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dirty old man

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: the Reader is Tonys daughter and lives with the Avengers. One day she thinks she’s home alone, Bucky thinking the same. She hears someone moan and follows the noise, which leads to Buckys room. Curiosity takes over and that leads to mature actions.

Warnings: smut, big age difference, unprotected sex, rough sex, dom!bucky

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Zach Dempsey x Reader: Drunk in love

A/N: Again sorry for not updating I have just been a little busy this week. But I hope you like this imagine and if you wanna request something just ask away.

It was spring break when you and Zach had started dating. The two of you had the most wonderful relationship but when school started to get closer the both of you were a little scared. You were really different he was a jock and you were kind of a nerd and you both knew how couples would break up because of rumors but neither of you wanted to break up so you just decided to stay a couple but to keep it a secret. You were walking into school with Courtney talking about your spring break.

“So math camp was just amazing and so much fun. How was your spring break?” She asked looking at you as the two of you walked towards your locker.

“Um you know it was fun I stayed home and studied a bit.” You said opening your locker.

“Is that the only thing you did?” She asked.

“Yeah but I have to admit it was the best spring break I have ever had.” you said with a smile as you looked behind her towards Zach who smiled back.

A few days later you were looking in the mirror trying to cover up the hickey that Zach had given you the day before the two of you were trying to hide your relationship but that doesn’t work so well when Zach constantly gives you hickey’s. You were hoping that the amount of make up you had put on it was enough but apparently it wasn’t the first thing that happened when you got to school was about the hickey.

“Oh my god Y/N what is on your neck?” Courtney asked looking at your neck.

“Oh um I just burned me with the curling iron.” You said with a shrug.

Zach passed the two of you and winked at you as he saw the hickey on your neck.

“Oh no way it’s a hickey isn’t it.” Courtney said shocked.

“W-what no who would it be from?” You asked confused.

“From Zach I saw him winking at you just now.” She said with a smile on her face.

“Look I get it was just a one night stand. Don’t worry you’re secret is safe with me.” She said with a wink as she walked off.

Even though she promised to keep the secret in some way it gor out and it started a big rumor at school. The rumor was oddly enough close to the truth they were saying that you and Zach were dating but were keeping it a secret. You and Zach met in an empty classroom after the both of you found out.

“Zach what are we gonna do.” You said freaking out.

“Hey baby it’s okay it’s just a rumor nobody knows that the rumor is true.” He said rubbing your arms.

“I know but you know what they do here either they fin out if the rumor is true or they make it worse.” You said crossing your arms.

“Look if they find out they find out. It wouldn’t be the worst thing I would finally be able to hold your hand in school.” He said taking your hand.

“Yeah I know but maybe we should just wait and see where this rumors goes.” You said looking up to him.

“Okay fine. I gotta go.” He said as he quickly kissed the top of your head.

“Kay bye.” You said with a small smile.

“Bye.” He said walking out of the classroom.

That night Jessica was hosting a party and of course everyone was there except for you. You were at home studying even though it was weekend. Zach had tried to convince you to come but you kept saying that you really needed to study for this test so he just gave up. It was around one o’clock in the morning and you were still up studying when you got a text from Zach.

Zach: Hey babe, I’m drunk and I miss you. Please come.

Since he told you he was drunk you and you knew that there was no one at the party who was sober you decided to go there to drive him home because you weren’t gonna allow him to drive or walk home drunk. You arrived at the party and tried to find Zach. You spotted Justin and Jessica and went over to them.

“Heyyyyy Y/N, you came I’m so happy. Zach has been asking about you all night.” She said with a drunken smile.

“He has? Well um do you know were he is?” You asked them.

“He’s over there by the couch. Are you two like together or something?” Justin asked.

“Uh no.” You said walking away towards Zach who was sitting on the couch.

“Hey Zach.” You said standing in front of him.

“Babyyyyy heyyy I missed you.” He said as he stood up and hugged you.

“Zach quiet down.” You said looking around to see if anyone heard.

“Come on Y/N let’s just tell everyone. I don’t wanna hide us anymore.” He said leaning in to kiss you.

“I-I don’t know Zach.” You said warily.

“Come on babe.” He said as your lips almost touched.

You couldn’t resist and just kissed him as he kissed you bak his hands were on the small of your back while yours were around his neck. You could hear people around you either making wolf whistles or saying “I knew it”. After a few seconds the two of you pulled away and smiled at each other.

“Come on Zach I’m taking you home.” You said taking his hand.

“But whyyyy you just got here.” He said with a small pout on his face.

“Because it’s late you’re drunk and I don’t want anything to happen to you so I’m driving you home.” You said as you walked out of Jessica’s house.

“Okay then. I love you babe.” He said as the two of you walked towards your car.

“I love you too Zachy.” You said as you kissed his cheeck.

-ten reacting to you calling him your boyfriend

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; “aah~!”

; honestly he’d be just a big smiling mess

; he’d be the type to just not say a thing but smile in your face

; “i-i..uh..i-”

; his voice cracking a bit while his laughs get louder and louder

; you’d try to calm him down and he’d be there next to you covering his face

; feeling a little embarrassed and shy

; “i’m sorry, i promise i’m okay”

; he’d try to not make you worry and grab your hand with his eyes shut

; “(Y/N), i don’t even dare looking at you”

; you’d blush a little at him being shy for you

; he’d be able to say some words after and pour his heart out

; “so, i’m your boyfriend? how did this even..”

; a surprised look on his face and confusion in his voice

; you’d want to just tell him it is how it is but you felt like hugging him so much

; there’d be an awkard silene for a minute

; he’d stare at you waiting for you to say something

; “are you.. still there?”

; you’d nodd your head and tell him it’s okay for him to come closer

; he’d be real close to you now and place his hand playfully onto your shoulder

; “i love you, you know that right?”

; he’d peck your nose and softly comfort you

; “i will be the greatest boyfriend i could be”

; his words leaving you with butterflies and blushes

; you couldn’t help but smile at him

; he’d giggle and hug you

; “(Y/N), you’re the sweetest, i’ll be there for you each day”

; kissing your cheeck and giving you puppy eyes

; the two of you being happy lovers and embracing each other’s sweet presence

Naked | Conor Maynard

|Word Count - 206|

|Request - Yes|

You frowned, looking up from your laptop. Your eyes followed your boyfriend who was making his way towards the kitchen, the fact that he was naked didn’t seem to bother him much.

“I have only one question,” You said taking off your glasses “Why are you walking around naked?”

“What? Are you not enjoyining the view?” He asked, wiggiling his eyebrows from his spot on the kitchen.

“I mean, I’m not complaining but there must be a reason.”

He grabbed his glass of water and came to sit down next to you with a little pout on his lips. “I can’t find my gown.” He said.

