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“I would like to think that the character stays somewhat consistent. Um, there are times when I feel like- when I feel like it’s not quite consistent, and I feel like what i’m saying is a little bit false to the character, and i’m trying to find a way to justify it.” [video]

St Peter (On Earth In His Life) Just Some Old Guy…

St Peter (In Heavan Living His Dreams) The Coolest Racecar Driver And All The Angels Cheer For Him On The Tarmac And They Call Him SWEET P Which Is His Racer Name


@provinite​ literally carried my ass downstairs and put me up at my computer cause i was so bored and desperately wanted to draw. this is what i accomplished. are you proud prov, hm??

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An example of the roles Intuition and Synchronicity play in my witchy life:

A long but strange personal story

 As you may recall, I’ve been on a personal and spiritual journey. The last several months have been intense. The more in tuned to my journey’s purpose I’ve become the more intense the synchronistic events have gotten and the sharper my intuition grows. For the last 20 years I’ve felt a pull to service careers and I’ve happily answered. That’s what Light Workers do, right? I thought I’d reached the pentacle of my service when I got involved as a trauma therapist. After years of this I began to experience very personal damage from it and finally decided, as an empath, maybe I was better suited in a different career.

 It was difficult to accept the call to become a teacher at first as it meant changing my concepts of self identity. Who was I if I wasn’t trauma therapist? So I asked the Universe, my spirit guides and anyone listening who loved me, to send me signs that I was on the right path if teaching truly was the path for me. And the signs came. 

So I took the steps to become a teacher. I have the necessary college education and plenty of teaching experience all I needed, technically, was permission from my state government to take my certification tests. So I applied. Then I didn’t hear back from them. I got worried. I asked the Universe for signs and got clear symbols suggesting teaching was certainly my path. So I let go of the worry and focused on my connection with world through meditation, mindfulness and manifesting positive energy. I felt that I would continue my work as a Light Worker through teaching. 

 I’d been exploring the idea of Self Love as a life goal for humanity and how I related to it. In a conversation with my mom (the clairevoyant) I expressed how leaving trauma therapy was an act of self love because as an empath, I felt like I was being eaten alive by the hundreds of traumas I’d counseled and that if I truly loved myself, I’d pick a healthier profession to continue my Light Work. In the moment I said it to her, she was literally knocked back two steps with a flash of vision as I said, 

“do you think I’m on the right path?”

“yes. I see a rainbow and your grandmother looking excited as if you’ve just hit the nail on the head.” 

Just then, a huge monarch butterfly appeared in front of us and fluttered around us and we both giggled with the certainty of knowing. Just like how the crowd claps and cheers when someone wins the showcase showdown on the Price Is Right. All I had to do was sit back and wait. But guys, when you’re plugged into the Universe, and your intuition is turned up, you see it coming in the most astonishing of ways :) 

The day after my mother’s vision I was standing on my back porch watching the clouds and just practicing being mindful and fully present in the moment. A big monarch butterfly flew around my head for a very long time. Then another monarch did the same thing. Then another, and another and another until I was standing in the center of a butterfly vortex! I asked out loud, “What does this mean?” And within the next 5 minutes, every animal messenger I’d encountered in the previous week or two, came directly to me. 

  • The dragon fly (symbolizing transformation via self exploration, 
  • The Bumble bee (Joy, teamwork and growth)
  • The Tom Cat with funny ear (Cats deal in wisdom across the veil)
  • The spider (Manifestation, creativity)
  • The ants from the mystery colony (Community and industriousness)
  • The bluejay (Clarity in vision, patience)
  • Soooo many butterflies (Change, joy and the spirits of the dead)

Next I was playfully attacked by my familiar! She NEVER does this. She politely asks me to play, never demands it. But this time she was like I’d never seen her, as if she was completely excited about something and was unable to contain her enthusiasm. I couldn’t deny something was going on. I began to get a little worried. Was something huge about to happen? Was it good or bad? 

I walked cautiously to the mailbox and knew before I got there that the letter I’d been waiting for was inside. But would it be good news or bad? I reached inside but didn’t look at it until I was inside. My familiar sat patiently in front of me as I gave myself a pep talk about failure and other life path options. She bit the corner of the envelop as if to say “Look here!” The postmark date was an Angel number and I new I’d get good news. 

In Numerology it’s 1-11-1. I read the letter and YES! I was granted permission to take my certification tests. What is special is that I was granted permission to teach Social Studies, a subject that will allow me to inspire kids into social activism and bring about change in this critical time. I feel like the Universe is telling me my Light Work is going to have greater impact on molding Consciousness Change Makers. 

I know this because when I read it, I asked my familiar out loud, 

“So I get to influence young minds?” and she walked over to the wall where I’d stuck 4 dozen post-it notes containing the pros and cons of teaching and pulled one off the wall. It read 

“Pro: I’d get to teach kids about building a compassionate future world” 

And that’s the story of how I was hired by the Universe to do a job.  

every single mcr album character is adopted by me. the killjoys? gracie? cherri and blue and the whole comics crew? the patient? fear and regret? colton haynes and his ghostly gf? even mother war herself? emily? bonnie and clyde? helena the corpse bride? even the unnamed bullets people?? all my kids, they deserve some attention. my city now.

imagine-ikebukuro  asked:

ANOTHER REQUEST, I loved the results of the last one so much! I hope I'm not annoying you with this lmao. Headcanons for what Namie and Izaya would do to cheer up their s/o?

You don’t annoy me at all I’m grateful you liked it so much to request again ;;

- whatever it is that upset you she will trashtalk it to no end

- makes you tea and cooks your favorite dish

- she will shower you in kisses and hugs

- she will try to make you laugh by making fun of (insulting) her boss

- is a very good listener and will be very attentive when you talk about your problem while gently stroking your hand

- the next day she calls you to check up on you to make sure you start the day in a better mood than yesterday and gives you words of encouragement


- the moment you meet up with him he knows something’s up

- doesn’t ask you about it at first and is instead more talkative than usual in an attempt to distract your thoughts

- when that doesn’t work he’ll simply ask what’s wrong and also what he should do

- very bad at cheering them up his first solution was to take care of their problem himself (as a joke)

- he knows that having a bad day is normal and thus doesn’t take any big measures to cheer you up

- or so he tells himself but it just so happens that he is free that day and allows Namie to leave early too so he can give his full attention to you