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BTS Reacts - Skinship & Having A Platonic Crush On You

Min Yoongi: He used to be bothered by your brushes against his skin, unsure of what to think of your forwardness. The closer you got to each other, the less he seemed to mind - now, he almost expects you to initiate physical contact when he sees you. Of course, he’s going to keep acting like your bubbly demeanor doesn’t affect him, but the moment you put your hands on his body, he’d burst into a wide grin, squirming away from you. He doesn’t know when or how it happened, but somewhere along the road, he found himself wanting to be in your presence more. Maybe it’s the skinship, maybe he’s gone mad - maybe it’s the fact that he’s actually found immense happiness in your platonic relationship.

“Yah, pabo! If you keep tickling me, I’m going to actually murder you - unless you take me out to dinner later.”
( Yoongi flinches when you poke his sides once more. ) 

Kim Namjoon: Just before an interview with a web-zine, you’re massaging the knots in Namjoon’s shoulder-blades, easing the tension in his muscles. He doesn’t mind that your hands are down the back of shirt - he’s known you for the longest time, he’s comfortable with you touching him. Even though you’re relatively handsy with him, he holds only a platonic admiration for you, as you do likewise, for him. He finds this change of pace refreshing - there’s no rules saying that two souls meant for each other have to be romantically involved. He’s loving his friendship with you, and he doesn’t care that it’s not sexual at all. When the interviewer asks him a painstakingly commonplace question, he laughs, throwing a glance your way while replying:

“If I had a dollar for every time someone’s asked me that question. No, we’re not dating.”
( You’re always seen together, though? )
“They’re my best friend. Why wouldn’t I want to be with them, every moment that I possibly can?”

Jung Hoseok: It’s not routine of you if you don’t start some sort of bear-hug war or tickle fight with Jung Hoseok. When you see him enter the room, you scramble up to him and tackle his body, running your hands wildly across his stomach. He bounces back in retort, yelling at the top of his lungs. He sees you as a bright ray of sunshine - he adores your energy and passion when it comes to your physical affection toward his being. The electricity in your excitable skinship with Hoseok sparks a fire in him that he craves on a daily basis. If it’s even possible, he wishes he could get married to you out of friendship, so you’d always be around to keep him spirited. When you’re out of the picture, Yoongi asks Hobi if the both of you are more than just friends.

“Huh!? N-No, we’re not like that at all! We’re just… really playful with each other, is that so bad?”

Kim Seokjin: Seokjin loves how open you are with your skinship. He wants to spend all day with you, talking about anything and everything while you caress his upper arm. Your doting touches make him feel safe; his presence appreciated, so he’s eager to open up to you about the worries in his life that he’s learned to hide so well. You’ve pulled him into a world where he can be completely as ease with himself, and he wants to be with you as much as he can because of that. He’s developed a non-romantic infatuation with you, he truly wants to be by your side whenever he can, whether it’s for yours or his emotional support. He’s savoring the strokes of your fingers on his hand, when he gets the urge to address an important issue:

“____________-ah…. I hope you’re not bothered by all these dating rumours about us. I know we’re not lovers, but I can’t let go of you just because people want us apart.”

Jeon Jungkook: You almost zoom past the recording studio without hesitation - but you stop in your tracks as soon as you see one slumbering Jeon Jungkook in front of his laptop. You sneak in, and as soon as you reach him, you tickle the skin under his chin. Kook is fond of you caressing him; he sees it as a sign of warmth from you. Jungkook’s never thought about how lovey-dovey the two of you may seem, because the two of you naturally worked best as inseparable friends, and that’s all he saw in your relationship with him. It is chaste and pure. When he feels lonely and ignored, he knows he can turn to you, his one and only platonic crush. A cheeky smile emerges on his face as he takes your fingers and pulls them away from him.

“Aish, why is it that I can never sleep peacefully with you around!?”

Kim Taehyung: You’re casually scratching the skin beneath the lump in his throat, lining the curve of his neck with your index finger. He is unfazed by your seemingly intimate advances; he knows it’s platonic. Your friendship with him runs so deep, that you’d both be comfortable sleeping in the same bed with nothing but undergarments on, and not feel any awkwardness when doing so. Taehyung personally likes it when you touch him, he’d do the same to you if not for the thousands of eyes on his every move. Because of you, he can’t go a day without seeing you, not having your fingers on his skin. He just wants to be with you all the time, and he has you to blame for it; his partner in crime. Hoseok calls the two of you out on your closeness:

“You two need to cut it out - you’re going to start dating rumours!”
( You stare at each other before Taehyung jokingly speaks, winking at you before suppressing his laughs. )

“Us? Dating? Hey, should we call each other ‘jagi’ now, to mess with people?” 

