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My friend really loves Cullen, so every morning I text her with a few screenshots and/or pieces of fan art that I find here on Tumblr. When she wakes up and looks at her phone, it has a handful of treats to start her day off cheerfully. I think of it as “the daily Cullening” and it makes my morning a little more cheerful too.

Ways to Say I Love You

Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Word count: 2,040

Originally posted by wonhontology

You arrived back home to your empty, spacious apartment that you shared with your love, Shin Hoseok. He wasn’t home, but this was not new at all. You kicked off your shoes at the entrance and dragged yourself further into the small living room that had a stunning view onto the city. You walked over to the even smaller kitchen and put the groceries on the counter.

You decided to cook for Hoseok. You knew, he will arrive home late at night, but you wanted him to eat well. He was working extremely lot these days and you knew, if you didn’t give him food, he might as well forget to eat at all. He always kept saying that you should eat well and healthily but sometimes he needed a reminder that he has to be healthy too. You made his favorite food, ramen, which always cheered him up and warmed the both of you up. You smiled to yourself knowing, that he would eat ramen at any given chance. Sometimes you even wondered if he likes you or the food more.

You cooked in the dim light as the sun was about to set, and the motorway’s lights started to light up the bustling city. You hummed to yourself, the sweet scent of fresh vegetables already lingering around the room and soon conquering the whole apartment. The feeling of living together was still new to you, due to the fact that you were mostly alone. There were small pictures of you and Hoseok all over the house that always made you feel warmer but that couldn’t be compared to the feeling of hearing his laughter or his warm arms wrapped around your torso to hold you securely. You softly smiled to yourself as the simple thought of Hoseok made you cheer up and make you feel warm.

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Pining Oikawa:

  • Oikawa realizing his feelings for Iwaizumi at a very young age 
  • Trying his best not to let his eye wander too long on Iwa-chan when they’re changing in the locker room
  • Or let his touches linger when they’re too close
  • Not letting his jealousy show in his face, or fake cheerful voice when Iwaizumi confesses that he likes a girl 
  • Oikawa trying his best over the years to bury his feelings for Iwa-chan by dating other girls (but it doesn’t work)
  • Trying to chase away thoughts of Iwaizumi getting married in the future and pretend to be happy for him
  • Oikawa feeling guilty because all he wants is Iwaizumi for himself, but knows he can’t/shouldn’t do anything when Iwa-chan goes out on a date
  • Hiding his genuine smile when Iwaizumi makes him feel like he’s special
  • Pretending like he doesn’t enjoy when Iwaizumi jokingly hits him
  • Oikawa teasing/annoying Iwa-chan so his attentions all on him 
Back to Me - Akaashi Keiji

AN: I guess this drunk series is called Back to Me LOL. Here’s a mellow tale of cutie pie Akaashi and his reader best friend/roommate in college ~

Cheers to drunk confessions from your best friend.

WARNING: Alcohol mention!

“Dammit, Akaashi! Can you at least try to walk!?” Kuroo groaned, lugging around the delusional setter. “How are you so skinny, but still weigh a ton….”

“No!” he said, yelling right into Kenma’s ear on his other side. “I-I’m drunk! Let me be!”

“Quit yelling,” Kenma scolded.

“Hey, man, I drank, too!” Kuroo pouted. “Selfish….”

“Why am I stuck with Bokuto-san? He weighs like 200 pounds,” Kenma said.

“Oi!! Rude!” Bokuto clung to Kenma tightly. “I never see you come out to play, Kenma! Why don’t you love meeee ~”

“Shut up.”

“Am I homeeee yett ~ ?” Akaashi sang into the sky.

“Can you all relax!? It’s been like two minutes! And why are you so eager to get home now!? You were so excited to go out earlier.” Kuroo asked.

“I wanna see _____-sannnn ~”

“Eh!?” Kuroo looked at his wobbling friend with wide eyes. Kenma raised his brow in curiousity while Bokuto smirked at his words. “Why’s that?”

“They had a date today. And I wanna hear allllll about it….”

Akaashi’s words sounded encouraging and thoughtful, but neither of the boys missed how his voice softened. Kuroo felt Akaashi’s body begin to feel more relaxed, and he looked over to see his eyes drop to the ground.

