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You deserve someone who wants to give you a fucking text back, y’know? Someone who wants you, only you, and makes you feel wanted. Someone who can’t help but message you first thing in the morning when the sun light is slow-dancing through the curtain, and they’re barely waking. Someone who wants to spend their drunken Friday nights with you, but also their lazy lemonade Sundays. Someone who holds their one-person umbrella right above you when it’s bucketing down, so that you’re sheltered, even if it means they get soaked through. You deserve someone who thinks of you, often. Someone who calls you on the phone at the end of a long day, because they want to hear the sound of your voice before they drift off into slumber. Someone who makes plans with you on a Tuesday evening, because the weekend is just too far away, and who cares if we have to go to work the next day. Someone who says definitely, not maybe, and follows through. You deserve to hear a song on the radio that makes you melt on the inside at the mere thought of this someone. Someone who could watch you sleeping for hours at a time, and be perfectly content in the grace and stillness of that moment. Someone who steals a cheeky kiss when you’re mid-sentence and least expecting to find their lips. Someone who will happily pig out on pizza with you in bed, and not judge the sweatpants & top knot look you’re sporting. Someone who is just that into you. You deserve someone who challenges the both of you constantly; someone who makes you strive to be better each day, because they’re trying to be better too. Someone you can count on to stick around when the shit hits the fan, which it will. Someone who chooses to lift you up, always. You deserve magic, and fireworks, and confetti canons exploding in your clear blue skies. You deserve someone who will always be careful with your heart, because they know just how fragile it already was before they held it. Someone who’s heart aches whenever yours does. Someone who wakes up next to you each day feeling like they’ve hit the jackpot, over and over again, and thinking what on earth did they do in their past life to be so damn lucky. You deserve someone’s complete attention. Someone who looks at you, and I mean really sees you, and all of the beauty you hold. You deserve to be someone’s first choice. Someone’s best friend. Someone’s partner in crime. Someone’s everything. You deserve to be loved; and loved extraordinarily well. And to be told that you are loved, every single day

– Thought Catalog

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What kind of kissers do you think they'd be?


  • spontaneous kisses at the most random times
  • in the middle of sentences, while your’e walking, in public
  • times when u least expect it 
  • when he feels the urge he doesn’t hesitate
  • depends a lot on his mod
  • joyful kisses that are full of giggles and smiles
  • and sometimes end in tickle fights
  • but also passionate “i need you now” kisses
  • where he can’t keep his hands off u
  • and doesn’t hold back
  • each one is a breathtaking experience (quite literally)


  • soft affectionate kisses
  • ones that he puts a lot of thought into
  • probably gives u that gaze or stares at your lips for a while before
  • kisses that are as expressive as his music
  • and make u feel nurtured and warm
  • u swear ur floating for a little bit
  • pisces are the dreamy romantics of the zodiac
  • and love to lavish their partner in affection
  • innocent kisses on your cheek, forehead eyelids, nose…
  • neck, shoulder, wrist…
  • doesn’t leave an inch of skin untouched


  • sultry, hot kisses
  • hurried and passionate
  • certified french kissing pro
  • lots and lots of tounge
  • lips biting
  • hair pulling
  • goes from a peck to you being in his lap in a blink of eye 
  • and suddenly you’re grinding on each other in front everyone woops
  • the perfect mix between messy and calculated
  • every kiss is different and leaves u guessing
  • kisses that leave u panting
  • and him smirking


  • emotional, overwhelming kisses
  • that develop from shy gentle pecks to heated makeout sessions
  • every movement is calculated
  • craves intimacy and closeness
  • hands keep a strong grip on your waist or wrists
  • kisses that assert his dominance 
  • kisses that stem from jealousy
  • h i c k i e s
  • if ur neck, shoulders, and chest aren’t littered with marks, he’s not done
  • intense eye contact
  • jaw kisses
  • likes to have his prater pinned under him or against a wall
  • usually leads to something else


  • teasing kisses that leave u wanting more
  • pulls back early knowing it gets u riled up
  • wants to have u frustrated and chasing after him 
  • makes you work for it
  • lots of  winks and sly grins
  • innocent back hugs that lead to ear nibbles and breathy neck kisses
  • that eventually go lower and lower…
  • cheeky butt grabs
  • roaming hands
  • light kisses that contrast his needy touches
  • shows his passion not through roughness
  • but through delicate, fleeting pecks mixed in with long intimate kisses
  • and whispered “i love you“s


  • slow, deliberate kisses
  • capricorns always mean business and that translates in their affection 
  • knows how to kiss and how to do it well
  • treats his partner like a porcelain doll
  • fully engulfs your face in his hands
  • strokes your cheek
  • kisses that make u feel safe and secure
  • uses them to express feelings he struggles to say in words
  • pulls u as close as physically possible
  • likes a partner who follows his lead
  • kisses rarely stay that innocent with this one


  • shy unsure kisses
  • he’s most likely inexperienced
  • wouldn’t be the one to initiate it at first
  • but when he does, he’s timid and gentle
  • probably takes a deep breath before
  • needs someone who can lead the way
  • probably gets more flustered than u
  • accidentally moans into ur mouth
  • which makes him blush fiercely
  • but once he’s comfortable, his leo moon/libra venus shines through
  • over the top romantic kisses
  • picking u up to kiss u
  • spinning u around
  • just like he mentioned here

god sharky why cant you just, kiss normally FOR ONCE in your life

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//#3 with Luca (by Sweetie!!)

