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Imagine #50

Imagine you are best friends with Draco but pansy is trying to take him away from you

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Crutches-Derek Hale Imagine

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Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word Count: 940

Warnings: Just Derek acting all cute :*

A/N: Just something I came up with the other day. I had som much fun writing this and I think it turned out really cute :D Enjoy!

“Please coach it looks so fun” Y/N pleaded as she watched the lacrosseteam practise. Stiles caught the ball and threw it to Scott, who scored. Their team cheered while the two bestfriends high-fived. 

“Y/N, you’re supposed to be my assistant. Not run around with some sweaty boys on the field.” Coach Finstock replied.

 "Please, just this one time. I haven’t played in years" She begged. Coach sighed before he shook his head. 

“Just this once” he said. 

“Thank you coach” Y/N smiled, jumping in excitement. 

“Yeah, yeah” Finstock muttered before he blew the whistle. The boys all stopped and turned towards them. 

“Y/N will be on Danny’s team” He shouted. Y/N took a helmet and a lacrosse stick before she walked over the field.

 "Wecome to the team" Danny grinned, high-fiving her. 

“Thank you” she said, while she looked at the others. Coach blew the whistle again and the game began. 

The other team passed the ball between eachother and they were aiming for the goal. Y/N sprinted towards the boy with the ball just as he was throwing it to his teammate. She jumped between the two of them and caught the ball as it flew through the air. Her team cheered as she ran towards the opposite side of the field. Her eyes were glued on the goal. The other team was right behind her and suddenly one of them was in front of her. 

“Danny” Y/N shouted just as she passed him the ball. He managed to catch it before the other team did. Danny ran towards the goal and scored. Everyone on their team cheered while the others groaned.

 "That was awesome Y/N. Where did you learn to play like that?“ Liam asked, looking at her in awe. 

"I was captain back at my old school” she said with a smile.

The game continued. Scott caught the ball and headed towards the goal. Y/N ran in front of the guy that Scott was throwing the ball to and she once again catched it. She started running the other way when she was tackled roughly to the ground by one of the guys. 

She screamed in surprise as the boy landed on top of her. Everyone stopped running and came up to the two of them. Y/N could hear coach shouthing in the background. The boy crawled off her and sat up. 

“I’m sorry Y/N are you okay?” He asked, as he rubbed his elbow. He was bleeding from his mouth and his knee. Y/N shook her head.

 "I don’t know I-“ she cried out in pain, her leg burned as she tried to sit up. 

"I think my leg is broken” she said. Tears were forming in her eyes from the pain she felt. 

“Get out of my way” Coach screamed as he pushed past the group of boys. He kneeled down next to her. 

“Are you hurt?” He asked, eyeing her.

“I think my leg is broken” she told him. 

“Can someone please hep me lift her up” Coach demanded. Scott rushed over to her.

“I’ll help” he said as the coach and him helped Y/N sit up. 

“I’ll go get my jeep” Stiles said before he ran off. 


“Y/N!” Derek rushed into the hospitalroom his eyes filled with worry. 

“Derek” Y/N said surprised. 

“Scott told me you were at the hospital so I drove here as fast as I could” He said, walking over to her bed.

 "You’re so sweet" she smiled. 

“What happened?” Her boyfriend asked, taking her hand. 

“I wanted to play lacrosse with the boys” she admitted shyly, looking down at the sheets. “And I was running towards the goal when one of the guys tackled me” Derek growled at her words. 

“I’ll kill that son of a-”

"Derek” Y/N interuppted. “It was an accident" 

"I still want to punch him for doing this to you” He huffed as he looked at her leg, which was in a cast. 

“I’ll be fine. I just need to jump around on those for a few months” she told him and pointed towards the crutches next to the chair. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you Y/N” Derek said, gently brushing his fingers over her cheek. “Always" 


"I’ll do it” Derek said when he saw Y/N reaching towards the blanket. He grabbed it and placed it over her. Derek had brought her home and he had been really sweet the whole afternoon. He had made her dinner and helped her with the laundry and the cleaning, he even washed the dishes.

Y/N found it really cute of him to help, but she was starting to get tired of it. Derek followed her everywhere and he kept an eye on her all the time. She undersood that he meant well, but it was getting kind of annoying.

