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cheering on bestfriend!daehwi from the states(?) | requested | APPARENKTY IM GOING CAMPING TODAY so i’ll be back to work on the rest of the requests on sunday sorry for the inconvenience:((

Imagine #50

Imagine you are best friends with Draco but pansy is trying to take him away from you

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Crutches-Derek Hale Imagine

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Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word Count: 940

Warnings: Just Derek acting all cute :*

A/N: Just something I came up with the other day. I had som much fun writing this and I think it turned out really cute :D Enjoy!

“Please coach it looks so fun” Y/N pleaded as she watched the lacrosseteam practise. Stiles caught the ball and threw it to Scott, who scored. Their team cheered while the two bestfriends high-fived. 

“Y/N, you’re supposed to be my assistant. Not run around with some sweaty boys on the field.” Coach Finstock replied.

 "Please, just this one time. I haven’t played in years" She begged. Coach sighed before he shook his head. 

“Just this once” he said. 

“Thank you coach” Y/N smiled, jumping in excitement. 

“Yeah, yeah” Finstock muttered before he blew the whistle. The boys all stopped and turned towards them. 

“Y/N will be on Danny’s team” He shouted. Y/N took a helmet and a lacrosse stick before she walked over the field.

 "Wecome to the team" Danny grinned, high-fiving her. 

“Thank you” she said, while she looked at the others. Coach blew the whistle again and the game began. 

The other team passed the ball between eachother and they were aiming for the goal. Y/N sprinted towards the boy with the ball just as he was throwing it to his teammate. She jumped between the two of them and caught the ball as it flew through the air. Her team cheered as she ran towards the opposite side of the field. Her eyes were glued on the goal. The other team was right behind her and suddenly one of them was in front of her. 

“Danny” Y/N shouted just as she passed him the ball. He managed to catch it before the other team did. Danny ran towards the goal and scored. Everyone on their team cheered while the others groaned.

 "That was awesome Y/N. Where did you learn to play like that?“ Liam asked, looking at her in awe. 

"I was captain back at my old school” she said with a smile.

The game continued. Scott caught the ball and headed towards the goal. Y/N ran in front of the guy that Scott was throwing the ball to and she once again catched it. She started running the other way when she was tackled roughly to the ground by one of the guys. 

She screamed in surprise as the boy landed on top of her. Everyone stopped running and came up to the two of them. Y/N could hear coach shouthing in the background. The boy crawled off her and sat up. 

“I’m sorry Y/N are you okay?” He asked, as he rubbed his elbow. He was bleeding from his mouth and his knee. Y/N shook her head.

 "I don’t know I-“ she cried out in pain, her leg burned as she tried to sit up. 

"I think my leg is broken” she said. Tears were forming in her eyes from the pain she felt. 

“Get out of my way” Coach screamed as he pushed past the group of boys. He kneeled down next to her. 

“Are you hurt?” He asked, eyeing her.

“I think my leg is broken” she told him. 

“Can someone please hep me lift her up” Coach demanded. Scott rushed over to her.

“I’ll help” he said as the coach and him helped Y/N sit up. 

“I’ll go get my jeep” Stiles said before he ran off. 


“Y/N!” Derek rushed into the hospitalroom his eyes filled with worry. 

“Derek” Y/N said surprised. 

“Scott told me you were at the hospital so I drove here as fast as I could” He said, walking over to her bed.

 "You’re so sweet" she smiled. 

“What happened?” Her boyfriend asked, taking her hand. 

“I wanted to play lacrosse with the boys” she admitted shyly, looking down at the sheets. “And I was running towards the goal when one of the guys tackled me” Derek growled at her words. 

“I’ll kill that son of a-”

"Derek” Y/N interuppted. “It was an accident" 

"I still want to punch him for doing this to you” He huffed as he looked at her leg, which was in a cast. 

“I’ll be fine. I just need to jump around on those for a few months” she told him and pointed towards the crutches next to the chair. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you Y/N” Derek said, gently brushing his fingers over her cheek. “Always" 


"I’ll do it” Derek said when he saw Y/N reaching towards the blanket. He grabbed it and placed it over her. Derek had brought her home and he had been really sweet the whole afternoon. He had made her dinner and helped her with the laundry and the cleaning, he even washed the dishes.