You laughed at him and kissed his cheeck before getting up and tugging him along with you towards your shared bedroom. Once there, you opened the door to the closet and looked around for a few seconds before reaching to grab Conor’s precious gown.

“Here it is.” You smiled, giving it to him.

“I’ve been looking for it for days! Why didn’t you tell me it was here?”

“You never asked, I guess.” You laughed again and pecked his lips. “You’re so weird, but I love you.” You said before leaving the room to keep on working on your laptop.

Imagine Hvitserk his way of saying goodbye

Request:  Hello, love! I hope you’re having a great day! Could I request a Hvitserk one shot where it’s the night before he leaves with Bjorn for the Mediterranean and your worried about him leaving? Thank you so much!!
Note: I didn’t had a great day but writing this makes the left overs from my day great. ;-) Hope you like it!!!
Words: 1738

You stood on the wooden dock that connected Kattegat with the ships that layed ready in the water. Hardly a day and Björn would sail away for new adventures in a whole new directions. He would sail across Rollo and only the thought of how last time went maked you a little worried. The men where readying the ships, everybody helped loading in food, weapons while you saw Björn watching from a little distance. You crossed your arms before your chest, burrying your chin in the little furr that kept you warm. Hvitserk jumped out one of the boats, his hand resting on his sword while he discussed something with on of the man on the dock. He was so eager to go on this trip with Björn and all you could think of was how much you where gonna miss him, and if you would see him again. He didn’t noticed much of you concern, he was way to excited to go with Björn. And it brightened your day a little, knowing that it was something he wanted to do for a verry long time. Especially when he could do it with Björn Ironside. He walked over the dock your way, passing you with a short look. You just gazed in front of you but in the corner of your eye you saw him stop, getting back on his steps until he stood beside you.
‘What is it?’ He asked, studying your face because you didn’t act normal.
'Nothing.’ You forced a smile on your lips, not wanting that he got concerned about you. You looked at him, he doubted you words for a second before he came to stand in front of you.
'You are concerned, for me leaving?’ He guessed the sadness in your eyes. It was childish, you and Hvitserk weren’t that long with each other and it felt mostly as a kind of game in desire than actually love. But now, on this moment, it felt different.
'I’m fine.’ You tried to convince him. He laid his hand on your hip, pulling you closer to him. You rested your hands on his chest and looked to the man readying the boats, not wanting to look at him. Somewhere you felt ashamed, that you were this concerned about it.
'You can say it.’ He motivated your thoughts. You looked up and nodded slowly.
'Yes, I’m concerned, gonna miss you.’ You smiled softly, shy almost. He brought his hand up, stroking the strains of hair after your ear before rhe knockles of his fingers stroke your cheeck.
'Why are you concerned?’
'That you gonna die, getting hurt, captured. That I won’t see you again.’ You said a little in dispair, curling your fingers into wrists against his chest. 'I like you Hvitserk.’ You confessed, looking up to the sneaky smile that got on his face. His hand moved from you hip to the lower of your back,pulling you in that way even closer than you already were.
‘Than we have to make it a night we will never remember.’ He whispered against your cheeck. He didn’t kiss you, but he was so closeby and the eyecontact you changed maked you already warm inside.

‘Where are we going?’ You asked him, wrapping your arms even tighter around his waist while his horse galloped through the forest.
‘You will see.’ He said with an playfull smirk on his face, pulling the horse back to an more comfortable speed. You had no idea where he was bringing you. You didn’t come quite often out of Kattegat, being a slave really didn’t allow you much to do. So you where generally curious to witch place Hvitserk was bringing you, especially because the fact the both of you where alone. You tried to look over his shoulder to the road the horse was walking but there wasn’t even a road. It was an half hour traveling before you finally saw where he was taking you, a lake. ‘You told me that you wanted to swim sometimes.’ He explained, looking over his shoulder to you. You looked to the water, biting you lip, blushing because he remembered.
‘I can’t really swim.’
‘Lucky for you I’m here to save you from drowning.’ He joked. You gave him a fast glare and jumped from the horse, walking over to the lake. For a minute all you saw was your own reflexion and the sundown that stroke his last strains of light over the lake, giving the whole surrounding a deep orange kind of vieuw.
‘This is beautiful.’ You said for yourself, looking over your shoulder to Hvitserk who  tied up the horse before he walked over to you. ‘Is this the spot where you bring all your girls?’ You asked a little playfull, relaxed even. He pulled the furr from over his body and trew it on the ground.
‘Only the special once.’ He winked. You turned away from him, blushing but he grabbed you soon enough with your wrist, turning you back to him. ‘You’re the only one I brought here.’ He reassured you. You looked up, blinking a little to much because you always had a hard time looking into his eyes without feeling weak in your knees.
‘I don’t want to take your time away. It’s also your last night with your mother, your brothers, I don’t,’
‘Y/n,’ he itterupted you, cupping your face. ‘don’t get shy on me, you know how much I want to work that out of your system.’ He pulled your  face closer, placing his lips on yours and your hand found the back of his neck in an instant. He had such a way of kissing you, passionate but frustrating slow if he wanted to. ‘Get undressed.’ He commanded you, his lips hardly away from yours. You opened your eyes, looked that intens gaze of those eyes in yours. Your hands pushed the furr over your shoulder while Hvitserk pulled you in for another kiss. His hand slided down to your hip where his fingers pulled up your dress with ease. He pulled it over you head until you stood there, naked. ‘Did I tell you how beautifull your are?’ He asked you with a gaze down your body. The heat that filled his eyes, centered with you down.
‘Did I tell you how weak I become when you act like this?’ You asked him right back, stroking you hand over his jawline before you kissed him again, almost eagerly. He pulled your naked body against his, hands traveling over every bit of skin possible to find.
‘Get in!’
‘You first.’ You didn’t have to say that twice. He pulled his clothes off and jumped in the water. It couldn’t be warm and you saw in his reaction you where right.
‘Short pain, just jump.’ He smiled to you. You had a little doubt about it so he pulled his charming face on. ‘Come on, I know you can’t resist.’ And you jumped, letting a little scream out when you felt how cold the water was. You went under for a moment before he pulled you on your hand up and you were back in that same embrace of him.
‘This is cold.’ You freezed.
‘You wanted to swim in a lake.’ He joked.
‘No, you remembered, I was only concerned.’ You reacted with a tilted head. He pulled you closer and you wrapped your arms together over his shoulders.
‘I will come back, maybe I bring you a gift.’
‘You are already a gift if you come back safe.’ You had your answered ready in no time. It was the only thing you wanted, him safe on the whole journey. ‘I will pray to the mighty gods for you Hvitserk.’ You promised him. The both of you floated in the water, not really swimming, more keeping each other warm and enjoy each others company.
‘Are you falling in love?’
‘Maybe,’ you bited your lip again, he looked down to it, eyes  filling with a certain desire. ‘is that a bad thing?’ You asked after. Hvitserk was known about his taste in girls, that was what maked you so uncertain about the whole situation.
‘No.’ That was his only answer before he started kissing you again, not in a tender slow way but with the heat you noticed a little sooner in his eyes. You wrapped your legs around his waist, the cold didn’t bother you anymore to be honest, it was all him, his, touch, his skin you felt against yours, his fingers that maked you feel whole again. And in the end he took you back on dry land and maked love to you in a way you never would forget.

