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areyoufilmingthis's follow forever list.

 i know most people put an image here but i’m too lazy to make one. 

first of all, i’m sorry to anyone i forgot. if i actually follow you, i definitely love you. but these are people that have probably been loyal followers for a while or have just been really cool.

as for the boldedpeeps, i just fucking love you. we’ve either become friends outside of tumblr or already were.

knickinknackin -  okay this one is obvious because you are the most important thing in my life and the best thing that has ever happened to my shitty existence. wanna get hella corny? when i had no one, i had you. not only will i follow you forever on tumblr but i’ll follow you into, like, death, dude! to the afterlife we go! we will be reincarnated into majestic lions or pugs or something idk. but what i do know is that i fucking love you. more than anything. holy shit. i love you so much that you get an entire section dedicated to you. wow. 5 stars. good job. n1ce.

# - D

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Guys! I finally reached 1000 followers! So here’s a follow forever to celebrate and thankyouu all for sticking with me all this time! I love you guys :* <3


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