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😘 (fem!Bucky)

Send 😘 for my muse’s reaction to being dared to kiss yours

Gretchen blinked at first, trying to hide how nervous she was. Biting down on her lower lip, she looked up at her friend, a little worried due to everything she had been through. She was trying to give Bucky some space, since she wasn’t sure if the other woman felt an attraction like the one Gretchen felt towards her, but she had been dared, so where was the harm?

Moving in closer, she reached up to rest one hand on Bucky’s cheek, gently brushing her lips over the taller womans’.


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okay so i just read your kissings hcs for symmetra, tracer and junkrat (hooboy that symmetra one left me weak), would it be alright to request something similar with Mercy, Widowmaker and Mei plz? <3

Ohh sweetie, I actually reblogged that from @setcosmos!! I take absolutely no credit for that post (although I sent in the ask), but I can try my own version of kissing hc’s! They just might read differently/suck compared to what @setcosmos had written. Hahah! It might be a safe move to shoot them an ask as well <3


  • The most intimate kisses with Mercy are after a busy or tough day. They’re slow and careful, maybe either one or both of you are feeling fragile or raw and need some support. Her arms curl around your shoulders and she presses her body against you. Her lips brush your cheek, the corner of your mouth and then she kisses you. It grounds the both of you when everything else spins out of control.
  • Widowmaker’s kisses often come about either during or after a successful mission. She feels most alive after a fresh kill and the assassin likes to celebrate with a passionate kiss in a dark corner. The happier she is with her kill, the more lustful she gets; all tongue and teeth, biting and nibbling and licking. What brief moments of life she experiences she wants to make the most of with you.
  • The best kisses with Mei happen when she kisses you without thinking. She’s typically shy, but when she gets excited with either breakthroughs in her research or some good news, she’ll squeal in delight, jump into your arms and press her lips to yours. It always takes her a moment to realise your arms are around her waist and she’s awfully close to your mouth. Pink dusts her cheeks and Mei stutters a sorry, but what has your cutie got to be sorry for? You always kiss her again to make sure she knows it’s totally fine with you.
Platonic Touch

Sometimes, characters want contact that has nothing to do with sex or violence. Send one of these for your character to reach out to mine.

  1. Shoulder Clasp
  2. Across the Shoulder hug
  3. Hair Ruffle
  4. Gentle headlock
  5. Full body lean
  6. Feet in lap
  7. Head in lap
  8. Hair petting
  9. Ambush hug
  10. Not so ambush hug
  11. Pulling mine into their lap
  12. Cheek kiss
  13. Forehead kiss
  14. Brushing hair out of mine’s face
  15. Fixing shirt collar
  16. Fixing shirt cuffs
  17. Fixing a clothing tag
  18. Tying shoes
  19. Taking off shoes
  20. Carrying while half asleep
  21. Hand holding
  22. Leaning their head on mine’s shoulder tiredly
  23. Absently tracing patterns on the nearest exposed skin
  24. Pushing glasses into place
  25. Offering their drink
  26. Offering their snack
  27. Kissing the back of mine’s hand
  28. Looping their arm around mine’s waist and leaning against mine’s back
  29. Crawling into bed with
  30. Using shoulder as a pillow
  31. Pulling mine’s arm around their shoulder
  32. Hair brushing
  33. Brushing lint off of
  34. Giving a foot massage
  35. Giving a back massage
  36. Giving a scalp massage
  37. Rubbing circles on mine’s back
  38. Sharing a secret smile
  39. Booping the nose
  40. Touching noses together
  41. Resting foreheads together
  42. Resting cheeks together
  43. Sharing a blanket
  44. Taking over mine’s seat while they’re in it
  45. Poking with fingers/toes
  46. Painting mine’s nails
  47. Putting jewelry on mine
  48. Doing mine’s hair
  49. Pinkie promise
  50. High five
  51. Fist bump
  52. Secret handshake
  53. Hipcheck
  54. Pulling mine into a dance
  55. Initiate a tickle fight

hoseok: sleepily squishing your cheeks and kissing your forehead

jungkook: sleepily pulling you closer to him and burying his face into your hair

jin: sleepily stroking your hair and whispering about how beautiful you are

taehyung: sleepily complaining about your movements and wrapping you with his arms and legs

yoongi: sleepily whispering saranghe and brushing your cheek gently with his fingers

namjoon: sleepily brushing your hair from your face and kissing the top of your head

jimin: sleepily showering your face with kisses and playing with your hands

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Could you do one where he has a new girlfriend and you're hurt, but tells him you're happy for him?

