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412. Smutty cooking
  • Author's note: I hope this is what you were looking for anon! I told you it always turns smutty.
  • Harry: You couldn't sleep so you decided to make chocolate chip cookies. As you were scooping the batter onto the cookie sheet, a sleepy Harry appeared in the kitchen. "Did I wake you" you asked. "No, I was hungry anyway," he kissed you on the cheek and jumped onto the counter. He picked at the batter in the bowl, but you swatted his hand away, "Not 'til I'm done, yeah?" He pouted, "but it's so good. Here try some." He extended his index finger topped with a dollop of cookie dough towards your mouth. You sucked his finger clean; when you finished he hopped off the counter and turned off the oven. "Harry, I need tha..." Suddenly he pinned you against the counter and pushed the cookie sheet and mixing bowl to the side, some of your hard work landing on the floor. He scooped you up and placed you on the cold granite. "I told you I was hungry."
  • Liam: You've been working on dinner for hours, you wanted to surprise Liam, just because. You were bent over checking the roast in the oven when you heard Liam enter the kitchen, "I could get used to a view like this." You laughed and shook your hips playfully at him before standing up. "You're early. I wanted to surprise you." You kissed him softly on the lips. "I reckon you did, all bent over like." He swatted at your bum before you walked over to the sink. "Not what I meant, but maybe there will be more of that if you do the dishes tonight," You winked over your shoulder. He walked over the sink, bumped you aside and started to roll up his sleeves. "What are you doing?" you laughed. "Gettin started on those dishes." he said with a cheeky grin.
  • Louis: "Lou I thought you said you wanted to make this cake together," you yelled over to your boyfriend who was lounging on the couch. "Love, you know that means I want you to make it while I watch." You groaned at his response, but you should have known better, Louis hardly ever cooks anything. "Well I could really use some help ya know!" To your surprise he actually came into the kitchen but only to distract you. He pressed his toned body against yours and kissed along your neck, "Is this helping?" his hot breath tickled your neck. "Not at all." His hands slid up your tshirt and made their way up your abdomen to your breasts. "How 'bout this?" You struggled not to give in to his touch, "A bit." He chuckled against the crook of your neck, "How 'bout you finish up here, and then I can really help you out..."
  • Niall: You and Niall were having friends over for a barbecue in a few hours. You finished doing most of the prep work early and decided you had enough time to have some fun with Niall. Whenever he barbecues he insists on wearing his cheesy 'Kiss the Cook' apron. While he was cleaning off the grill you removed all your clothing and replaced it with just that ridiculous apron. You leaned against the island on full display, waiting for him. "Babe have you seen my..." His face lit up like a tomato. "Is this what you're looking for?" you teased. He made his way towards you and immediately occupied his hands with your bare bum. "t looks much better on you." You pushed him back a little "Ya think...?" you pulled on the tie, "'cause I think it'll look so much better on the floor."
  • Zayn: You walked downstairs to find the light of the fridge illuminating the kitchen. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes as you watched Zayn hunched over scavenging for food. "Anything good?" you ask and leap onto the counter. He turned around revealing a pile of food in his hands, his legged hooked back to kick the fridge closed. "Strawberries and nutella?" You nodded in agreement. He covered the tip of the strawberry in chocolate and offered it to you. You pouted, "feed me?" He laughed. He held the strawberry to your lips. He gnawed on his bottom lip as you playfully sucked the chocolate off before you bit into the berry. "I'm not hungry anymore." he hummed, attacking your sweet lips.
  • Written by: Anna

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Holy crap, why have I never heard about this interview with the winter girlfriends before? www*youtube*com/watch?v=AnFxh8UJMF0 (11:08) Scott Mills is so cheeky! Lou knows what's up though! Why do you think of it?

OMG that was their first interview for the Four promo, fuck it started out so good. That was a brave move Scott. We freaked the hell out.