You stood on the same spot you also stood yesterday. Arms crossed before you chest while you looked how they all got in the boats. Hvitserk said goodbye to his brothers and mother. You looked how those embraces where so strong, how they weren’t concerned about his departure. You already started to feel hollow. When he said goodbye to Ubbe his gaze fell on you, your eyes traveled down to the wooden dock.
‘I thought you forgot to be concerned about last night.’ He said as soon as he was in hearing distance. You looked up to him and shrugged.
‘You didn’t really make it better.’ You forced a smile on your face. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer. You rested your fingertips against his cheeck, stroking his face without hardly touching him. ‘Be safe Hvitserk, please come back. And if you don’t, I won’t forget you.’ You said with blurry eyes. He pulled your face closer, kissing you almost tenderly.
‘I will be looking forward to see you again, touch you again, smell you again. Maybe you are my weakness,’
‘for you are my strenght.’ You finished his sentence. He looked into your eyes, so close you wanted to kiss him again.
‘I won’t forget last night.’ He smiled. You got shy again, placed a fast kiss on his lips because Björn walked by.
‘Go, be the viking you where born to be.’ You pushed him back to the boats. He smiled before he turned around and walked after his brother. You crossed your arms again and looked how they got on board, how they sailed away and how you maybe won’t ever see him again.

I could write a part over him coming back? If somebody would want that?

Payback (Pietro x Reader)

Drabble drabble 

Title:  Payback

Requested by: Anonymous asked: 27 and 38 with Pietro please? 💙💛💙💛

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x fem-avenger!Reader

Prompts: #27 “WHO’S USING MY CONDITIONER?” & 38 “Is that my t-shirt?” || MASTERLIST

Word count: 541

Warnings: None? I don’t rememberrrrr

A/N: I don’t know where this came from but I needed to write this down and this is what it looks like. I mean enjoy?

Some of the prompts are more drabble material than an actual one shot material. Sorry if that disappoints you guys! And if there are any misspellings or errors… English isn’t my first language and sometimes a few words slips away from my head or something like that.

Requests and prompts are STILL open, I’ll do them even if I’m quite late at uploading them but it keeps me writing and yay I love it. –Lor.

|| I don’t own Pietro Maximoff or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

At morning the atmosphere in the kitchen while everyone was having their breakfast was quiet, the conversation going just fine, until they all heard an angry scream followed by hard steps on the hall and a wet covered in a tower Y/N appeared through the door. Water dripping from her body and hair, and a face that make some of the team laugh but some others cringe in pain. They were lucky that she didn’t have her bow and arrows close.

She was pissed.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” Wanda asked the girl, but she was already reading her mind.

“CUT IT OFF, WHO’S USING MY CONDITIONER?” She yelled at the team.

Natasha bursted into laughs and Steve was looking at her confused, the rest of the team was looking directly at the speedster who was unusually quiet. Clint, who was Y/N’s mentor, shook his head.

“Can I start saying that I’m sorry?” Pietro spoke before kissing her cheeck and running off.

“BASTARD I’LL PUT AN ARROW IN YOUR LEG!” She yelled at him and started to walk to the bathroom and finish her morning clean up.

“It’s not my fault that your conditioner is so good!” He yelled back and they heard a loud crash. That it could mean only two things: Pietro had crashed through something, or Y/N indeed put an arrow on his leg. Or maybe both.

“They’re totally into each other” Clint said.

A few minutes later Y/N came back with a smirk on her face and a long blue and grey t-shirt, which almost covered her entire thighs, letting her short sneak out under it. She grabbed the cereal and milk and poured everything a mug. Soon she was in the conversation with the others about if they should or shouldn’t put a Jacuzzi in the backyard.

A blur appeared in the room and sat beside her. The speedster looked at her from head to toes before he spoke.

Is that my t-shirt?” He asked her

“Yeah, it’s called payback for using my conditioner every damn time”

He licked his lips and smiled at her. “It does look good on you… If I knew you’ll be stealing my clothes as a payback I would have done it sooner.” Pietro winked at her.

“Want another arrow on your leg darling?”

“You know I can cure pretty fast, and if you’re planning on doing it in a wet towel again I might want it and If it slips down like earlier? Way better.”

The team was looking at the two of them interact while they send smiles to each other, they wanted them to be together.

Y/N turned red. “You didn’t see that.” He nodded “YOU DAMN BASTARD YOU SAW ME NAKED!? YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU DIDN’T SEE IT!”

He was laughing when she stood up and reached for an arrow and stabbed Pietro’s leg with it.

“You deserve that.” She said

Once he removed the arrow from his leg, and the bleeding quickly stopped he pressed his lips against hers.

“Yeah I did. And that too.”

Narrowing her eyes at him she patted him in the shoulder, but then sat down once again and started to eat her cereal.

“Yeah that too.” She said smiling at him.

Imagine Ubbe protecting you from your father

Request: OMG IM LOVING YOUR UBBE SERIES! If you’re still taking requests can you maybe write another Ubbe x reader fic? where he always gives the reader hickies? Like if he’s jealous or if he just wants to tease/distract her, or whenever he’s had a rough day and needs comfort etc. Sorry if that’s a bit vague hahA. Thank you kindly 💕 
Summary: Helping Ubbe forget a terrible day is one of your favorit things to do. But he leaves his marks and you drunk father find one on your throat. So he drags you all the way back to the great hall to challenge Ubbe and offcourse Hvtiserk. Because both brothers give a great deal about you.
Words: 1676

