• 1). whats your favorite movie?
  •    - my favorite movie is White Chicks 
  • 2) Doyou have a collection? if so what is it.                                                      - i do not have a collection
  • 3) What is your dream job?                                                                            - Modeling
  • 4)  who is your favorite fictional character?                                                      -Minnie Mouse
  • 5) your favorite school memory?                                                                 -my favorite school memory is when i didn’t have to go to summer school
  • 6) if you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?                                                                                                                  - i would live in london because it’s my dream place to live in
  • 7) what kind of music do you listen to?                                                          - Teen Pop, Dance Pop, Pop Rock, etc..
  • 8) who is your favorite youtuber?                                                                    - Olan Rogers 
  • 9) what was the last song you were obsessed with?                                        - We Can’t Stop Miley Cyrus 
  • 10) what was you’re first concert?                                                                     - One Direction 7/2/13
  • 11) if you could change your name what would you change it to?                       - Carolina                                                                                               My Question:
  • 1)  Whats your favorite song?
  • 2) If you got married where would your honeymoon be?
  • 3) Put your iTunes on shuffle. What are the first 3 songs?
  • 4) What was the last lie you told?
  • 5) What’s the worst place you have ever been to?
  • 6) What do you like about yourself?
  • 7) What are you really bad at?
  • 8) Favorite pizza topping?
  • 9) Favorite place to shop  for clothes?
  • 10) If you could have any super power what would it be?
  • 11) What is your favorite movie?


HEY! this is my first follow forever like ever and i’m pretty sure people don’t read this part but i wanted to say a few things: if you are here, know that i love you!! you’re the reason that i love tumblr so much and come back here everyday. and you always keep my dash filled with niall, narry, harry and zayn (sometimes ziall but shhh it’s ok) so thank you!! i have this blog for like 4 months and i’ve already met some amazing people i can call friends :) thank you for everything, it means the world to me. i also want to say a big thank you to everyone who follows me, it means a lot!! i’m really here for this and i’m so glad you guys like my blog. and how amazing is this edit right?? wow. ok so if you’re bolded, it means i really love you a lot. and i also wrote you a little message because i’m lame lol so scroll over your url. love you all <3

#-E: adoreharry adoringnarry  agentnarry allisoncrystals anarry beanieharrys broders btwziall bumblingniall burningbrights byebyeharry cassandracarol cheekyladz chulozayn coldcoffeenarry colormenarry connorfrnata crazymofas craicdeal craicthatniall crippleandgreasy cutenouis dorkniall drunkonarry

F-M: feelslikenarry femmniall flashoran fuckingcraic fvckinnarry harrydaft haveaniall hearry hharoldd hiallhyles highonnarry horanaroh horanop htsyles iloveuashton irresistableynarry ithinkyoumeannarry justdontniall kissedhoran kissmycraic kryptoniall laheynarry lazymofo lourriall

N: nananarry narryamor narrybros narrycanmarry narryhorany narrynuts narrysthrusts nekedniall nemorin nhorans niallandmen niallar niallatorrr niallcum nialledwards niallharold niallisonfiya nialljavadd niallmalilk niallmyirishsnowflake niallnotofficial niallsjands noharrytoday nouiall nxarry nyalljames nyrivera

O-Z: oldnarry puncroc scottnccall secretladiesman sluttynarry snapbackntank sobbinarry sstyls storuns styleszilla thirlniall thirstyniall thishorans tomlinarry tomlinourry totalcraic txfniall tylerposey whitoutniall whystoran youhadmeatnarry yoloniall ziyul ztoran


hiiiiiii it’s me kellie. it’s been a while since i made one of these so here we are. i love every single person who i follow so so much. you guys all make my dash super awesome, and i want to thank you for that <3 i also want to say thank you to everyone who follows me. you are all amazing, and it means a lot! also, if you are bolded, hover over your url cause i tried to be cute and write you a message (:

#-f: 0cean-iris, Adoresnialler, adoringnarry, aghniall, anarry, babybleus, backpacknarry, banginghoranbang, bitchyr, beanieharrys, broders, brosnian, Bumblingniall, captainhoran, cheekyladz, colormenarry, coronaniall, craicqueen, crazymofas, criminiallar, Datirish, Desireeeee, drunkiehoran, effingniall, endnarry2014, fellforhoran, femmniall, forwwat, frickingirish, fuckhorans, fuckingcraic, fucknialljames, fyonedirection, gagginghoran, gagginiall, genderfluidnarry, getlowzayn

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n: nananarry, narriall, narrytbh, naughtyziall, nekedniall, niallagher, niallandharryvevo, niallandmen, niallar, Niallatorrr, niallbros, niallcliffrd, niallco, niallcum, nialledfrombehind, nialledwards, niallerlilcraic, niallerlouis, niallharold, niallhoranhasthat1thing, niallhoraz, niallisbeyonce, niallisonfiya, niallmalilk, niallnotofficial, niallsays, niallsbabymama, niallscuddly, niallsgotmehigh, niallslaugh, niallsmainsqueez, niallurby, nirisheyes, nonarry 

