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You, Guanlin and Seonho are best friends and it’s messy as hell.

  • no romance
  • best friends/high school au
  • for anon who requested “ bullet-point style with guanlin and seonho in which they’re on the same basketball team and u cheer for them bestfriend!au”

  • guanlin, seonho and you were notorious at your high school for being the best of friends
  • you three were extremely close, having been in the same class for a while, and sharing similar interests
  • you three tended to make life difficult for teachers
  • you and seonho had a habit of talking across the classroom a lot, and guanlin wouldn’t really help
  • if you two got in trouble with the teacher and were sent outside of the classroom for punishment, guanlin would laugh at the two of you, only to get sent out as well
  • you three are pretty protective of each other
  • one time, a senior stepped on seonho’s glasses and you yelled at him for like five minutes straight, guanlin sending the senior his signature glare
  • the type of friends to hype each other up on instagram/snapchat
  • sometimes guanlin gets embarrassed by how enthusiastic you and seonho get about things
  • like the two of you always drag him into things, like participating in the school talent show or volunteering to be a team for field day
  • you and guanlin tend to roast seonho a lot
  • “boy why you gotta eat five meals a day ur not a fucking panda”
  • “what’s with ur glasses u look like a fucking nerd”
  • “ur not funny”
  • you have a group chat that consists purely of memes and the three of you talking shit about people from school bc yall petty as hell
  • guanlin is the pettiest of all of you 
  • like most people at school think he’s super quiet and handsome
  • but he’s only quiet bc he keeps the petty inside
  • same with seonho, people at school think he’s so cool because he’s popular
  • “wow (y/n), you’re so lucky to be friends with guanlin, he’s so cool.”
  • and you snort bc this is the boy who tried to stuff an entire BigMac into his mouth
  • both guanlin and seonho were on the basketball team, so you attended all the games, cheering loudly for them
  • the other guys on the team knew you well by now, recognizing you and your loud cheering
  • the team made it to the championship, so you knew you had to bring the big guns
  • literally
  • ok not literally bc that shit’s illegal but you brought an airhorn to the game
  • when your school’s team entered the court, you cheered loudly, blasting the airhorn and waving around the poster you made for them
  • when guanlin sees it, he covers his face in embarrassment, tapping seonho on the shoulder and pointing to you
  • the game starts and you’re cheering as soon as it starts, the airhorn startling everyone around you
  • you hype seonho up when he makes both of his free throws
  • guanlin crosses a bitch and you scream
  • since their teammates already know you, the guys sitting on the bench see you, smiling and waving
  • the game as at the other team’s gym, so even for them, it was nice to see someone supporting them in the audience
  • the ref is also super shitty
  • seonho keeps getting fouled, and at one point, another player shoves him hard
  • you’re yelling at the ref, pissed off
  • seonho wasn’t hurt, but guanlin was clearly pissed off, glaring at the guy who shoved him
  • he makes sure to make the guy look stupid, drawing a foul from him easily
  • the game was close, but your school ultimately wins, and you rush onto the court, the airhorn continuously blasting
  • the three of you take joyous pictures, you squished in between them, sweat and all
  • you’re so proud of your boys for taking that fucking w even with a shitty ref
  • your entire snapchat story is you zooming into guanlin and seonho’s happy faces, you cheering about their win
  • their teammates just laugh, the manager of the team happily taking pictures of the three of you
  • when you get to school the next day, you make sure that everyone knows the basketball team won the championship
  • the upperclassmen are all just amused by how excited you are
  • and like the teachers find it adorable that you three hype each other up so much
  • like seriously best friend goals honestly
Broken Hearts Club - Ch.5

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Broken Hearts Club
Summary: Upon confessing to their crushes, Marinette and Chat Noir both find out the hard way that those who hold the key to their hearts have affections for another. Rejected and blue, the pair find themselves in an odd sort of friendship, all while hiding the fact that they’d been the one to break the other’s heart.
When feelings that hadn’t initially been within them begin to rise, they both have to come to terms with the fact that maybe the person they’d rejected means more to them than they had originally expected…
Rated: T
Pairings: Marinette/Chat Noir, Adrien/Marinette

Chapter 5 - Sleep Is For the Week
Word Count: 5,704
Read on: ao3 |

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Marinette was not a morning person.

No matter how much the telltale screeching of her seven-thirty alarm made her skin crawl with annoyance, she always found it difficult to simply lift her hand and press the button that would silence its maddening call.

Some mornings she was just too tired.

It took too much energy to turn off an alarm, and it was just too hard to rise out of bed, or to brush her hair and get dressed and put on makeup. No matter how she tried, it was not a rare occurrence for her to wake up with seemingly less energy than she’d possessed the night before.