10. an assertive kiss

ok lemme just scream now cause i noticed you actually wrote a specified number AAAARRGHHHH


robron awards 2017: (1) best kiss[es] → 23.01.17 
‘You’re not on your own, you’re with me now remember!’ 

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hi!! can u do a mc x rfa saeran + v where mc asks them for a selfie and just as she takes the photo she sneakily kisses them on the cheek??? aaa i hope that made sense ;w;

this is super cute omg


  • He loves selfies so he agrees with 0 hesitation
  • He had the same idea as you did
  • So when you turned to kiss his cheek, he was also turning to kiss you
  • Now you have a picture of you guys kissing each other with a huge smile on your faces


  • He’s okay with the selfie as long as he can still be playing LOLOL
  • I mean, he’s in the middle of a huge battle you can’t expect him to just stop
  • Anyway he pulls the whole peace-sign-huge-smile-with-eyes-closed look
  • But then you pull the sneaky cheek kiss
  • He’s blushing so hard in the picture it’s the cutest thing ever


  • She doesn’t really like taking selfies of herself, but she loves taking selfies with you
  • Her phone is filled with pictures of the two of you
  • Anyway when you come up to ask for a selfie, she suspects nothing and agrees immediately
  • She’s shook by the kiss
  • But it’s a happy shook
  • She’s blushing but there’s like a small smile on her face
  • She sets it as her wallpaper for a long time


  • …Not huge on selfies
  • But whatever he can’t say no to you
  • So he pulls you to sit on his lap and get the two of you into a cute pose
  • Then you do the cheeky cheek kiss heh
  • He’s just got like a little surprised look on his face
  • He sets it as the wallpaper on his phone/laptop/every device he has that can have a wallpaper on


  • Selfies are a daily thing with Seven
  • Like the amount of selfies he takes is almost on par with Zen
  • Most of the selfies are just with you tho
  • So anyway when you ask to take a selfie he has no suspicions
  • He makes the most exagerated shocked face ever in the picture
  • “MC! How dare you betray me like this?!”
  • He is so incredibly extra


  • What kind of photographer is V, he never even heard the word ‘selfie’ before you asked if he wanted to take one
  • Anyway once you educated him, he was 100% down for taking a picture together
  • He was really excited awww he’s so sweet
  • But then you do the ol’ switcheroo and kiss him
  • He’s not even that shook he just kinda looks at you with a loving expression


  • High Key against selfies
  • Not in like an insecure way, but he doesn’t see the merit in taking pictures of himself
  • When you tell him you wanted to take a selfie with him, he reluctantly agrees
  • He likes the idea of being able to see you even when you’re not together
  • Acts really tsundere about it tho obviously
  • But then you kiss him and hoo boy
  • He’s shooketh
  • He’s blushing hardcore in the picture and kinda pulling away from you
  • He wouldn’t admit it but he saves the picture and looks at it whenever he misses you or he’s felling upset
♡ Preferences #2: How they kiss you [Male Version] ♡

                                                ♡  How they kiss you ♡

Jon Snow: Jon Snow prefers to kiss his s/o when they have complete privacy, away from prying eyes. He kisses his s/o slowly and passionately, as he’s a bit nervous, and he loves to savour the kiss for as long as he can, as he’s been rejected all his life by society and those around him. He likes to wrap his arms around his s/o’s hips, or sometimes run his hand down the small of their back. If he hasn’t seen his s/o for a long time, or when his s/o has come into contact with threat or danger, his kisses are strong and longing, and he wants to hold you close for as long as he can before the two of you have to stop for air.

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Robb Stark: Robb Stark likes to kiss his s/o by starting of slowly and teasingly, before increasing his speed, and kissing you quite fast and passionately. He doesn’t show much PDA, as it’s not very accepted amongst his people and bannermen, however sometimes he will give his s/o a cute peck on the cheek or forehead when he’s in a particularly good mood, and whisper sweet nothings in his s/o’s ear when the two of them are cuddling. When he kisses his s/o he likes to either hold their neck to keep their head in place, or run his hands up and down their upper body, depending on his mood. When he’s feeling quite cheeky the kiss gets quite hot and heavy, and he likes to squeeze his s/o’s hips ;)

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Jaime Lannister: Jaime Lannister’s kisses are fast and quite rough. When he’s in a good mood, he likes to dominate and sweep his s/o off their feet followed by a lip bruising kiss, and he often likes to squeeze his s/o’s hips or if you’re alone, grab their backside ;) His kisses are usually demanding, but if he’s trying to comfort his s/o he’ll give you one of his rare slow and longing kisses, or placing a kiss on their forehead, and loosely hugs them, trying to make them feel comfortable and loved. As a member of the Kingsguard, he cannot show PDA at all as he has vowed to never have a wife, however when he’s not part of the Kingsguard, he likes to hold his s/o’s hand and kiss the back of their hand a lot, or peck them on the cheek sweetly to tease them.

