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“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

is there a cheer captain/quarterback au for zimbits yet? like, former gymnast eric Bittle joins cheer team bc it’s close enough and ends up the only guy AND gets voted captain. Jack zimmermann, quarterback of the football team, thinks the cheerleaders (and marching band lol) are a frivolous distraction from the game…until he’s benched for a game and really watches bittle…

OR Jack’s the cheerleader who thinks cheer should be taken more seriously at sporting games and B is the football player who loves the cheer girls but thinks JZ needs to take a chill pill

Firecracker [a.a]

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Title: Firecracker
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Archie Andrews x River Vixen!reader, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Cheryl Blossom, Reggie Mantle, Kevin Keller, Jughead Jones
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,629 
Requested: Yes, by anonymous
Short Description: You, a river vixen and Archie’s girlfriend, never fail to make Archie smile; or blush for that matter. The two of you are a sophomore power couple at Riverdale, Archie as quarterback of the football team and you as Cheryl Blossom’s successor as cheer captain when she graduates.
A/N: Archie’s nickname for you is firecracker bc you’re a total babe. Also, I absolutely live for writing River vixen!reader fics. Seriously.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

Being a Riverdale Vixen habitually put you at the top of the Riverdale High School social scheme. But for you, it just meant that you could let loose as you cheered on your football star boyfriend, Archie Andrews. You and Archie had been together for over a year, and you loved being a River Vixen. Cheerleading had always been up your alley. You had a fiery, sassy attitude, which earned you the nickname that Archie gave you: firecracker. Only Archie ever called you that, and you thought he was beyond sweet for giving it to you.

“Y/N!” the harmonious voice of Cheryl Blossom, the senior captain of the River Vixens, acknowledged you as you stood at your locker. You glanced over at her, seeing the beautiful redhead smiling an authentic smile at you. A lot of people thought that Cheryl Blossom was cold-hearted and malicious, but you had known her since your Freshman year at Riverdale, and you had always gotten along well with her. 

“Hey Cheryl,” you greeted, closing your locker and leaning against it with a beam. “What’s up?”

“Don’t forget that we have a mandatory River Vixens practice after school before the game tonight,” Cheryl reminded you as you both began strolling in the direction of the student lounge. “I mean, I didn’t think that you would, but better safe than sorry.” She inserted and you nodded your head.

“Of course, captain,” you laughed, teasing her. “I’ll make sure B and V get there too,” you assured Cheryl before parting ways as you entered the student lounge. Betty, Veronica and Kevin were all sat together on the sofa chairs, chatting amongst themselves as Kevin finished his homework at the last minute. “Good morning Vixens,” you saluted them, taking a seat next to Betty with a grin. “Cheryl just reminded me that we have practice after school before the game tonight, so be there.” You added, and Betty and Veronica both expressed their anticipation for the game that evening.

Two hands covered your eyes, and you heard Betty and Veronica giggling quietly to themselves. “Jughead, I already told you, not at school,” you joked, knowing that it was Archie as you covered his hands with yours and pulled them away from your face. You turned and laughed, seeing Archie smiling at you, dressed in his varsity jacket, as per usual. Jughead stood behind him with a smirk.

“Oh Y/N, you’ve revealed our affair.” He joked, nudging you with his elbow as he passed before taking a seat next to Veronica. “However will I satisfy my need for pep now?” Jughead added – making fun of your status as a cheerleader, and the slogan of your hometown – and you got up to greet Archie with a kiss.

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JYP Groups as Types of Siblings

Wonder Girls

  • Oldest, late 20s
  • Already married and has a couple of kids
  • Wine mom AND vodka aunt 
  • Family oriented, but calls only once a week
  • Was extremely popular in school 
  • Probably was the cheer captain 
  • Used to smoke but blamed it on 2pm
  • Laidback and super cool
  • Has a Wonder Woman sticker on the back of her mini van
  • Values education 
  • Still the life of the party
  • Hotter than you will ever be 


  • Older, popular twin, mid 20’s
  • Had a fuckboy phase
  • Now is now a gentleman
  • Has a kid who lives with his ex
  • Used to be Got7’s role model during the fuckboy phase
  • “Boys have swag, men have class”
  • Still lives at home, but is only there to sleep and eat
  • Loving older brother, but teases a LOT
  • Can probably bench press over 200lbs
  • Enlisted in the army
  • Is somehow involved in politics and business???
  • Plays Pokemon in his underwear in the living room


