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how do you headcanon the batboys? like they're all described with black hair and blue eyes but like how do you really tell the difference? as an example, i always thought jason would be more muscular than his brothers with a square jaw and kind of more roguishly handsome while dick would be more classically attractive, etc? i just wanted ur opinion on this

I actually did make a post about that here… but I’m going to expound on it because I think it’s important and very interesting. Because not only are people (especially people of different backgrounds who aren’t related and Dick wasn’t even from Gotham) very different looking but also personalities create/are created by the physical limitations of the individual so it’s basically impossible to stress the many differences between the boys when they’re all the same height, weight, expression. Like… come one artists, you had one job. Gonna put this under the cut because wow I talk a lot and I clearly have put way too much thought into this.

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CHAPTER UPDATE! Hello! Firstly, I want to apologise for the long wait between chapters! Things have been extremely busy for me. I say this every time, but I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read and review my story! I’ve received such sweet, kind messages from many people and it really does mean a lot, so thank you all so much! I hope this chapter will answer all the questions you guys previously had! I hope you enjoy it! :)



Claire and Jamie journey to the standing stones of Craigh na Dun before they must say goodbye one last time.

PAIRING: Claire x Jamie.
RATING: Mature.

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That atmosphere yo, fuck me I love a good villain.