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Khal Drogo: Khal Drogo’s kisses are almost always super dominant. His kisses are rough and demanding, fast and passionate, and his s/o almost always have to break away due to lack of air. He shows PDA ALL the time, it’s a way of showing off that he’s the sort of the ‘alpha male’ of the khalasar, and it’s a reminder that you’re his and he’s yours to any prying eyes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s super steamy, wild, lip bruising kisses or whether it’s peck on the forehead. He also likes to squeeze his s/o’s hips because the thought of him dominating his s/o makes him feel empowered, but he also likes grab his s/o’s thighs and have them jump up and wrap their legs around his torso, or pin them to a wall. However, sometimes the two  will take things more slowly, especially if his s/o feels quite tired or upset. He also LOVES to often whisper “Moon of my life” to his s/o. He enjoys kissing his s/o’s forehead and hold them in his arms until they’ve fall asleep.

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Petyr Baelish: Petyr loves dominating his s/o. He likes to pin their arms above their head or to their sides and placing several rough kisses to their lips and neck, leading down to their collarbone, sometimes biting his s/o’s lower lip. He loves leaving hickeys all over his s/o’s neck, as a way of marking his territory since he loves the idea of having you all to himself. He absolutely adores making his s/o whimper, but sometimes he will take things awfully slowly just to tease his s/o, for example, placing very short kisses and pecks all over your neck, or lightly biting your ear, or placing his fingers on your chin to lift your face only to plant a sloppy kiss on your forehead and walk off to take care of some business, just to leave you longing and desperate. Although, he really likes his s/o pecking him on the cheek, especially during morning in which he has to get out of bed early to run down to the small council meeting, though he would never admit it. He doesn’t show any PDA, since he can’t show any affection in front of the court, or in case anybody uses his love for his s/o as a way to manipulate and blackmail him.

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Tormund Giantsbane. Tormund kisses are surprisingly usually quite gentle, and soft. He loves to show his s/o his love her him/her, and usually takes things very sweet and slow. He likes to run his hands down the small of his s/o’s back, and sometimes pause the kiss to place small sloppy kisses all over their cheeks, forehead and neck, just to playfully tickle and tease them a bit. After battle, however, he likes to kiss his s/o quite swiftly and passionately, wasting no time to enjoy the feeling of his s/o’s lips on his. He quite often shows PDA, not only because it’s quite common with the free folk, but because it also makes you blush quite a lot when other people see the two of you sharing intimate moments.

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Sandor Clegane: The Hound’s kisses always depend on his mood. When he’s in a quite angry or aggravated mood, his kisses are rough and his actions unpredictable. He’ll sometimes squeeze his s/o’s backside roughly, often making them whimper in shock. However, in the moments when he’s in a good mood, he’s surprisingly gentle and passionate. He’ll hug his s/o and kiss them every so often, and sometimes when he thinks they’ve fallen asleep as you’re spooning, he’ll gruffly whisper “I love you”, because he’s too embarrassed to say it regularly when his s/o is awake. No PDA, as he’s a member of the Kingsguard, and also because he’s embarrassed of other people seeing and mocking him, since he’s never really loved anyone before.

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Jorah Mormont: Jorah’s kisses are always undoubtedly slow and sweet. He takes his time with his s/o, and is never rough as he’s afraid to hurt his s/o. He values his s/o beyond anything, and treats them complete love and care. He’s constantly placing kisses across their face, mostly on their forehead, and sometimes their neck. When he kisses his s/o on the lips, he sometimes takes their face into his hands, carefully, as if his s/o is a glass doll, fearing it’ll shatter if he’s too rough. He absolutely loves to kiss his s/o when they’re cuddling, and whisper sweet nothings into their ear for hours on end, even when his s/o is fast asleep. He treats his s/o like an absolute god/goddess, and worships them with his every waking breath. He does show some PDA, like pecking you on the cheek or forehead, and sometimes just a sweet peck on the lips. He likes to make his s/o feel loved no matter what time of day or night it is, and also likes to show the other people around that his s/o is his and he’s theirs, just to stop people staring at his s/o with lust and longing.

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The kiss of the signs

- Sun, Venus. Also, if you would like, Moon and Mars - 

Aries: They have a light hand on your side, and their top lip above yours. Taking small breaths in between to take you all in, they make that single moment seem magical.

Taurus: Their lips are powerful and strong, and protective. Their is so much energy in their kiss that you are lost. It is long and you never want it to stop, it feels like they have a forcefield around you.

Gemini: They give short and playful kisses, pausing to smile at you every now and again. They sigh from happiness as they gaze at your lips, and it all starts again.

Cancer: The kiss that reminds you of home. It is soft, it is warm. They are the bottom lip, never letting you fall. Their kiss let’s you know you are safe. It is slow, with slight pressure.

Leo: They have mastered the art of showing their love with just one kiss. They come to you soft, and leave you like they just signed your lips. They pause, breathe out, and slowly sign you one more time.

Virgo: Their kiss conveys selfless and happiness. They lose breath from kissing you so much and gaze into your eyes afterwards. Their kiss is firm, reminding you of how much you are loved.

Libra: They play with your lips first, softly touching theirs against yours. They pause to look at you, and then give you a cheeky, quick kiss. When you don’t expect it, they slowly caress your cheek, and kiss you long and slow.

Scorpio: They leave a pressure on your lips for weeks. You will not forget it. In the moment, it is hard to focus, because the passion they press against your lips is so pure and so great. 

Sagittarius: It’s up beat and hard. Almost like they are teasing you, they kiss hard and fast. Eventually, it slows down, and their love shows through the firm pressure of their lips.

Capricorn: A humble kiss, very soft and proud of you. They show their love with the brush of their cracked lips, and the breath they take beforehand. It is like kissing artwork.

