Romanogers AU

He looks at the view outside the balcony. The sun is going down and the thoughts get deeper while he feels two arms circle him from behind. Steve relaxes under Natasha’s touch and looking at the sky, he says:

“You know Nat… It doesn’t  matter how black you see the sky, the stars are always on top.. You just need to know where to look at ..”

Natasha moves her head to let her chin lay on his shoulder,helped by her high heels. She smiles softly, at first, at his deep thought but then changes her smile into a grin teasing him while whispering to his ear..

“You know what Rogers…there’s a chance you might be in the wrong business…”

He laughs at that and defends himself.

“C’mon baby! Let me be a little cheesy…After all is our first night out after our wedding…and you know very well we didn’t have time to celebrate properly..”

“You are right .. but if we don’t leave now, we are going to lose our reservation at the restaurant”

“I know but before leaving let’s take a pic of us happly married!”

He smiles and moves from her embrace while taking out his phone and positioning it on the railing. Fixed it he goes down on his knees to have the same level as the railing,then turns around smiling.

“Are you coming or I will be a lonely husband ?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming…But I’m not going to go down on my knees!”

She stay with a fake mad face,but he know how to read her expressions,so he just smiles wider.

“Then just put your arms around my neck from the back and smile”

Natasha does as told and before turning and looking to the camera, she leaves a kiss on his neck.

“Are you ready Nat?”

“Wait …just a second…Ok,I’m ready!”

“Ok at 3! 3….2….1….Smile and cheeeseeee!”