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I've Got A Secret (Carl Jenkinson) - Part 2


A/N: This is an improved version of this chapter that was meant to have been put up instead of the previous one. It’s much, MUCH more steamier (if that’s your kind of thing ;)). Sorry for the confusion!

The cab pulled up in front of the block of flats. Alisha opened her purse to take out her wallet so that she could pay the cab driver, but Carl beat her to it.

            “Thanks,” she said to him, opening the car door.

            “I’ll walk you up,” Carl said, also getting out the cab.

He was a bit worried about the state she was in after all the shots she’d had at the club. Alisha didn’t wait for him and wobbled in her platform heels to the flat. Thanks to his long legs, he caught up to her.

            “You don’t have to walk me to my door, Carl, I’ve done this so many times,” she told him.

            “Yeah, but I want to,” he replied.

She fumbled with opening the building’s front entrance door and she dropped her keys. He was quick to pick them up and opened the door for her.

            “Okay, you walked me to the door, you can leave now.”

She was about to close the door in his face, but he put his foot in the doorway.

            “Alisha, look, can I just walk you to your door? I swear I’ll leave after that,” he insisted.

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Prince Harry played soccer at The Football for Hope Centre in Khayelitsha.’

..still looks quite normal to me even with the eye-popping orange..

Thanks so much to the great Steph Curry for sending me a signed jersey to congratulate me for 30 million followers on Instagram. As soon as you get to 10 million I’ll send you mine! 😉👍🏼

- Lio via Facebook

We can’t believe it but our little blog has reached 500 followers and we thought it was about time we did a follow forever! These are the peeps that make it worthwhile for us to log onto Tumblr everyday and scroll down our dashboard, wasting away hours that should be spent doing uni assignments. We may not speak all the time (or ever) and we may even support rival teams but it’s football that brought us together and it’s football that makes us stay. Thanks for bringing pure entertainment into our lives! 

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