Y/N found it really cute of him to help, but she was starting to get tired of it. Derek followed her everywhere and he kept an eye on her all the time. She undersood that he meant well, but it was getting kind of annoying.

“Thanks” Y/N said. 

“Something else you need? Water? Some food? Books?” He asked. 

“I’m fine Derek, honestly”

“But I said I’d take care of you” He said, while he took a seat next to her.

“I know, and you are taking care of me. You’ve helped me all day.” Y/N smiled. 

“Just relax for a moment, and watch this movie with me” She begged. 

“But you’re hurt. How could I relax?” He whispered.

“I’m going to be fine, I promise” Derek sighed. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I love you. And I’m still mad at that boy.” Y/N chuckled. 

“I forgive you” she smiled before she kissed him.

“Just promise that you won’t play anymore lacrosse”


You belong with me / Neymar Jr. / Requested

“Yeah! I’ll be going.” I replied to Neymar’s text while I was reading my Literature book for my Finals essay. I immediately changed into my Barca shirt, with Neymar’s name on it, it’s been awhile since I’ve watched his games as I’m too busy with work and school.

I heard my phone ring, and it was Neymar. “Ola! I’m already here in front of your house.” He said, and I looked at the window and he was right, he’s already here. I grabbed my purse, and my phone, and a jacket. “What the! You’ve only invited me last minute?!” I’ve asked.

“No! I was supposed to invite you an hour ago, but I had a fight with Bru an hour ago.” He said, chuckling, I ended the call without saying goodbye, and closed the doors of my flat. I ran towards his car, and opened the door. “Shot gun!” I shouted, and immediately sat, wearing my glasses after sitting down.

He weirdly look at me, and pinched my cheek. “Ouch!” I exclaimed, rolling my eyes at him, and pinched him on his arm.

“Ouch! Do you want me to be injured, this is a precious arm.” He said, trying to be serious but fails because he’s not really good in controlling his laugh.

“I think those arms are not the ones who’ll play, right? Hala! Drive, you’re already late.” I said, and turned on his stereo, and connected my phone playing our favorite songs we always listen to whenever we play football in Brazil. “Oh, I remember. Won’t Bruna be watching?” I asked, putting my hair into a messy bun.

He slowed down, and turned to the alley entering FC Barcelona’s players parking area. “We’re here.” He blankly said, and took his bag with him. I looked at him, and immediately went down the car. “Oi! Neymar, what happened between you two?” I said, walking faster than I should be.

“Shh.” He said, briskly walking. We’ve entered the a hallway, and the guard didn’t allow me to go inside, but Neymar smirked. “Markie, she’s with me.” He said, and walked slowly to let me catch up. I weirdly looked at him, and followed him to the viewing room, and I can see a lot of people filling up the seats.

“Wow. There’s a lot of people in here.” I said, and Neymar just chuckled. I looked at him, and he was so serious. “What’s wrong with you, Juninho?” I asked, resting my arms on his shoulders tip toeing to reach his shoulders.

“Neymar! Change already, kick off is 15 minutes away.” The coaching staff said, he nodded and smiled. Neymar handed me my tickets, and a staff leading me the way to the front seats, I didn’t know he got me tickets for the front seats, I saw Rafa, and Bruna with an extra seat in the middle. “Hi, Y/N! Oh, I’m so glad to see you.” Rafa said, and sat beside her. “Hi, Bru.” I said, and smiled. But she just raised her eyebrows at me.

After a few minutes, the kick off started, and I’m so thrilled to watch it live. I know I don’t stand out between the two gorgeous girls beside me with what I am wearing right now, but I’m in the games, watching, and cheering for my bestfriend. “Come on, ref!” I said, as he didn’t call a foul.

The game ended, and Barca won. Neymar pulled me in the pitch, and I was confused pulling him back as I’m thinking he grabbed the wrong arm. “W-wait, Ney. I think you’ve got the wrong girl.” I told him, but he was just pulling me, without even paying attention at me.

I looked back at the bench where we were sitting and Bruna looks so shock about what’s happening, whilst Rafa was trying to control her giggle upon seeing me pulled by her brother. “Oi! Neymar! What’s you problem?!” I said, shouting, but he still didn’t look at me. “Ah! You don’t want to talk to me?” I said, and pinched his but cheek.