You’d like to say that you were happy for him. He’d found some new girl and he seemed to love her a lot. It seemed like they were in love, but you wouldn’t exactly know. You hadn’t talked to him since that cold February night he left to go on tour.

“You’ll come back to me?” you asked, covering your naked body with a sheet. He sat down on the side of the bed and pulled his ruffled shirt back over his head. “I’ll come back for you before you know it.” You dropped the sheet and pressed your naked chest against his clothed one. He kissed your forehead and brushed your cheek with his fingers. You hugged him, buried your face in the hook of his shoulder, tracing kisses up his warm neck. He squeezed your hip before he let go. You kissed him goodbye and told him to enjoy himself and the tour.

It was snowing outside when you looked after him from your window. He waved at you before he got in his car. His smile was big, so big. Larger than life, were how you liked to describe it. You weren’t in a relationship, but it sometimes felt like that. It was more than just sleeping together to you. You were falling for this boy. Falling so hard and now you had to go without him for months and months.  

The more time he was away, the more you realized that you loved him. You didn’t want to bother him, figuring that he was busy. Then there were pictures of him holding hands with some blonde girl in L.A. You didn’t ring him or write to him. After all, you were not his girlfriend.

He did come back to you. But not how you’d thought he would. He rang your apartment door to come and pick up a shirt he had forgotten.

“M’sorry, I-“ he began, but you shook your head begging him to stop with where he was going. You got it, you thought.

“I understand.” You forced a smile on your face, waiting for him to leave and as soon as he did, you slid down the door until you hit the floor hard with your face buried in your hands with tears streaming down your face. You didn’t understand and you were not okay.

You’d seen them together many times since. You had met him through your friend Matt who had gone to school with Harry and you’d still see him at social gatherings. You’d smile weakly at him before turning around and breathe out a big sigh. She was always by his side. The side you should have been by.

He was kissing her goodnight now. He was sleeping in her bed now. He was dancing with her now. And so he was that horrifying evening. Matt had brought you to one of his friend’s birthday party, and of course Harry was there with her. He held her so tight and whispered things in her ear and planted soft kisses on her lips while their bodies were swinging to the music.

He even had the nerve to walk over to you and introduce her. You didn’t really listen, you just nodded at him, holding back your tears. Seven months ago it was you he was kissing. It was you he danced barefooted around with in his apartment.

“I’m happy for you” you murmured before you turned around. You relentlessly walked around the crowd in the bar, not knowing what to do with yourself. That’s when you overheard a conversation you wish you hadn’t. 

“He’s going to propose to her.”

“Who? Harry? When?”

“On Sunday. He’s flying her to Paris with him.”

Your heart dropped. It was too much for you. You were happy for him, you were. You loved him and you wanted him to be happy. It just felt like a knife in the heart that you weren’t his happiness. You’d like to say that you had moved on from him, but you hadn’t. 

Three and a half months. Three and a half months was what you had spent with him. Him and you. You and him. But that was no more. It was now him and her. And he was going to propose to her.

You needed air, you felt like the room was closing in on you. You collapsed onto the ground in the back yard of the bar. You couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. It had all become just a bit too much.

“Are you okay?”

You looked up to see Harry hovering over you. You dried away a tear, but another one was quick to roll down your wet cheek.

“I’m fine, Harry. Just… I need a moment.” He squatted down beside you and brushed away the teardrop on your cheek.

“You’re not fine.” You didn’t know where to go from there. Were you an idiot for not moving on when he so clearly had? It was clear, yet so unclear to you.

“You’re proposing to her?” you whispered with a hoarse voice. He sighed and sat down on the slightly wet ground beside you.

“M’not sure.” How could he not be sure of such a thing?

“You’re not sure?” you hissed. He bit his lip, you could almost sense that he was guilty. He didn’t answer you, not knowing what to say. 

“Well, good luck with that, Harry.” You pulled yourself upright and brushed off water from your dress. He was still sitting on the ground, rubbing his face in his hands.

“I was in love with you,” he muttered right when you reached for the door handle to go back inside. You closed your eyes when you felt the tears pressuring you once again.

“You were in love with me?” you huffed. He made even less sense now. He pulled off a soft nod, tucking at his bottom lip with his fingers. You were losing your temper with him.

“Then why are you with her now?” 

He didn’t answer, because he didn’t know. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was hurt that you hadn’t reached out for him and it he got caught up in a drunken mistake when he was in L.A. And when you didn’t reach out after those photos, he thought you didn’t love him.