Kuroo glanced over to his two friends with panic in his eyes. “Fuck, what should we do? Should we still take him home?” he mouthed.

Both of them shook their heads furiously. Kuroo nodded in agreement and started to steer away from Akaashi’s apartment slowly.

“Ok, Akaashi ~ We’re gonna head to my place instead,” Kuroo said, tightening his grip on Akaashi’s waist.

“No! I wanna go home ~”

“But our place is closer - Hey!”

Akasshi slipped out of Kuroo’s grip and ran for it, leaving the three behind. Kuroo thought about trying to stop him, but that would be too much work, and his body wasn’t willing to do so. The three boys sighed loudly and jogged to catch up with their lost friend.

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Lingerie // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader constantly wears baggy clothes but surprises Spencer when she takes it off and she’s wearing lingerie

Requested by: Anonymous

“Really? Y/N?” Morgan asked JJ as they walked together toward Rossi’s home.

“That’s what Reid said,” she replied with a grin.

“But she’s always so…covered up. I have no clue as to what her body looks like,” Morgan replied with a frown.

“And? It’s really none of your business what she looks like underneath,” JJ replied with a knowing smirk.

The reality was that you had a beautiful body but after years of nonstop catcalling you had decided that enough was enough. You opted for comfort over fashion and although you still had a lovely face, almost no one had seen what was underneath.

No one except for JJ, who you frequently spent your weekends with. And like any woman, she loved to play dress up and had shoved you into various of her own dresses if only to see you properly dressed for a moment.

“Hey guys,” you greeted from your seat on the couch. They weren’t surprised to see you lounging in an oversized sweater and baggy sweatpants- your trademark for the winter.

Spencer was seated next to you, smiling brightly as the rest of the team walked in. It was one of those days that everyone had decided to get together for dinner and drinks.

“I think we should play truth or dare,” a very drunk Emily suggested. There were cheers all around as everyone embraced the idea.

“Alright, Y/N. Truth or dare?” Emily asked with a huge grin.

“Truth,” you replied as you took another sip of wine. You weren’t nearly as intoxicated as she was and found her slurred words to be amusing.

“You’re no fun,” she pouted.

“I have one,” Morgan interrupted. “Why do you always wear baggy clothing?”

“Because men are pigs,” you replied with a laugh. The woman all cheered in agreement at your statement. Hotch smiled at the small group.

“Reid, truth or dare?” Penelope asked with a hiccup. Spencer was in a similar state to you as he barely drank anything. The two of you exchanged a look of amusement at the rest of the team. They were all drunk except for Hotch who still sat with his first beer.

“Truth,” he replied not wanting to imagine what kind of dares Morgan would think of for him. The man was still trying to get him back after Spencer had blown up his coffee in his face. How? Simple science. But Y/N and Spencer had found it to be funnier than their friend did.

“Tell us who you like,” Morgan said with a knowing smile. Spencer immediately turned to look at JJ as she shied away from his accusatory look. She was the only one who knew anything about his growing feelings for you.

“Y/N,” he finally replied after a moment of silence. The team erupted into cheers at his confession, their approval obvious as you blushed.

“Okay Y/N, truth or dare?” Emily asked again.

“Wait, isn’t it someone else’s turn?” you asked in confusion. Emily shook her head, placing a finger on your lips as she drunkenly shushed you.

“Truth or dare?” she asked once more. You frowned knowing that they would most likely try to drag some sort of confession out of you about liking Spencer. The only one who knew was Hotch and he had always kept your secret. You wouldn’t expect anything less from him.


Morgan grinned wildly and you gulped, already regretting your decision. This was not going to end well.

“I dare you to go into that room and strip off your clothes,” he said with a huge smile.

“Okay…” You replied as you stood in confusion. It didn’t seem like much of a dare. Maybe Morgan had lost his mischievous touch due to his alcohol intake.

“With Reid inside with you,” Morgan added.

Nope, there it was.

Your eyes widened at the thought of having to strip in front of Spencer. He had never seen you in anything but baggy clothing. Deep down you knew that if you wanted to have a relationship with the man, he’d have to see you eventually.

You turned to Spencer and noticed his eyes bulging out of his head at the dare. Of course, he was too innocent. 

“Come on Spence,” you said strongly, glaring at Morgan who couldn’t stop laughing. He looked startled at your agreement but nodded and followed you to the next room.