“Ouch, Y/N! What are you doing?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Well, you’re not talking to me you crazy ass!” I said, as we were already in the middle of the pitch, and the crowd stopped moving out the stadium. I looked weird trying to figure out what is going on, is this a prank Neymar has been planning since, or what.

He looked at me chuckling. “I know this is weird, I know some will think that I’m this douchebag, but come on. I can’t let go of the girl that I’ve secretly been loving ever since we were kids, and now I’ve realized that true love is right just in front of me.” Neymar said, as he was looking right into my eyes.

“NEYMAR! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Bruna said, looking pissed while shooting her phone in her bag. Neymar raised his index finger, to let her keep quiet, but she just walked out.

Neymar looked at me and sweetly smiled. “Ney, yeah. What do you think you’re doing?” I whispered. He walked closer to me and whispered. “I’m confessing my love to my best friend.” He said.

“Seeing you watch me, wearing my number on your shirt, following closely, and recklessly cheering for me on the side lines, it means a lot to me. I don’t know if I’m just stupid to not see you as the person who truly loves the game, and truly loves me. I’m so sick, and tired seeing a girl who doesn’t support me. But you, you were always there, you’ve always cheered me up whenever I had losing games, you’ve always cheered me up whenever we have winning games, and that’s the girl I would want to be with me, Y/N. And that was you. I love you, Y/N. Ever since, I love you, I’m so sorry I’m so stupid that I’ve confessed this long.” He said, and my tears just started to flow down my cheeks.

“Ney, um, oh my. I feel the same way, ever since I felt that same way. I love you too.” I said, and he kissed me on my lips carrying me while kissing me passionately, it feels like the butterflies multiplied in my stomach. I haven’t felt this way.

“You belong with me, Y/N.” Neymar whispered, and kissed me passionately

Imagine #72

Imagine Draco is really excited when he talks to you, but he gets a little too excited, and Lucius notices and tells him to calm down

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The signs cheering up their bestfriend
  • Aries: "cookies??? no... cat pictures??"
  • Taurus: Just sleep it off, then I will bring you food
  • Gemini: *writes them a story about their friendship and is all super cute*
  • Cancer: *hugs* "I love you, cheer up"
  • Leo: "you're gunna make me sad bro, cheer up, you're perfect"
  • Virgo: "Stop being a little bitch man up bro.... oh did I make it worse?"
  • Libra: "We can hang out? Wanna play a game? watch a movie? what do you wanna do?"
  • Scorpio: "Oh dude, you'll be okay *give icecream* eat up"
  • Sagittarius: "You need something to take your mind off it... Let's go camping, have some fun!"
  • Capricorn: "awwwwww, cheer up, please"
  • Aquarius: *tells them relatable story that happened to them*
  • Pisces: *send them inspirational quotes and stuff*

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Can I get a seth rollins imagine where I'm a really popular diva and I'm completely against the authority but seth and I have a love-hate relationship going on that all the fans love to watch and the authority and my management always take advantage of it to get more fans on either side, and one day the authority abuses the relationship too far and I get pissed at seth because he let them do it and I storm out of the ring and he follows me and it ends happily somehow, thanks!!

“The authority doesn’t care the fans!! They never have, and they never will,” I told the WWE Universe as I stood in the middle of the ring. I was about to say more, but then a certain someone’s theme music started to play.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N,” Seth Rollins said as h made his way down the ramp and into the ring. “Don’t you know that you’re feeding these people lies?”

“Oh, am I?”

“Yes, you are. Ya see doll,” Rollins said making me glare at him, “The Authority does care about the fans. We listen to them, and then we give tm what they want.”

“You’re kidding me, right Seth? The Authority doesn’t care about the fans or you! You’re just their puppet,” I yelled in Seth’s face. Then he put his index finger to my lips.

“Y/N, shh,” he said, smirk on his face. “You know, you’re so cute when you’re angry.”

“And you’re so cute when Ambrose is kicking your ass.”

After I said that, the fans cheered and my bestfriend Dean Ambrose crawled from underneath the ring and quickly jumped on the two-toned Superstar. He kicked Seth to the floor and started to punch the hell out of him. But Seth was able to get away from Dean and, instead of fighting back, he ran away. I raised my fist in victory, and the crowd chanted my name.