Park Jimin:  A boy that’s absolutely taken by you. He’s never had a friend he’s able to relate to as much as you have. You smack his cheeks with both your hands, squeezing them, making his lips pucker like a duck. Normally, he’d get annoyed by your blatant touches, but lately, he relishes it - especially when you flick at his earlobes to tick him off, or when you wring your arm around his strong neck and nuzzle your face into it. People often mistake your friendship for romance, and they’re not exactly wrong - after all, he does love you - everything you do, everything you are, everything you stand for. You’re everything to him; it’s clear as day in his eyes. He realized that when Namjoon had asked him about his relationship with you.

“Me and ____________? We’re just friends - best friends - but there’s no way I can imagine my life without them in it.”

Phew, this one was actually really hard to do! I was stumped for quite awhile, but I hope it turned out okay for you, anon. Enjoy this react! <3



Pairing: Derek x Reader

Summary: Can you do one were you are Derek’s famous girlfriend and the pack meets you? Thanks so much!

Side Note: I didn’t know what pack you wanted so I just based this on the pack from season 3 (Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Kira and Isaac). To the person who requested this I hope you like it :).

Being famous wasn’t easy, it was a full time job and at times all you wanted was a day where no flashing lights blinded you as you took a casually walk down the street, or walking out of a building. Even though they were a few downsides to the fame life, you loved what you did.

Today was one of your rare days off and your boyfriend Derek had asked if you wanted to visit his hometown called Beacon Hills, of course you automatically said yes because there was no one you rather spend the day with than him.

Getting off the plane you gathered your suitcase and stopped taking in Derek’s appearance, not seeing him in months was hard but now he was in front of you and he literally took your breath away. His eyes meet yours and even though he didn’t smile often his face broke out into one of the biggest smiles ever.
You tugged your suitcase behind you and ran up to wrap yours arms around him.

“I’ve missed you babe” you told him not wanting to let him go.

You heard him chuckle and he simply hugged you back tighter, both of you detached from the other and walked hand in hand out of the airport.

Derek was driving you to his place and taking in the scenery of Beacon Hills was such a calming feeling. It wasn’t long until his car pulled up, and Derek being the gentleman that he was carried your suitcase all the way to his loft.

“So what do you think of Beacon Hills so far?” he asked you as he placed the suitcase by the front door.

“I like it, no wonder you always want me to come and visit” you smiled at him.

Sitting down on the couch due to the jet lag that was now catching up to you, Derek sat next to you and pulled you on his lap, you buried you face in his chest.

“You must be tired, do you want to go to bed? A long day tomorrow” he asked.

You lifted your head and looked at him confused, “Long day?”

He smiled and carried you to the bed, he laid you down and cuddled into your side. You missed this, you missed being so close to Derek and having moments like this without camera flashes going off every second.

“The pack wants to meet you, is that okay?”

Derek has told you many times about his friends, and apparently all of them were dying to meet the girl that has tamed him. “Yeah that’s fine”.

Within seconds you closed your eyes and let sleep take over, tomorrow was going to be a big day.

The sunlight was what woke you up, and it took you a minute to adjust to your new surroundings. Rolling over you came face to face with Derek who was sound asleep, not wanting to wake him you slowly got up and decided that it would be a good time for a shower. Stepping in you allowed the warm water to run all over your body. You sudden felt arms wrap themselves around you.

“I woke up and you were gone”.

“Well if I’m going to meet your pack, I need to be clean” you laughed.

Derek laughed back and started to place light kisses along your neck and shoulder, a part of you wanted to allow him to continue considering the two of you hadn’t been intimate like that in a long time, but you knew that the pack would be here soon and being distracted wasn’t the best thing.

“Derek we don’t have time”.

Obviously he wasn’t listening because the kisses started getting more intense and you couldn’t help but let out a small moan. Feeling Derek smile at your reaction he spun you around and both your lips collided.  Breaking apart the lust in his eyes were evident, “They won’t be here for another hour, that’s plenty of time”.

