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Moon, Venus or Ceres in Aries:

Go on a hike to a place with a marvelous view. The sense of accomplishment will feed your self worth, inspire your ambition, & satisfy your drive.

Teach yourself an unfamiliar sport or other active hobby. Honing a new, exciting skill by yourself will make you feel more independent than ever.

Congratulate yourself. Being proud of your achievements can open healthy channels of emotion. Appreciate the finish lines you cross.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Taurus:

Pamper yourself. Get a massage, go out to eat, go shopping, or binge-watch Netflix. Reward your steady, dependable strength with some relaxation.

Work with your hands, such as with pottery or baking. Activities of the like will freshen your creative spirit and provide immediate, tangible results for effort.

Repair or replenish one of life’s necessities. Maintaining your household and keeping things in working order will make you feel grounded and productive.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Gemini:

Journal. Expressing your thoughts & feelings openly and completely will make you feel refreshed, validated, and a bit less stifled or exhausted.

Go to a party or other lively event. Surrounding yourself with dynamic & cheerful activity will energize you. If you engage, you’ll feel integrated.

Join online forum discussions. Engaging with other people over subjects you’re knowledgeable about will fire up & satisfy your complex intellect.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Cancer:

Take a lot of photos. Being able to re-immerse yourself in old memories will satisfy your sentimentality. Sometimes a little nostalgia is good for you.

Hug someone. Random expressions of affection are important. Savor the emotional fulfillment & sense of safety created by this sweet, simple gesture.

Create a sanctuary for yourself, a safe place you can retreat to. Peace & quiet are special resources. Learn to appreciate and enjoy your own company.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Leo:

Post selfies or create self-portraits. Show off a little. Draw some positive attention to yourself to replenish your confidence and self-assurance.

Arrange / administer to a group activity. This will spark pride in the accomplishments you orchestrate / in the respect leading something garners.

Attend some kind of extravagant event. Belonging in a luxurious atmosphere will make you feel like royalty – valuable and significant.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Virgo:

Take care of your body. Exercise, eat healthy, try a new skincare routine. Improving your health & appearance will boost your self-worth & confidence.

Edit, refine, or critique something. Assisting others in their pursuit of improvement & doing work that needs to be done will make you feel useful.

Watch over a pet or plant(s). Animals & nature are pure things, and to be part of their well-being could be an immensely rewarding experience.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Libra:

Go to an art gallery or something similar. A beautiful, sophisticated atmosphere will make you feel comfortable & fulfilled. Your refined taste will be satisfied.

Grow a garden or decorate a room. Creating a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing place will remind you of your own splendor, and you can share it with others.

Reinvent your style. Finding a new way to express yourself can make you feel refreshed. It will be a major step toward cultivating self-approval.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Scorpio:

Take down another one of your walls with someone you trust. Cultivating intimacy will satiate many of your needs, insecurities, and discomforts.

Go to a place where you are completely anonymous. Be someone new for a day. Become one of the mysteries you love so much. It will be inspiring.

Meditate. When you’re alone, you probably analyze things intensely; take a break from this. Clear your mind. The relaxation will be very rewarding.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Sagittarius:

Look into a religion or ideology you know little about. Gathering unfamiliar knowledge will expand not only your mind, but your self-satisfaction as well.

Go to a “boring” town and discover something interesting about it. Finding intrigue where there is only monotony is the greatest kind of exploration.

Start a deep discussion with someone who is very different from you. If no one turns unnecessarily hostile, you can probably teach each other something.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Capricorn:

Write a detailed to-do list for a weekend and complete the entire thing. This will open up free time for relaxation afterwards & make you feel very productive.

If you have an important goal, devise a plan for it. Giving yourself a secure path to follow will promote steady workflow and a comfortable sense of safety.

Lighten up. Find a safe space to be yourself in, and relax. This will refresh & energize you, and release a lot of your built-up tension. Let a few things go.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Aquarius:

Contribute to a good cause – donate to a charity or someone in need, or volunteer somewhere. This will boost your self-worth and may enlighten you.

Take a day to spend time with friends, or go out of your way to make new ones. Trust, expression, and connection open healthy channels of emotion.

Appreciate your own uniqueness. There’s no better way to feel like you matter than to find yourself worthy of your own attention and approval.

Moon, Venus or Ceres in Pisces:

Do one unsolicited favor a day. Expressing & manifesting your own kind nature in a way you will notice will increase your self-approval and self-worth.

Create something. Set your imagination free & let your inspiration run wild. This will be refreshing & you’ll have a lasting extension of who you are.

Go to an immersive art event, like an interactive play. Losing yourself in a tangible fantasy will release a lot of your negative feelings & may inspire you.