After Raw went off the air, Triple H called me into his office. I walked in there and saw my manager, Triple H, Stephanie and Seth Rollins all sitting down in that one small room.

“What’s up, Trips,” I asked as I closed the door. I looked over at Seth and smiled at him. Of course, him being my real life, long time boyfriend, he smiled back.

“What did I tell you about calling me that,” Hunter asked, clearly annoyed. I jut jokingly put my hands up in defense, making Stephanie chuckle. “Steph.”

“Sorry, Trips,” she said laughing again.

Triple H groaned. “Y/N, please take a seat.”

“What do you guys want to talk about now,” I asked Hunter and my manager as I sat on Seth’s lap. That was my kind of seat.

 ”Hey, sweetie,” he said kissing my neck.

“Hey yourself. You took that beating from Ambrose nicely.”

“I always do.”

“Are you two done,” Trips asked. Seth and I just nodded our heads…but we were trying to hold back some giggles. “Good. Now, Y/N, your manager and I have been talking, and we think that we should add something else to the love/hate relationship that you and Seth have.”

“Like what," I wanted to know.

"Don’t know. We’re actually kind of thinking of something like Seth had a girlfriend while you ‘date’ Ambrose-”

“Hunter, Y/N and I are dating in real life,” Seth cut our boss off, “I thought that was easy to see.”

“Yeah, H. We don’t want to fake date people,” I added.

“Well we need to think of something to get you two more fans,” Hunter almost shouted. “Your manger thinks the ‘fake dating is a good idea.”

“That’s right, Y/N,” my manager said in that stupid, shrimpy voice of his that I hate. “We think it’s a great idea." "Well, I think it’s a stupid idea,” I retorted, standing up. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go to the hotel so I can get some sleep.” I left the office, leaving everyone in a little shocked and went to my hotel room so I could do what I said I was going to do: sleep.

Next week on Raw, Dean Ambrose and I were in the middle of a mixed tag-team match against Satino Marrelo and Emma. Everything was going great for us too, until The Authority (but not Seth) came walking down the ramp, interrupting the match. Satino and Emma ran away like cowards while Stephanie and Triple H continued to come towards us- but just when they were in font of the ring, they stopped. Dean and I yelled at them, daring The Authority to step into the ring. Triple H looked like he was going to climb in, but he stopped and smirked for some reason.

“You know what,” Hunter started.

“What,” i growled back.

“I’m so proud of my plan B.” Right after that was said, Seth Rollins crawled from underneath the ring and started to beat on Dean Ambrose.

“Get him, Seth!! Get him,” Stephanie shouted as I tried to get Seth off of my friend. But then Alicia Fox and Eva Marie came running down the ramp and held me back.

While I was being restrained, Triple H stepped into the ring and tied Ambrose’s hands behind his back. Then Stephanie tossed a few steel chairs in there, and Seth started to beat Dean with them.

“Seth! What are you doing,” I yelled as Dean started to bleed.

The Million Dollar Princess then came into the ring and started to slap me!! I didn’t even know that any of this was going to happen! This whole thing lasted for another five minutes, and a little bit longer after the show was over.

“How ya doing, Dean,” I asked my best friend in his locker room after we took our beatings.

“Well, my arm feels like shit,” he answered, rubbing it some, “but I’ll be alright. What about you? How’s your face?”

I chuckled and pressed my bag of ice to my left cheek. “I’ll be alright.” Then I thought of something. “Hey, did you know that we were boing to be attacked?”

“Nope, but I’d like to know who’s idea it was so I can give them a piece of my mind.”

“It was Hunter and Stephanie’s idea,” Rollins said, standing in the doorway.

“Seth did you know about that ambush,” I asked, shocked.

“Yes, Y/N, I did. I’m sorry that happened babe, but-” I didn’t let Seth finish. Instead, I slapped his face harder than when Stephanie slapped mine.

“Seth, you dick,” I yelled in his face, “I can’t believe you let my best friend get beat with chairs!! And it had to be you to beat him! Worst of all, you le me, your girlfriend, get repeatedly smacked around by a bitch like Stephanie!!!!”

