I love how Niall is just chill during this:)

You know, just eating some chips on stage:)

I do too Louis:)

I love this:) Louis with his glasses kills me:)

Louis and Harry love each other just like jumpers love Christmas. Or like I love jumpers, or Christmas. Well yeah.

For the 1d-artists-community  #1DAC7  

And niallerby (That’s my gift for you!!)

(Hope you like it, love!)


I just can not fathom how Harry’s face looks all cute and cuddly making weird faces at the crowd. And then you look at his body and he’s just so broad and thick and manly with tattoos covering his strong arms.
I think sometimes we thing of Harry as so cute we forget he’s a over 6 foot man with muscles and tattoos, we still thinks he’s the cheeky 16 year old.

Look at this sweet cheek 🐥🐥