Hi I’m Rosie i live in Singapore but im american. I love to laugh and have a good time. I’m really carefree and im kinda happy go lucky. I also run cross country and play soccer. I have green eyes and long brown hair. I have a very jumpy excited personality and i laugh alot.
can i be shipped with 1D and youtube. 
Thank you so much! xx


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My FIRST ever unfollow spree


just finished my unfollow spree. From 1,010 blogs followed, down to 632 blogs. I unfollow those who haven’t updated their blogs for more than 5 days. If I have accidentally deleted you, or you would want a follow/follow back, please message me. :) xx

- C

Can I Have A Ship With One direction and a youtuber? If not you choose Thanks!;). My name is Grace but I prefer to be called Gracibell. I am in choir working on perfecting my singing voice. I am and Allstar cheerleader. I love to write stories I have always been good at it and it is something that I just enjoy doing. I would Say that I have a crazy personality I am very random and quite funny. I love to dance I haw never had lessons it kind of just came natural to me. I have a great sense of humor and I funny laugh, my laugh is a giggle and I sometimes even laugh so hard I snort;). I’m about 5ft. THANK YOU !!


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