“You don’t have to do it. I’ll just tell them you did,” Spencer said as soon as you closed the door.

“No. I’ll do it,” you replied confidently. “And you’ll take a picture of it and send it to Morgan because I’ll be damned if he thinks I’m ashamed of my body.”

“Are you sure?” Reid asked as he scratched the back of his neck. “I don’t think yo-”

He immediately stopped talking as you lifted your sweater off, revealing your bare torso. He gulped as he looked at you, your breasts full in roundness  in a black lacy bra with a red bow in the middle as if you were a gift.

“Y/N…” He said softly as he took in every curve. He had no idea that you were even more beautiful beneath the clothing you wore. He had fallen in love with the conversations you held with him, with your personality. Your body was now just a plus. 

“Not done yet,” you replied as you held a finger up. You quickly threw your sweatpants off and Spencer’s eyes widened as he looked at you. You stood in front of him with matching black panties complete with garter belt and thigh high stockings.

If Spencer didn’t know better he would have thought you belonged in the centerfold of a magazine.

“Do you always wear that underneath?” He asked in astonishment. His hands itched to touch your skin as you let out a small laugh at his surprise.

“Yes I do. I have to feel pretty some way.”

“You’re always pretty.” 

You smiled as you strode over to Spencer and pulled his phone out of his shirt pocket. You opened up the camera app and handed it back to him.

“Go on. Take pictures,” you said with a cheeky smile. He grinned and did so as you posed in various ways ranging from sultry to downright goofy.

“Alright. All done,” Spencer said as he opened up his messages to send the photos to Morgan.

“Not quite,” you replied as you strode over to him and sat on his lap. His cheeks turned a red color as you wrapped one of his arms around your waist and grabbed the phone from his hand.

Spencer stared at you with a mix of confusion and lust as you leaned in and kissed him. His body reacted instantly as he wrapped his arm around you tighter while his other hand tangled into your hair as he deepened the kiss.

The two of you finally pulled away after minutes of making out, breathless and hot. He smiled as he kissed your cheek in a much more innocent manner.

“Be mine?” He asked.

“Of course,” you nodded eagerly before turning back to his phone. You clicked on a few pictures and sent them to Morgan, turning the screen to show Spencer a photo of the two of you in a heated kiss.

“I like that one,” he said with a small proud smirk. You giggled as you heard footsteps approaching, a loud knock interrupting the look the two of you shared.

“Let’s go to my place,” Spencer suggested as he placed kisses along your jawline. “Not for sex. I just want to be alone with you.”

You nodded in agreement. A night spent with Spencer was exactly what you needed. 

“Reid! You better not be having sex in Rossi’s room man,” Morgan said through the door. The two of you laughed before you redressed and opened the door. Morgan stared you up and down as his eyes tried to picture what he had seen in the photos Reid has sent.

“We’ll be going now,” Reid said with a smirk as he pulled you behind him. You chuckled as he led you out of the house, the team stopping their conversation to wolf whistle at the two of you as you noticed Morgan’s phone being passed around.

“Someone’s getting lucky tonight,” Rossi chuckled as the two of you left.

Morgan smirked as his phone was handed back to him, the photo of your makeout session on the screen.

“Kid has more game than I thought.”

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Aoyama dressing up in a cheerleader outfit and doing some shitty cheer to confess his love for his s/o

((dfjsldfskjdf he would))

Aoyama Yuuga

  • It’s hard not to laugh at him. He’s just so earnest about it even if his cheer is so bad
  • At first you think he did it on a dare, before you realize that this is 100% something he would do of his own volition
  • He asked Momo to make the outfit for him and in a moment of kindness she decreased the sparkles
  • The cheer is probably partly French, partly bad English, and only a little bit Japanese
  • Looking back, you’ve got a strong case of secondhand embarrassment, but he’ll always stand by that it was the best thing he ever did
Help me

Remus X Reader: Part 4

part1 part2 part3 

Y/N : your name

Y/L/N: your last name

Minutes seemed to seep away; the last remnants of sand began to drain from the glass grip of the hourglass. Time was up and so was her exam. Shakily, Y/N placed her quill down and sceptically scanned over her paper; it was the first exam she had completed without leaving any questions undone and not having a break down mid-way through. After all papers had been collected in, she exhaled a sigh of relief: if she had done badly, there was no way of changing what had already been done.