Aquarius: A triumphant kiss. Hard and with pressure, reminding you that - in that moment - you’re both top of the world. Perhaps biting your lip and giggling softly, they keep it fun.

Pisces: The cinematic kiss, they slow down and speed up. They want you to feel like a movie star. Their soft lips feel like the last piece of the puzzle against yours.

Cuddling With Astro

Note: this is all just my own opinion, i have no actual proof that they’d be like this


Myungjun (MJ):

Cuddling with Myungjun is absolute perfection. People would expect this time to be really energetic but (in my opinion) it’d be the one time of day where he could just calm down and relax. He loves spooning you, the feeling of having your right up against his chest would make him feel all warm and giddy. Holding hands is a must too, it makes him feel like he’s really connected with you. He’d probably like to talk with you about his day and about yours. In all, cuddling with Myungjun would be really relaxing and warm.

“Tell me about your day, jagi.”

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Jinwoo (Jinjin):

Cuddling with Jinwoo is just really cute. He’d rather be facing you, whether it be the two of you on your sides or you laying on top of him, he likes being able to be face to face [to admire your perfect self ;)]. His arm would definitely be around you, pulling you flush against his chest. Expect a few cheeky kisses here and there, but nothing too extreme. The two of you would probably talk about the most random things. Cuddling with this man boy would just be really soft and fluffy.

“Do you think cacti have feelings?”

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Dongmin (Eunwoo):

Good luck surviving cuddle sessions with Dongmin. You could literally be reading a book and he’ll suddenly come in and start hugging the shite out of you. His hands would be on your skin; even if you’re wearing pants and a long sleeve he will find warmth no matter what. He’d whisper random compliments about you, your hair, your eyes, etc. If you did the same to him, he’d definitely be a blushy baby. Random kisses on the eyes, nose, lips, etc. would be the norm when you’re cuddling. Basically he’d be worshiping you and if youre not worshiping him what are you doing hes lee dongmin

“You’re really attractive, did you know that?”

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Bin (Moonbin):

You know how he’s known as a puppycat? Yeah, he becomes an actual puppy during cuddling sessions. Spooning or hugging is a must. Tbh it’d probably be hella warm and comfortable, so it’d be normal for the two of you to fall asleep while cuddling. His voice omg kill me now would sound really slurred because cuddling makes him tired (in a good way ofc.) and your voice would probably be the same. He would really like hiding his face in your shoulder.

“[Y/N]… I lobe you…” *omg imagine his tired voice i–*

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Minhyuk (Rocky):

Cuddling with Minhyuk would either be really quiet or kind of loud, there’s no in between. If he’s tired or if you’re tired, you just enjoy to be in each other’s arms. He’d probably be tracing random shapes on your body or kissing your shoulders. On the other hand… If you’re not really that tired, cuddling with Minhyuk would be fun. He’d randomly tickle you without warning or attack you with kisses. The two of you would probably talk about the future or the past or about how idiotic the boys were being that day (he loves them tho.)

“Remember when you asked me out-” “[y/N] let mE LIVE”

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Oh my Gods cute shy babyy. Cuddling with Sanha would be awkward at first. You wouldn’t know what to do and he wouldn’t know what to do– it’d be a mess. Over time, it’d get more natural, but Sanha would probably still be a bit shy about cuddling. Unlike the others, you and Sanha would probably just lay side by side, holding hands. Your head would be on his shoulder though, but that’s about it. The two of you would talk about whatever came to mind and you’d let each other rant if either of you were feeling frustrated.

“Hey, [Y/N]? … I love you–” *intense blushing*

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I dont think you realize how weak this made me omff– this group is going to be the death of me

Poe Dameron X Shy!Reader

Poe Dameron x Shy!Reader

Request : Poe dameron with a shy reader?? Loving them so much n being cutsey with them

For this I did a headcanon set up as well, so if you don’t like it message and tell me to do a more story based imagine!  I don’t bite! Sorry if it’s bad or not what you’re looking for. Send in more requests, questions, anything!

