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You tried Marco, you tried. 

When I think of an example of the media portraying teenaged sexuality for teenagers I think of Degrassi, where most of the teenagers were played by teenagers and they grappled with real issues like STDs, rape, teen pregnancy and birth control. 

When I think of an example of the media portraying teenaged sexuality for an adult audience I think of the sexualized GQ pics of Glee actresses dressed as their teenaged characters, which raised the justified ire of feminists and other groups. Those pictures were directly targeting adult men. The actresses were adults, but they were in a high school setting in cheer leader costumes and in locker rooms, fulfilling the fantasies of grown men for teenaged girls. 

I think there’s a big difference between those things. It makes no sense to ignore that teenagers are sexual and that they need to grapple with issues of sexuality. But it also is gross to fetishize teenaged sexuality for adults.

What Lies Beneath

Summary: Inspired by the Instagram pic of Colin wearing the palace guard costume. Emma and Killian are at a costume party at Regina’s and Emma just can’t wait to get him home and finally unbutton that collar.

Rated M for smutty goodness

Emma looked behind her to make sure no one was watching, then pushed her way through the swinging door into Regina’s kitchen. She kind of missed going on a manhunt, and that’s what this was - literally.

Tiptoeing up behind her target on her ballet-slipper clad feet, she managed not to alert him to her presence as he poured himself a tumbler of rum at the makeshift bar on the kitchen island.

Grabbing him around the waist, she said, “Gotcha!” in a loud whisper, not really wanting anyone else to hear.

But instead of a startled jump like she was expecting, he merely turned to look at her over his shoulder, smirking in amusement.

“You really think you can get the take on a pirate?” he asked, his voice a deep rumble against her chest as she pressed into his back.

She sighed in exasperation as he turned in her arms, her apparent lack of ambush skill not the only thing that was causing her frustration this evening. Her eyes glanced over his appearance appreciatively, his dark hair long and hanging over his forehead, no eyeliner making his blue eyes soft as he gazed at her. His lips and cheeks were flushed a dark pink whether from the rum or the heat of the party she couldn’t be sure, but she was certain she could find a way to help him with that.

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Mod: Stream picture from some time ago, refurbished and used as a guinea pig to see how far I can push my style of shading.

A friend of mine asked me if I play Heroes of the Storm, and to draw something from it or inspired by it. As such, here you have Cheer dressed up as Rehgar Earthfury, a shaman of the Earthen Ring or, in HOTS terms, Melee Support Brawler/Caster. With a kit that focuses on healing and disruption over direct damage, he strangely fits Cheer as well.