My Chekov Moment

I go to a prep school where k-12 is all at this one school. and so the Drama class is made up of 7th-12th graders (but I’m the only junior and their are only 2 sophomores and one freshmen, and the rest are 7-8th graders). And today in drama we were playing an improv game; somehow my brother and I ended up at there at the same time, and every one  got really calm and exited because they’d never seen us act and because we were “upper class-men” (which is stupid because I was internally screaming with fright).

But I steel my self and say my opening line: “But Keptin I am telling you it was inwented in Russia” which was said with a thick russian accent. Tristen (my brother) automatically caught on and replied with: “No Chekov, this book was obviously made in America; look at this, the publishing clearly reads ‘published in U.S.A.”

As we progressed the students, and even the teacher, were thoroughly enjoying are little improv scene, laughing every time I found away to make it seem like something came from Russia.

By the time we were done people clapped enthusiastically, and I got quite a few compliments on my acting skills, as well as my ability to hold up an accent throughout the scene (which made me blush because I am not used to compliments of this degree).

But I was also aware the reference to Star Trek went over everyone’s head, or so I thought.

Later that day, when I was at my locker, one of 8th grade girls from my drama class came up to me looking extremely horrified. I gave her a reassuring smile to ease her fright because I know I have a tendency to unintentionally glare at people, and I did not wish to further frighten her when she so obviously had something she was afraid to say.

She blushed and said in an extremely rushed cluster of words, “I think you did a wonderful impression of Chekov.” and then proceeded to look at her shoes. I was taken aback by her response, and then became deeply flattered.

I cleared my throat, causing her to look back up at me, and I said, giving off the most warm smile I could muster, and said in my best Chekov voice, “Why thank you . Never have I been given such a high complement, and by a girl as beautiful as you.”

Her eyes got wide, her blush deeper, and she smiled so happily that I knew I made the right choice by responding as CheKov. Then, almost awkwardly, she said “I’m not really that beautiful.” I smiled sadly at that because she seemed to look at herself in distaste for a moment and I knew what that felt like. So I stayed in character and responded with, “No, no, that is very much far from the truth. Ti takAya krasIvaya. That means 'you are so beautiful’ in Russia.”

The thing is, even though I was in character as Chekov, I still said it so sincerely (because I really wanted to convey the fact that she was a pretty young later who was admired and shouldn’t feel down about herself), that her eyes looked kind of watery and she gave the most pleased and appreciative smile anyone had given me in a while.

Passing period was, sadly, almost over so I did one last thing in hopes it would make her day (because she truly was sweet girl and quite an obvious Chekov enthusiast). I said, “Do svidaniya, it was a pleasure meeting who fits the word 'krasivaya’ both inside and out; that means 'beautiful’ in Russia” and then kissed her hand, which made her turn a very adorable scarlet.

She giggled very cutely, and I could see in her eyes that her self-esteem had gone up considerably, at least for today. she gave me a quick hug and whispered a quick thank you before running off to class, and I through a “hugs were inwented in Russia.” over my shoulder and walked off to class.

I am extremely glad  that my acting made someones day. I wish I could describe how exited she looked. It was adorable. I just asdfghjkl   

Lezioni di felicità - 1-2-3-4

Tutti vogliono il tuo bene. Non fartelo portare via.

Valutati molto. Ci penseranno gli altri ad abbassare il prezzo.

Smettila di salvare il salvabile.

Ridi. Particolarmente quando non c’è un cazzo da ridere. Tanto, comunque la metti, alla fine muori. Quindi. Vedi tu se è il caso di fare tragedie prima del tempo.

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