Considering you and Derek needed to spice some things when it came to the bedroom you decided to do something cheeky and bold. Crushing once again your lips on his you felt him getting excited, earning a moan from him that’s when you pulled away and walked right out of the shower. Derek turned off the water and just stared at you wrapping a towel over your body.

He caught on when you turned around and smirked in his direction, “And where do you think your going?” he said clearly frustrated at what just happened.

“The pack will be here soon Derek, have to go get ready”.

You could see that Derek was not happy, he quickly followed you out while grabbing a towel to place around his waist. You were going through your suitcase trying to find something suitable to wear.

“Just so you know, tonight you’re in big trouble for the stunt you pulled in the shower babe” he whispered in your ear before heading off to get changed as well.

It was time to meet the pack, the big door to the loft opened and in walked Stiles, Scott, Lydia, Isaac, Allison and Kira. Feeling a bit nervous since you had no idea how they would react to you being famous.

“So this is the girl that Derek won’t shut up about, I’m Isaac” the tall boy introduced himself, you shook his hand and said “I’m Y/N nice to meet you”.

“Hey Y/N what did you do to tame Derek” another boy asked, he was wearing plaid and had his arm around the girl with strawberry blonde hair.

“Stiles you can’t just ask her that, forgive him. I’m Lydia, Derek has told us so much about you” she said.

You turned to Derek who had a shy smile on his face, “Oh really well I’m curious as to what he said” .

Derek stepped forward and put his arm around your waist, the rest of them introduced themselves. To your surprise all of them accepted you with open arms, each of them were intrigued by not only your relationship with Derek but also your job.

“So what’s it like being famous?” Issac asked.

Allison who you presumed was his girlfriend since they were sitting quite close and had they hands interlaced with each others hit him lightly on the shoulder.

“Isaac I don’t think she want’s to talk about that right now” she said.

You smiled, “No that’s okay. It’s overwhelming at times but I’m thankful that I have a good support system.” Grabbing Derek’s hand to show him that he was apart of that support system. “So let me see if I got this right Stiles you’re with Lydia, Scott and Kira are a couple and so are Isaac and Allison”. Everyone nodded.

The rest of the night was spent with everyone sharing stories, and the pack occasionally poking fun at Derek due to you telling stories about him not always being the tough guy, that they all saw him as.

Waving goodbye as they left, you sighed and said “That was a good evening, don’t you think?”

Derek didn’t respond and you walked over to him, sitting down next to him on the bed you placed a hand on his shoulder. “Derek, everything okay?”

“Do you really think I’ve gone soft?”

Not knowing where this was coming from you lifted his chin so he was directly staring in your eyes, “ Where is this coming from?” you asked gently.

“The stories you were telling the pack babe”

“Derek I love you when your all rough in and out of the bedroom, and I love when you show your soft side, because I know that side is only for me to see.”

He kissed you and leaned you on the bed so now he was on top. “I think we should continue what you started this morning, don’t you think?”.

Smirking you pulled him down and that night was definitely one that you wouldn’t forget. This was the break that you really needed, away from press, away from paparazzi, away from constant screams. All you needed was your man and a low key town that welcomed you with open arms.

His brown orbs stared into mine as I laid right next to him, my hand resting on his chest as my chin rested on my hand. Staring into his eyes, I whispered to him, “your irises are beautiful.”

“Irises?” his lips turned upward into a smirk, “I love when you get all medical on me.”

“Yeah?” was my response before he nodded and pecked my lips.

“Tell me more,” he whispered against the skin of my neck. “What do you call this?” he questioned, pointing to his throat.

“That will be your pharynx,” I tell him, smiling before I sat up and threw a leg over him so I can straddle his waist as he layed down on his back. My fingers brushed the skin on his throat and I could feel the way he sucked in his breath at my touch. My hands traveled over to his shoulders and I whispered, “these are you clavicles.” His eyes never left mine as my hands then traveled over his forearms, onto his chest before the palm of my hands rested over his heart, “this is where your heart lays.”

His breathing hitched when my hands then went under his shirt to touch his bare skin. I felt the warmth of his abs and bit my bottom lip before telling him, “this is your abdomen.” His eyes fluttered closed when my hands stopped at the hem of his boxers, but I didn’t allow the article of clothing stop me from giving him a medical lesson.