“Fucking hell Harry. Answer me!” You demanded. He was caught up in his own thoughts at that moment, unaware of everything.

“I was lonely! You didn’t call me, you didn’t text me. I figured you’d lost interest in me.” It was all so messy and you couldn’t make head or tail of it.

“I didn’t want to bother you! You were busy.”

“I’d never be too busy for you, and you know it!” He was cracking up. He felt hurt as well.

“You promised you’d come back to me. And- and I believed you,” you whispered. You could see that he felt guilty. You just couldn’t do this anymore and you had to put an end to your suffering.

“M’sorry, I really am. I just… I miss you.”

“Harry, it’s too late. You’re seven months late. I was waiting for you every single day. You only came back for a fucking shirt.”

“Told you I was sorry! You said it was fine. Figured you didn’t care about me anymore.”

“No, I said that I understood. It was not like you were my boyfriend, Harry. Why would I stop you?”

“If you loved me, maybe. I don’t know what I hoped the outcome would have been,” he whispered. He was standing up too, now. 

“Neither do I, Harry. I loved you. God fucking forbid it, I still do.” You didn’t know why those words slipped out of your mouth. He took a step closer to you, his eyes fogged. He cupped your cheek with his one hand, the other grabbing your hip.

“She’s in there waiting for you. Don’t you think you should get back to her? She’s probably wondering where you are,” you quaked before brushing your hand against his hand on your cheek. You brushed his hand against your lips before you let go of it and it fell back down his side. 

“I hope she says yes,” you whispered before you walked away from him.

I don’t know if I should do a second part of this? Let me know what you think! x

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I just had a dream last night that Professor Kukui proposed to Guzma with a Pyukumuku instead of a ring

(This inspired a short fic. There is still a ring but uhhh… well you’ll see.)


“This is what counts as romantic?” Guzma’s eyebrow twitched once the words left his mouth, his sunglasses pulled to shield his eyes from the sun’s morning rays. 

He was standing at the beach, well one of many that Alola had, with sand filing his sneakers. His eyes darted around through the lenses at the many dark lumps that dotted the beach. His nose wrinkled at what they were.


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shullura roam *wiggles eyebrows*

Send me an adjective + a ship for a drabble!

Intimacy meant something to the Alteans. Shiro had respect for women, of course, but Allura definitely lived up to her name. She was so irresistible. He almost thought that losing control was a possibility— but he cared for Allura far too much.

She was everything.

For once, she was hovering over him; snow white hair cascading down, brushing his cheeks, her strong, lithe arms on either side of him. Her armor was such a buzzkill, though. As was his, though.

What was this? What was it that they had?

She was kissing his face, all over, every crevice and edge. Her lips brushed his nose, the scar across it, his firm jaw line, his chin— she was very gentle. Which was surprising, because of her typical demeanor.

Shiro didn’t know what to do with his hands.

Or, rather— hand.

Maybe it was just him, but feeling up a girl; a princess, no less, with … what he had seemed like quite the turnoff. He kept that lying still on the firm mattress of his bunk, while he tentatively held Allura around the waist. She showed no signs of protest, continuing to gasp and breathe heavily while kissing him everywhere.

She had made it to his neck now, just below his Adam’s apple— her teeth stung a little. Shiro wasn’t exactly complaining either.

He didn’t know where to go now, though. Up? Down?

Down might’ve gotten him slapped, he figured, and made a journey up Allura’s back; where he could feel taut muscles, even through her armor. Shiro felt his breath hitch, and he slid down a little, running over the Princess’s abdomen.

“If we must, then we should make it fair,” Allura said hoarsely against his throat.

She lowered herself a little, reaching back to unclip Shiro’s armor— and he did the same to her. She had nothing but a hot pink garment that was something between a tunic and a sports bra; he had a simple black t-shirt.

Then, Shiro let out a light grunt, sitting up a little and carefully laying Allura down.

“Nah,” he said breathlessly, eyes drinking her in.

Mocha skin, everywhere. He saw silvers and patches, but wanted more. Curves that were just begging to be gripped— involuntarily, his cold metal touch held her hip. Shiro gulped, realizing what he had just done, and he was even more surprised by Allura’s reaction; she draped a leg around his waist, smirking up at him.

“Are you sure about that, paladin?” she teased, her voice going soft. “Because I would say you have quite the prize here.”

Shiro knew the sound that slipped past his lips was unattractive, and he was blushing.



…well, at least that was part of the plan.