Seth opened his mouth, but I left Dean’s locker room before he could say anything. I ran out of the arena and stopped at my car. Leaning on the hood of it, I started to cry. Not from sadness, but from anger: I was so pissed off at Seth that I just needed to cry.

“Y/N.” I heard someone whisper behind me. “I’m really sorry, please forgive me.”

“Seth,” I replied, figuring out who my unwanted guest was.

“Y/N, wait. Just please hear me out.”

I quickly wiped my eyes and cleared my throat. “Sure, Rollins. But you got two minutes.”

Seth then stood in front of me and kissed my cheek.

“Look, I know that you’re a little upset what happened-” he started before I cut him off.

“A little,” I said, offended.

“Okay, really upset. But I definitely have a reason for the whole tin.”

“Spill it.”

“Well, you know we had to get fans more interested in our story line and try to start a battle of the fans.”

“Battle of the fans? Seth, you have got to be kidding me.”

“No, Y/N. I’m serious! It’s really what Hunter and Stephanie said.”

“But couldn’t you have told me? You know, like give me or Ambrose a heads up!?!”

Seth then sighed and ran some of his fingers through his hair. “H told me not to. If I had, then he would’ve cut my pay or worse, fired me completely.”

“Your pay and your job are more important than our relationship,” I yelled.

“Yes!! I mean no!” Seth sighed deeply. “Dammit. Y/N, what I’m trying to say is-”

“Sorry Seth, but your time is up.” I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out my car keys.

“Y/N, please just let me finish,” Seth pleaded. I stood still for a few seconds before I turned back around to my boyfriend, letting him know that I was giving him more time. “Sweetie, agreeing to do that horrible thin g that i di earned me a special bonus. A bonus that I already spent on a special someone.”

Seth, my two-toned boyfriend, then got down on one knee and pulled a small box out of his pocket. He then slowly opened the box and I saw the most beautiful diamond ring ever!!

“Y/N,” Seth started before I cut him off. (This time in a good way.)

“Yes, Seth! Yes,” I happily shouted. “I will marry you!! Oh my god!!”

Seth side the ring on my finger, stood up and kissed me passionately.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he whispered in my ear, “and I promise that I will never let something like that happen again.”

“Good,” I replied, “cause if there’s another ambush and I don’t know about it, then I’ll let Ambrose kick your ass.”

Imagine #74

Imagine Draco proposing to you after you have been dating for four years

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Celebrity Crush - Dylan O’brien

So I saw The Scorch Trials on the weekend… Safe to say my favourite scene was the shower scene…. 

You were considered to be one of the biggest new stars there was. You had been acting since you were a kid in films, and when you were a teenage, had played roles in several of your favourite TV shows, and now that you were older, you were beginning to get the major parts, hence the title “Best New Star” that accompanied your name everywhere. You had recently managed to score a role in the newest adaptation of Batman, as none other than Batgirl, and that, coupled with your various roles on popular TV shows, had thrust you into the spotlight, hence your appearance at Comic Con 2016.

“Ok, so you have an interview with Clever TV at 10, then you’re commentating a panel right after that, and then you have a break until more interviews in the afternoon,” my manager informed me, making me groan.

“Why would they ever allow me to commentate,” I chuckled darkly, already planning the several cheeky things I was going to pull.

“They said they wanted fresh fun faces to lead them..,” she shrugged, giving me a stern look. “They’ve also said you can molest any of the panel members and no crowd surfing.”

“They take the fun out of everything,” I pouted childishly, taking a long sip of my iced tea a nice fan had bought for me. “Ok so. Interview. Let’s go there.”

“Hi, I’m Joslyn Davis for Clevver News, and I’m joined by Y/N Y/L/N!” the interviewer cheered, causing me to cheer along with her. I was always doing interviews for this particular channel, and they were always fun. “Today we wanted to try something different. BRING OUT THE WHEEL OF DARES!”

“Oh god no,” my eyes widened, eyeing the colourful wheel placed next to me.

“Ok so basically, you spin it, and you do whatever it says on the wheel. You get one pass and whoever wins out of you and me, gets a prize,” Joslyn told me, raising her brows at the end.

“If the prize is all you can eat burritos, I’m totally in,” I grinned, spinning the wheel and watching it turn.