Apprehensively, she made her way out of the hall. In need of comfort and cheer and a confession fuelling up inside, she made her way up the stairs, towards Classroom 3C.

As she reached the foot of the stairs, she noticed that the door was already wide open. Hesitantly, Y/N stepped inside, clutching tightly onto her bag. To her astonishment, the entire classroom looked manic. Parchments and quills were strewn on the floor, tables and chairs were knocked over; the entire room was cloaked in darkness, the only flicker of light emitting was from the sunset outside. Y/N couldn’t comprehend what, why and how this scene had occurred. She crept slowly towards the front desk, eyes skimming over her professor’s untidy workload. Suddenly, a loud bang erupted from above her, making her jump out of her skin. Her eyes trailed up to find a dark silhouette, hiding behind the shadows; his demeanour rugged yet sturdy.

“What are you doing here?” spoke a monotone voice; his tone unfamiliar to Y/N- unfilled with warmth and serenity as it usually was.

“Erm… Remus?” Y/N replied cautiously, concern filling her voice as the figure began to descend down the stairs.

“Answer the question” he commanded in a stern voice, sending fearful shivers down Y/N’s spine. She seemed unable to find her words as his body started to make its way closer to her- his spiritual presence away.

“Nothing I suspect-” he cut,

“- Now if you would be so kind as to leave my office, it’s after hours.” He retorted, irritation lingering in his voice.

“- Considering you’re going to get your good grades, I guess I won’t be of much service.”  Y/N stared at him in bewilderment. ‘what is he saying?’ she thought to herself, before she began to speak.

“Remus… what do you mean? It’s me…?” she muttered silently, her breathing hitching as she spoke each word.

He scoffed quietly before he continued, “You know, I’m surprised your still keeping up the ‘innocent-student’ act. Seriously, it’s getting boring.” He paused for a moment, racking his brain of his thoughts.

“-Well, of course you wouldn’t understand the meaning behind your actions…not when you were with Professor Kettleburn, and certainly not with me.-” Y/N burrowed her eyebrows in confusion at her professors words.

“I-I-I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re trying to imply, Remus” she responded.

Professor Lupin-” he interrupted, his face motionless and eyes glaring.

“- students aren’t supposed to address teachers by their first name… it’s impolite and disrespectful.

But I suppose it’s because you’re…” he paused, eyes narrowing down at her,

“- a child. You don’t understand the meaning of respect. You only care for yourself, as children tend to do-”. he halted for a moment, before he shook out an empty, panged laugh,

“Getting intimate with a teacher in order to get a good grade: a little cliché don’t you think Y/N… even for your standards”. Y/N’s eyes began to line with tears, her face furrowed with disbelief at the professor’s word of animosity.

“.. E-Excuse me?” she choked her voice unable to penetrate through her anger.

“- is that what you think of me. A fucking slut who sleeps around with teachers to get a good grade?” she shrieked in fury at the accusation.

“Well that’s what I’ve heard” Professor Lupin replied, not making eye contact.

“What and you believe rumours spread by teenagers, do you?” she questioned him with a burning glare. He didn’t respond.

If you must know, the reason why I stayed behind with Kettleburn, wasn’t to fucking screw him.-

… it was to get help with my lessons because that’s what a person does when they’re struggling at a certain subject….because …” she explained, trying to steady her breathing before she continued

“… Because that person actually cares about what they get in their N.E.W.T’s because maybe, just maybe, they want to create a better future for themselves because they’ve endured such a shitty past.-“ she hitched, strangled cries rendering her unable to speak properly,

- B-b-because their parent’s made bad choices and now they’re locked away in Azkaban, leaving their child to fend for themselves.-

-… And as much as the child tries to cover up her horrible life and  create a positive mind-set ….she can’t.  Because guess what…-”

“… People always have to assume the worst even when she’s trying her best… including the ones she thought she loved.  So there you go…-” she broke off, tears cascading down her broken face,

“…I hope you’re satisfied.” She sputtered.

A wave of guilt and remorse washed over Professor Lupin as he began to fill with realisation. Without making eye contact at Y/N, he looked over to the window; darkness began to shadow the sky, filling the room in dimness.

