cheer imperfection

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Ok but can we talk about Jimin's adorable little crooked front tooth? It makes his smile 100000x more precious :,) I die every time he smiles and I just needed to speak to someone about it (sorry this is so random lol)

it’s barely even noticeable but that little unevenness is there and it shines along with those small little dimples whenever he smiles. 

it’s so adorable but so subtle that you might just miss it if you blink

most of the time it looks like he has perfectly straight pearly whites

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but that little tooth peeks out from his radiant smiles every once in a while to say hello! and it honestly just makes him even more precious of a nugget (if that’s even humanly possible)

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how can you not smile when you see his smile?

just keep on flaunting that crooked little tooth in that golden smile of yours, chimchim.

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it makes you uniquely you.

So she doesn’t have perfect teeth, but her smile is killer.
So she doesn’t have the prettiest eyes, but hers shine the brightest.
So her hair doesn’t fall the right way, but she likes it that way.
So her face isn’t the cleanest, but she doesn’t let it bother her.
So she doesn’t have the perfect body, but she rocks it anyway.
So her makeup isn’t natural, but that color suits her.
So she’s not physically perfect, but her confidence is what makes her absolutely stunning.
Remember that just because you don’t have something that others do, DOES NOT mean you aren’t beautiful.