  • You met Poe when you were fixing a circuit in BB8.
  • It was late at night when the droid started to malfunction. You were picking up parts and getting ready to go when the dark haired pilot ran in, carrying his droid in his arms.
  • He was a nervous wreck, because his “little buddy” was having troubles. He kept asking you questions about BB8’s condition as you worked.
  • “Is he going to be alright?”
  • “Is it bad?”
  • All you could do was nod, because he was so cute and you were so shy.
  • Once you finally finished fixing him, Poe, being the friendly guy his is, he hugged you.
  • You were already a blushing mess during the hug, but when he pulled away and gave you a quick peck on the cheek you almost fainted!
  • “Thank you, so, so, much! I don’t know how I could ever repay you!”
  • “I-It’s j-just what I do….”
  • He then started to visit you everyday at your station.
  • Poe realized you were super shy when he was talking you. But he also noticed that whenever he smiled at you, hugged you, or made eye contact with you, you got this intense blush and big smile.
  • One visit, Poe brought you a bunch of flowers
  • “Y/n, I know you’re shy, and I find it adorable, but I really want to go out with you.”
  • You said “Yes.” of course.
  • Your first few dates went smoothly.
  • You were still shy around Poe but he did his best to make you comfortable
  • He always brought you flowers (this became normal throughout the rest of your relationship)
  • He never pushed your boundaries when it came to physical contact. He stuck with what he knew you were okay with, like his hugs.
  • One time he invited you over to his quarters on the rebel base.
  • You were super nervous to say the least.
  • You dressed super fancy, wondering what Poe had in store for the evening.
  • When you arrived, Poe opened the door and he was in a white t-shirt and sweatpants, and wearing a awestruck grin on his face,
  • This time, he was the one to blush.
  • “Y-you look a-amazing Y/n.”
  • He invited you in, and gave you a change of clothes.
  • “I thought he could just hang out. You might want to change though. I feel like you might’ve overdressed…”
  • You changed and had dinner with Poe, watched old war films, and actually fell asleep leaning against his shoulder.
  • When you woke up, you were resting on top of a still-sleeping Poe, who must’ve fallen asleep as well. One of his strong arms was holding you to his chest.
  • In that moment, your shyness was gone, and you felt immersed in the way Poe’s heart beat.
  • When Poe woke up, he sleepy eyes found yours as soon as they opened and gave you a sweet smile.
  • “I wish I could wake up like this every morning.”
  • Both of you start blushing like mad.
  • And it’s you that has the courage to push it one step farther and kiss the tip of Poe’s nose.
  • More blushing all around.
  • After that, your relationship became a more obvious thing.
  • Finn and Rey ship you both like hardcore.
  • So does BB8 of course.
  • Lots of warm hugs and eskimo kisses (omg swoon)
  • When Poe goes off on a mission, You give him a flower, to remind him that he needs to come back to you.
  • When he returns, he tucks the flower you gave him behind your ear and whispers : “I’m home.” and sneaks a cheeky kiss near your lips.
  • Whenever you blush, he rubs his thumbs over your cheeks and talks about how cute and stunning you are.
  • When you go over to his place now, he makes sure he has extra soft blankets and your favorite food on hand.
  • It’s on his couch, where you first kissed Poe (on the nose but hey it counts), is the first “I love you.”
  • Poe says it first, because he ADORES YOU.
  • And you blush as soon as he says it, and he just
  • “God do I love you.”
  • And you blush even harder before saying “I love you too.”
  • Then you kiss, full on the lips, for the first time.
  • It’s soft, slow, and tender.
  • And when it’s over you kiss him again and again because you can’t help but knock your shyness away for just this moment.
  • Everyday after that just gets better.
  • It’s all sweet all the time with that boy.
Cheeky || Kisses Series

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff

Word Count: 1700+

Summary: Love has many different ways of expressing itself. One form, is the different ways you share a kiss. 

A/N: FINALS ARE OVER! YESSS! Now I get my two weeks of summer vacation and then I go back to do more school. *sobs in a corner* I’ll be okay though… Maybe… Hopefully. Any who, I’m going to start another small  seven part series with Steve. This is the first installment of the Kisses Series. I’m so excited for this! I hope you guys enjoy!

The gif is not mine. Credit to the wonderful owner.

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Cheeky | Hesitant | Wake up | Sloppy | In the Moment | Distracted | Breathtaking

Steve never really believed in love at first sight. Of course, he knew had felt something towards Peggy, but he wasn’t sure he would exactly label it as love at first sight. She was the first woman he ever felt anything other than platonic feelings towards, the first woman he could see having a future with. He knew she thought the same, but the war gave them little time to see what was behind their mutual attraction. Peggy was a memory from a familiar time he longed for once again. She was a person he would always care for, he would never forget her. Steve’s idea of love at first sight being positively ridiculous changed the moment when Y/N stepped into his life. 

When he met Y/N it was as if the world came to a screeching halt, freezing around the woman that stood at the other end of the corridor. She was wrapped up in a conversation with Tony, animatedly waving her hands about as she talked with the man. She was bubbling with excitement, her smile lighting up the corridor. Tony found her charming as he nodded along with whatever it was she was explaining, gently steering her down the hall. When he caught Steve from the corner of his eye, Tony nudged the woman over to Steve’s side.

Y/N went quiet at the sight of Steve before her, her voice catching in her throat. The two stared at the other, a feeling of warmth growing in each of their stomachs as they gazed into their eyes. Tony teased her, saying if he’d known introducing her to Steve would have shut her up quicker, he would have done it sooner. Steve watched in amusement while Y/N turned to chase down Tony as he bolted to the other end of the hall.

“You jackass! Get back here and fight me like a man!”

Since that day, she hardly ever left Steve’s side. She was quite open with her emotions, and was always in someone way brushing against him and the others. She was quickly known for giving hugs to everyone as often as she could, even if they weren’t too fond of the idea at first. 

Both Sam and Tony knew Y/N before joining the Avengers, so neither of them fought off her frequent bone crushing hugs. Sam would make a show of protest, but he never refused her. Natasha and Clint were the first to welcome her touchy demeanor, sometimes latching on to the smaller woman when they desperately needed it. She worked the two of them up to tighter hugs, knowing that both were rather cautious of her motives despite giving in so easily. Wanda was hesitant at first, but quickly gave in after realizing Y/N was only making sure that Wanda knew was cared for. She gave Wanda looser hugs, making sure to rub small circles on Wanda’s back in a way of reassurance.

When it came to Bucky, he was the only one she was careful with. Y/N didn’t want to trigger any of his memories by accidentally catching him off guard and would always ask him if it was okay. At first, Bucky refused. It took a few weeks, but the jealousy of the others getting her soothing hugs over ruled his previous discomfort. Y/N would come up to his right side to wrap her arms around his waist and he would hug her back with his flesh arm. Eventually, she would get him to hug her with his metal arm, but it was a work in progress. She made sure Bucky was reassured the most after he agreed, and Steve noticed the change for the better in his best friend because of it.