“…Y/N?-” He spoke, slowly placing a hand on her arm, finally meet her gaze, but she flinched away at his touch.

Don’t…” she whispered with hurt,

Not anymore.” applying inflation on the last word. Before Professor Lupin could voice his say, Y/N leftt.

Running as fast as her legs could carry her, she made her way out the door and down towards her dormitory. Tears streamed down her face as she buried her body deep within the covers; encasing her in pain and misery. And she remained in that position for hours; oblivious to the faint cries from a werewolf not far away; its body brandished in cuts and scars… her heart wielded in the same way.

The following morning arrived with a foggy start. Y/N got up, her head heavy and face rugged. She had spent all night crying; the puffiness and dark circles under her eyes serving a friendly reminder that slumber did not pay her a visit. 

She looked at her image in the mirror and groaned in disgust; not only did she look a mess but her first lesson would be with… him. She couldn’t bear the thought of facing him in her DADA lesson. She pondered for a moment before deciding that it would be best if she did not go. Surely no one would realise her absence anyway.

“Professor Lupin, what a pleasant surprise. Shouldn’t you be resting” responded the cold voice of Professor Snape, who was covering Lupin’s lesson, due to his ill condition. Professor Lupin had clamoured though the door, his shirt askew, hair messy and fresh scars littering his face.

“Sorry to interrupt but could I please borrow Y/N” he asked, a hint of urgency in his tone.

“Unfortunately Miss Y/L/N, much like yourself, has failed to show up to her lesson at the appropriate time. She is marked absent” he muttered flatly.  ‘that’s odd, she always turns up to her Defence lessons’ Professor Lupin thought to himself, burrowing his eyebrows in concern and confusion.

“N-n-no matter…Thank you Professor” he smiled lightly before turning to leave, limping along the way to due to his injuries.

Y/N lay on the tattered bed, her back rested against the wall of the Shrieking Shack . She made no reaction, she simply stared out into the open space; cast away in her thoughts. A small creak plunged her out her minds rambling.

“I thought you’d be here-” a silken voice sounded. She shifted her gaze to meet his figure; her face emotionless.

“-This place had always served as a sanctuary to unearth all worries and troubles-” Professor Lupin continued, strolling around the open space,

“- as well as serving as a prison of isolation from normality.” He mumbled, sadness brimming in his tone, gaining Y/N’s attention, despite her cold exterior.  Professor Lupin slowly stumbled over to the wall adjacent from Y/N, his hands scanning over the scratched wooden structure.

“That night was pretty horrific-” his hand still gently stroking at the slashed wood as he spoke,

“James sustained quite a nasty gash but Sirius still managed to subdue my destruction”. He let out a pained, expressionless laugh; Y/N looked at him with confusion, her mind suddenly filled with worry and concern. He slowly turned to face her direction, his eyes filled with distress as he began to express his mind’s furtiveness.

“You know Y/N, there’s something I’ve been keeping from you, that will probably make you detest me more than you already do-” he paused, making his way over to Y/N,

“-But first… I owe you an huge apology” he drew in a long deep breath before he continued, crouching beside Y/N as he spoke,

I am so sorry Y/N… for everything. I accused you of something so unjust and ridiculous, that I rendered all sources of logical reasoning useless. I actually believed a rumour spread by 16 year-old’s about the person I cared for the most, instead of coming to you first. I’m a fool and the way I acted towards you was disgusting and completely unforgiveable. I feel so ashamed that I showed my worst side to the best thing that’s ever happened to me in a long time. I’ve already lost so many of who were dear to me and now I feel as though it’s happening again… but this time due to my own accord. Y-you know one of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter…”

“… but considering I’m about to tell you something that will put our entire relationship in jeopardy, I’m willing to throw caution at the wind-” he paused, a few tears escaping his eyes as he looked up to meet Y/N awaiting gaze,

“… I love you Y/N

…You’re the reason I wake up in the morning because seeing your face every day just makes this, ‘living’ that much more enjoyable. Your smile is absolutely intoxicating and when you laugh, by Merlin, when you laugh Y/N… I feel as though my heart’s bound to beat right out my chest because it’s so beautiful. You’re beautiful. And I know I’ve pretty much fucked things up between us, I just hope you don’t forget that because you’re everything I’ve always wanted and more. I love you Y/N and I don’t think I will ever stop. Please know that because what I’m about to tell you will change everything” He sighed in alleviation but soon anxiousness crept up inside him,

“… I’m a werewolf Y/N… That’s why I’ve been missing classes and limited my time seeing you, including last night…-

I’m so sorry.” He ended solemnly, bowing his head in disesteem.