  • Younger, forgotten twin, mid 20’s
  • Sentimental, cries a lot
  • Wears glasses and often has them stolen by the others
  • Collects pop figures
  • Moved out years ago and no one noticed
  • Wanted his own birthday party instead of sharing with 2pm when they were kids
  • Awkward
  • Tired and done
  • Never comes home, only calls during special events
  • The “you’re adopted” sibling
  • Used to be just as crazy back in the day before reality hit him hard
  • The only one who knows how to do taxes

Miss A

  • Early 20’s
  • Doesn’t remember name of all her siblings
  • Dramatic as hell
  • Used to be a bitch
  • Moved away for college and never came back
  • Calls regularly, but is in different places every time; Shanghai one day, Jamaica the next 
  • Stone cold resting bitch face
  • Probably catfished a sugar daddy on social media before
  • All business no play
  • Used to be a theater kid
  • “I’m finding myself”
  • Smells like a walking cashmere candle


  • Late teens
  • “skate fast, eat ass”
  • Dropped himself as a baby somehow
  • Says “yolo”, “swag”, and “dude” in his daily vocabulary
  • Immature but loveable
  • Is lowkey deep
  • Got a tattoo when he was 16 and now regrets it
  • Gets all the girls
  • Class clown in school
  • Made it into an ivy league school on a sports scholarship
  • Tries to act tough but is actually a cutie pie
  • World’s best uncle


  • Mid teens
  • Is highkey emo
  • Girlfriend broke up with him in 4th grade and he hasn’t been the same since
  • Writes poetry and always wears beanies and hoodies
  • All the genius genes went to him
  • Could get as many girls as GOT7, but is too shy
  • Discusses social issues and ways to solve them with justice during family dinner
  • Knows every internet meme and what’s trending at all time
  • The sweetest of sweethearts; protects Twice from boys
  • Is Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr famous
  • Does daily vlogs
  • Gifted in every way possible


  • Early teens
  • The family favorite
  • Softest, protect her at all costs
  • Likes making arts and crafts for her family
  • Loves hugs and kisses
  • Cannot go to sleep without hugging something or someone 
  • A little ditzy, clumsy, and sometimes annoying
  • Still has all her stuffed animals, barbies, and legos from when she was smaller
  • Gets bullied at school, but fights back “with love”
  • Doesn’t know she’s gay yet, but everyone else knows
  • Role model is Beyonce, but used to crush on Justin Bieber
  • A child prodigy and a future legend

Stray Kids

  • Tweens
  • Edgy™
  • “Fuck you, dad! I’m going to live with mom!”
  • Is the actual incarnation of Damian Wayne
  • Can’t watch horror movies
  • Broke his leg once while riding a ripstick
  • Angst at an early age
  • Wears sunglasses indoors
  • Listens to both rock music and classical music
  • Misunderstood and needs a hug
  • Gets into fights with internet trolls on Minecraft
  • Actually overwhelmed by life and needs urgent help
  • Gets babied and likes it but will not admit it 

She’s Cheer Captain & I’m on the Bleachers

Sunshine.  The smell of grass and the feel of it under her shoes.  Cheers and screams from the bleachers.  She certainly didn’t have this on The Isle.  The whistle blew, and Mal came to a stop, tugging her helmet off and letting the waves of purple come spilling out.  The screams only seemed to get louder when she did so, and half of them sounded like they were coming from the cheerleaders on the sidelines.  Jay jogged over to her, losing his helmet as well and letting his equally luscious locks flow free too.  More screaming.

“You wanna be the one to tell them practice is over?” he teased, elbowing Mal and pointing at the cheerleaders.

“Not only no, but heck no,” Mal walked with him to the center of the Tourney field.

Number 59 and Number 8 strolled idly across the ground to the tune of Auradon Prep’s shouts.  Jay was right, it was only practice, not an actual game, but the bleachers had seen more and more company on practice days ever since Mal became team captain.

“…What is she doing here?” Mal questioned, coming to a stop and tugging Jay to one by his sleeve.

“Head cheerleader?  Kind of her job to be here,” Jay flashed a grin as he waved at said cheerleaders.

“Not Audrey, genius.  But by all means, feel free to always remind me when my ex is hanging around.  I meant her,” Mal pointed into the bleachers with her Tourney stick.

Jay peered into the crowd, spotting the familiar face of Dopey’s kid and his chemistry partner sitting beside him.

“Evie?  Huh.  Good question.”

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I’ll keep the souvenir inside, 
It’s just better in my mind.

