COME BACK AND HAUNT ME - A canon Chainshipping mix

for when the prince stole his victory
but couldn’t save his pawn
for the real story

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No but what if punk!cas actually has a really beautiful voice but he never sings because he's shy about it and it wouldn't do any good for his rep so he doesn't tell anyone he sings but one day while Dean is over he hears Cas singing under his breath and Cas gets really blushy but eventually does sing a song for him and Dean is so overcome with emotion that Cas barely finishes the song before Dean is cupping his jaw and pulling him close and kissing him between praise and 'I love you's

excuse me but who are you to come into my inbox and punch me in the heart like this 

This is probably the ugliest design I’ve ever made on a logo like this but EY who cares!! my first follow 4ever. :+) 

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