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Kitchen Witchcraft for your Dorm

There’s actually a lot of kitchen witchcraft you can do without an actual kitchen.

  • Make tea. As long as you have a microwave and a mug (or if you are super lucky an electric kettle) you pretty much have the recipe for your most basic spell/remedy/warm-cozy-snuggle-in-a-cup! You can pretty much get just about any herbal tea out there at your local super market and probably at your campus convenience store or even cafeteria. If you have the space and the money and want to get fancy, you can even buy loose teas and start blending your own It’s actually not as expensive as you’d think–as long as you get them from somewhere besides Teavana.
  • Add spices to your frozen food. I used to buy a lot of steamer bags of rice and flavor them up with whatever I had on hand. You can buy some cheep spices (hit up the ethnic food isle and check out the goya and other spices there because they are always super cheep). Microwaved baked potatos are also great for this. You can match the seasoning to your intent.
  • You don’t just have to use these teas and spices for the obvious though. You can make sachets, witch’s bottles, powders and other charms with those things too. Save free t-shirts and clothes that are old and damaged to use for cloth for the sachets and recycle bottles and jars for the charm. Kitchen witchcraft is magic for the broke as fuck, so really, it is the college student’s magic.
  • If you can have plants in your dorm room, you may want to try growing some herbs in your window sill, or even just some flowers. You can keep a succulent or two for protection. But really, if you can throw some fresh thyme in your can of chichen soup or in your ramen, you will feel so fancy!
  • Make soups on trips home add intent  and ingredients that match that intent and freeze them in Tupperware. They’ll stay good for up to 6 months, and you can warm them up in the microwave when you need them.
  • Dry herbs you get at the supermarket or plants you forage. You can put a command strip on your wall and tie them there with a bit of yarn. They’ll make your dorm smell awesome!
  • See if there is a campus gardening club or if the Bio department has a greenhouse you can volunteer in. Take a plant science class. A hiking or excursion club will get you out where you can do some wild crafting too.
  • See if there is a pagan student union or club. So many schools have them now. You can pool resources with other people, some of whom may have apartments or access to kitchens.
  • Learn to knit or crochet. I met someone in college who was crocheting her own cloak for ritual wear. She had braided together a bunch of yarns with different intents. The resulting yarn ball was massive. She called it Rygal.

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being told ur lazy and also having depression is confusing sometimes bc when u dont feel like doing anything u don’t know if ur being lazy or ur just depressed

Existence - Jakob/Joker x FKamui

I’ve rewritten this over & over and am super nervous about posting it but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways wwww

“Jakob…” Kamui whispered sweetly, his beloved master looking tenderly at him with her large ruby eyes. He felt his heart hammering out of his chest, not sure how he got himself into this situation as his master slowly brought up a soft hand to caress his cheek. “Jakob….I’ve always-“


Jakob almost jumped up from his bed, wildly looking around for his master before realizing he was in his own bed and the wonderful scene he had been a part of was just a sweet, sweet dream. He raised his bleary eyes to the lone window in his room, through which the aggravating sound of birds flitted through. He vaguely contemplated throwing a fruit knife at the irritating things before remembering that Kamui hated seeing animals hurt, especially birds. He sighed and flung an arm over his eyes, blocking out the sunlight.

He squashed down the tender feeling in his chest he would get when he thought about Kamui, especially after that dream. She was his master… and that’s all he’d ever be. It was a fool’s errand to wish for greater, more impossible things when he was already blessed with her presence as well as her trust. Cursing the dream and his own treacherous feelings, he lurched to his feet. He had no love for waking up early, but if it was for his lord Kamui… he’d power through it day by day.

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Just Go with It - Calum Fluff

Banging into what could only have been another person i sighed deeply and prepared to apologise to yet another drunk. Aware of an aroma of alcohol and masculinity i’d jumped to the assumption he would already have the wrong idea but as a hand failed pinch at my ass and no cheep pick up line cooed in my ear benefit of the doubt crossed my mind. Looking up i took in the sight of a handsome boy around my age who’s own face was filled with panic to match own.

“Im so sorry, i wasn’t looking where i was going.” The words became unstuck from my throat as i shook from staring at him, his face softening as he shook his head.

“No no it was me, I’m sorry.” He rushed turning around to look at the crowded dance floor. Following his gaze my heart sunk as it landed on a drop dead gorgeous girl whom was headed in our direction, of course a boy with a perfectly sculpted face, toned tattooed arms and deep brown eyes and thick i-wanna-run-my hands-through hair would be taken. I hadn’t even noticed how observant i had been till that moment. Shaking my head i gave him, who was now studying me, a weak smile and attempted to move before he grabbed hold of my hand and spun me back to face him.

“Just go with it…” Nodding so i understood the frown of confusion was wiped off my forehead as his lips crash to mine. My wide eyes relaxed and closed as i went along with his spontaneity, our lips moulding together. His hand came up to cup my cheek, the other around my back to bring me closer as he swiped his tongue over my lips and i let him in. Curling together, i tasted the hard liquor i smelt off him earlier and let it take over my senses. The whole room went silent as we kissed, different from the types of boys who i’d been groped and chatted up by he was a gentleman. Never stepping over the line i was comfortable with kissing a boy i’d only just met, and wouldn’t mind if somehow we could do it all over again.

Breaking apart, my stomach nervously fluttered and i bit down on my lip as did he before smirking lightly. I was glad of the dark room with disguised my blushing cheeks and slightly trembling hands. His face parted from watching mine and he looked back over to find the spot the girl had been in now deserted.

“Uhhh…thanks, she, shes been throwing herself at me all night.” Nodding my heart dropped again as the hope of him actually wanting to kiss me was crushed. Noticing my clear disappointment and hurt he bent down to my level with a look of fear.

“No! that came out wrong, i wanted to kiss you i, i just had to skip the "getting to know one another” part. I needed her to get the message But i really wanted to kiss you because your beautiful, and….“ Rambling on he slapped a hand against his face and i giggled although he barely heard.

"I thoroughly messed this one up..” Groaning i lifted my hands to take his away from that handsome face i wanted to see. He was adorable under his looks which could take my breath away, his deep voice filled with guilt made me subconsciously forget his confession of using me.

“Its okay, I’m…I’m glad you kissed me, i liked it.” Swallowing my pride in the hope it would somewhere i smiled at him, both of us letting out a breath in relief and nervously biting our lips once more. Standing back he put his hand out for me to take, spending a small chill down my spine that i liked, a lot. Taking a breath he opener his mouth to speak like it was the first time.

“My names Calum, and i’d really like to take you out sometime.”