My fingers hooked at the hem and I sat up so I can slide the boxers down. His eyes shot open and he looked at me widely. “This is your pelvis,” my voice was now coming out as seductive while I looked up at him through my eyelashes. My fingers slowly ran over his pubic hair before I touched the one thing that was standing up proudly.

“Justine,” he breathlessly moaned when I gripped the base.

“This is your genital organ,” he let out a shaky laugh at the medical term I had used for it. But a squeal left my lips as he suddenly sat up and snaked his arms around my waist before pulling me close.

“Well, Darling,” he huskily whispered against my lips, “my genital organ desperately wants to meet yours.”

—  J.B. //Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #43

“C'mon y/n, what’s this I hear about your cheeky little crush on our brother?” George’s voice was too loud for your liking as he carelessly spilled your secret across the table. Luckily for you, Ron wasn’t present; unlike Harry who sniggered quietly beside you.

Your face had turned beet red as you stared helplessly at the pair, their grins wide as they wiggled their fair brows at you.

“no! That’s not true I-” You tried to protest, to no avail, their grins only growing wider as they watched you become a flustered mess.

“Don’t worry dearest y/n, the odds are in your favour, we happen to know said brother quite well; If I do say so myself and we are well on our way to setting you two up!” Fred sent a wink your way before laughing with his twin, their words fading Into mutters whilst you groaned aloud, heart beating rapidly as you thought of the mess that was to come.

anonymous asked:

Good luck on your blog! Is it alright to ask for Nijimura, Haizaki, and Kagami finding their short crush hiding in a locker trying to avoid a guy who's bothering them?

Of course you can! You’ve pretty much asked for my favourite KnB Guys :) 

Kagami: “He lets out a cry of terror when he see’s someone in locker, he’s about to tell the person off but stops when realises it’s you, his crush. “____-san? What are you doing my locker-wait how did you even get in here-what how the hell did you manage to fit in my locker? You can’t help but smile at his bewildered expression, he was really cute. But you quickly snapped out of that and explained to him about the perv. Before you you could even finish he interrupted you and asked for his name and class.
“Oh? Why?
”Because i’m going to tell him off!” You stared at him in alarm, he was so pissed off. “Kagami-kun, you don’t need  to-”
”I sure as hell do that is not a way to treat a lady! Now what’s that creeps name?” 

Nijimura: “What the fuck!” He screams in alarm as he jumps back. Once he registers it’s you he get’s flustered. “What the hell are you doing? Why are you in here-WAIT did someone put you in here? WHO WAS IT, WHO WAS THE BASTARD-”  Despite the situation, you can’t help but smile in amusement at his antics. Getting out of the locker you try to calm him down and then begin to explain the situation. Arms crossed he asks seriously, “what’s his name.” When you tell him, he turns on his heel and walks briskly away, ready to murder that damed perverted bastard. 

Haizaki <3 :  He let’s out a yelp and almost punches you, almost. When he registers it’s a girl, and not just a girl but his crush a cheeky grin dons his face.
“Hmm Nani Nani? What’s this? A verbal love letter?” He asks grinning. Feeling flustered under his cheeky gaze. You tell him about the problematic guy; his eyes narrowing as you do so. Some creep was harassing his girl? Well, girl to be, he’d taken notice of the shy gazes during class, and the fact that you’d help him with homework, under the pretence of ‘on a whim’, and he’d seen the way you cheer for him during the games. Yeah, he had noticed alright. 

“So yeah, so sorry about this mishap, I just honestly ran and hid in the nearest locker. I had no idea it was yours.
“Heeh?~ So you didn’t choose me on purpose, now i’m a little hurt (f/n-chan)” He says with a grin, “but we’ll talk about that later, first let’s go see that guy.” “Wha-oh you don’t-”
“Sure I do,” He says casually, as he wraps his arm around your waist loosely; and when you look up at him in surprise, he notices that it is a look of pleasant surprise. With a smirk he heads towards the punk that tried to mess with his girl.


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id like to get one thing straight, i ship frerard as a fictional pairing, while i do believe it may have drunkenly happened one night and/or there may been little cheeky crushes i do not believe

  • either of them cheated on their wives 
  • it messed at all with the band’s dynamic 
  • any songs were written about it 
  • it is still going on 
  • they are currently fighting as a result of a messy break up 
  • frank tops 

thank u for your time