Hi everyone! I just hit my first thousand followers (thank you asdhjkl) and i thought i’d make a follow forever :) These are some amazing and absolutely flawless blogs and i hope you all will give them a follow too! It’s almost been two months and i know i’ve only talked to some of you but i already feel welcomed and loved. It feels so good to be able to spaz with everyone without you guys thinking i’m crazy haha I love you all so so much. Thank you for accompanying me day and night with all your lovely posts on my dash <3 (Ps, i’m following on impenetrablefacade since this is a sideblog aha) Lastly, thanks to all my followers for putting up with me and for following me even though i bore you guys at times lol I love you! xx

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☆read first: renata (aka rebernardes) made this edit (cough follow her coug cough) and she calls me del which is why it says del not delphina only renata gets to call me del bc she’s special

yeah so my birthday was last thursday and i reached 5k yesterday (tuesday) so i decided to celebrate them both

here are amazing blogs that i will follow forever
or like for 10 years idk forever is kinda a long time
best friends are bolded and extremely quality blogs are itallicized


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yeah ok bye

Well, finally! I don’t know what to say more than I’m a massive potato and I thank you all because you make my dash perfect and also fun, I don’t care if you follow me or not or if we talk or not ‘cause you are PERFECTION of blogs and really amazing humans being ♥ I love you and I hope y'all say thanks to me because it took me a shitload of time and I had some technical problems too, but I did everything I could just for you… you better feel special. Also MERRY CHRISTMAS and I wish you an amazing 2013, mine will be full of poop, awesome isn’t it? And thanks for making these 4 months in this fandom one of the best things in this horrible 2012… ok I’ll stop writing ^_^

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Here my blogroll for more amazing blogs ^_^ and for you and my followers i wish you the best for 2013 and merry christmas! ily 5evah ♥

anonymous asked:

name some of your favorite blogs that you follow?

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