cheer academy


Get-To-Know-Me-Meme: Favorite Artists (1/13)

➝ Gerard Arthur Way (April 9th, 1977)

“It was before the biggest show on the tour I was washing my face in the sink, I looked in the mirror like, you’re still uncool. And I was really happy with that revelation, and, “You’re never gonna be cool so stop trying”…and I had one of the best shows of my life that day.”


cheer practice, windenburg academy 3:29pm

amira: z.. you okay? you’ve had resting bitch face all week.. i know you’re pissed about being grounded but like..

zia: i’m fine, don’t worry about it

amira: you’re my best friend?? i’m worried about it.. just talk to me, maybe i can help? your dad loves me and-

zia: i just thought it would be over by now. we have never stayed mad at each other for this long, it feels like its never going to end. all we do is yell at each other when we’re in the same room, it just fucking sucks. its like my house is a constant war zone.

amira: i’m sorry z, what about your mom?

zia: [laughs] she doesn’t give a fuck dude, she keeps saying that we have to work it out but we honestly can’t?? and indi doesn’t wanna get involved cus he doesn’t want to get grounded which i get it but… like he’s honestly gone insane. i feel like its going to be like this forever, cus i sure as hell am not giving in.

amira: i wish you could come stay at my place for the weekend… maybe we could talk to him? and- oh, theres indi. looks like he’s looking for you??

indigo: zia, come here we have to leave

zia: [rolls eyes] fucking great, bet i’m not even allowed at cheer practice anymore!!!! well let coach know that my dad is a fuckin prick… see you later


Has this been done yet?

Lets just appreciate how amazing Mikey Way is. And lets not forget the giant inflatable panda!