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10. 'I'm always gonna protect you. Doesn't matter what happens.' & 48. Character-A cupped Character-B’s cheeks in their hands, brushing away a few tears with the pads of their thumbs. It broke them to see their friend like this, but they pushed their own emotions aside to be there for them. With Isaac Lahey? <3

Originally posted by theinsatiablevoid

#10: ‘I’m always gonna protect you. Doesn’t matter what happens.’

#48: Character-A cupped Character-B’s cheeks in their hands, brushing away a few tears with the pads of their thumbs. It broke them to see their friend like this, but they pushed their own emotions aside to be there for them.

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36 & 8 with Natasha please❤️❤️

8. Have I ever told you I like you? | 36. You put the ass in assassin. Prompt idea list here

“Morning, (y/n),” Nat greeted she walked into the kitchen with a yawn. You were just finished cooking breakfast and already set the table.

“Morning, Nat.” She wasn’t really one for petnames. “Could you get the orange juice out of the fridge?”

She nodded and opened the fridge, bending over in search for the OJ. Meanwhile, you enjoyed the view.

“Have you been working out lately? You put the ass in assassin,” you flirted.

Ex-assassin,” she corrected, smiling. She stood up and closed the door, OJ in hand.

“Regardless. Have I ever told you I like you?” you joked. You put one arm over her shoulder and kissed her cheek.

Nat brushed you off playfully. “Only about a million times a day, (y/n). But I’ll never get tired of hearing it from you.”

The Quickie(Harry Styles Smut)

Tonight is the night Harry decides to let Kenzy meet his mom and dad.His mom and dad are divorced but they were still good friends.They both wanted to meet Kenzy at the same time.
Kenzy was still asleep.It is currently 7pm.Harry knew she took hours to get ready so he proceeded to wake her up.He walked over to Kenzy’s side of the bed and squatted so he was face to face with her.She was peacfully asleep but he wanted them to be on time.He brushed her cheek with his hand,“Love,tonight’s the big night!You are going to meet my parents!Babe I know you’re tired but you have to wake up now.” Harry stood up and sat her up on the bed,“Sexy I set up a bath for you.Want me to bathe you or you got it?” She slowly opened her eyes looking at him,“Yes babe,but I want us to take a bath together.” Harry scooped her up bridal style and took her to the bathroom.
He slowly removed all her clothing and then his.He put her into the tub then he went in,“Kenz we are going to have to make this fast.” The tub was big enough for the both of them.Harry reached for Kenzy’s wash cloth and lathered it with soap,“Kenzy lift your arms up baby.” She did as told.Harry started cleaning under her arms then he went to her breasts slowly massaging them and purposely rubbing her nipples with the cloth.She closed her eyes and moaned,“I missed your touch.” Harry’s piercing green eyes watched her get turned on all over by him again,“Awww babe look at you.”
He went to wash her vagina,“Wanna spread your legs for me?” Kenzy spreaded wide.Harry used the cloth and went in between her folds agonizing slow.She began to moan louder and shake,“Ohhhh my goddd” Harry liked seeing her like this.He knew only he can make her act like this.
He kissed her feet and then he got between her thighs and planting small kisses on them.His lust filled eyes latched onto Kenzy’s eyes.
They began to make out.
Kenzy grabbed his cock massaging it in her hand as she made out with him.Harry’s moans were so loud they caught in her throat.He pulled away standing up then he pulled her hair towards his cock,“Suck me off babygirl.” She sucked his cock making him moan,“ohh fuckk Babygirl mmmm” .His cock twitched. Harry’s eyes were squeezed tight she can tell he needed a release,Kenzy cooed,“Harry baby you can cum it’s ok.”
That’s all he needed to hear and he released his cum into the bathtub and her hair. When he came back to reality he made her stand up,“Kenzy let me finish cleaning you up baby.“He cleaned her back with the cloth before leaning over her shoulder kissing her neck.He got shampoo and lathered it in it.Then he rinsed her hair,“Don’t worry baby,I’m going to hurry up and finish you off.”
He rinsed her body clean with water,“Sexy How do you want to cum?” She moaned.He pressed up against her from behind to the point where she felt his cock hard yet again,“Want me to make you answer?” Harry pulled her closer,“Daddy eat me out!”.Harry dropped to his knees sucking and licking her clit.She loved Harry’s tongue working magic on her.She put her leg up on the tub side moaning,“uggghhhh daddyy”.He slid his 2 fingers in her,“Come on cutie,cum for me.” She started grinding touching her nipples,“mmmmm”. She grinded until she came,“That’s right babygirl.”


