cheeky twin

McLennon - oh those early days
  • john: *in his room making out with paul*
  • paul: shit i think i heard something
  • john: oh fuck it's mimi *shoves paul into his closet*
  • mimi: *bursts in and sees john's idiotic grin* why so gay?
  • john: whAT?!
  • mimi: you know, happy? you were looking real happy just a second ago
  • john: *sweating nervously* no reason.
  • mimi: *looking suspicious* .... okay ......?
  • john: wwwhat??
  • mimi: you're acting so queer
  • john: whAT???
  • mimi: y'know, as in weird?
  • john: *sweating really nervously* oh.
  • mimi: *getting even more suspicious* you haven't been on a bender, have you?
  • john: *red as a tomato* WHAT. aRE. yoU. TALKING, abOUT??
  • mimi: drinking, john! have you been drinking??
  • john: *shouting a bit too loudly voice screeching* NO!!!
  • mimi: *steps closer sniffing* ugh you smell like a fag
  • john: MIMI WHAT THE HELL!!?
  • mimi: you haven't been up for a puff, have you??
  • mimi: cigarettes, young man? have you been smoking??
  • john: OH MY GOD
  • paul: *can't help but laugh*
  • mimi: what-... what is paul doing in the closet?
  • john: *getting really red and sweating like a pig*
  • mimi: paul why won't you come out of the closet??
  • paul: *steps out*
  • mimi: *stares at them for a moment* *realization hits* OH.
  • john:
  • paul:
  • mimi: you're fairies! and NO, i'm not talking about the magical creatures!
  • john: MIMI, I'm -
  • mimi: no you shut your mouth! i'm going to go downstairs to cook some food, and when i'm ready you better ask your boyfriend to stay for a dinner, okay??
  • john: WHAT???
  • paul: *giggling* yeah john be a fucking gentleman for once, yeah?

For anon…enjoy! (Also, we’re going to ignore the timeline discrepancy)

Fred nudged George with a devious smirk. The twins shared a look before turning their attention to you. You were sitting at the same table studying something. Obsessing is was it more closely resembled. You were currently scribbling, not on parchment, but on a bound journal. You were hunched over it, rapidly writing, only stopping to sketch something. Fred leaned closer to George.

“Don’t s’pose that’s a diary?”
George’s eyes glinted. “Wonder what could be in there.”

The twins shared a mischievous glance before slowly lowering their head. They watched as a friend of yours startled you. The twins held in chuckles as you hastily closed the bound book. Your friend continued to whisper to you. A moment later, you were grabbing your things and standing. Another friend caught your attention just as you went to grab the journal. Fred slowly pulled out his wand.

“Accio,” he murmured.

The book started to shuffle toward him. Suddenly, it stopped. The twins glanced up to be met with your arched brow. Unimpressed, you snatched your journal and left with your friend.

“You’re not getting any sneakier,” you called back to them.

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