“Actually the prize is a kiss from Dylan O’brien, but burritos works too,” she shrugged, sending me a cheeky smirk. I rolled my eyes, thanking the lord for all the makeup I was wearing, considering it was hiding the blush that had formed.

Every interviewer I sat down with LOVED to take the piss out of me for my crush on the infamous Dylan O’brien. I have been a big fan since Teen Wolf started, and had gushed about the actor on several social media platforms, much to the amusement of my fans. Everyone was always trying to get us to meet, but I always came up with excuses to bail because I was too embarrassed to face the boy now that he most definitely knew of my school girl crush on him.

I had finished my interview with Clevver News, and was making my way to Hall H to moderate whatever panel they had set up for me.

“Alright, remember,” my manager stopped my backstage, blocking me from walking on. “No molesting the panel members. No crowd surfing. No asking for food.”

“So basically no being my actual self,” I raised a brow, giving her a ‘bitch please’ look. “Why does everyone think I’m going to molest the panel anyway? People have been tweeting about it all day and I still don’t know who’s up there.”

“Just… Keep it in your pants,” she gave me a small smile, patting my shoulder gently. I rolled my eyes, straightening out my outfit self consciously. One of the crew backstage told me I could go on stage to set up, almost pushing me onto the stage, causing the fans that were making their way into the hall to erupt into giggles. They waved at me, a few running to the front of the room to talk to me. I sat on the edge of the stage, taking photos and signing things and just passing time until the panel was set to start.

“Y/N up and at em! The panel will start in 5 minutes!” one of the crew members walked onto stage, helping me up and walking me over to the moderators stand. “Basically, just introduce the panel members, ask them the questions in the envelope and then get questions from the audience. Pretty simple.”

“Do I have to stand the entire time…?” I glanced at the seatless area warily, hearing the crew member sigh. He walked away, leaving me standing there awkwardly with no answer. “Rude much.”

“You can come sit with us Y/N!” a fan yelled, making me chuckle. “You’ll need something to sit on, trust me!”

“I think she’s gonna need a bed more like,” another one chimed in, causing a few girls to giggle.

“You should hype her up on energy drinks, otherwise she’ll faint,” the first fan laughed, slowly making me more confused as the conversation went on. “Wait, do you not know who you’re moderating for?”

“Uh, should I?” I gave them a weird look.

“Oh wow,” the fans giggled, giving me evil looks. “This is gonna be great.”

“Wait, no!! Tell me!!!” I pouted, clasping my hands together.

“Why ruin the surprise,” one the fans winked, making me pout harder.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The panel is about to begin!” a loud voice spoke, making all the fans squeal and rush to their seats. I awkwardly leant on the podium I was stood behind, glancing down at the envelope placed infront of me. I fiddled with it, tempted to open it before loud screams erupted in the hall. I glanced up, seeing all the fans looking towards the side of the stage, meaning someone had stuck their head out to tease the fans. Typical celebrity behaviour. I rolled my eyes, turning my attention back to the envelope in my hands. I ripped it open subtly, skimming through the questions, my eyes widening gradually as I went.

“Oh you’ve got to be shitting me,” I muttered, dropping the cards onto the podium and dropping my head on the table, hearing a few of the fans near the front giggle at my response.

“Y/N! Introduce the panel!” a loud voice told me from backstage. I let out a loud sigh, lifting my head and putting on a brave face, thanking the lord the only part of me visible was my face, seeing as how my legs were shaking like crazy.

“Alright guys, sit down!” I spoke into the mic, watching all the fans wiggle anxiously in their seats, phones up and already recording. “I’m sure these guys don’t actually need an introduction, but apparently I need to do it anyway. First up, we have the creator behind this amazing show, Jeff Davis!”

The crowd erupted into screams and loud cheers as the man walked up behind me, waving shyly at the crowd.

“Next is the incredibly beautiful, Shelly Henning!” The audience got louder as the brunette walked onto stage, pecking my cheek softly as she walked past and into her seat.

“It’s the sexy alpha wolf himself, Tyler Posey!” A bubbly ball of energy ran onto the stage, nearly knocking me down as he went, making me giggle as he bounced around waving to the fans. He ran back over to me, giving me a tight hug before pushing me gently away from the microphone.

“I’m gonna introduce this next one,” he winked. “Y’all can’t see this, but Y/N literally looks like she’s gonna fall over in 2 seconds.”