“Thanks” Y/N said. 

“Something else you need? Water? Some food? Books?” He asked. 

“I’m fine Derek, honestly”

“But I said I’d take care of you” He said, while he took a seat next to her.

“I know, and you are taking care of me. You’ve helped me all day.” Y/N smiled. 

“Just relax for a moment, and watch this movie with me” She begged. 

“But you’re hurt. How could I relax?” He whispered.

“I’m going to be fine, I promise” Derek sighed. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I love you. And I’m still mad at that boy.” Y/N chuckled. 

“I forgive you” she smiled before she kissed him.

“Just promise that you won’t play anymore lacrosse”

bestfriend!luke would be the type of cute sucker who’d send you a ton of snapchats with the puppy filter when you were sad bc he knew you loved it. and like it would just be completely silly videos of him lipsyncing everything from mariah carey to tupac and he’d just make it impossible for you not to smile and idk he’d just be the best at cheering you up tbh

bestfriend!5sos blurb night with jerika (@alreadymissings). send requests or tag us in stuff! xx

Now - Sammy Wilkinson

Requested ♔

“GO SAMMY!” I screamed at the top of my lung, cheering for my bestfriend out on the basketball court. He had the ball in his hands, but that’s all i could really comprehend. I wasn’t really basketball savvy.

“C’MON SAM DESTROY EM’!” Gilinsky cheered next to me. I looked up at him and laughed harder and louder than i should have. “What?” He asked insecurely.

“Destroy em? You sound like my mom!” I teased, lightly gesturing to Gilinskys metaphorical mom tits. I turned my attention back to Sammy. Sammy, the jacks, Nate, and I have all been friends for about a year now. I met them all at a party they threw before going on tour, they said i stood out because I was the only girl who didn’t freak out and try to get into their pants. They liked how i didn’t like like them. Even though that may not be 100% true. I’ve always had a crush on Sammy, which is weird because we’re not the closest two in the group, he just never seemed interested. Turns out, Gilinsky and I were for sure the closest friends in the group. I watched as the ball intensely bounced throughout the court, Sammy chasing it back and fourth. How exhausting must that me? Johnson peeked over my shoulder.

           “God Y/n could you get any taller?” He hopped trying to see the court. I laughed and scooted so i was standing in front of Gilinsky.

           “Gosh Johnson, could you get any shorter?” I mimicked him in a whiny 12 year-old boy voice.

           “I don’t sound like that!” He yelled at me, perfecting the whiny 12 year-old boy voice. We all laughed as the final few minutes started on the clock. I felt my heart beat harder and harder, the intensity becoming more and more predominant. I looked over to Sammy, sweat glistened his face as he moved fluidly across the court. He looked over at me and the Jacks, making direct eye-contact with me and smiling goofily before running off. I couldn’t help but blush.

                                           ♂SAMMY’S POV

I looked over to Y/n, God she looked happy. She was standing right in the front, side by side with Johnson and Gilinsky and laughing like a total idiot. She looked like the happiest person in the world. As much as i deny it, she makes me feel like that a lot. I’ve had a crush on her since we first met, but she never seemed interested. I’m pretty sure Jack and her are a thing, just looked how happy they are together. Jack knows i have a thing for her, but if she’s going for it might as well go along i guess. I focused my attention back onto the game and ran towards the ball. After stealing it from one of the other players, I dribbled down to their side of the court and passed the ball to one of my friends Nate. He shot just as the buzzer rang. It went it. The crowd went absolutely insane, screaming and yelling stinging my ears. I smiled and looked over to Y/n, who was now on Gilinskys shoulders chanting my and Nates names. The crowd soon joined in, cheering for Nate and I. The look on her face was just priceless and, not to mention, adorable.

                                                 ♀Y/N’S POV♀

           After the game we all waited for Sammy and Nate in the parking lot. They came out about 10 minutes after the game carrying their bags. As soon as they saw me they threw their bags on the ground knowing i was gonna run up and hug them. I first ran to Sammy, while the Jacks were greeting Nate. I jumped onto Sammy, my legs wrapping around him hips as he swung me around in circles.

