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I Put a Spell on You by bethaboo (17,525 words)

A BBC/Secret Santa mashup featuring Captain Niall, our intrepid weatherman/amateur matchmaker, rather clueless sports reporter Liam, charming political analyst Zayn, and cheeky entertainment reporter Louis. Harry is the new fashion correspondent who prefers to dress like a flamingo. And pining. There’s a lot of pining.

Apologies all around to those of you who enjoy coherent plots, something other than fluffy smut, and Starbucks coffee.

“They finally hired a new fashion reporter,” Zayn says and Louis lets out a wounded gasp.

“Without even consulting me?”  This has not been the greatest start to a Monday ever. Louis, as the main entertainment reporter, often has to collaborate with fashion. The last fashion reporter was a rather cold, broody girl named Sarah that Louis hadn’t had a shred of chemistry with. Also, she’d kept losing weight, making Louis feel annoyingly thick around the thighs and bum.

Harry liked your bum, a bothersome little voice reminds Louis.

He shakes off the distraction and focuses on what really matters. His new co-worker.

“So?” Louis demands. “Who is she?”

Zayn smiles. “Not a she, to start.”

“Oh.” Louis is a bit taken aback by this. It does make the most sense—after all, Louis is never going to have any kind of working chemistry with a woman, but he wasn’t sure management was smart enough to ever try something else.

“His name’s Harry Styles,” Zayn says and everything in Louis freezes.

“Wait,” Louis hedges. “Is he like, um, really tall and broad and has long, curly hair. You know. Green eyes. Gorgeous face?”

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Blurb about you and Niall being friends with benefits?

“Niall!” You call out, walking in through the garage door. You were horny and ready to go. Making the agreement to be friends with benefits (you were physically attracted to him, but he was just a friend and he felt the same towards you) a while back, this became a regular thing. 

He looked up from his bowl of cereal and the morning paper. “Hey love, ‘ow are ya?” Niall smiles softly at you. 

“Horny and ready to go.” You smirk and head towards his room. Niall watches you walk off and shoves one more bite of cereal in his mouth, slurping the milk and running towards his room, pulling off his shirt as he goes along. 

You grin as he walks in and pull him in for a rough kiss before shoving him back onto the bed. 

He smirks and looks up at you, “I love it when yer so dom.” He teases. This didn’t happen often, but when it did… It was always fun.

You giggle and shrug a bit, pulling off your tshirt, “No you don’t.” You giggle and shake your head. 

“No, I don’t.” He sits up and takes off your bra, tossing it aside. “How was the gym this morning?” Niall raises his brows, his arms wrapping around you and pulling you to lay back on top of him. 

“Oh, it was lovely. Did my arse work outs today.” You nod and kiss along his neck, before attaching your mouth to his, “You going to write with the guys today?” 

Niall nods and pulls you down to kiss him, his hands cupping your face as he did so. Sometimes these tender caresses made you feel like there was a lot more to all of this besides being fuck buddies. 

You pull away, biting your lip. “Kinda want to ride you, finish my leg work out.” You wink and pull his sweats and boxers off at the same time. 

“Anyt’ing to help ya fer dat bikini body!” He chuckles but that quickly fades when you slide onto his dick, a dirty moan coming from him. 

You loved making him feel good and he loved making you feel good… It all worked out for the both of you. 

The sex was the best, to be honest. With time, you gave Niall the appropriate instructions and vice versa. You two know how to make each other feel the best possible. 

Niall and you lay there, panting. You had the sheet pulled up and you looked over at him with a lazy grin, “Thanks.” You pant out. 

“Anyt’ing fer ya.” He leans over and pecks your cheek. Niall grows quiet after a moment, letting his beating heart slow after a bit. He had a growing attraction to you for a long while, it started off insignificant but now… “Hey, Y/N?”

You got out of bed and started to get dressed, “Yeah?” You glanced up at him and smiled softly. 

“I uh, I hope ya ‘ave a good day.” He smiles and gets up to get dressed as well. Admitting to you he had feelings for you could fuck up the friends with benefits. He just guessed today is not that day for this and for this part to come out. 

“You too Ni!” You smile and peck his cheek, grabbing your car keys. “See you tonight at the club!” 

Niall watched you go, chewing his top lip. Friends with benefits never truly work out. 

He tweets a picture of your child 2


@Louis_Tomlinson: Cheeky lil’ pout before her ballet class! Love my lil’ miss X

@Real_Liam_Payne: Guess who got a huuuge smile from a verryyy sleepy baby today? ;) #prouddaddy #lookatthatface  

@Harry_Styles: “Do you wanna smile for daddy? No? Okay." 

