock, successfully tripping over your own feet, and landing unceremoniously on your bottom. 

 "Oh my! I’m so sorry, miss!“ 

 Someone crouched down beside you, a hand placing itself softly around your shoulders as they helped you up carefully. 

 You looked up at your attacked and rescuer, so shocked you nearly swallowed your tongue. He had to be the most handsome boy you’d ever seen. He had cheerful features with intense dark eyes that unabashedly stared at you with both concern and intrigue. His rosy lips were simply hypnotizing when he would suddenly worry one between his teeth. "Are you alright? You’re not hurt are you?,” he gripped one of your arms, steadying you as you regained your surroundings. 

 You stuttered pathetically, still staring at the gorgeous boy, “I-I’m fine!" 

 His angelic face was full of such genuine concern you could’ve squealed at the cuteness of it right then. He leaned in, "You’re sure?” Just the proximity of his face to your own sent a heat to your cheeks, until they were as red as tomatoes. 

 You spluttered inelegantly, “Oh yes! I’m definitely fine now!” The restaurant gaped at the scene, disbelief written on their faces that the graceful sweetheart of the restaurant was so flustered. 

 And so red. Right then, he smiled. 

It was probably the sweetest and most real smile you’d ever seen. It seemed to only be meant for you and it made you feel like you were the only person that mattered to him in that moment; that you were the most precious thing to him. It filled you with such a happy warmth, you wanted to huddle into his arms and let him hold you for the rest of eternity. Oh, that and his dimples. You believed no one could resist dimples as precious as his just then. 

 He bowed politely, his eyes alight with his smile, “That’s a relief then. I don’t think I could forgive myself if I hurt such a beautiful girl.” With that he gave you one more amused smile before walking past you carefully. If there ever were a color more intense than red, you’d found it just then. Beautiful? You?! You didn’t dare turn around for fear he’d see the redness of your face, so you stiffly walked back toward the kitchens, your back awkwardly straight, cursing your natural aptitude for blushing easily. You entered the stainless steel haven with a sigh of relief, still too flustered to get a grip of yourself. You peeked eagerly out the small round window of the kitchen doors to see if the boy was still in the restaurant. Not seeing him, you calmed down, trying to quell the sudden disappointment that pricked at you.  

 "Miss _____! We need you for a table!,“ the voice of a hostess called out. Taking a few calming breathes, you regained your cheerful countenance and pushed the kitchen doors open, "I’ll be right there! How many at the table?" 

 The hostess handed you a single menu without looking up, "Just one.” You nodded to yourself, before flitting through the restaurant to your assigned table, which was located at your favorite spot in the whole joint. A floor to ceiling window looked out over the adorable main street and since the restaurant was two stories, it looked out and over and left to right of the busiest street in the city, like a panoramic picture. Beside the window a small fireplace crackled merrily and the soft muttering of the space caused a relaxing atmosphere to diffuse throughout the tables. 

 You saw him before you even reached the table and you stopped in your tracks and gaped at him in both disbelief and obvious admiration. The handsome boy who’d bumped into you earlier looked like he came straight out of a movie, what with the way he gazed with distant eyes out of the window, watching the people and cars stroll down the street. His head rested pensively on his propped elbow as the other hand picked absentmindedly at the table cloth. Swallowing your nervousness with a gulp of air, you walked confidently over to his table. You bowed cheerfully and placed the menu on the table with a bit too much force, “Good evening! I’m ____, and I’ll be taking care of you." 

 He looked pleasantly surprised to see you again, but he greeted you smoothly, "Hello again. I was hoping I’d have you as my waitress. If someone else had you, I think I might have had to fight them to have you all to myself." 

 You attempted to steel yourself and not blush, but failed miserably, "Oh, please! I’m not worth fighting over." 

 He smirked and it had to be the sexiest thing you’d ever seen, "I beg to differ.” You almost missed it, but you caught his eyes flicker up and down your body, “By the way, Miss _____, that outfit looks especially cute on you." 

 You unconsciously tugged the frilly skirt with your fingers, not believing that he’d just checked you out and his compliment. You smoothed your apron before reaching into one of the pockets, taking out your paper pad and pen. 

 Clearing your throat, you stuttered, "T-thank you. May I start you off with a drink?" 