Wasn’t sleep supposed to make a person feel energized? Because all Marinette felt at the moment was her warm covers that begged her to stay nestled safely underneath their protection from the cold morning air, and the comfort of her wonderfully cozy pillow that made her head feel as if she was resting upon a cloud.

True, she did have school…but couldn’t she just stay home and relax in bed all day?

No, she’d been doing a lot of that lately…and besides, that wasn’t like her. She wasn’t one to skip class. She was a good student, she swore it!

“Marinette,” Tikki’s voice rang down from the shelf above her bed. “If you don’t get up now, you’re going to be late.”

Right, timeliness was a thing.

Poking her head out from underneath her duvet, Marinette blinked open her eyes and sighed, squinting at the bright rays of sunlight that streamed in through her skylight. A pigeon cooed above on her terrace and the familiar scent of bread baking in the ovens downstairs hovered in the air, adding to all the reasons why she did not want to remove herself from her loft.

It was chilly outside, and it was warm in her room. That was where she wanted to stay.

But if you don’t go to school, you won’t get to see your friends, her mind prompted her, reminding her of the three people that made life bearable. Her thoughts were right: if she didn’t get out of bed, she wouldn’t see Alya or Nino, or-

-or Adrien.

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cheering on bestfriend!daehwi from the states(?) | requested | APPARENKTY IM GOING CAMPING TODAY so i’ll be back to work on the rest of the requests on sunday sorry for the inconvenience:((

“please, you can’t leave me”- Jack Gilinsky


Late. I’m always late. I walk into homeroom, and hand my teacher the late slip. I slump down into my desk and take my headphones out. I feel a light tap on my right shoulder, and I turn around. I look to see him, my beautiful brown eyed boy, Jack. “I got you something”, he said smiling. He shows me a iced coffee and some donuts. “How do you read my mind”,you said smiling. “Well, with everything happening”,he said. “I don’t wanna talk about it”,you said looking down. “I know”, he said looking into your eyes. He smiled and you turned around.

The ended of the day rolled around, and you see Jack running towards you. “Hello, hello beautiful”,he said hugging you and almost making you fall. “Are you coming to my game tonight”,he asked. “I-uh-i don’t know”,you said hesitantly. “You okay’,he said concerned. “I don’t feel very well”,you said blinking rapidly and grabbing your head. Your whole body was throbbing, achy,and cold. You felt weak. “Babe, cmon it’s homecoming”,he said. “i’ll try my best”,you said kissing him. “I love you”,he said. “Ditto”,you said.

You make it home, and you collapse on the bed. You fall asleep and pray your feel better soon. Hours later, you wake up feeling a little better. You get ready for the game, and you make your way back to school. You make your way to the field. You see number 17 and he turns and waves. You give a sarcastic wave, and find a seat.

You see your bestfriends, cheering on the sideline. These were the only people who really knew what was wrong with you.”S-C-O-R-E score panthers score”,they cheered. You remembered flashbacks of last year when you were on the squad with them. You were happy then, now you’re just here. They girls waved to you, and you smiled. You know that feeling where everything is just falling apart. And you look fine while doing it? That’s how i’ve been feeling for the past 6 months. No one knows what you are going through, but you dont wanna tell people because you dont want to see pity. You over hear that jack scored another touchdown. You jump up and cheer with the rest of the stadium, to fit in mostly.

The last quarter was down to the final seconds. Jack throws the ball to the only free man in the endzone. Everything was in slow motion, you could hear a pen drop. He catches the ball and the crowd goes wild. Everyone runs towards the player, but Jack. Hes in a fetal position on the group, holding his stomach. You run toward him and fall to your knees. “Jack, what is it”,you said trying to find his face. He won’t look at you. You notice the ground around him is trying slightly red. “Jack, answer me”,you said trying to pry his hands. “Get help”, he whispered. “Somebody help”,you screamed. 

“Jack, baby, you’ve gotta stay awake”you said holding his head in your hands. “(y/n), is he okay? Is he breathing”, david said falling beside you. “He’s not responding to me, and he’s bleeding but I don’t know where from”,you said shaking. “Someone call an ambulance”,david shouted. “I’ll go get my truck”,the coach said. “Jack, baby,can you tell me what hurts”,you asked running your fingers through his soaked hair. “I love you”,he said breathing out. The coach backed the bed of the truck next time jack. The boys lifted him and the coach drove until the met the ambulance on the road.

You made it to the hospital and frantically tried to find Jack. “Room 304″, David shouted to me. I started walking fast, to full blown running. You open the door, and see him. Your brown beautiful eye boy, in a bed with a tube down his throat. You instantly start to cry. You hold onto Jack’s dad and just break down.

