A cheer for you

Hi there! After reading an ask on @the-pastel-peach blog (confrats on the wedding btw) I decided to give it a shot!

The au is the high school au created by the lovely @the-pastel-peach and in rhis au, Logan is student council president, Roman is a theater jock, patton is a cheer leader, and Virgil is still emo. The ship are Prinxiety and Logan and patton (cant spell ship name) and Roman has a prefect butt.

The ask prompt was by an anon, but it was pretty much about Patton finding out Logan likes him back, and asking Logan out in the best, and most embarrassing way, possible.

I changed up part of it because I have next to no idea how cheer works.


Patton practiced so hard. he made the routine, he wrote the cheer, he got Roman to help our making the sign.

But now it was time and Patton was nervous, so so nervous.

He knew were Logan was, he had given Virgil free tickets to this game and in return, Virgil made sure him and Logan had very close seats.

It was half time at the game when Roman took a Mic real quick before he was to go back to the locker room.

It was time.

“hey everyone, and thank you for coming to the game tonight! I would just like to state that we have a very special performance tonight by the cheer team, and we want to make sure a certain President hears it.” Roman winked and ran back to talk strategies, as Virgil recorded the preformance for him.

Patton saw Logan say something to Virgil, looking confused. Virgil just ingore him and pointed forward.

Time for Patton to start.

Patton managed to get special permission to wear the cheer skirt this once for a game, and needless to say, he was adorable it in.

The cheer leaders stood in lines as Patton waves his pompoms and did a walk-skip towards Logan grinning. He called out in cheer.

“1, 2, 3, 4, your the one That I adore!” He winked. Logan was already blushing. The cheerleaders began to make a human pyramid behind him as he did a cartwheel, landing in a split and looked at Logan.

“5,6,7,8, I am totally not straight!” And he caught a girl who jumped from the top of the pyramid, made a joke face of ‘no’ and 'dropped’ her as the cheerleaders called out.


Patton had a grin on his face, and Logan was so red. Patton was lifted up.

“Look at your cute glasses!”
He punned

They spun Patton.

“Oh my goodness you’re so prefect!”

They held Patton who was standing.

“Going to melt my heart!”

Some cheer leaders brought out the founded up sign


Patton took the sign.
“And there is one thing left to say!”

The cheer leaders threw Patton in the air and he was grinning. The sign was open and read 'i love you, Logan!“

"now will you go out with me?”

Logan.exe was a blushing mess. Patton held the sign as the cheerleaders caught him and he ran to Logan quickly. He smiles.

“Will you?, be asked.

Logan, for once, was at a lost for words.

And oh god.

They were on the big screen.

Logan quickly leaned over the railing and kissed pattom very quickly, giving him a nod as Virgil whistled.

The entire stadium cheered.

Logan found words.

"Patton I love you, but never do that agian.”


I really do know next to nothing about cheer…so i hope this is…close? What is a sport? I know everything from t.v. honestly, but I think it is cute ya go!

What If

What if one day we each agreed
to give away more than we kept
and love awakened as our queen 
even as our burning hatred slept

What if we no longer played war 
and people didn’t have to choose
being no sides none need to die
no more children we would lose  

What if comforted with kindness
the lost found a reason for cheer  
the hungry had food on the table
and love dried every child’s tear

What if accompanied by angels 
we could right the damage done
loving each other as ourselves
might peace smile on everyone