"Blush Toppers" are usually those shimmery face products that are not light enough or neutral enough to work as true highlighters on your skin. Many often have a bronze or pink hue and might be deeper than your skin, but are too shimmery or metallic to work on their own as blush or bronzers.

You stroke them along your cheekbones overlapping the top half of your blush to transform it and create that radiant NARS Orgasm effect. Just don’t apply it too far towards your inner cheeks if you don’t want to emphasize pores.

#DanielSandler Radiant Sheen - pigmented light neutral metallic
#BobbiBrown Nude Shimmer Brick - tawny medium-tan neutral
#UrbanDecay Aura - translucent rose with champagne sparks
#MAC Lust - translucent deep rose sheen
#MAC Stereo Rose - shimmery warm peach-pink
#MAC Coupe d’Chic (Cinderella) - ultra-sheer coral with gold sparks
#MAC Summer Opal (Bao Bao Wan) - sheer matte beige with champagne sparks
#TooFaced Winter Bunny - light bronze-gold metallic
#ELF Giddy Gold - melon gold with gold glitter
#TheBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer - true pink duochrome shimmer
#Hourglass Mood Light - low-sheen lavender pink

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