I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the items that my mom and I completed for GISHWHES. 

We had 60 stuffed animals. We wanted to buy kale, but we couldn’t find any!

This was taken in a WalMart, which we figured would be the place where people would care the least about what we were up to. But literally no one cared when we came into the store with the shopping cart. It was only when we left that a woman did a double take, but she just laughed.

To GISHWHES players who are feeling disheartened right now...

It’s terrifying. We just need to breathe deep and hope for the best. Karu and I have been freaking out ourselves a little bit, and she pointed out some important things. I’m going to quote her here:

I just keep looking at it this way. If we quit, there’s no way to win. If we keep going, there’s always a chance.

An’ even if we don’t win, we’ve got some weird stories (like your condom wrappers).

An’ really, how awesome is it that we’re all coming together like this? We’ve gotten shit off this list I didn’t think we had a chance in hell at getting.

So yeah.

All we can do is try.

The thing is, we’ve come this far, it’s just three more days. We can spend three more days attempting the impossible, or we can give up, go home and say “no, it can’t be done!" 

Tell ya’ what? Follow one path, you spend the next year regretting that you didn’t give it your all, or you can spend the next year knowing you did your damn best. If you choose the path of doing your damnedest, just be proud of yourself, not bitter of the people who win.

And hey. Maybe we’ll win. You never know. Everyone out there is having the same trouble and road blocks we are, like the post office situation, that’s nation-wide. We aren’t the only ones with that problem. 

So we’ll make it. We’ll pull through. And we’ll all be closer for it.


So during our GISHWHES photos, we made condom balloons and had candy strewn across the floor (players, it’s item #8, non players… don’t you wish you registered now??) and as Becky and I were picking up the candy and tossing it into a bowl, we joked about putting condoms in the candy bowl. “Have a safe Halloween!!”

But apparently she tossed one of the wrappers in there, after all. (Not the condom, just the wrapper.)

I did not notice this.

Two trick or treaters just came to my door.

And I VERY NEARLY GAVE THEM A CONDOM WRAPPER. Because I didn’t notice it was in there as I grabbed it. 

Luckily, it totally did NOT feel like candy and I’m not super oblivious, because I realized it and held on tight, grabbing different candy to give to the kid.

Good lord.



As I sit here, waiting for the GISHWHES countdown to reach zero, I’m in my PJs and real tired from work and just scrolling mindlessly through tumblr and having conversations with tumblr friends and my GISHWHES teammates… and it feels just like a sleepover on the internet.

We’re all just gathered ‘round waiting for the countdown to end, like New Years Eve or something. It’s such a happy, fun, silly, giddy feeling. And I love it. :3

Thanks, guys~