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so i finally reached 3k after 2 years so i thought id do a proooper follow forever! 
italicized means i admire from a far but ily lots
//bold means holy wow i love you lots&i refer to you as my frond 

first thing’s first, these people are the realest: 
abi: okay wow i love you lots&you’re basically the little sister i always wanted, i cannot believe we’ve been talking for TWO years jfc
angelica: bruh you’re the bestest i love talking to you&giving you occasional feels&i’m happy i met you just, i love ya tons
ella: babe i dont talk to you as much as i used to but i fucking love you so much i love that we can cry over niall&we have so many memories but yes i love you soooo much
dany: dany, my love, i miss you so so much&you’re another little sister to me, i want to protect you from any and all harm, i’ll kill over you no lie, ily
amy: ammmmy omfg amy i love you too i see you as another little sister too, who lives too far away&we’d definitely be concert buddies if you were right here&you’re so lovely if any one hurts you tell me ill kill em
hannah: ily so much bro, i love talking to you&im vv sad we don’t talk as much as we used to but it’s aight bc i still love you&your beautiful self, just don’t forget about me, okay?

abovehood actualcraic adidaslilo adorablashton adoredniall adoreharry albinoclifford alwayslukey amazeniall ashickey ashtonsflannels 
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 bangahemmo bangstylz barelylegalluke 
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ewzayns exoticharold fabulouls faithingot12 fatherharold 
fedorasandflannels flawlous flannelsluke flashhoran fletchar fratboyluke 
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fuckszen fukerstyles

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westcoastyles westsidecalum westyls whatidiots wheresmichael 
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ziamsum 4nip 5sausies 16boys 17ink 21x19 90sliam  

                 yees this took me 2 days&im so so sorry if i missed anyone but i love all of you very much&everyone on my dash makes my day brighter(all 2000+ blogs i follow)&thank you so much following&being here always&just THANK YOU ALL ILY LOTS
                                     blayne xx

helloooo i’m finaLLY making my first follow forever, amazing. here are all my beautiful mutuals, i luh ya all very very much, thank you for making my dash so lovely and entertaining❤ :

adoresnialleradoringnarryanarrybrodersbumblingniallcheekyladzcolormenarrycraicthatnialldatirishdesireeeeedirtsbagdrakeandniallfemmniallfrickingirishfuckingcraicfucknialljamesfyonedirectiongagginghorangagginiall germanstyleshappelyshaveaniallholdmetightniallhoranarohhoranhoopinhalenialllitshoranitsonlynialljayjayhayward-youngjfcnialljustdontniallkissingziallkissmycraickryptonarrykryptonialllilcraiicmediocrechickmontreniallnananarrynekedniallniallandharryvevoniallandmenniallarniallatorrrniallcumniallhoranhasthat1thingniallisonfiyaniallslaughparrotinyrapniallsecretladiesmansiempreniallsstylsstopniallandharrystoran + styaller + sweaterhoranthirstyniallthishoranstomlinarryzapzaynn + zmalik

try not to be too blown away by my amazing edit lmao

hi! school starts in five days sad, BUT ive decided to make my first ever follow forever! i just want to say thank you for being super awesome and making my dash nice to look at. love you all ! x

// # - E //

420stylinson / acoustictommo / ashtunirrwin / ballourinasbangszayn / blaminglouis / blissziall / bloueballs / blowinghoran / champgnepapi / charshire / cheekyladz / chillniazkilam / classyycalum / climaxlarry / coldplayzayn / compassniall / cremebrulou / dangcalum / doncaestar / doncastop / evanpetsrs 

// F - L //

fcknziam / fellforhaz / fvcklou / gerolle / glitterloueh / harrysblowjob / harrystylesh / harryurkindafunny / havoclouis / hawtyhoran / highzarry / horancid / jumpernouis / jvddmalik / kingniull / knouis / lanadehlray / larryly / liamscape / littlewhiteniallloueah / ltwink

// M - R //

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// S - Z //

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since it’s valentine’s day, i tried to be cute by making a follow forever. i hope you all have an awesome day cause i love you lots! if you are bold, that means we are friends, you put up with me quite a bit, or i had something i wanted to say! so, check out the message i wrote for you (: love you all <33

#-F: 0cean-irisadoringnary, aghniallbanginghoranbang, booharrybear, broders, bumblingniall, captainhoran, cheekyladz, coronaniall, craicen, craicqueen, criminiallar, datirish, desireeeee, effingniall, endnarry2014, fellforhoran, frickingirish, fuckingcraicfucknialljames

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+ blogroll

happy valentine’s day <33