Y/N didn’t know how to react. She sat there, gazing at the broken man who had just poured out his heart and soul. On one hand, her heart filled with glee and adoration or her professor. On the other hand, her body quaked in fear as she began to process his condition. She didn’t know what to do.

Swiftly, Professor Lupin brushed his hand on top of Y/N’s and placed a loving kiss; Y/N felt as though all the misery and pain that lingered within her suddenly evaporated out her system, simply leaving her filled with warmth and…. Love.

Languidly, Professor Lupin got up from his position and, glumly, started to make his way to the door. Without warning, he suddenly felt himself loose balance but managed to position himself, as a pair of arms lightly wrapped around his torso. And that’s when he finally heard her speak,

I love you too, Professor Lupin” she sobbed into his shirt, dampening the material. He curved slowly to face her, his hands stationed at her side.

“W-w-what” he stammered, before Y/N giggled silently at his expression,

“I love you too …Remus” she countered, making Professor Lupin laugh in the process. She inched closer towards him and pecked a gentle kiss across his jaw.

“I want you and only you. Nothing else is relevant to me” she spoke before Lupin interrupted,

“- but what about my condition, I mean don’t you mi-” but she quickly hushed him by placing her hands over his mouth.

“I don’t care about that. I want you, Remus John Lupin… and that includes everything that comes with being with you.” she countered as she began to intertwine her arms around his neck, bringing him in for a long- awaited kiss.  

You’re amazing” Professor Lupin proclaimed, pulling away from her slightly,

“And you’re still stupid” she replied giggling. Professor Lupin smiled down at her in adoration, before he pulled her back in for a more intimate and prolonged kiss. And in that moment, their minds settled to an agreement; they were to spend the rest of their lives devoted to one another; conjuring up different ways to make the other happy; until their dying breath… forever and eternity, as one.


warning: implied SMUT 

Pitiful wisps of cloud drifted lazily across the bright February sky, its small candyfloss-like tufts waltzing gently above the archaic edifice of Hogwarts. The mellow rays of the dying winter sun shone brightly through the windows of Defence class.

“….their high pitch cackles are particularly entrancing to children, and they use this to lure them away from their guardians to eat them.-” Professor Lupin explained to his class of Fourth Years, who all gazed at their professor with intrigue. Abruptly, they were soon retracted from their wonderment of the fascinating properties of an Erkling, by Professor Lupin’s instructions;

“Now, if you’d please turn to page 200 of your textbooks, you’ll find a whole detailed account of an Erkling. What I’d like you from you please, is a two sided roll of parchment on the properties of an Erkling and what differentiates them from a gnome. You have 45 minutes, talking will not be required so … silence please.” He ended and made his way to his desk whilst the class settled into silence; the only sound emitting from the students were the scratches of quills and shuffling of parchment.

Professor Lupin sat at his desk, eyes scanning over his mount of marking and paperwork, huffing in annoyance. His eyes were then drawn to the diamond earring that lay askew from beside his ink pot. His mouth began to mould into a grin as his mind began to reminisce the ‘celebratory study session’ he had with Y/N the previous evening to commemorate passing her exams. The earring now served as a mere memorabilia of the intense pride and impassioned felicitations shared between the two; leaving poor Professor Lupin’s grinning widely; his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

His attention soon became directed elsewhere; from the corner of his eye a small parchment glided through the room, landing swiftly on top of the clutter. Professor Lupin eyed the material with suspicion before reading. His eyes scanned the note:

“Professor Lupin,
There is some help required on the seventh floor and we are in need of your assistance…

Professor Lupin looked around sceptically: it was odd that the note had not come signed or addressed, neither was it stamped with the Hogwarts crest. Cautiously he got up from his seat, pre-warned his class to have their work completed for when he arrived, and slithered out the door making his way towards the seventh floor.

