Imagine for Angelique

     Will was sitting on your floor watching A Bug’s Life while you were on the bed reading your favorite book, munching on popcorn. Looking over at you, Will starts to get up and crawl towards you. You didn’t notice his movement because you were so into the novel that everything around you became irrelevant, you went to stick your hand in the bowl of popcorn but, when you did all you felt was your bed sheets. You looked up and noticed that the popcorn was gone, looking down at Will who was back on the floor you could see him eating something. Crawling to the end of the bed, you see that he has taken your popcorn. “WILL!” you shouted as you grabbed a pillow and hit him with it. “What?” he said looking up at you with innocent eyes, mouth full of popcorn. You raised your eyebrows and pointed down at the popcorn, “that’s mine,” you pouted at him reaching for the bowl. Will was quick though and he snatched the bowl and got up. You stumbled off the bed from his quick movements and advanced toward Will trying to grab the bowl. “If you want the popcorn, you’re going to have to catch me,” Will said running out of your room. You ran after him trying to catch up but couldn’t so, instead you sat down on the steps, crossed your arms, and put on your pouty face. Will noticed you stop chasing him and turned back around heading up the steps, he sees you sitting there upset. “Aw, don’t pout here,” he says handing you the bowl, you smile up at him an evil glint in your eye. Taking some popcorn out of the bowl you got up and threw it at him, giggling as you ran back to your room locking the door before Will could catch you. “Come on let me in, I’m missing the movie,” Will shouted while knocking on the door. You opened it and Will pushed in picking you up and started tickling you. After the tickle fight, you two settled down and decided to share the popcorn as you watched the movie.