You gasped by the force you were smacked against the wooden wall of the shed, in a good way. He placed his lips on the lower of you throat. He held your leg up aside his body, pressing you more against the wall while his hand stroke over your leg, under your skirt. You moaned when you felt his body so close to your. ‘Ubbe stop it.’ You laughed when you felt how his lips sucked against your throat. It didn’t hurt but it would leave a ferm mark afterwards. He pulled back, looking down you throat before meeting your eyes.
‘To late.’ He said with that boyish grinn of accomplishment on his face. You cupped his face and pulled his lips back to yours. He let go of you leg, traveling his hand up over your clothes squeezing your breast.
‘Was it such a bad day?’ You asked out of breath by the desire he runs through your body. He rested his hands on both sides of your hips, leaning his forehead against yours.
‘Arwfull. Mother is always complaining and Ivar had one of his moods again.’
‘Ivar always has those moods.’ You corrected him with a loving voice, placing a kiss against his cheek before you looked back to him. ‘I’m here, for whatever you need me to.’ You said playfull. He hummed approvingly, his lips lingering just over yours.
‘What should I do without you?’ He asked. You caressed his cheecks kissing him slowly, gently.
‘I don’t know, you never will find out either. But I need to go Ubbe, my father needs me.’ You whispered. He opened his eyes and looked at, slowly nodding. He said you goodbye, with a kiss you hardly could withstand.
‘Come back as soon as you can.’
‘Thank you for this,’ You pointed to the mark his lips left on your throat.
‘It’s so you wont forget me.’ He winked. Walking you out of the shed you both hidded in.
‘I could never forget you Ubbe Ragnarsson.’ You twirled around you own body and walked away with that lingering feeling down in your stomach.

You and your father lived on the egde of Kattegat. When you arrived home he wasn’t there so you walked out to fresh yourself up, splashing some water into your face you looked to your own reflexion. You pulled the colar of your clothes a little down and looked to the mark stained in your skin. You smiled, still feeling every place he touched you on your body. ‘What is that.’ Your father jerked you away from the water, holding tight of your neck in the back while he looked to your throat.
‘Nothing, father, please.’ You tried to pull away from him but he hold on fermly. ‘You’re hurting me.’ You hissed. He wasn’t the old kind of guy you could easily push away. He was for years one of the raidingscompanions of Ragnar Lothbrok, Ragnar leaving Kattegat changed him completly. He drank to much, picked fights and he certainly didn’t approved of you hanging around boys. So he didn’t know about you and Ubbe … or Hvitserk from time to time.
‘Who is it?’ He asked, a breath of ale coming your way when he spoke.
‘Father, please let go of me!’ You shouted, kicking your hand against his chest. He let go of your neck, holding you on your wrist instead. You stroke your hand over your neck and looked back at him. ‘You’re drunk, go in and sleep it off.’ You pointed inside. People started looking and you felt ashamed. You tried to get your wrist loose from his grip, planning on running of the first change you got.
‘Not before you tell me who did that. Was it one of Ragnar his sons?’ He asked, knowing of the repurtation they brought around. You frooze for a moment, he saw it hand spitted on the ground, pulling you with him.
‘Father no!’ You started begging.
‘I’m gonna learn that boy a lesson.’ He didn’t even knew witch boy it was. But the humiliation of the moment, you felt so ashamed in the way he treated you. He pulled you the whole way to the great hall, halfway you started to stop protesting because everybody was already watching you. So you walked head down, angry after him unil before the great hall. Your wrist hurted like hell, it would leave more visual marks than those from Ubbe.
‘Please father, let’s go back home.’ You said on a softer voice, hoping it would calm him down.
‘Boys!’ He yelled. You went to stood before him, pushing against his chest in the hope he would move his drunk ass back home.
‘Y/n?’ You turned around to Ubbe.
‘Please go back in.’ You begged him. Your father grabbed you with your hair, showing your throat for everybody to see.
‘Do you touch my daughter?’ He asked angry. He hurted you, pulling your head so much back. And you saw nothing good in Ubbe his eyes either. By all the gods, why were you hanging around those boys.

‘Let her go.’ Ubbe said on a calm voice. Your father let loose of your hair and you looked aside to him, begging hem to go back home, tears already welling up in your eyes.
‘You’re a shame for this village!’ You father spitted out.
‘Father please, I love him, he takes better care of me than you ever did.’ You tried. But Ubbe was already close enough. Despite his anger his touch was soft, trying to pull you away from your father. But he still holded your wrist.
‘Let her go.’ Ubbe repeated himself, his hand resting on his sword. Your father looked down to it.
‘You want to fight me?’
‘What is going on brother?’ Hvitserk asked walking out. Oh god, not him to. Hvitserk looked from Ubbe to you and to your father who holded your wrist. He came the few stairs off and right at the three of you.
‘Hvitserk,’ But to late. You father let go of you and lashed out to Hvitserk, kicking him right in the face. Ubbe pulled you away from your father and drew his sword. You ran around him and crouched down aside Hvitserk.
‘You alright?’ You asked concerned.
‘Nothing some love can’t fix.’
‘This isn’t funny Hvitserk.’ You reacted in despair.
‘No, let me help my brother.’ He placed a kiss on your cheek and hurried up. You stood up and turned around, one drunk viking against to younger less experienced vikings.
‘What is going on?’ A voice sneaked the shivers down your spine. You looked over your shoulder to Aslaug who stood aside Sigurd in the doorway of the great hall.
‘Nothing mother, go back inside. We are defending the honor of a girl.’ Hvitserk said.
‘Nobody is defending the honor of nobody.’ Aslaug reacted with a stern voice. She trew you a sharp look before she turned to the man, your father. ‘Please, leave my sons be.’ She asked him rather nicely. Nobody took it on with Aslaug, she wasn’t maybe a shieldmaiden like Lagertha was but she had quite the power of intimidation. You father took a step back, lowering his axe.
‘They stay away from my daughter.’ He hissed. Aslaug nodded and your father walked away, not looking over his shoulder towards you. He didn’t took the direction home, he went right back for ale.
‘You heared what the man said, leave her alone.’ Aslaug warned them, but mostly she warned you. You looked down to your wrist, his marks bleu printed on your skin. You started walking in the opposit direction of your father angry of what happened. Angry that you had a father like that.

It didn’t took him long, to come after you. You where gazing over the water when his hands sneaked around you from behind, turning you concerned back to him. ‘Y/n, you alright?’ He asked.
‘Do I see like I look alright Ubbe.’ You reacted angry. He pulled you closer in an embrace. You let your head rest against his chest, feeling his chin resting on your head brought you a little peace back.
‘Did he hurt you?’ He asked after a little while. You pulled back, looked up to him and shook you head.
‘I can handle it.’
‘It didn’t look like it Y/n.’ He protested softly. You sighned and let your head rest back against his chest.
‘He was drunk. That’s all.’ You whispered. Ubbe laid his hand against your cheek and looked down on you.
‘You can stay at our place.’
‘Can’t, your mother doesn’t want you to be around me.’
‘My mother has nothing to say.’ Like he wanted to prove you that he placed his lips on yours. You stroke his jawline and pulled back. ‘Stay. Hvitserk will come to.’
‘The both of you?’ You asked a little confused.
‘Can’t make your day good on my own after that.’ He said, stroking his hands over your back. You relaxed again. He strangled his fingers through yours and noticed your wrist ‘Y/n.’
‘It’s nothing.’ You protested. ‘The next time you leave me something to remember, do it lower.’ You smiled while biting your lip a little.
‘Is that an invitation?’ He asked. You shook your head and pushed against his chest. Ubbe started walking, his arm protective over your shoulder. You felt safe, secure. But on the way over to his home you looked for your father but he was nowhere to be found. You walked in before him and looked to Hvitserk who was eating … again.
‘You alright love?’ He asks concerned. Ubbe let loose of you and you walked over to Hvitserk who looked to your wrist.
‘It is alright. You both are way to concern.’ You smiled to the both of them. Hvitserk placed a kiss against the inside of your wrist. ‘Nothing a little love can’t fix.’ You repeated his earlier words.
‘Whatever you want love.’ Hvitserk reacted, giving his brother a promessing look while saying it …