 He smiled again, almost to himself, his dimples poking cutely from his cheeks as he spoke, "I think I’ll have whatever you think I’d want.” You furrowed your eyebrows and he laughed, “I’m not sure I understand what you mean.” Dimples. He grinned toothily this time, “I want to see what you’d think I’d want. Surprise me." 

 You blinked, before chuckling to yourself, "Alrighty then. I’ll be right out with your ‘surprise’.” You turned and could practically feel his dark gaze burning a hole into your back as your skirt swished tantalizingly. 

 Once you reached the kitchen, you nearly slumped against one of the counters in exhaustion. Just walking from the table to here felt like you’d just run a marathon. Your face was heated and your heart was beating a mile a minute. Composing yourself for the umpteenth time that day, you decided you’d serve him raspberry lemonade, your favorite drink. You weren’t sure why, but instinct drove you to it, so you picked up the glass and returned to the table, where he sat contemplating the menu with wide-eyes intrigue. For some reason you were nervous as you handed him the drink, “Here’s the surprise you asked for. Please, enjoy." 

 He didn’t even examine the drink twice before he sipped it, a look of happiness crossed his face. He looked up at you excitedly, "How’d you know?" 

 You arched an eyebrow, "Know what?" 

 In his excitement he grabbed your hand without noticing, your eyes widening to the size of plates, "That raspberry lemonade is my favorite drink." 

 You were genuinely surprised, pleasantly in fact, "It’s actually my favorite too, so it was the first drink I thought of." 

 "Huh,” he smirked again, making your heart flutter, “What a funny coincidence.” You shifted on your feet, taking out your pad of paper and pen again before asking, “Have you decided what you would like tonight?" 

 He didn’t even look up, a smile twitched on his lips, "I think you already know." 

 You raised a brow, "I’m afraid I don’t, perhaps you can tell me?" 

 He looked up and you expected a smirk, but instead was greeted with his adorable smile, dimples and all. For the first time tonight, he’d lost his confident facade and was replaced by what you believed was actually him. His dark eyes twinkled playfully, "I’d like to order the cute and witty waitress with the beautiful eyes.”  

 Your froze and bit your lip painfully hard, deciding to play along with him, “How would you like that to be cooked?” His eyes flickered up and down you body again, this time fully knowing that you would notice him. 

 He smoothly replied, without missing a beat, “I would prefer her to be well done." 

 In that instant, you would have gladly crawled into a hole and never come out again, so that no one could see just how scarlet you were. Your body shivered and blushed under his gaze and neither of you spoke for what felt like an eternity. The two of you were locked in each other’s gaze, his eyes softening until it felt like you’d been swallowed into their very depths. 

 He broke the silence suddenly, "I’m Lay." 

 ”____,“ you blurted, "But you already knew that." 

 He laughed. You laughed. The two of you ended up just looking at each other again, letting the silence fall again. You didn’t even realize his hand had crept across the table until his fingers were entwined with your own. His voice was soft and a little timid, "What time do you…?" 

 You finished for him, a smile on your petal pink lips, "Get off?…Thirty minutes." 

 You clicked your pen close and turned to walk away mischievously. He stopped you and grabbed your hand again, dimples cheekily poking out, "What about my food, ____?" 

 You grinned and tugged your hand away playfully, "You’re getting me aren’t you?" 

 He leaned back in his seat, a satisfied smile on his lips, "Guess that’s exactly what I ordered.”

The Signs as Game of Thrones Sidekicks (pt. 11 of 12)

Aquarius - Meera Reed

Meera is the eldest child of Lord Howland Reed and has a younger brother Jojen. She has been taught by her father how to fight and survive in the wilderness. Therefore Meera is a fine hunter and able to take care of herself and her brother. She is not that thoughtful as Jojen but described as cheerful. Meera is intensely loyal and protective of Bran as well as her brother and will not back down from a fight if it needs to be. She is a down-to-earth, charismatic and honest person. It is her pure reliability which makes her so compelling.

anonymous asked:

hey I know you're looking for feedback, but I actually found your list of voltron character traits that you wrote out to be really informative and insightful! would you mind doing ones shiro and allura?

