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Kidney failure came back with a vengeance.
I spent 2 weeks in the hospital dying from this a few years ago.
And last year this time .. It happened again..

I’m trying to heal myself without Meds everyday.

My birthday is in 3 days.
I can’t eat.
I am in constant pain.
& No one takes care of Me but Me.

I will get better despite all of this.
Idc What it looks like.


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PowPow UPDATE: “Addiction” will be the next song to drop off of Cheekipowow’s Sophomore project Hear Me Roar … Louder on October 30th!

This song is a very personal one that could easily be labeled as the “darkest” track on the project. It is also a take on Kanye West’s Addiction. It documents bits and pieces of the not so happy happenings in some of Cheeki’s past relationships.

Shout-out to all the inspirational ex’s out there tho!    

The extended version of the song will be available on #HMRL the mixtape/album.  

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My funny faces put Drake’s to shame … Check out a rare semi-throwback cover from moi <3.  Find Yo’ Love  


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    I just realized that there is no better time to RE-Release Get Her High than 4:20pm right? .. Ha. Duh?! Awesum. So … Be lookin out 4 new music in less than an hour!

    Although the topic is controversial to some, I want people to not act like they have never needed something, or even someone, to help cope with life’s blows. Marijuana, a substance … From the earth which hasn’t been responsible for any harm being done to anyone ever?!

It could be a lot worse.

To me, this is a female dedication to something men rap about freely.

A dedication to the only medicine that stops my migraines.        

Keep her sane. Keep her sane. Get her high. Get her high.