If can make it a series, have some ideas. Depends if you want it or not. <3 This was a lot of Ubbe love in one day, gosh I love those boys!

Drunk (AU Imagine)

Anonymous said:

Can you do an imagine where peter comes home late at night drunk and his best friend felix helps him home and you kiss felix cheeck as a thanku peter sees you thinks your cheating on you and starts to abuse you till he comes to his sences and sees you injured on the floor unconcies and with a broken ankle and takes you to the hospital crying and talking to you the whole time you were unconscious and when you wake up you forgive him and make up Extra FLUFFFFFFFFFFF thanku ❣❣❣


Warning/s: abuse (TW), angst but happy ending, au peter and I think that’s it


Summary: Peter comes home drunk late at night with Felix accompanying him and shit happens

Character: Peter Pan

Note: I tried my best and this doesn’t have that much fluff sooo sorry :3

Peter, your boyfriend, was out with some of his friends for a party. You stayed at home because you weren’t feeling really good that morning. Peter was bummed about that but you convinced him to go on his own and he obliged.

It was now 2am and he wasn’t still home. No calls or texts. This got you worried and you were beginning to think that you should drive over to him and pick him up but you can’t due to your mild illness. Luckily, a very close friend to you and Peter drove him home. It was Felix. He wasn’t drunk so he was able to drive his drunken friend home.

By 2:30, there was a knock on your door which you responded to very quickly, running towards the door and opening it in a matter of seconds. Standing in the doorway was a drunk Peter held by a struggling Felix.

“Thanks for bringing him home, Felix” you smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek, thanking him for bringing Peter home safely.

You closed the door and turned to Peter who was already looking at you. Correction, he was glaring at you.

“What’s wrong?” you asked as you took a step towards him but froze when you felt a stinging sensation on your right cheek. You looked at Peter in shock as he has his one hand raised.

“P-pet-” your stuttering was cut off by Peter.

“Really, Y/N? You’re cheating on me with my best mate?” he sneered at you.

“What” you were cut off when he kicked your left leg, knocking you down to the floor. You tried to stand up and walk but somehow, your left leg was injured and you started limping away from him.

He started walking after you with a dark expression as you tried your best to limp faster away from him.

“Peter, please” you pleaded.

You were scared. Peter never tried to hurt you but now he’s here abusing you. Peter slapped you once more making you fall to the ground because of the hard impact. You crawled away from him, your face tearing up. Your back was pressed against a wall as Peter walked towards you with a smirk.

“Nowhere else to go, huh? Why don’t you call Felix? Oh right! He’s not here.” He bitterly said.

“Peter! I’m not cheating on you with Felix!” you yelled but he wasn’t having any of it.

“Don’t yell at me!” he shouted and slapped you again, this time, harder. Your head jerked back with much force that it hit the wall behind you, making you fall into unconsciousness. Your body fell limply on the ground as Peter looked at you in shock, him finally coming to his senses.

“Y/N?” he tried shaking you awake but you didn’t move.

“Y/N? Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing. Please wake up” he cried and took out his phone to call an ambulance.

“Fuck!” he cursed and picked you up, calling a cab and taking you to the hospital. He wasn’t going to wait for the ambulance. He needed to take you to the hospital NOW.


The doctor said that you were free to go. You just have a concussion and and a broken ankle which needs to be rested.

Peter looked at you apologetically but you didn’t dare glance at him. He sighed in sadness and looked down.

The both of you said your goodbyes to the doctor and you turned around, Peter snaking his arms around your waist, trying to help you but you shrugged his arms away, limping out of the hospital.


You arrived at your house with the memories of what happened that night. You immediately got out before Peter can even stop the car engine. Peter was able to run after you because you were slow due to your injured ankle.

You ignored him until you were in front of the staircase that leads to the bedroom. There was no way you’ll be able to get to the top.

“C’mere, I’ll cary you up” Peter motioned to you with a smile. You shook your head.

“I’m just gonna sleep on the couch” you mumbled and started to limp towards the living room.

Peter sighed at you stubbornness.

“No. You need to rest and your body, especially your ankle, needs to be in a comfortable position. I’ll carry you to the bedroom. I’ll be the one to sleep on the couch” with that, he carried you, bridal style, and walked upstairs and setting you down carefully on the bed.

“I’m really sorry for what I have done. I was drunk and had no idea with what I was doing. I, I swear. I’m sorry” he apologized. You looked at your feet, not saying a word.

Peter sighed and was about to walk out when you stopped him.

“Please don’t ever do that again” you whispered.

He looked back at you and nodded eagerly.

“Yes! I won’t ever. If it takes not drinking anymore then I’ll stop drinking. I’ll make sure to keep you safe. I promise” he cheered.

You smiled and scooted over so he can lie beside you.

You placed your head on his chest as he played with your hair. You slowly fell asleep as he admired you.

How could he hurt a girl like you?

He promised he won’t do it again. Ever.

He moved closer to you and kissed your forehead, falling asleep next to you with a smile.

Note: Classes in my place keeps on getting suspended so I decided to post this. Also, my friend talked me into posting this so yeah. Shoutout to you, my friend hahaa


“Y/N! I thought the dauntless soliders had killed you, I was so worried.” Caleb said, pulling you into a hug. “I’m fine Caleb. I was hiding until they left my area.”

“Come on, we’re going with Beatrice to the Dauntless headquarters. Here, my sister told me to give you a gun.“ He said, handing you a gun. As the two of you began to walk behind Tris, he leaned over and kissed your cheeck lightly.

“I love you Y/N. I just wanted you to know in case anything happens.”

Taeyong as your boyfriend

-lmfaoo he didnt think about falling in love -he is confused at first -Then he realized he likes you -this is what happened -You went to get coffee

-him and Nct where in the back

-Ofc Mark and haechan were fighting

-he tried to break it up

- Mini rookies decided to join

-Taeil tried to break it up

-Taeil ended up crying because he couldnt lol


-You tried to help

-So you screamed “HEY!”

