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How To Write An Article That People Will Read

My top 3 tips on how to create articles that will grab your readers’ attention.

I. Only Post Articles That You Would Click On.

This advice could be translated onto any form of content, really. If you wouldn’t click on it, what makes you think anyone else would? Prioritize quality over quantity, and your readers will thank you for it.

II. Make Your Content Unique

It may seem like a hassle to brainstorm ways to create something unique in a world where creative content can be difficult to find, let alone create. However, unique isn’t the same as original. That is a common misconception. Nothing is truly original, as all ideas are born from something else, whether it be a pigeon on the street or another writer’s words. Do not dwell on the idea that every article you write needs to shake the universe with its profound observations and groundbreaking creativity. If you’re writing an article about a topic that has been touched on by a million other writers, all you have to do is add. You are not like anyone else, so use that to your advantage. You have a perspective that nobody else has, so share it. Input your advice, opinions, interpretations, and start a discussion.

III. Polish Up Your Work

Add a nice, colorful image to grab your readers’ attention. Format it to be easy and efficient to navigate and take information from, be concise, and be sure to obliterate all spelling and grammatical mistakes. I have lost count of all the writers who’ve lost their credibility with me because they used the wrong form of “your”. Also, please keep in mind that not every single article of yours needs to be 12 pages long. People want information, not a specific word count. Keep concision in mind. 

If you follow this advice, you should be well on your way to creating successful articles. Cheers x


“I didn’t know that until today. Frank was taking pills? I didn’t know that; this is a revelation to me.” -Ray Toro, on the band’s drug use

My Chemical Romance article/book excerpt (from The True Lives Of My Chemical Romance), Kerrang! June 7, 2014 by Tom Bryant, photography by Justin Borucki.

Armani First-Timer Liam Payne Talks Fashion, Father’s Day, and His Upcoming Collaboration With Zedd

As the crowds around the Armani Hotel this morning hinted, Liam Payne is in Milan. The gone-solo ex–One Direction member flew in from Buffalo, New York, to attend Giorgio Armani’s show, and he seemed seriously into it. Dressed in an all-navy Armani ensemble—so totally true to Giorgio’s aesthetic—he watched every look from the front row while doing a bit of chair dancing to the soundtrack. After he’d cruised the Armani showroom afterwards, displaying special interest in the new-season sunglasses, he sat down for a quick debrief. This is what he had to say.

So, did you say this is your first-ever fashion show?

Well, I went to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show a while ago, but that’s a totally different show, isn’t it? So, this is my first real fashion show. And what a wonderful space they have created in there. I thought a lot of suits were great and there was that one signature trench coat that everybody was eyeing up. That’s gonna be the be the biggest seller, I reckon. But there was also this kind of cotton jacket I really enjoyed, a bit faded. There were some great pieces out there. I did a little Boomerang of the show, but I also wanted to really observe the technique, the way the models walked out, and how it is done here. I’m getting better, I think, at understanding how outfits go, but to put pieces together, I think, is a difficult thing. And they do an amazing job here of making the pieces and then putting them together in a way that works.

Was there anything you saw today that surprised you?
The thing that really interested me was when they came out in pairs, and did I see twins at one point? It was explained to me that this is something that Mr. Armani likes to do in his shows, to show in twos sometimes, as well as one by one. And I think it’s cool. Plus they all had great hair. The music was great, too. I couldn’t stop foot trapping. I’m an air drummer when it comes to music and I was having to hold my hands together not to start drumming. You know Armani was the first brand that I was ever drawn to as a kid. Seeing the Beckham campaigns. It’s a really cool brand. The first pair of underwear I ever bought was from Armani, when I was 15, and I’ve still got them! They still fit, which is great.

Are you heading home soon, back to to your son, Bear, and partner Cheryl?
Yeah! I’m hoping to get home soon. And it was a somber Father’s Day yesterday. But bless my missus, she did the most amazing things for me. She had him dressed in a first Father’s Day outfit and sent over cards and pictures for me to carry on the road. Even talking about it now makes me a bit sad. And also, on the opposite side of it, somebody sent me something from our film, of my dad talking about missing me. And I was really emotional on the day. And I didn’t want to see my dad upset as well. So, we had a good Facetime on the plane. I said to my dad, “How strange is it that I’m a dad now?” It is the most amazing thing. And I couldn’t be happier with everything that’s going on in my life right now. I don’t see how I could get any luckier. I should go to Vegas …

No, don’t! That’s asking for trouble! So, I know there is a new single coming out in July. What’s it called?
Well, I can’t announce it because it’s Zedd’s single. But if you look around, there have been moments where we have accidentally dropped the ball. So, it’s out there, somewhere. But I really love it. In Zedd’s words it’s the catchiest song he’s ever made … I’m usually very laid back about things but this one is really exciting.

Cheers Liam!
Cheers to you!

feelings in the heart

Of course I had to write a possible reunion scene for next chapter, right? How could I not? Here, have it.
*spoilers for ft418*

“So this is where you stay, Lucy? A whole flat to yourself! Are you rich now?" 

Lucy snickered sarcastically. "No, Happy. The magazine pays for it. It’s quite nice, isnt it? Better than what we had the last time we were in Crocus.”

She slowed her steps all of a sudden, as if her own words had reminded her of something she did not want to be reminded of. Natsu’s overcoat was still tightly wrapped around her frame, and she gripped it tight.

“Excuse me for a second,” she mumbled before disappearing into what Natsu supposed was the bathroom. “Help yourself to some food from the fridge. I’m not hungry." 

Natsu slumped down on the little chair close to him, stretching his legs with an exhausted sigh. They had walked for quite a long while to get here. But it had been worth it, after all, had it not? He grinned as he heard Lucy shuffle behind closed doors.

His Lucy.

Sure, she looked a little different, but she was just the same as always. He had earned himself a nice kick in the face for burning her clothes off - or at least, that was what he told himself had been the main reason.

Happy had made himself comfortable on the small bed beside the window, his new little coat - the one that reminded him of Charle - sprawled out beneath him.

"Ahhh,” he rolled onto his stomach, pressing his face deeply into the soft pillow. 

“Smellso nice o’ Luce.” was all Natsu could decipher. He smiled, deeply inhaling the lingering scent in the room aswell. Oh, how he had missed it. It soothed him like nothing else in the whole world. 

But then his eyes found the wall.

He didn’t get too much time to inspect it though, because in that moment the door opened again, and in stepped Lucy, now clad in a tight black tanktop.

“Lucy, where’s my cloak?”

God, how he loved using her name again.

“I’m gonna wash it.”


“Jeez, you didn’t seriously wanna wear that thing again? Have you smelled it?”

“Uh…no. But Lucy– what’s that stuff on the wall? Why are you collecting pictures of Erza and the others?”

Natsu watched her smile crumble as she followed his gaze to the patch of wall that was peppered with pictures and articles..

The cheerful, almost euphoric Lucy from before was gone in an instant. 

His eyes stayed trained on her as she tried to hide her face, inclining her head towards the ground.


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So I was looking at this old TV Guide and …

“Let Sam propose to slick councilwoman Janet Eldridge–That way Diane can have the more rewarding role of The Other Woman”

“The Moonlighting writers could have Maddie make the first move on David, with him being chased around a desk and being told he could either give in or lose his job”

(from August 2-8, 1986 issue)


“We should probably have a PG show tonight. We didn’t do a show for charity just for Gerard to call them a bunch of motherfuckers.” -Brian Schechter, MCR’s manager

Blender, April 2005 by Dorian Lynskey, photography by Lego. (save images to see larger size for ease of reading)