gentlest flame that arose the night the wolves began howling. the stars shed tears at the sight of you, but you didn’t mind. you were alive, and the skies blazed red, then grey with your might. purpose would come later. 3am and you’re fifteen miles above the speed limit, streaking past your old high school in your dad’s new convertible. you’d just learned of the ache that grew in vines, entangled itself in the softest ropes of your being. you wished with all your heart that you could raze it to the ground, even if it meant forgetting how the moon silvered and quaked when you thought of her. 6am, and shy sunlight weaves her fingers into the locks of your hair, brushes your cheeks, lips. you put your head in her lap and sleep. you don’t need to hear the words, you are so loved, to know that they are true.

I, the second Icarus

i never stopped flying,
but when you fly so low, your tips touch the ground,
is it really flying?

icarus’ story was my fear,
his fall; my nightmare,
but, why?
why do i crave the sun?

his tale is a warning,
but my heart still yearns,
ever and ever,
but for what?

for scorched kisses,
tears of hot wax,
satisfaction that i did it,
that i touched the sun?

i fly higher and higher,
feathers not longer dragging,
the sun is within sight,
what do i do?

i reach out with my fingers,
and i fall,
i fall and fall and fall,
was it worth it?

no, i decided,
as i neared the ocean,
foam brushed my cheeks with bittersweet kisses,
it was not worth it

in the end,
she did not love me,
there was no one to catch me when i fell,
was there anyone in the first place?

Seeing Him: End

“You didn’t have to do that for me you know.” James says softly as you unlock the door of your brownstone.
“Welcome home miss. Welcome Mr. Barnes.” B.A.B.L. says when you enter the brownstone.
“Yes. I did. She was being a judgemental bitch. I should have slapped her.” You snarl and James laughs. “Why are you laughing?”
“Because. You’re so sweet to be so upset for me.”
“How doesn’t this bother you?”
“It used to, I deserve it.”
“James.” You whisper reaching for him. He takes your hand and you move into his embrace. You slide your hands to his cheeks and brush your thumbs across his cheekbones. You feel his weight shift then his mouth is on yours. His lips seem to touch your soul, they seem to wrap something around your heart and tug. He slides his lips from yours and laughs softly.
“So dinner.” He says.
“Right. That’s what we were doing. What do you want? I can cook or we can order out.”
“Let’s order out. My treat.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yea. I want to cuddle up with you on that couch for as long as possible.”
“Ah.” You chuckle, “So what do you want?”
“Perfect. B.A.B.L. can you order some food from Lee’s?”
“Your usual?”
“Sesame chicken.” You clarify for James. “What would you like?”
“Lo Mien?”
“Of course sir.” B.A.B.L. says as you lead James to your favorite chair. He sits down then pulls you onto his lap.
“It must be nice having the AI system.”
“Yea. Babs is great. I assume it’s your doing.”
“Tony owed me a favor.” You like being curled up against him like this. It feels natural. Like this is where you’re supposed to be.
“Well I’m glad.” You rest your head against his shoulder and sigh softly. “I wish I could see you.” You admit.
“You see me better than anyone else. Other than Steve but he’s known me for a hundred years.”
“What do you mean?”
“You see me, not my arm. Not my past. You can see past that. I don’t feel like I have to put up a front for you.”
“I’d see through it. No pun intended.”
“You probably would.” He kisses your temple and you can’t help but smile softly. You’re glad he had to rescue you. You’re glad that you fought with him, learned about him. It all brought you to this moment, to James. And thank god for that.

Three, Four; Shut the Door | Zach & Crystal


If a week ago that very day, coming home from a camping trip, someone would have told Zach that things were going to be alright, he might have punched them in the mouth. They had gone from barely talking, sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, punctured silences over dinner, his lips brushing her cheek before bed to… this. Domestic bliss, heaven in a household. The weekend had been good; Crystal’s giggly song and dance routine as she came home tipsy, the advil and water breakfast together before taking Jason to field day, and bringing home two medals – four if they counted the second day. Family night on the back porch, the girls giggling and happy, Chris and Zach off on their own, sharing cigarettes on the steps. Hand holding and shared looks; breakfasts and lunches and dinners together, skype calls to Atlanta and long kisses and tumbling back down the hall after tucking Jace in and checking on him one last time.

Shut the door.

