cheer collage


Just some Jesse and guns for ya 😘😘😘 and yes I did screen shot some of @linsteadandchicagopdarelife gun collage bc really she makes the best collages and I just try my best 🙊😂😂 and no I’m really not sorry if people got cropped out of the pics. Just saying…. 😂😂😂

More “Jesse and …” collages coming soon😘 but for now I’m off to do a little writing 😁




A collage to cheer away the MONDAY BLUES …

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A selection of some quick very small paper cut fruit collages I made a while ago - had lots of fun doing these, when I get a chance to make more it’d be great to get them on my online shop or something. 

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Happy birthday to wonderful Viria from Russian demigods!

Дорогая Вика! Мы, твои преданные и любящие фанаты, хотим от всей души поздравить тебя с Днем Рождения! Желаем тебе никогда не страдать от арт-блоков, не отпускать вдохновения, всю жизнь иметь хороших друзей рядом! Пусть прекрасные аниме, манги, книги и сериалы продолжат радовать тебя и никогда не закончатся! Яркого мультифандомного лета и чудесного праздника! С любовью, фанаты :)

Dear Vika! We, your loyal and loving fans, want to wish you a Happy Birthday with all our hearts! We wish you to never suffer from art-blocks, never let the inspiration go and always have good friends beside you! May all the glorious anime, manga, books and TV-shows make you happy and never end! Have a bright multifandom summer and an amazing celebration! Lots of love, fans :)


Viria, I think you already know that your fans love you. Well, here we’ve got some proof. No backsies :D

You’re such an amazing person that sometimes it seems a miracle that you even exist. Have a wonderful celebration and awesome time!


Fans :)


Collage by Yuliya Vorozheikina. 

Terrible years
let them do their worst.
Passing shadows staining
brilliant sunshine.
Slip out of those shoes
and let your hair down.
Look inside your fortitude,
there’s a great rhinoceros
whispering “fuck defeat”
through wildly cheering multitudes