@zaynmalik: Little man almost looks as good as me, aha #itsalllove :) x

@NiallOfficial: Look at my princess! She’ll eat anything including a good bit of snow! HAHAHAHA she cracks me up!

the royal couple say hello to their fans

Picture He Tweets Of Your Child And Pet


@Harry_Styles: Diego is so protective of little Carson… He won’t even let me near my own baby :( #DiegogiveCarsonback


@Real_Liam_Payne: I don’t think Jax really knows what is happening right now :P He’s happy that he’s getting attention! #LexileaveJaxalone 


Louis_Tomlinson: Cheeky lad! Takes after his daddy thats for sure! #CuddleswithBradyandMax


@NiallOfficial: Jacob isn’t quite sure whats going on right now… I suppose Colin likes the new addition to the family #WelcometothefamilyJacob


@zaynmalik: Where was my invitation to this cuddle session :( #daddyfeelsleftout #Harpercomecuddledaddy

Hey Harry, is Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 going to be a normal day in the lives of the 1D Fandom or are we all going to die 52938472 times?


Art for zarah5 fic “As you are”  aka x-factor judge Louis/contestant Harry :D

Harry jumped in just as Niall was about to reply. “We sort of considered a band name like Two Dudes and One Guitar, but that’s a bit of a mouthful. I mean, I’m not opposed to that, but there’s a time and a place, right?”

This might very well be his one chance to flirt with the guy who’d often starred in his teenage wet dreams. Why waste a perfectly good opportunity?

“Cheeky,” Louis commented. Grin still firmly in place, he folded his hands on the table and tilted his head.


 you look so good in blue by patdkitten: Harry Styles hears about a perfect flat from his roommate Zayn’s boyfriends and decides to sign the lease. The only problem is: the flat has a reputation for being haunted. It certainly doesn’t help that Harry’s cat is seeing things as soon as they move in… (20,039 words, Larry, ghost AU, past character death, happy ending, side Zayn/Niall/Liam, explicit)

I Put A Spell On You by bethaboo: A BBC/Secret Santa mashup featuring Captain Niall, our intrepid weatherman/amateur matchmaker, rather clueless sports reporter Liam, charming political analyst Zayn, and cheeky entertainment reporter Louis. Harry is the new fashion correspondent who prefers to dress like a flamingo. And pining. There’s a lot of pining. (17,525 words, Larry, AU, fluff and smut, pining, bottom Louis, side Ziam, explicit)

Nothing’s Gonna Change My World by stylesforstiles: Louis was searching for answers. He found Harry along the way. (8,093 words, Larry, AU, lots of references to Beatles’ songs, fluff, minor angst, side Ziall, unrated)

Just For Me by iwillpaintasongforlou: Harry is a supermodel with a fake boyfriend. Louis is the captain and star forward of Manchester United with a fake girlfriend. They should have no problem having a completely platonic lunch between friends.(They do.) (9,545 words, Larry, AU, outdoor sex, they both top and bottom, explicit)

A Summer of Us by louisandharryandlove: Louis couldn’t help that he was basically a bundle of nerves all the time. He had too many thoughts and too many worries, but too few friends to share them with.
So when Louis’ mom told him he could invite a friend to the beach house his family was renting for the summer, he couldn’t help but panic.
But this year was different. This year he knew exactly who he wanted to invite, if he could just get up the nerve to ask the pretty curly haired boy who had been so nice to him for the past four months.
Little does Louis know, he’s in for one of the best and most transformative summers of his life. (47,089 words, Larry, AU, high school, innocent Louis, bottom Louis, explicit)

Picture This by Suzie_Shooter: Written for the prompt of ‘Niall secretly watching and jerking off to Harry and Louis having sex. They are unaware they’re being watched and don’t find out.’ (2,070 words, Larry, voyeurism, masturbation, shower sex, side Niall/his right hand, explicit)

Who Painted the Moon Black by throughthedark: Hunger Games AU where Louis Tomlinson is district six’s victor from the 69th Hunger Games and Harry Styles is district seven’s victor from the 72nd Hunger Games. (95,729 words, crossover AU, angst, violence, minor character death, happy ending, explicit)

Closer you and I by avatarlahey: It’s like learning the boy’s name brings about a new desire for Louis to see Harry all the time. If he can learn Harry’s name, then what else can he discover? So when Louis’ head hits the pillow every night, he wishes, he hopes, he prays that he’ll get to see Harry. And sometime he does and sometimes he doesn’t, but when he does, something awakens in Louis. A silly thought: being asleep, yet feeling more awake than ever. He supposes it’s Harry’s doing.[Or, Louis likes to sleep, particularly because the only time he gets to see Harry is when he dreams.] (41,303 words, Larry, AU, soulmates, pining, side Ziam, general)

we press play don’t press pause by snuffleslove: in which zayn’s a dancer of one sort, liam’s a dancer of another, and harry, niall and louis are all damn good musicians. or, in which zayn’s determined to prove that he doesn’t fit in anywhere, and along the way discovers that he’s fit in all along. (26,413 words, Ziam, AU, dancers, side Larry, side Niall/Doniya, teen and up)

we ate a twix bar at the uffizi by shakespearesque: Harry knows a lot about art and Louis is 100% always cool with going to Italy. So Harry takes Louis to Florence and they do things involving art. (As in, visit the Uffizi Gallery.)
Also, Louis is obsessed with sugar. (7,195 words, Larry, canon compliant, fluff, mature)

I love how Niall is just chill during this:)