“I don’t know what it is about her. She’s just so comforting to be around.” Bucky explained one morning during a training session. “It’s like I have a sister again, she’s always dotting over me. It’s been so long since someone willingly held me the way she does.”

With Steve, Y/N never gave him a chance to refuse. Not that he was ever going to back away from her touch. He would be sitting on the couch watching TV with the others and she would come into the room, honing in on him immediately. If there wasn’t room on the couch, she’d make room and slip her arms around his waist, pressing herself against his side. The first time she had done this, Steve had no idea how to react. His heart had begun to pound in his chest, his cheeks hot from the blush that spread down his face and neck. Y/N was so close, he could smell her perfume, could count the number of lashes she had as she sat watching the television. When she didn’t move, or even acknowledged his shock, Steve forced himself to relax. Half way through the show, he unconsciously wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer, as if it was a usual thing for the two of them.

After the first night, it quickly did become normal. Any chance she would get, Y/N would wrap her arms around his waist and pull him into a hug. His favorite would always be when his back was to her and she would slip behind him, pressing her face against his back between his shoulder blades. It never failed to bring a smile to his face, his heart fluttering at the action. Steve didn’t miss how he was the only she would do this to either.

“You know, you’re the only one she’s willing to hug that way, right?” Natasha teased one evening. The two of them stood at the bar during one of Tony’s party, watching the woman in question laugh as she was swung around by Thor on the dance floor. The two of them got along famously, their boisterous attitudes eerily similar. Steve ignored Natasha, grinning smugly into his glass of beer. He was more than aware, and his stomach would always flip when she gave him the special hugs reserved just for him.

Steve and the others quickly fell into a rhythm when it came to Y/N. Any time they would return from a mission, Y/N would be there with a worried smile and wide-open arms. She would go down the line, making sure that everyone was okay, occasionally bickering with them if they were injured.

“I’ve told you to quit head-butting people, Nat.” Natasha just roll her eyes at Y/N and limped towards the medical bay. The others received similar levels of scolding, but not before leaving with a hug that they all used as a drive to come home to. Steve had always planned it to where he would be last, hanging back behind the others so he could spend more time with Y/N.

Y/N turned at the super soldier, looking him over before flinging her arms around his neck. She hated it when he left the compound, she hardly ever got any sleep when any of the other left for missions, but with Steve she never did sleep. The man had a special place in her heart, and every time he left, he would take the pieces with him. The hugs they shared in the hanger were different than the hug the others got. It was a hug that grounded the two of them, soothed their fears that they wouldn’t return to the other. Steve held her tightly, standing tall so that her feet would hang in the air and she was forced to grip him ever tighter. No words were needed, just the two of them listening to the beats of their hearts.

The worst was letting go, but both knew they had things to do besides standing in the hanger gripping the other. Steve slowly lowered her to the ground, letting her slip from his grip. At first, Y/N didn’t let go, burring her face into his neck. Reluctantly she let him go, her hand slipping up to cup his cheek. Y/N wasn’t sure what had possessed her to do what she did next. Before Steve could stand tall, Y/N turned her face to brush a gently kiss against his cheek.

Steve froze when he felt her soft lips brush against his cheek, his breath catching in his throat. Y/N had never gone to this level of affection before, and once again he wasn’t certain how to take it. It only took his brain a moment to process that he rather enjoyed the gentle gesture. He smiled widely at Y/N, who looked incredibly unsure of herself for the decision to bite the bullet. Pressing a kiss against her forehead, he thanked her for being the rock he needed. His reward was a beaming smile and another firmer kiss on the opposite cheek.

“Anything for you, soldier.”

Since that day, Y/N would always press a kiss against his cheek after a hug, or between his shoulder blades when she would wrap herself around him from behind. The others raised their brows at the two of them at first, especially when Steve began to mimic her motions. But no one spoke of what they witnessed, none of the members missing how much more at ease Y/N and Steve were together. They knew the two of them had feelings for the other, and it was only a matter of time before they acted on them.

“20 bucks, they’ll get together at the end of the month.” Bucky spoke as he sat watching his best friend and the woman he was quickly seeing as a sister share a longing look between themselves from across the room. Sam snorted, stuffing a chip into his mouth. He too was watching the disgustingly cute display in front of him.

“They’ll get together at the end of the week at this rate.”

“I know Steve. He’s too nervous to step it up right now. End of the month.”

Sam turned to stare at Bucky, narrowing his eyes at the brunette. Sam knew Bucky was right, but there were ways to help push Steve in the right direction. Sam stood and smirked down at Bucky.

“Not if I can help it.” Bucky blinked up at Sam, who started to turn and head over to Y/N. It took a second for Bucky to realize what Sam was getting at. Once it registered, Bucky shot up and took after Sam.

“Hold up!”

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Dating Tom Holland, Halloween Edition:
  • Okay but Tom seriously loves Halloween, like he goes all out for it

  • He’s always sending you costume ideas for couples. Jasmine and Aladdin, Mermaidman and Barnacleboy are just a few example.