Alphas Comforting Omegas Headcanons

-An Omega having a bad day at work and being all quiet and sulky through dinner until they are startled by their Alpha scooping them up and carrying them upstairs before wrapping them snuggly in a blanket, plopping down in bed with them and telling them to just vent about whatever is bugging them. So for almost an hour the Alpha quietly cuddles their upset mate as their complaints go from rushed and angry to slow and tired until finally the Omega tires themselves out and they just crash. The Alpha being very pleased when the Omega wakes up feeling much better

-An Alpha not being home when they receive a distressed phone call from their very pregnant Omega who is crying about how cute puppies are, so the Alpha stops at a store to buy chocolate and a giant stuffed dog before returning home and cuddling up with their mate who is now crying about how much they love their Alpha

-A pregnant Omega avoiding intimacy because they feel gross and fat and their Alpha notices so the Alpha goes out of their way to kiss and praise every inch of their lovely Omega, paying special attention to their large tummy and reminding them just how much they love them

-An Omega who is just feeling down for some reason and being clingy with their Alpha and the Alpha low-key loving it so they carry the Omega around with them wherever they go in the house and press random kisses to their forehead

-An Alpha noticing that their Omega looks sad about something so they slowly sneak up behind them before sweeping them up into their arms and spinning them around while giving their face lots of loud silly kisses till the Omega is red faced and breathless from all the shrieks and giggles

-An Omega mother being really stressed after a long week taking care of children so their Alpha arranges a sleep over at grandma’s and then spends the day at home cuddling and napping with their exhausted mate. Only getting up to move to the tub where they soak together as the Alpha rubs all the knots out of their mate’s shoulders, pressing soft little kisses on their skin as they go

-Meeting an Alpha’s family for the first and the Omega being so upset after because, “they hate me. I could smell it, could you smell it? Of course you could it was so obvious.” and the Alpha just pulls their panicked mate into their lap and traces little circles on their arm until they calm down and then, “they did like you babe, but even if they didn’t it’s okay because…well at least your family loves me.” and the Omega just smacks them and stomps off while the Alpha laughs

-An Alpha accidentally upsetting their mate so they try to comfort them and make it better by surprising them with a blanket fort and cheesy movies that the Alpha hates but the Omega loves

-After reading ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ an Omega dissolves into a blubbering mess of tears on the floor and their Alpha picks up such a strong scent of distress that they come bursting in being all panicked and trying to figure out what’s wrong like, “Shhh, it’s okay, you’re okay, everything’s okay” and the Omega freaks, “Stop fucking saying okay! Okay was their always but it doesn’t fucking matter anymore! A-and I just-” and their mate then notices the book that was apparently thrown across the room and just stares because, a book? Really? Afraid to approach the Omega and be yelled at again, they eventually slide a bowl of ice cream across the floor and the Omega accepts it and life goes back to normal

-A couple trying for a kid and after a couple failed attempts during heats, the Omega is starting to feel a bit discouraged so their Alpha snuggles up with them, lightly running a hand up and down their back and crooning softly and after it’s quiet for awhile the Alpha attempts to lighten the mood like, “You’ve gotta admit we’ve had a lot of fun trying though” and the Omega just turns into a red flustered mess but even they can’t help giggling a bit. Though they feel much better when after the next heat they find out they are expecting at least two pups

let’s talk about polyfrogs and farmer
  • just because chowder is dating nursey and dex doesn’t mean he and farmer can’t still be together
    • and tbh i fucking love charmer i don’t want my polyfrogs without farmer
  • speaking as a poly person, the most fucking important things in these kinds of relationships is friendship and communication
    • these people are all so fucking close and such good friends ok they love each other to bits
  • (this got long so it’s under a cut)

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I just love how Kurapika explains why he picked Right because of the studies about how people usually picks Left, and Killua immediatly gets “Oh me too!! I heard of that!!” and they just, nod at each other, and it’s just kinda sweet??? Like they’re both smart and thinking through and I just love how Killua was almost excited to have Kurapika thinking the same way as he did.

anonymous asked:

Who is your all time favorite ship? Like from anything

it’s them

I know I look like I’m a ONLY Pearlmethyst supporter/shipper because I’ve been lately talking about the dumb stuffs I’ve found on the tags. 
But since I am a multhishipper and I, in fact, love Amedot too, I feel like I have to talk about this and I swear THIS is gonna be the last time I touch this topic in a while unless is really necessary, so I’ll say all my arguments in one post, here we go!

Pearlmethyst is NOT abusive or racist, Pearl is not canonically white-coded and they do NOT hate each other, they had their conflicts because of personal reasons in the past, and their relationship has been development in a quite amazing way, they care, protect and cheer each other, their dynamic can be great because they can be oposites in many aspects of their personalities and its a great opposites attracts example.

Amedot is NOT abusive or cracky, the reason why Peridot was so rude its because she had lived her whole life under the toxic behaviors of Homeworld. She, of course, had the mentality of someone living under that kind of environment, she’s still kinda new on earth, she’s still learning many things and thats great! Her relationship with Amethyst is developing amazingly well and honestly if they do not end together or something they’re gonna be amazing best-buds. Their relationship is more of the classic Punky-and-Nerdy and it mix really well!. 

Honestly I would pop the biggest bottles when one of ‘em finish being canon… or why not, even both!!! gotta love some poly girls yo’