Keep Tossing Rocks at Your Window

Happy Valentines Day, @cupcakesandtv!

Summary: Clarke has only been living in her new apartment for one month and she’s already involved in a passive-aggressive note war with her neighbor.

One month after moving into her new apartment, Clarke knows the following things about the person in #3:

  1. They have not bothered putting a name plate up on their door or mailbox.
  2. They have a very active sex life.
  3. They’re at least pretty quiet about it, and their partner(s) tends to be too. No screaming orgasms or anything.
  4. Their bed has the creakiest springs Clarke has ever heard in her life. She thinks if she went onto the street when #3 was having sex, she’d still be able to hear those damn bed springs.
  5. The person in apartment #3 is not aware they are living in a glass house with regards to noisiness and is convinced Clarke is the loud, inconsiderate neighbor, just because she has a cat who is sometimes a little bit annoying when she’s hungry. 

All of which adds up to this: Clarke has been living in her new apartment for one month, and she’s already involved in a passive-aggressive note war with her neighbor.

The first one arrived after two weeks, and it was probably meant to be helpful.

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Apple omelette with cheddar and thyme
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It’s September and it’s time for apples! Did you know that Poland is the third biggest exporter of this delicious fruits? Maybe that’s why I feel like I have them in my blood. You may say I eat them in kilograms, even though I am a tiny bit allergic. Well, you can’t have everything.

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Restaurant Wars: A Culinary Review

If there’s one thing Restaurant Wars is remembered for, it’s fucking over Ronaldo.

But if there are two things that Restaurant Wars is known for, it’s fucking over Ronaldo, and Pearl’s adorable waitress outfit.

But if there are three things that Restaurant Wars is known for, it’s all of that and the collection of bizarre food creations that were on display throughout the episode. Fans of @loreweaver-universe may remember that I made almost every item seen or mentioned in this episode, but now that @silverliveblogsthings has seen Restaurant Wars, it seems like a good time to post my actual thoughts on what they were like.

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that shortly after my experiment, YouTube channel Feast of Fiction also made the Ketchup Fries and Cream Cheese Pizza Bagel. They put far more effort into recreating the actual look of the dishes, whereas I just did what I thought worked best. You can see that video right here!

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Waiter Michael seriously disliking the fact he has to work in the service industry for such small pay and you can practically see the hatred in his eyes as he tells the family he’s serving that today’s special is the ‘holy gaucamole with crazy chucky cheddar cheese fries’