You ran to Jack’s side and grabbed his hand. “Jack”,you cried. Hours go by, and he hasn’t woken up. You fall asleep with your head on the side of the hospital bed. “(y/n)”,someone said whispering your name and touching your shoulder. You wakeup to see johnson. “Hey, I thought you were in Ohio”,you said. “flew back when I heard about G”,he said. “He hasn’t responded in about five hours”,you said. “Here, take this you’re freezing”,he said handing you his sweatshirt. “Thanks”,you said putting it on immediately. “You need anything”, he asked. “No, I’m good”,you said giving him a soft smile. Another hour goes by, people stopping by, checking on Jack. The whole team comes and goes, each giving me a hug. My parents bring me extra clothes, and try to console Jack’s family. They were bestfriends ever since Jack and I were babies. My mom walks up to me and just starts to cry. “I-I don’t know what i’m gonna do if I loose him mom”,you said crying. “He’s gonna fight because he knows you need him”, she said smoothing my hair. “I haven’t told him”,you said softly. “I thought we were today”,she said looking into your tear filled eyes. “I told him somewhat but not really”,you said. “well what did you say”,she asked. “Just that my headaches were coming back”,you said. “How do I tell him?”,you asked. “What if he doesn’t wake up”,you said breaking down. Your mom just stayed silent and just hugged you.

The doctor finally walked in. Jack’s parents and I stood up anxiously. “Alright, so it appears that when Jack was tackled, it broke three ribs and pierced his lung. Now we repaired that, but his knee was shattered and has a major concussion”,he said. “Will he wakeup”,David said. “There’s a 75% chance he will not. I’m sorry but the brain damaged from the hit was major and beyond our repair”,he said. Just then my world was rocked. I felt all the blood in my body fall to my feet. I fell to the floor and screamed. but no noise came out. Jack’s mother was inconsolable. I grabbed jack’s hand tightly. “C’mon baby, hear my voice. Wakeup, open your eyes. Please don’t leave me”,you said with your tear falling onto Jack’s hospital gown. 

Imagine #50

Imagine you are best friends with Draco but pansy is trying to take him away from you

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Crutches-Derek Hale Imagine

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Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word Count: 940

Warnings: Just Derek acting all cute :*

A/N: Just something I came up with the other day. I had som much fun writing this and I think it turned out really cute :D Enjoy!

“Please coach it looks so fun” Y/N pleaded as she watched the lacrosseteam practise. Stiles caught the ball and threw it to Scott, who scored. Their team cheered while the two bestfriends high-fived. 

“Y/N, you’re supposed to be my assistant. Not run around with some sweaty boys on the field.” Coach Finstock replied.

 "Please, just this one time. I haven’t played in years" She begged. Coach sighed before he shook his head. 

“Just this once” he said. 

“Thank you coach” Y/N smiled, jumping in excitement. 

“Yeah, yeah” Finstock muttered before he blew the whistle. The boys all stopped and turned towards them. 

“Y/N will be on Danny’s team” He shouted. Y/N took a helmet and a lacrosse stick before she walked over the field.

 "Wecome to the team" Danny grinned, high-fiving her. 

“Thank you” she said, while she looked at the others. Coach blew the whistle again and the game began. 

The other team passed the ball between eachother and they were aiming for the goal. Y/N sprinted towards the boy with the ball just as he was throwing it to his teammate. She jumped between the two of them and caught the ball as it flew through the air. Her team cheered as she ran towards the opposite side of the field. Her eyes were glued on the goal. The other team was right behind her and suddenly one of them was in front of her. 

“Danny” Y/N shouted just as she passed him the ball. He managed to catch it before the other team did. Danny ran towards the goal and scored. Everyone on their team cheered while the others groaned.

 "That was awesome Y/N. Where did you learn to play like that?“ Liam asked, looking at her in awe. 

"I was captain back at my old school” she said with a smile.

The game continued. Scott caught the ball and headed towards the goal. Y/N ran in front of the guy that Scott was throwing the ball to and she once again catched it. She started running the other way when she was tackled roughly to the ground by one of the guys. 

She screamed in surprise as the boy landed on top of her. Everyone stopped running and came up to the two of them. Y/N could hear coach shouthing in the background. The boy crawled off her and sat up. 

“I’m sorry Y/N are you okay?” He asked, as he rubbed his elbow. He was bleeding from his mouth and his knee. Y/N shook her head.

 "I don’t know I-“ she cried out in pain, her leg burned as she tried to sit up. 

"I think my leg is broken” she said. Tears were forming in her eyes from the pain she felt. 

“Get out of my way” Coach screamed as he pushed past the group of boys. He kneeled down next to her. 