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i’m kinda nervous, i just wanna do right by the rest of the paladins, y’know? writing them in a fic compared to writing their POV is really different soo…

as for my babies, here ya go

  • Shiro: levelheaded, resourceful, good at compartmentalizing his emotions, selfless, quick thinking, slow to anger, accepting, blames himself, self-loathing, thinks he’s a monster, slowly crumbles under pressure, careless towards himself, resilient, ruthless, a leader & a leader, caring, a great warrior, observant, brave
  • Allura: more emotionally driven, selfless, silly, cheerful, intense, determined, angry, good under pressure, courageous, strong, welcoming and warm, oblivious, cunning, socially adept, authoritative, proud, pushes herself to her absolute limits, not afraid of dying (like remotely), self-sacrificial, shoulders her father’s legacy and occasionally breaks under the weight

anonymous asked:

Can I request karasuno boys + kuroo reacting to their gf being a cheerleader and doing crazy stunts and stuff and they didn't realize that cheerleading was as much of a sport as volleyball?

Cheer is so intense, two of my best friends were cheerleaders and watching them practice stunts would horrify me, especially when they’d mess up. I hope you enjoy! - Admin Dad


Daichi would be totally surprised and would insist on becoming her training partner out of both earnest support and for research. Now that he knows how demanding cheerleading is maybe he can introduce some of the drills to the team. The rest of the cheerleaders fawn over him and tease him, asking if he’d try being a base for them.


Suga would become her squad’s number one (non-aggressive) fan. Finding out his girlfriend’s passion for athletics is so similar to his own would bring them closer together. He’d probably start showing up early to pick her up from practice just to watch some of the routines. And he’s so cute and amiable that every girl lowkey develops a crush on him.  


Asahi already thought his girlfriend was the most amazing person on the planet and now he’s totally convinced he’s not good enough for her. Like, she’s probably stronger than him, she’s faster, and she can do those horrifying stunts getting tossed in the air without blinking an eye? (And he’s so worried watching her perform because what if she fell?)


He flips out. Noya is highkey excited when he finds out how super hardcore cheerleading is and immediately asks to tag along to practices. He may or may not give the stunts “rolling thunder”-esque names. And when he goes to tournaments he gets hype and he gets LOUD.


Tanaka might feel weirdly inferior for a while. He’s super impressed and proud of his girl but at the same time he starts worrying because he starts noticing how much she can bench and that her dead lifts are insane. But if she ever asked him about why he’s acting weird he’d immediately deny it and start doing more push ups.


Ennoshita would probably be the most honest about how he didn’t think much of cheerleading as a sport. He’d get inspired by his girlfriend’s intense training and start to train more on his own. He would be the most impressed just seeing her work so hard when her sport is perceived as something superfluous instead of something that requires immense skill.


Kags is a bit dumbfounded. After watching stunts and the flyers in action, his first thought would probably be how he can get Hinata to jump like that. He’d probably start awkwardly interrogating the bases and spotters trying to garner some new techniques. Eventually though, once the shock and novelty wears down, he would tell his girlfriend how amazing he thinks she is, in his own Kageyama way.


Hinata is another one who is through the roof when he finds out how intense cheerleading is. I feel like his girlfriend would be a flyer for sure so when Hinata sees her doing a stunt for the first time he goes sparkly and loses it. He’d be the one that tries to do the stunts and nearly kills himself until the rest of the cheerleaders intervene. Naturally he wins everyone over, basically becomes the mascot, does stunts in volleyball practices and gets yelled at by Daichi.


Tsukishima would try to play it cool, acting like he knew how athletically intense cheer is all along. He wouldn’t get as hands-on involved like some of the other boys, but he’d show his appreciation in other ways, like not talking late at night when he knows she has an early practice or making fun of her form once he learns poor posture can lead to injuries. Subversion is everything with Tsukishima.


Yamaguchi would probably start absent-mindedly bragging about his girlfriend just because he’s so genuinely impressed with her skills. He’d be the type that starts going to all the tournaments with handmade signs cheering on his girlfriend and her whole squad unanimously agrees he’s the best boyfriend.


Kuroo would try to make some snide remarks, but honestly he’s humbled by the discovery. He’d still tease his girlfriend from time to time about her “jumping around,” but the second anyone else starts to ridicule her he’s ready with a whole bunch of receipts to bury that poor soul in the ground.