When he arrived, there was not a person in sight. He looked down at the parchment again, going over it; it had clearly said ‘the seventh floor’, then where on earth is th- Professor Lupin was suddenly cut off from his thoughts as a fairly large door began to configure from within the wall he was currently standing opposite from. The door creaked slightly whilst opening; Professor Lupin looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was nearby but suddenly, a fairly strong force grasped him inside, whilst the door began to conceal itself again, hidden away from any peering bodies.

 “WHAT IN MERLIN’S NAME?! Y/N! You scared m-” Lupin began to exclaim, flailing his arms like a panicked turtle.

“Shhhh-” Y/N hushed softly, her hands clasping his mouth.

“It’s okay… it’s just me” she cooed gently, her warmth breaths tingling his skin.

After he’d calmed, she started to back away slightly, leaving Professor Lupin speechless as he flashed over Y/N’s body; her meagre frame was draped in a flimsy silk slip-on dress, exposing most of her flesh, quickening her professors breaths. She smiled in satisfaction as he suddenly became rigid in composure at the sight of her. Silence shifted after a couple moments as Professor Lupin began to speak, his voice low and rough;

“You know, members of staff address each other by first name, even by note-” he chuckled lightly before continuing,

“- rendering you the only culprit who sent this subliminal note?” he asked cocking an eyebrow, slipping closer towards Y/N.

Guilty” she replied in a seductive, faint tone.

“So I’m right in guessing that my assistance is not required for any help…?” he mewled, closing the small gap between; his warmth breaths caressing her exposed flesh.

“Well, not exactly…” Y/N responded without meeting his gaze, hands tugging slightly on his tie. Professor Lupin eyed her quizzically before he continued,

“Then please enlighten me Y/N… what is it that you need?” he whispered, barely inaudible, his arm began to spiral around her waist, his touch needy yet gentle, making Y/N weak in the knees. Her eyes suddenly snapped up to meet his intense gaze, her eyes lined with lust and impatience.

“…. You” she finally replied, crashing her lips onto him with force. He reacted without thought as his lips moved in the same rhythm as Y/N, deepening in pressure as they turned and moaned in pleasure; each kiss radiating excitement, passion and need for more.

“W-w-wait, wait … Y/N I have class” Professor Lupin mumbled against Y/N’s lips.

“… Your point” Y/N whispered in response and carried on peppering kisses against his skin.

“I have to get back in half an hour” he continued breathlessly until he met Y/N’s smug smirk; he rolled his eyes in agitation,

Fuck it.” he remarked before he attached his lips on her neck, kissing her senseless. He backed her up against a desk before grabbing her from behind the legs and placing her on top; her legs wrapped around his body in response whilst he kept a firm grip on them, edging his body closer to her touch. Y/N helplessly tried to strip him of his tie but it wouldn’t move, until Remus yanked it off along with his shirt; Y/N following suit. Their lips found one another and they resumed to their previous motions, it wasn’t until a low, barely audible moan leaving Y/N’s mouth, Remus slipped carelessly into copulation: minds retracting… but bodies becoming one.

Professor Lupin strolled into his class, 25 minutes later, his expression confident as he sat down behind his desk, his head buried in his work, in order to conceal the remnants of Y/N’s affection around his collar.

“Where did you go, Sir” questioned a small fourth year. Professor Lupin looked up, his expression relaxed,,

“A student needed my help …and I obliged” he responded; resuming to grin from behind his work, like an idiot. An idiot… who was so very deeply in love

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Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i loved writing it!

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I had a tonsillectomy and I was holding a mini-Bokushi in hand. The first thing I said after it's done (still half-conscious and holy it hurt like hell) was "Sei" and kept repeating until the nurse gave me my mini Bokushi. I only remembered after waking up again and the nurse asked me who is Sei

OMG YOU PRECIOUS THING…!!  ( ´□`)♡  This story melts and tickles my heart at the same time. How long ago was this? Hope you’re all healthy and pain-free now! BUT AAH SO CUTE! LOL “who is Sei” what did you answer? We’re all curious now how does this mini Bokushi look like? Send us a pic ;) 

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“I hope Kdrama fans in general are aware that schools in Korea is not cool and glamorous in real life like they are in Kdramas. The students are actually stressed out from always having to study, and they don’t have much time for fun. I know there are Kdrama fans who are aware of this, but in general, many seem to think that Korean schools are glamorous than for example, American schools when it really is not.”