“Leave me alone,” I pouted, holding onto the podium to help me stay upright. “I’m not gonna fall.”

“Alright then, LADIES AND GENTS… DYLAN O’BRIEN!” Tyler cheered, watching his bestfriend come barreling onto the stage, waving to the overly excited fans. I watched him run around with a dopey smile on my face, gripping the podium tighter as my legs began to shake uncontrollably.

“Y/N!” Dylan grinned, running over to me and picking me up, spinning me around a few times, making me squeal. “Anytime I wanna meet you, you always bail.” He put me back down, hands still holding onto my waist, clearly seeing I was intact going to collapse.

“Because you’re an idiot and do things like that,” I rolled my eyes, covering my red cheeks with my hands. “Go sit down. I have to do my job.”

“You haven’t given me a cuddle yet,” he pouted, grinning like a little kid in a candy store when I wrapped my arms around his neck, letting out a soft squeak when he picked me up again, my legs automatically wrapping around his waist. (don’t we all wish tho….)

“Awwww.. OTP!” Tyler sighed. coming up behind me and joining the hug, making me scoff into Dylan’s shoulder. “Y/N, get your ass off my crotch!”

“Tyler get your crotch off my ass,” I rolled my eyes, sighing in relief when both boys let me go.

“Cya guys! Y/N and I are going on a date now!” Dylan shouted, waving to the fans before trying to pull me off stage.

“Uh no! Go sit down so I can bring everyone else on stage,” I pushed him towards his seat, giggling when he began to whine like a child.

“Then we can go on a date?” he looked up at me from his seat, giving me a hopeful smile.

“Maybe,” I rolled my eyes, ruffling his hair softly before walking back over to the podium and introducing the rest of the cast.

“Sorry guys, but I think that’s all we have time for,” I glanced at the angry crew member signalling me to cut the panel.

“What! Nooooo!!!” Tyler pouted, making the fans all whine in sync.

“Dude, we’ve already gone like 20 minutes over the limit. They’ll never hire me again,” I rolled my eyes, narrowly dodging an empty bottle that was being thrown at me by my manager.

“WAITTTTTT! ONE MORE QUESTION!” Dylan (O’brien) cut me off, pointing at a girl in the front row and winking at her.

“Y/N, will you go on a date with Dylan?” she grinned up at me. The room erupted into screams, everyone looking at me expectantly.

“This isn’t fair,” I whined, covering my face with my hands. “Y’all can’t just ask me that.”

“I’ll take you to Tacobelle,” Dylan chuckled, making me look up excitedly.

“Sounds good, let’s go!” I held my hand out, watching him leap out of his chair and bound over to me like a puppy, entwining his fingers with mine.

“USE PROTECTION CHILDREN!” Holland called out, both myself and Dylan sticking our fingers up at her. “Rude…”

“So my fair lady, off to get a burrito?” he held the door open for me, making me inter ally swoon.

“I’ve been craving one all day,” I nodded, blushing when I saw the amount of fans outside already, taking photos of us as we walked past. “Hey Dylan..”

“Mmmm?” he hummed, swinging our arms back and forth as we went.

“Is this really a date? Or do you just feel sorry for me?” I asked, making him stop suddenly, pulling me into his chest.

“Whilst I do admit to seeing most of your tweets and Instagram posts about me,” he winked, making me blush even harder and bury myself into his chest in shame. “I do genuinely feel something for you. You’re smart, funny, beautiful, incredibly talented, and you’re not afraid to be yourself. I admire that in a woman.”

“Let’s be real though, I am insanely talented,” I flicked my hair over my shoulder playfully, giggling when he scoffed.

“You know what I think you need a little practice on?” he mumbled, making me raise a brow. “Kissing. You can never get too much practice of it.”

“Oh really?” I hummed, moving my face closer to his. “Maybe we should practice right now.”

“Maybe we should,” he smiled slightly, leaning closer and brushing his lips against mine, pulling his face back at the last second. “OR we could go get Tacobelle!”

“Dylan!” I pouted, slapping his chest lightly. “That was mean!”

“It’s all about the suspense,” he winked, pecking my cheek softly before tugging me down the hallway. “TO TACOBELLE!”

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