I’m bored so here’s a Voltron High School AU

(Contains Shallura, Shunk, and Klance and they/them pronouns for Pidge)

  •  Shiro and Allura are seniors
  •  Hunk, Lance, and Keith are Juniors
  •  Pidge is a Sophmore (they skipped a grade)
  •  Keith is the kid who blasts MCR through his headphones
  •    - Teacher: I can hear your music
  •    - Keith: *turns it up*
  •    - Keith: CAN YOU HEAR IT NOW?
  •  Pidge consumes their weight in coffee everyday 
  •  Coran is the kooky chemistry teacher who loves setting everything on fire
  •    - He’s set off the fire alarm far to many times for it to be on accident
  •  Lance came to school one day wearing bisexual everything
  •    - Bi tank top, bracelets, the whole shebang
  •    - that’s how he came out
  •  The Voltron crew has a groupchat that’s lit™
  •    - Their names are all something weird
  •       - Keith is kogayne, Allura is Princess Murder, Pidge is Pidgeon, Lance is Lancelot, Shiro is spacedad, Hunk is HunkieMunkie
  •  Keith and Lance are on the swim team
  •    - They’re constantly having stupid “swim-offs”
  •       - Lance: *finishes a lap*
  •       - Lance and Keith: WHAT’S THE TIME WHAT’S THE TIME
  •       - Hunk: *almost shits himself* uh, 50.6
  •  Shiro being the QB and Allura being the cheer captain
  •    - Allura having a crush on him and scaring the shit out of every cheerleader who touches him for just a little too long
  •    - Shiro being oblivious
  •  Lance and Hunk being partners in every class even though every teacher knows those two should never be paired up
  • Hunk and Shay being the school’s power couple
  • Shay is loved by all
  • Allura is queen
  • Shiro shows up to school one day with Starbucks wearing pajamas
  •    - No one questions it
  •    - It was finals week
  •    - He also flipped off a teacher
  • Lance pulling stupid pranks on people just for everyday grudges
  • Keith writing “Welcome to Hell” on the back to school banner hanging in the hall on the first day back from school
  • Hunk seemingly always has food no matter what time of day it is
  • Pidge flipping off freshmen
  • Everyone tired of Keith and Lance’s pining
  •   - Even the teachers can’t stand it anymore
  •      - One day Haggar sees them sitting next to each other and just yells “KISS!”
  • Keith accidentally catching the boy’s bathroom on fire trying to trigger the fire alarm so he could go home early
  • A girl hitting on Keith won’t take a hint so he just yells “I’M GAY” in her face
  • Shiro and Allura graduating as legends
  • Shay wanting to spread good vibes so she just brings a shit ton of flower crowns to school and starts putting them on random people’s heads
  •    - Hunk and Allura helping her
  • Freshmen worshiping Allura
  •    - Freshmen worshiping Shay
  •       - They make a combined club for the two
  • I’ll probably add more later
Cheer Up Post #5409 - Leonard Snart Edition

For the anon requesting the character Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) from the DC Universe, here you go!

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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geek-of-baker-street  asked:

Building off of high school au. Bad boy Viktor sitting in a pep rally and the football cheerleaders come on, and he's like, great like I want to see this and the cheerleaders have a routine to 'Hips Don't Lie' by Shakira, and who ends up being lead? Yep, cheer captain Yuri. Viktor looks around for him, but doesn't recognize him until they have to work together on a project, and he sees this shy, nerdy boy who ends up falling for. The two get together and get caught kissing behind the bleachers.

👌 👌 👌 👌 👌

Hello, all you wonderful people! As you may know, I’ve been working with @kianamaiart on a new comics pitch that’s a combination of magical girls and cheerleading, called Sunshine Cheer Squad Go! I’ve already shared some of Kiana’s amazing concept art, and now I thought I’d give you a little info about our characters!

First up is Summer Watanabe, perpetually peppy go-getter girl and captain of the squad! Summer’s mission in life is to make people happy—not by ignoring or denying the bad things that happen to them, but by overcoming and accepting them. Summer is an optimist, but not a Pollyanna—she knows that being happy takes work, and time, and isn’t just a matter of smiling all the time. When Summer finds out that her high school doesn’t have a cheerleading team, she makes it her mission to start one—but she has no idea that her squad will also be Earth’s only defense against the Void Queen and her sinister minions! On the team, Summer is the cheer captain, coordinating and calling out their cheers. As a magical girl, she has sonic powers: she can shout loud enough to shatter glass, or disorient and topple monsters.

Follow @tedlyanderson and @kianamaiart for more info on this project!