-They all stopped and looked at you terrified

-Can you guys please act your age? What are you ? 14?


-“Im actually 16 get your facts straight”

-“What ever”

-You took your coffee and sat down

-Taeyong Walked over to you asking for an apology

-“Sorry for all the fighting back there,its hard being a leader”

-“A leader?”

-“Uh yeah, in a leader in a group under Sm”

-“That is really cool.”

-“Hey Whats your name?”

-“Its Y/n”

-“Well Y/n would you like to go out and get to know each other better?”


-So you guys became best friends

-You became close with the mini rookies

-It was like they were your children lol

-Taeyong over heard Johnny and Ten talking

-“I think im going to ask Y/n out Ten”

-“Go for it man”

-But Taeyong ran to the speed of light to your apartment to ask you out instead.

- “Sure” -lmfaoo Johnny and Ten did that on purpose to get both of you together -anyways expect A LOT Of Skinship -He likes holding your hand,Kissing you cheeck,and holding you by the waist. -When you’re around the rookies, Mark and Yuta cover the Mini rookies eyes,because man they innocent. -“Can you keep your Pda and Stds to yourself pls?” •They are innocent, Dont end up like those two when you get in a relationship” •Anyways he does NOT like going out. • -He likes staying indoors • -he likes playing games with you. • -in over all Taeyong is the jealous protective/possessive type. -Maybe a yendere?
“What a smooth move”(bucky x reader)

Title: “What a smooth move” 

Prompt/Requested by: “Anonymous: Hi 💖 I have a request, a bucky x reader where reader is a computer engineer in the Stark Tower and works with her bffs Tony and Bruce (they call themselves the Science Squad). Reader and Bucky have a crush in each other and when Bucky flirts shyly with reader Tony and Bruce stop him because they see reader as their little sister and they want to protect her. They’re like her overprotective big brothers. HAPPY ENDING AND FLUFF PLEASE 🙇 💖”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem-Computer engineer Reader

Word count: 984

Warnings: Language, fluff. You should be aware of my crappy writing too.

A/N: This was so cute to write, I didn’t know if this as fluffy as you wanted because if I get carried away with the fluff… no one can stop me and It’s not good! But anyway I liked this one yay.


There are still prompts to be requested and yeah my requests are still open. Remember that I only write Character x reader stuff not character x character (maybe as a background but no). If you have something to say to me go and hit my askbox is always open!

Now, enjooooooooy!!

 || I don’t own Bucky Barnes or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

When Tony met Y/N in college they didn’t get along so well but after a while they realize that they were quite similar, besides Tony’s cockiness of course, and decided to make a truce… that later will evolve in a solid friendship.

Now Y/N was the computer engineer of the Computer Department in the Stark Tower, and from time to times helped SHIELD and The Avengers.

Once that Tony had introduced her to the team she instantly became friends with everyone, but mostly with Bruce, so now they were her best friends, almost as her big brothers.

It was almost midday when Y/N entered in the tower, backpack in her shoulder and sunglasses in her head. She was looking for her partners in crime, she wanted to show them a new program that had developed in her many insomnia nights.

“Y/N?” Bucky’s voice made her look at his direction to face him. He was in his training clothes and a man-bun.

A damn man-bun that looked so good on him.

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Requets: I just saw your song fic lost and was wondering if you could do a Bucky with Misery by The Maine? It’s my favorite song (and Bucky is my fave) thank you!

Words : 1032
Paring:Bucky x Reader
Warnings : Fluff and Angst

Originally posted by trandafirr

Bucky doesn’t know how he end up in this situation. Actually he does know his life end when he fell off that train everything that happened after that was consequences of that night. He was sure he was going to meet God but boy he was wrong he met the Devil and he did all his dirty work.

Hydra was hell after 70 years of pure torture he didn’t know how to act anymore. He didn’t see the point in a lot of things; honestly he knew he was lost not only in a time that didn’t belong to him but also in a normality that he didn’t want.

He met her in a cold night of December in New York. She was drunk but she had the most amazing smile that he ever seen he felt some sympathy for the girl so he helped her to get home safe. “Where do you live?“ she asked after he took her home “In the other side of the town” he answer vaguely he didn’t want for her to go looking for him. “You can crash on my couch if you are tired.”

He was tired really tired and he thought what is the damage of taking a nap on that couch and leave before the young woman wake up? He wakes up with the woman shaking his shoulder “ Good morning sleepyhead, here it is some coffee for you.” and she sit by his side “ So you never tell me your name?” he take a sip of the coffee and somehow is the best coffee he ever tasted “ nether do you” you introduce yourself to him with a bright smile “ James but you can call me Bucky.” you smile at him “Well thank you for bring me home safe last night.” and you kiss his cheeck.

5 months had passed since that first meeting .He felt drawn to you; he enjoyed your company more than he enjoyed the others. He didn’t know if was something romantic or if he was just glad to be around you a normal person. He listen to you talk about work, your friends and your family for hours, sometimes he liked to share a few things with you but only his happy memories of before war. He never wanted to scare you with his past but sometimes was hard because he wanted these things out of his chest more than anything but he never let himself to let go.

You usually never went to his apartment that he shared with Steve, sure you went a few times to watch a movie or after a long night that you didn’t want to be alone today was one of this nights. He usually prefers to go to your place he didn’t like to share you with anyone even with Steve . Right now he is naked on the floor feeling the cold wood in his back, he was trying to relax after another nightmare but he can’t, every time he close his eyes he only see blood and death he try to focus on happy memories but nothing he is in misery.

Before he can even process you enter his room “Gosh Bucky are you okay? And why are you naked?“ he puts his boxers and say “I had a nightmare… i think i am getting insane i can take anymore… All this pain” you sat by his side on the floor and makes him lay on your lap “You don’t have to go thru this alone, talk to me what is bothering you.“He appreciates the gentleness in your voice, the way you run your fingers thru his hair and he tells you everything about his past, every single horrible crime that he committed in the end you are in tears and he is terrified that you are going to leave him alone for good. “Oh Bucky i am so sorry that you had to pass for all this alone, you deserves better. But wasn’t your fault so please don’t blame yourself.”

“Everybody says that to me like was some kind of excuse .I am tired of excuses i had that all my life i just want move on.” you look at his eyes “ What would help you to move on?” he sits and put your hair behind your ear “i want to feel something that is not guilty or pure misery” He is surprised when he felt your lips on his, kissing him gently.