           “That was so great! You did so great! You are so great!” I cheered, sounding like a proud mother. I heard laughter all around me.

           “Thanks Y/n!” Sammy chimed, putting me back on the ground. He looked at me right in the eyes, causing me to melt a little inside. After a few awkward moments of silence the Jacks began to speak.

           “Well we’re gonna head to the afterparty, we’re driving a few other people, so is it okay if you guys go on you’re own? Promise we’ll meet you there.” Johnson assured us.

           “Yeah that’s fine.” I chimed before Sammy could even say anything. I slung his bag over my shoulder and got into his passenger seat. He just smiled and laughed as he got into the drivers seat. Sammy started the car and soon enough we were driving down the highway. Awkwardness filled the air.

           “So…” I tried to spark up a conversation, afraid to accidentally say something wrong.

           “So…” He sighed, sounding annoyed with me. I closed my eyes, trying to hold back any emotions that might flow out. I just can’t stand him not liking me, being annoyed with me, or anything else like that. I mean, what if he hates me? What if he’s been secretly hating me since day one?! I sighed and looked out the window, watching the cars fly by. Sammy noticed my sudden change in moods.

           “You okay?” He asked, still sounding quite annoyed. I bit my lip before speaking.

           “Yeah i guess.” I ignored my feelings and just let it go. Looking down at my lap, i twiddled my thumbs and started to zone out. His voice brought me back to reality.

           “You know you can tell me, right? If something is wrong you can tell me. I’ll listen.” He stammered nervously, a tinge of anger in his voice.

           “Yeah sure.” I bluntly replied, not wanting to talk anymore.

           “Y/n, I’m serious! I-I care about you. A lot.” He whispered so i barely heard him.

           “Do you?” I asked, looking straight at him.

           “I do. A lot.” He repeated. “So you should tell me. What’s wrong?” He finished, never taking his eyes off the road.

           “Well..It’s just.. uh. I don’t know.” I stammered. A sudden anger filled me. “It’s just you never ever seem to be interested in being with me at all. You seem annoyed every time we’re together, and you never talk to me when we aren’t with the other guys at all. And I get it, you guys want no feelings and that’s why you guys like me, because i don’t develop feelings. But you know how when you tell a little kid to not eat a cookie, then all they want is that cookie? You’re my fucking cookie! You could at least act like you actually care about being my friend.” I finished, instantly regretting what I said. “I-I’m so sorry.” I tried to take back what I said.

           “Y/n…” Sammy softened, his muscles all relaxed and his voice became quieter and less agitated. “Since the day we first met, i was into you. And the more and more we spoke, the more and more i fell for you. I didn’t think you felt the same, and i never thought you would, so i pushed you away. The truth is, Y/n, I’m in love with you.” I roughly whispered.

           “I’m in love with you too.” I whispered. Sammy’s hand found mine, and we intertwined fingers.

           “So what does this mean?” He asked, tightening my grip, afraid i was going to run away or something.

           “To be honest, I don’t know. And that’s fine, we don’t have to know right away. Let’s just let what happens, happen. We have so much time ahead of us to figure things out, let’s just go with what’s happening now and go with it together.” I plainly answered. He smiled and parked the car on a curb, kissing my lips softly before exiting the car. Hand in hand we walked into the party, ready to live in the now.

Thank y'all so much for reading! I’ll continue requests tomorrow! Have a good night!

The signs cheering up their bestfriend
  • Aries: "cookies??? no... cat pictures??"
  • Taurus: Just sleep it off, then I will bring you food
  • Gemini: *writes them a story about their friendship and is all super cute*
  • Cancer: *hugs* "I love you, cheer up"
  • Leo: "you're gunna make me sad bro, cheer up, you're perfect"
  • Virgo: "Stop being a little bitch man up bro.... oh did I make it worse?"
  • Libra: "We can hang out? Wanna play a game? watch a movie? what do you wanna do?"
  • Scorpio: "Oh dude, you'll be okay *give icecream* eat up"
  • Sagittarius: "You need something to take your mind off it... Let's go camping, have some fun!"
  • Capricorn: "awwwwww, cheer up, please"
  • Aquarius: *tells them relatable story that happened to them*
  • Pisces: *send them inspirational quotes and stuff*