  • “Babe, we’re not dressing as Mickey & Minney again”

  • “But that was adorable!” “Okay darling, I’ve got it… Spiderman and Mary Jane”

  • Decorating the outside of the house with cheesy Halloween decorations, Paddy even helps with them

  • That boy thinks he’s sneaky, but you just know when he’s been into the candy jar

  • Binge watching Halloween movies, You prefer the scarier ones while Toms a softie and enjoys the classic disney movies like Twitches and Halloween Town

  • He likes to pretend that you’re the one that can’t handle it but Harrison, Sam etc all know it’s him

  • You were squeezing my hand so hard throughout that movie!”

  • “No Tom, that was you”

  • You always top up on his favourite Halloween snacks (like candy corn) because as soon as it hits Halloween, they’re all he talks about

  • Going on cool Halloween themed dates like Horror mazes, Corn fields and Pumpkin Patches

  • And yes, you definitely do pumpkin carving together

  • “I think it’s meant to be a bat… why does it look like a blob?”

  • Both wearing festive sweaters and socks around the house

  • Tom demanding that you get Harry to take photos of you two in your Halloween costumes for memory purposes

  • He for sure gets the best ones printed and placed around the house (+ a few go on instagram) 

  • Festive baking, the house constantly smells like cinnamon rolls, apple pie or pumpkin spice


  • While experimenting with Halloween costumes, came a whole lot of teasing
  • Tom could barely hold himself back when he saw you in one of your costumes, his hands didn’t leave your body once that night
  • “C'mon darling, how do you expect me to wait until we get home? You look so goddamn amazing”
  • The amount of cheeky kisses he places on your neck and other exposed areas of skin before you even got home was probably a bit much, but you adored it nonetheless
  • He practically rips the clothing off of you, but the promise of breakfast in bed as an apology is enough to silence your complaints
  • “Tom, are you kidding me? You couldn’t have spared the lace?”
  • “How does Pumpkin shaped pancakes sound tomorrow morning?”
  • Lets just say it was a good night. One that left your neck covered in purple blotches

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Kisses Aren’t Free, Are They? [Peter Maximoff Drabbles].

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Title: Kisses Aren’t Free, Are They? 
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader.
Words: 1793. ( 5 drabbles )
Rating: T(Some sexual content)

French Kiss.

“I’m telling you the truth,” You laughed quietly, gazing at your silver haired boyfriend with adoration running wild in your eyes. Holding your hands out to express with them, you didn’t get the chance for Peter was fast to grasp them, tangling his fingers between yours. The way he was moving was indolent compared to how quickly he would go more often than not,  “I’m not ticklish.” Emphasizing your words by raising your shoulders, Peter gave you a look of skepticism. Pouting his lips out, as if to say, ‘liar’, he squeezed his hands against yours and the sudden, sharp sound of his chuckle caught your attention.

“What’s so funny?”

“Just, you’re so full of shit,” Peter cackled, throwing his head back and slowly letting his hand leave yours. The warmth of his fingertips was surely missed as you rested yours back into your lap as Peter readjusted himself in front of you, “Everyone is at least a little bit ticklish. Didn’t you know that it’s a defense mechanism?”

He inched his way towards your face, leaning forward on his knees, forehead pushing against yours. His breath was even on your face, and you could smell the sweetness of the last thing he had eat; a twinkie. “So,” Peter puffed, “I have reason to believe that you’re lying to me, why?” His voice came out childish, and whether it was intentional, or not, you weren’t sure. It matched his expression though, for it was as if mutant sitting in front of you was looking at the best sort of treat in the world.

“Maybe ‘cause I have a boyfriend who would use it against me?” you offered up in a small voice, afraid of what he was going to do now that you had admitted that. His expression changed, but only slightly. Peter’s dark eyes narrowed playfully, and before you could even take a breath of air into your lungs, he was pushing you onto your back. Conforming to his mattress, and the pillow that was docked under your hips, you caught a glimpse of his face and prepared for what you knew was coming. Snuggling himself between your legs, he kept his eyes on you.

“Why would I use it against you?” Peter pressed a kiss to your lips, holding himself up on his forearms so he wasn’t crushing you. “I’m not saying you’re wrong, but why would I? Maybe…” He gasped suddenly, “I should because you lied about it.”

“You know I can’t stop you,” Biting down on your bottom lip, Peter sat up on his knees and ran his hands down your sides, scooting up your shirt without a word, or faltering. With heated cheeks, your felt his fingertips barely graze against the skin of your stomach. Not enough to cause you to laugh, but enough to let you know that he was teasing you. “Peterrrrr.” You drawled.

“I’m going to take my time with this knowledge.” He informed you, craning his down and kissing your mouth, “It’s good knowledge.” Dragging his mouth down, he kissed your jawline gently. “So good…” With a rough grip, Peter grasped at your sides and inched his lips back to yours where he was eager to commit. With an open mouth, he set his tongue against your perky mouth, waiting for you to open for him. There was the chance to tease, but that was something you weren’t willing to do, and within moments, your tongue was diving against his. It was meager contact, not too much, but still enough to make you crave more as Peter pulled away a few seconds later, flicking some of his silver hair out of his eyes.

“Mind telling me where you’re ticklish?” He inquired, peppering kisses against your jawline, down your neck, “Or, do I have to find out?”

“Shove it, Maximoff.”

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Fake Date || A.A.

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Word Count: 1283

Pairing: Archie x reader

Summary: When your sister tries to set you up with everyone under the moon, you impulsively lie to her saying that you have a date when you really don’t. Archie saves the day and is your date to your sister’s wedding.