He put you in his lap and continues the kiss. “So this helped in something? “You ask flirting a little bit with him “Yes it helped a lot but i think we should continue kissing" he takes you to bed and start to kissing your neck. He wants this but doesn’t want to force you to do anything you are not ready for but how can you resist when you are doing these sweets sounds.

“Bucky stop.“ he immediately stop and look at you searching for any place he might have hurt you” I am fine, but are you sure you want do this?” he laughs because gosh he cannot think of anything that he wants more than be with you, inside you.“ I am pretty sure baby girl and you are you sure? Because we can stop if you want.”

He is very gentle with you exploring your whole body and always make sure you are 100% comfortable with everything he is doing, his hands were intertwined with yours the whole time and his eyes never leave yours always looking for any sign that he should stop. But the sign never came he only saw love and lust in your eyes.

After he saw you were satisfied and he had had his on climax. He put you in his embrace and start to play with your hair “Thank you for that, when i woke up i was expecting being alone with my demons and the Devil but you didn’t let them in" he kiss your head “Was my pleasure the devil is not welcome here anymore, now let’s go sleep because I am planning a long day for us tomorrow.”

pretty please Leave feedback i would love to know if there is something i need to change about my writing.

Let me know if you want to be tagged in future fics

Requests are open feel free to request

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Starish and Quartet Night when they are making love with their lover? o(´^`)o

Otoya: “Ah… You’re so tigh..” He whispered while he is doing with his s/o “Is it good…?” they asked, His face and moans said anough. “Ah.. Yes… It feels really good… “ He whispered while moaning a little “I mean you feel good” he whispered as blushing more when they smiling a little “You’re such a dork…”” they whispered when he blushes more “Moah.. Don’t say that… You turn me more on” He whispered when he start moving faster, Stroking their hair. “You’re so lovely…” He whispered in their ears.

Tokiya: His body sweats, His breath is heavy, His moans and voice are low. “Tokiya…” they moan softly “Hmm… Does it fell good ___-san?” He asked while he move “Y- Yes…. But…” They whispered, He raised an eye brown a little “A bit more faster…. “ They whispered, His cheecks become ligh pink when he start moving faster as they asked, Stroking their hips nippled in their neck.

Ren: “R-Ren!”Their moans are in pleasure, While he is already inside them “Hm.. You’re so warm in there…” He whispered, Nippled their chin to neck, Stroking their back softly “Ren… Make me…” They whispering “Oh? You’re begging me? “ He whispered with a little smirk and start moving inside them “You’re so amazing… Lady…” He whispered while low moans a little.

Masato: “M- My apologize if i hurt you…” He whispered when his face is flustered and slides slowly inside them when they start to moan and he widded his eyes “I’m sorry..”he whispered “I- Its okey masato….” They whispered with also a flustered expression  “Are you sure… I can stop?” he asked, He don’t want to hurt them, They shook their head “N- No…. Keep going… I used..” They whispered, Somehow with these words it rush a huge pleasure though his body and he narrowed his eyes when he start to move with blankets over them and kisses them softly “I will be gentle on you… Be honest if it hurts you” he whispered and they nod.

Syo: “Do- Don’t laugh at me…” The blonde haired is blushing deep, Both of them are naked in bed and he is top front them “Why should i laugh?” they asked while they also blushing “I’m not good in these stuffs….”He whispered, He fell nervous “Syo…. I love the way who you are… Its also my first time..” they whispered, He nod slowly and swallowed, Try to pleasure them by touching them before they’re ready, Slide slowly inside them, He makes a bit weird moan and blushed more “Don’t laugh i said” He said when they chuckled “Sorry, Your moan is funny” they whispered, Wrapping their arms around him “Make me fell good syo…”They whispered, While he is already in the pelasure and start moving inside them.

Natsuki: “Your moans are so cute ___-chan..” He whispered when he already moving fast inside them, He made few moans of the pleasure rush in his body, Nippled softly their breasths “You’re so soft…” he whispered squeezing in their breasths “”Na-chan…. Hnn…” They whispered graping in the blankets of the pleasure. “”Oh.. My god.. Natsuki… You’re so big..” They whispered when he chuckled softly “And you’re so wet, ___-chan” he whispered, Touching, Stroking and playing with their body.

Cecil: “I’m on my limet ___-chan..” He moaned when he’s ready to cum “You’re so tight!” He said “Cecil… I’m also… Its so sensitive..” She whispered make few moans “___-chan…. Hnn..” He made few deep rush inside them when he sudden came and also they did, He panted and also they did and he slip slowly off them “ah… Sorry.. I came too fast” He said with a flustered expression and they chuckled “Then… Round 2?”They whispered when he widded his eyes a little and kisses them while he blushed and smiled at them “My pleasure, My princess”

Reiji: “Tell me… How much you want this?” He whispered when he already is inside them “I…” They blushing heavy and fell flustered “I know you want me that badly..” He whispered, He is huge turn on now and horny “Want me to move, __chan?” he whispered, Nippled thei cheeck to chin “Reiji…. Stop teasing me… “ They whispered when he chuckled ‘You’re so cute” He whispered and he start moving them “Like this ? “ He whispered when they start to maon “Y- Yes… A bit faster..” They whispered and he smirked while he raised an eyebrown “You’re begging for more?”he whispered and start moving faster while he held their legs up, The pleasure rush though his body and start to moan also “Ohoh… You feeling amazing..”

Ranmaru: “FUCK” He moanded and also as shout, They ride on him and made him turn on very well “Does… Does this feel good?” They asked when he sudden grap their breasths “Hnnn.. Keep going… Just keep going” he whispered, His cheecks is bit red and stares with horny expression at them “Dammit.. You fell so good…” he whispered and wrapped his arms around them nippled their neck and start bitting their neck “Hnn- Ah.. Ran..” They moaned “You’re the best, ___-san..” He whispered while moaning low.

Ai: “Shal i go faster, __-san?”” he asked while he moves inside them, They nodded softly “Don’t worry, I get used it now” They whispered, As they ask he start moving faster, He made a few moans, Normally he never express a emotion, But he shows now a little more by more “I love your expression” they whispered when he looked at them, And somehow it made him blush and kisses their cheeck “Maybe its you, You feel good” He whispered stroking their hair.

Camus: “C-ca-” He quikly put his hand front their mouth “Don’t speak” he whispered, While he moving inside them when made them flustered “Why..? Hnn..” They asked when he narrowed his eyes “If you speak or moan… I shouldn’t control myself” He whispered when they blush more, But when he move a bit faster they can’t hold their moans and start to moand already “I told you not to moan” He said when they blush heavy “I’m sorry camu…. It feels too good”They whispered, His eyes widded a little when they said that and has a little blush on his cheecks when he start kissing them “Then its good… Your moans are cute… I would cum fast thats why….” he whispered stroking their cheeck “Well then, I will make you more feeling good”

A strangers’s scars

Hi this is my first one shot in a long time, so i hope it’s ok. Let me know what you think of it. Also i decided to take requests again, so hit my inbox.

