Maybe Riku is a little camera shy? I actually drew this while I was getting really hyped over Haikyuu, so I think maybe the personalities got a little skewed. Riku kept ending up with Kageyama expressions ^^;

Anyway, RiSo will always be my forever-ship and it’s been way too long since I drew them. Honestly, I’ve fallen hard for a few new ones, too so…lord knows what this blog is gonna start looking like…

road trip with day6!!

  • sungjin will be the driver ofc
  • will try (( keyword: tRY )) to make your first roadtrip with day6 as fun yet safe as possible
  • he’s the one who checks everyone’s belongings because everyone else would be too excited and distracted to do so
  • he also made sure to pack some meds in case you get car sick vroom vroom !!!!!!
  • you’re his no. 1 priority (( don’t tell wonpil!!!! )) since your mum entRusted him with your precious life
  • once the car engine starts, brian would already be sleeping such a sleepy sleepy bOi
  • “sHOTGUN!!!!” jae would call out
  • oh he’s also the self-proclaimed ‘aux-cord king’
  • warning!!!!!: you’ll never get any sleep with jae screaming lyrics at the top of his lungs
  • do not forget wonpil’s harmonizing!!!!!! and dowoon’s excellent drumming skills on his non-existent drums!!!
  • “omG my DRUM STICK!!” he would cry out as it somehow accidentally hit brian’s head
  • oh shoot brian woke up but it’s cutie dowoon so he decided to jOIN THE PARTY INSTEAD
  • dowoon and wonpil would be the ones stealing all your snacks ,, eating them secretly till you find out
  • thank god sungjin reminded you to bring extra since he told you that they were ‘rATS’ in the car
  • hungry dowoon would want to stop at every burger/pizza joint he sees along the road
  • “take my burger gummies instead,,”
  • brian would be busy admiring the scenic views that the car passes by calling you every now and then to take a look at it too
  • “its as beautiful as you,,” brian would say wiNk wonk
  • you’d smack him to stop his corny ass
  • “since we have a very special guest today,, I’ll let you pick a song!!!”
  • pls act excited
  • don’t break poor jae’s heart
  • wonpil will be the one who needs constant pit-stop breaks
  • “oh gOD pls help me and my bladder,,”
  • the ac would be too cold for you causing you to continuously sneeze
  • “ah-cHOO” and worried brian would offer you his tissues till he’s all out
  • he would be the one stopping at every picturesque place
  • “jae, take a photo of me here!!!!!”
  • he would drag you along to join him in his photos
  • “bri,, lets take a picture with everyone!!”
  • all of you would excitedly get ready with your matching poses tiLL YOU REALIZED “who’s gonna be the one taking the photo ??”
  • the 6 of you will spend at least 10 minutes arguing on who’ll be the photographer sINCE every one of you wants to be in it
  • till sungjin remembered he brought a tripod!!!! he knew something like this was going to happen
  • “say chEEEEESE GUYS”
  • you’ve finally reached your destination!!!!!!
  • “ok who the hELL screwed up the hotel room because there is no way I’m sleeping with 5 bOYS,, yes brian im looking at ya ass”

justice for cheese hair tag by @wackysimmer  ;)
rules:  make a sim look good with EA’s classic cheese hair color. more info
(Thanks for the tag, @furiouslydecaffinated!)

I actually have more than one of my playables sporting cheese hairs, like for ex. Simona Goodyear above. I don’t think it’s that bad ;)

Show me some cheeeeese: @orangesimsnerd, @simmingstuff, @tinwhistletoo, @wandering-simblr, @cyberqueen-13 & @simtress

Music Series: Over and Over Again by Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande

I hadn’t heard this song in a long time so it was nice to hear it again. I had forgotten there was a version he sings with Ariana, so I’ve given a link to the original and the collab via Spotify.

Give me romantic lyrics and I’m a suck-er. Anything romantic and I’m all in. The idea for this imagine came immediately before I even got halfway through the lyrics, so hopefully I’ll pop this one out a bit faster than I have been the rest today. Feel like my brain is in first gear and slowly oozing cheese because I’ve been writing so much cheesiness today it’s ridiculous! My apologies to those who prefer angst, just haven’t had the right songs in the queue yet for those. But never worry, do not fear, sooooo many songs in the queue, surely there are angsty ones awaiting you, plus I’m working on something else which will ooze angst like these have been oozing the cheese!

This is “Over and Over Again” by Nathan Sykes, with a collab with Ariana Grande.

Thank you for the request and for reading! xo



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