Warnings: like one cuss word, lying, weddings, kissing

Requested: Nope me just me being in my Archie feels

You were in deep shit. Your sister’s wedding was coming up in a week and you had yet to find a date. This wouldn’t be a problem, seeing that you were strong and independent, but you had already told your sister you had a date.

You see, your sister was obsessed with your romance life. Ever since she had been going steady with her soon-to-be husband, she had nonstop set you up with anyone in her life who was single. She had set you up with what felt like everybody, from a doctor to a used car salesman.

She always said that life was too short to be lived alone. But honestly, you were happy being single. You never had to rely on someone else, you were always in control of the situation. Plus, it wasn’t like you didn’t have any friends. You had Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Cheryl. They were all you needed.

Your sister would, honestly, rather you not show up to her wedding than you come without a date. That’s why she had been going rapid fire with the set-ups lately. You had lost it when she set you up with a man twenty years older than you who had three children and worked at a toilet paper distributing company. You, out of frustration, had told her you had found a date to her wedding, and didn’t need any more blind dates.

But, in reality, you had no date. You just had enough of her asking you how the dates went, and you having to lie saying that you liked the date, but that one little detail threw you off. For example, you told your sister that the date had worn a brown tie, and that you hated brown. Which was a lie, but you didn’t have the guts to tell her to back off. Don’t get it wrong, you loved your sister and were happy she cared so much about you, but sometimes you wished she would focus on your accomplishments rather than who your last kiss was.

You were telling your problems to the crew, when Veronica spoke up, “Archie, you should be her date to the wedding.”

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you to do something like that. Weddings can quite long, especially weddings in my family.” You blushed, while looking down at your lap. You wouldn’t want to impose.

“Don’t be silly, it wouldn’t be a problem now would it Archikins?” Veronica pressed. She was always a problem solver, and never took no for an answer.

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be a problem. You just have to tell me what color your wearing so I can get a matching tie,” Archie laughed, flashing a cute smile at you.

The day of the wedding had finally come, and you were more nervous about trying to convince your sister that you and Archie were a couple rather than the wedding itself. Beforehand you had informed Archie that your sister thinks that you are dating, and to do couple things like hold hands and be close to each other. Archie had made a cheeky comment about kissing each other, but you just laughed it off.

It was going better than you had expected. The ceremony was beautiful and it brought tears to your eyes. Even if your sister was in your business a lot, you were happy for her and her now husband. One day you hoped to be as happy as she is.

But now came the hard part. Before all you and Archie had done was walk in and sit down to watch the ceremony. Archie had his hand in your lap the whole time, he was playing the part of boyfriend very well.

But now it was time for the reception. You and Archie took your seats at the table and waited for the food to be brought out. While you did, your sister drilled you with questions about Archie.

“So, how long have you two been dating?” Your sister inquired.

You both looked at each other and stumbled a little before he sputtered, “Three months.”

“Oh wow, I haven’t heard much about your relationship. When did you have your first kiss together?” She questioned you for what seemed like hours on your fake relationship with Archie. You had to admit, after a few questions, Archie was getting good at answering the questions. It was almost as if you had been dating, and he was just telling the truth.

When your sister and her husband had their first dance, it took your breath away. They were a match made in heaven, and you aspired to be in a relationship like theirs one day. But now it was time for all the bridesmaids to dance with their dates and the bride and groom.

You and Archie got up from your seats and made your way over to the dance floor. They started playing the slow song your sister had picked out and you and Archie began to dance in sync with the other couples. With Archie’s hands on your lower back, he led you during the dance.

“Our story is pretty epic, you know. How I asked you out under the stars by the river and our first kiss was to your favorite song after we talked all night about our dreams,” Archie laughed, looking into your eyes.

“Yeah, it’s almost like it actually happened,” You giggled looking down at your feet then back up to his face.

Archie’s eyes flickered down to your lips for a split second, but you caught it. You bit you lip while you blushed at Archie’s hand slowly making their way down your curves.

“You know, it could be real,” Archie said nervously, “like the story we made up. We could make it into a reality, only if you wanted to of course.”

“Did the Archie Andrews just ask me out?” You asked pretending to be shocked.

Archie laughed and looked around. He made eye contact with your sister who was watching you like a hawk.

You saw who he was looking at, and decided to really make your sister think you were a couple. You wrapped your hands in his hair before pulling him down into a deep kiss. The kiss was intimate, but not sexually. It was the kind of kiss where the whole room melted away and all that was left was the two of you.

The song ended and it turned to a faster song forcing you to either start dancing faster or to sit down. You pulled away from Archie, and pulled him closer to the DJ. You started to dance like you would if you were at the club, with your back pressed against Archie’s front moving your body to the beat of the music.

Archie had turned you around and brought you in for a kiss. This one was different from the other one though. This kiss had more urgency behind it. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you flush against him.

The rest of the night was a blast. You and Archie danced all night long. The couple of times you took your eyes off Archie, you saw your sister looking at you smiling. She was just happy that you were finally having a good time and not acting nervous.

“You know, Arch, you’re a real life saver,” You looked up at the confused boy, “You saved me from all the horrible dates my sister would’ve put me through if I had to tell her we weren’t a couple.”

He smirked as he leaned down to whisper into your ear, “I can think of a couple ways you could repay me.”


a/n: my first archie imagine omg im such a softie for him. this isnt by best but i hope you like it! Give me some feedback please my inbox is always open!!