It didn’t matter who said it so much as the tell-tale ‘click’ of the door shutting behind them before he was letting out a low laugh and falling onto his back on the bed, her body stretched out on top of his. Fumbling limbs led to her shorts tossed across the room, his shirt peeled away from his chest. He felt the thin slip of fabric that was her underwear from beneath where he was holding onto her hips, one of her hands curled gently into the thickness of his hair, the other wandering the plane of his chest as his leg found a place between hers, pressing gently against her heat, tongue dueling for dominance as he bit gently, so gently, at her bottom lip, taking it between his teeth and then releasing it with a soft groan, sliding his hand up, away from her hip to skirt under the edge of her shirt, instead.

“Miss you, I missed you.”

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i had a dream about loving someone I’ve never even met before. she was beautiful and crying and i had no idea why and at the end she kissed me so softly it felt like she was barely there. than i woke up and reality set in. yet i still have no clue who the girl was and as i slowly wake up rubbing the sleep from my eyes i can vaguely remember her, but i can still feel her hands on my cheeks and her lips brushing against mine. weird, huh?

i’ve had really vivid dreams abt girls before, although probably not as much as yours!! waking up from them is the worst bc you’re so happy to have had that dream bc it was nice! but then u remember it was just a dream and it kind of sucks

The Seven Moments I Realized I Loved You

A/N: ok so this isnt really abt ouran ((this was actually inspired by the 7 members of bts lmao)) but i was browsing through my old poems and i really liked this one :3 tell me what u think abt it!!! it would help me a lot ♥ thank u loveliesss

The first moment came, without me even knowing
The swings were my favorite part of the playground
and riding felt like the Earth was slipping beneath my feet
while the wind brushed my cheeks
But the swings that day were rocky, and noisy
And I was swaying, and swaying
Until I fell from the thing
And skinned my knee
The first moment came, when you held my hand
And kissed the wound away
And told me everything would be alright

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PCap Sexy Saturday Club

Aug 19, 2016 : A bit of 12 and a dash of Donna and a huge helping of feels. 



The song will never end…


‘NO!’ The Doctor sat up with a jerk from his sleep. ‘No.’ He whispered hoarsely to himself. ‘Why now? Why do you have to haunt me now?’  Swinging his long legs over the edge of his bed, hands rubbing at his eyes before raking through his silver mop of wild hair. A tear ran down his cheek which he roughly brushed away.

The day when he took away Donna’s memory of him burned in his memory as if it had just happened that morning and not hundreds of years ago. He got up, grabbed his jacket off the bedpost and slipped it on over his layers of t-shirts as his feet took him through the corridors of the TARDIS to the console room.

He rapidly tapped the keys on the one panel and pulled the screen around until it was in front of him. A blast of white noise on the screen took a moment to settle before a scene crystallized on it.

The Doctor smiled as he watched Donna and her husband (had they married? Yes. They had, he remembered that now. Standing in the church yard out of sight.). They were in a shop arguing over how she looked in a new top. His smile became sadder as the couple seemed to get rather heated until Donna suddenly laughed, patted her husband’s cheek as if he were a little child and kissed him soundly.

‘Good for you, Donna. Happy finally. Still happy. Never stop being happy.’ His fingers ran over the screen before they dropped to the console and quickly flicked off the image. ‘If only it were that easy for me. To turn off all those memories of us raging through the Universe together as if the song would never end. But it did.’

As the Doctor turned away from the console to go up the steps to his chair, thinking to read the song began to echo in the TARDIS. He froze a moment and then turned slowly back to the console. The screen sparked up again.


He blinked at the sight of Ood Sigma standing there, surrounded by other Ood with their hindbrains in their open-palmed hands.

‘Sigma? What’s going on?’

‘We need your help, Doctor.’ Ood Sigma said. ‘Will you come?’

‘Of course I will.’ The Doctor said without hesitation. ‘Of course! Send me the coordinates!’

And with that, the Doctor was off on a new adventure.

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(pt 1.) Motel rooms and 24 hour diners,/
Meeting on the cusp of day and night,/
Callused sun-burnt hands/
Brushing bruised cheeks.//

In the night she glows,/
Cloaking herself in fog and mist/
dancing under fluorescent lights,/
The night belongs to her.// (!!!) - tempest

(pt 2.) He soon surrenders to the night./
Waking in the warm, the curtains still open/
From the night before,/
 He grabs a pen/
And scrawls her a poem on the back of a napkin/
Or the pale skin of her forearm/
About the lovers cursed to only see each other/
Twice a day./ (!!!) - tempest

{daps theme of the week // “no one has ever loved a sin as much as i have loved you” - codependent siblings.}

. the dead anon poets society .