Cosplay Photography Tips-Interacting with Cosplayers

Hi, I’m Firecloak and I do cosplay photography at conventions. This article will be on tips about interacting with cosplayers.

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Firecloak as Holo from Spice&Wolf. Self-portrait.

Hi, I’m Firecloak! I’m a cosplayer and photographer, so I’ll try to give pointers on interacting with cosplayers based on my experience as a cosplayer and as a photographer. I’m just going to do a run-through of a typical photoshoot at an anime convention.

Breaking the Ice: Asking a cosplayer to shoot with you

With these shoots, I only shoot cosplays that I recognize, so I generally have a good idea of what type of photos I want. Whenever I see a cosplay that I really like and recognize, I’ll go up to the cosplayer and compliment their cosplay. I make some small talk, such as asking how they made the costume or where they bought it from. Then I’ll ask if they’re busy, and if they’re not, I’ll pop the magical question, “Would you like to do a photoshoot with me?” 

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