“Are you hurt?” He asked, eyeing her.

“I think my leg is broken” she told him. 

“Can someone please hep me lift her up” Coach demanded. Scott rushed over to her.

“I’ll help” he said as the coach and him helped Y/N sit up. 

“I’ll go get my jeep” Stiles said before he ran off. 


“Y/N!” Derek rushed into the hospitalroom his eyes filled with worry. 

“Derek” Y/N said surprised. 

“Scott told me you were at the hospital so I drove here as fast as I could” He said, walking over to her bed.

 "You’re so sweet" she smiled. 

“What happened?” Her boyfriend asked, taking her hand. 

“I wanted to play lacrosse with the boys” she admitted shyly, looking down at the sheets. “And I was running towards the goal when one of the guys tackled me” Derek growled at her words. 

“I’ll kill that son of a-”

"Derek” Y/N interuppted. “It was an accident" 

"I still want to punch him for doing this to you” He huffed as he looked at her leg, which was in a cast. 

“I’ll be fine. I just need to jump around on those for a few months” she told him and pointed towards the crutches next to the chair. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you Y/N” Derek said, gently brushing his fingers over her cheek. “Always" 


"I’ll do it” Derek said when he saw Y/N reaching towards the blanket. He grabbed it and placed it over her. Derek had brought her home and he had been really sweet the whole afternoon. He had made her dinner and helped her with the laundry and the cleaning, he even washed the dishes.

Y/N found it really cute of him to help, but she was starting to get tired of it. Derek followed her everywhere and he kept an eye on her all the time. She undersood that he meant well, but it was getting kind of annoying.

“Thanks” Y/N said. 

“Something else you need? Water? Some food? Books?” He asked. 

“I’m fine Derek, honestly”

“But I said I’d take care of you” He said, while he took a seat next to her.

“I know, and you are taking care of me. You’ve helped me all day.” Y/N smiled. 

“Just relax for a moment, and watch this movie with me” She begged. 

“But you’re hurt. How could I relax?” He whispered.

“I’m going to be fine, I promise” Derek sighed. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I love you. And I’m still mad at that boy.” Y/N chuckled. 

“I forgive you” she smiled before she kissed him.

“Just promise that you won’t play anymore lacrosse”


and this is how our friendship was born.

a nice comment and a simple thank you in return has spiraled into one of the most beautiful, meaningful friendships I’ve ever had.

since this first exchange we haven’t gone more than 24 hours without talking. all day, everyday, a constant stream of words that flow as naturally as the nile river.

we have shared laughter and tears alike, care packages, and hours long phone calls. I remember hearing about the terrorist attack in Sweden back when i only knew her by her Tumblr name and rushing to the bathroom at work to see if she was okay. and I remember how she generously gifted me $100 after I had gotten my CNA certs.

It’s so hard to find friends that you just *click* with right off the bat. You reach a certain age and you become content with the friends you have and you stop seeking out new ones. Or you lose all of your friends to their own educations, careers, families, and lives and you just kinda accept it and learn to be alone.

And it’s amazing to me how I can feel so much for someone that I have never physically met, someone who is a whole ocean’s length away from me, but yet it feels just as tangible as the relationship I have with my partner that’s lying right next to me.

kamilka, my swedish soulsister, min fina; you are a bright and shining light in a world that seems to grow darker everyday. you are truly a rare and marvelous spirit that brings me joy on a daily basis. You are talented, beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, compassionate! you are a sweet and familiar soul that feels like home and i am convinced that we have lived many lives at each other’s sides.

i love you SO MUCH and I am looking forward to the day that I get to tell you all of this in person.

cheers to finding bestfriends when/where you least expect it.

see you in the fade vhenan~


Imagine #72

Imagine Draco is really excited when he talks to you, but he gets a little too excited, and Lucius notices and tells him to calm down

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The signs cheering up their bestfriend
  • Aries: "cookies??? no... cat pictures??"
  • Taurus: Just sleep it off, then I will bring you food
  • Gemini: *writes them a story about their friendship and is all super cute*
  • Cancer: *hugs* "I love you, cheer up"
  • Leo: "you're gunna make me sad bro, cheer up, you're perfect"
  • Virgo: "Stop being a little bitch man up bro.... oh did I make it worse?"
  • Libra: "We can hang out? Wanna play a game? watch a movie? what do you wanna do?"
  • Scorpio: "Oh dude, you'll be okay *give icecream* eat up"
  • Sagittarius: "You need something to take your mind off it... Let's go camping, have some fun!"
  • Capricorn: "awwwwww, cheer up, please"
  • Aquarius: *tells them relatable story that happened to them*
  • Pisces: *send them inspirational quotes and stuff*