Warnings: smut, sex with a stranger

Earlier today you met this guy at work and from the moment you saw him walking through the door of the old diner you were working in, you knew you were going to end up here. Sure you weren’t the kind of girl who did this more often, to be honest this was the first time you ended up in bed with a complete stranger. But something about this man made you want to break all the rules and ignore all of the warning signs. He had these beautiful green eyes, that made you tremble when you handed him his whiskey and his lips seduced you the minute he started talking to you.

So here you were in a shaggy motel room with a guy you only met a few hours and drinks ago. His lips were sucking a mark at the pulsepoint just below your ear and you couldn’t help yourself but sighing his name. “Yes just like that Dan.” His lips left your skin and he looked you straight in the eyes, mischievous grin playing on his lips. “It’s Dean, my name’s Dean.” He didn’t waste anymore time on formalities and placed his plump lips on yours, tongues fighting for dominance within seconds. Eagirly your hands unbuttend his shirt and caressed the soft skin beneath it. Your fingertips traveling over his smooth skin untill your attention got drawn to a rougher pattern on his belly. You broke the kiss and let your eyes wander down to where your fingers absintminditly traced the scar. “How?” Dean didn’t let you finnish your question and placed his fingers under your chin to tilt your head. “It’s not important, all that counts is you and i.” You nodded your head slightly and started fumbling with the zipper of his pants.

He pulled your t-shirt over your head and pushed you down onto the bed, his warm hands roaming your body like he was trying to map it out. A wet trail off kisses were left on your already burning skin as he made his way down to the hem of your jeans. Dean looked at you from underneath his long and dark eyelashes,silently asking you permission for one last time. As if you could have denied him, with his hypnothising eyes and bewitching body. No this is what you wanted, what you needed and all your boundaries were long gone. You wrapped your legs around his hips and started grinding into him, giving him permission without words. Time seemed to slow down and speed up all at once. The feeling off his growing erection against your core could’ve drove you crazy, but the passionate kisses you shared held you sain. Everything about him, about this moment, about him felt right.

Your heart picked up pace as he rolled your jeans down your legs. Goosebumps covered your skin as he kissed his way back up, from your ankles to your inner thigh, to your groing. Breath hitched in your throat when he hooked his fingers in your panties and removed them. His warm hands a large contrast against the cold air, setting every nerve in your body on fire. His eyes were taking in every inch of your naked body, every little detail. Like he never wanted to forget them. You were so bussy studying his every move that it caught you by surprise when he sucked down on your clit. You let your head fall back into the soft pillows as you surrendered to the delicious feeling between your legs. The soft scratch from his three-days-scruf alternated with the dirty licks and soft nibles got you to the edge in no time. If this was what this guy could do with only his mouth, than you were more than eager to know what he could do with other parts of his body. Your mind was so clouded by all the sensations that you weren’t prepared for your orgasm to hit you as hard as it did. The waves of pleasure just kept going and your eyes teared up by the intesity of it. Dean was there to hold you and guide you trough it, to wipe the stray tears from your cheecks and to kiss a smile back on your face, when you came down from your high.

“That was amazing.” The words left your lips as a whimper, but earned you a soft chuckle from the man still holding you close. “If you think that was amazing, than wait till i’m done with you.” The idle threat refueld a fire within you and you slid your hands down his back squeezing his firm butt. Dean gave you a look of fake shock, wich made you laugh out loud. Omg who is this man, great in bed and he makes you laugh, you should mary him. You chuckle at your own thoughts. Your fingers now tracing the back of his legs stumble acros a rough patch of skin again and curiosity got the better of you, wondering how he got all these scars, but secretly not wanting to know at the same time. Besides it’s not like you’ll be seeing him after tonight. Dean wakes you from your thoughts when he places his sinfull lips around your nipple. Your fingers automatically slide trough his sandy blond hair. Tugging ever so gently when the short locks slip from your hands, earning a moan from him. The look of surprise was evident on his face when you flipped the two of you around, grinding down shamlesly on him. The most gorgeous moans left his lips and turned you on even more, if that was even possible. Your hands found their way to the buttons of his denim and opened them expertly, aganinzingly slow you opened his zipper and started rolling the fabric off his hips. Eagerly Dean wiggled it down completly and you slid his boxer down his legs. A little gasp escaped your mouth as his hard cock sprang free from it’s confinements. You teased him by letting your hot breath ghost over him, but not touching him at all. Dean closed his eyes as if to regain his senses. “I can see you’re a tease, but darling, i like to be in charge.” And with those words he flipped the two of you back around and forced you on your knees, bare chest pressed against the cold wall of the motel room.

You were still trying to comprehance what just happened when you could feel him line up against your entrance. No words were shared, no permission was asked. All that was heard were soft moans and whimpers as he filled you up and stretched you out. You braced yourself with one hand against the wall as he pushed into you, leaving you no time to adjust. His mouth sucked down on your shoulder as soon as you started to push yourself back onto his cock to meet his thrusts. Soon the two of you fell into a pattern, a synchronised rhythm. Both of his arms were strongly wrapped around your waist, holding you up under his force. You felt Dean’s thrusts got sloppy and his teeth burried themselves in your shoulder. You knew he was close and so were you, you could feel the tight knot in your stomach was ready to explode and nothing was holding you back when Dean’s fingers found your clit again. Your second orgasm washed over you like waves crashing into the shore and your walls clamped down mercilesly around him. Not long after you Dean found his own release and spilled himself inside of you. Lazily he kept pushing into you, drawing out both of your orgasms for as long as he could. When you were both completly spilled he pulled out of you, a last moan left you at the los of contact.

Then everything went silent, no more moans, no more panting, no more skin on skin. Just silence. Things were kind of akward between the two of you and you decided you were going to be the one to brake the tension. “You don’t have to stay Dean, you can leave if you want to.” He gave you a last kiss on your forehead. “Thanks, tonight truely was amazing.” He picked up his clothes and vannished into the bathroom. You grabbed your t-shirt and pulled it over your head, covering yourself up again. The motelroom was payed for, so you decided to stay for the night and nestled yourself under the blankets. After a few minutes Dean came back, picked up his duffelbag and went for the door. “Dean, wait.” Hesitatingly he turned around, locking eyes with yours. “The scars?” He gave you a soft smile. “Ow that. That’s an interesting story. I fight monsters: Vampires, werewolves, dragons. The whole shebang.” A chuckle left your mouth again. “No, just kidding. I was in a bad car accident a few years ago.” And with those words he closed the door behind him, taking all of his mysteries with him.