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The Tale of the Legendary Spoop

(not the LARP camp I work at, but the one I volunteer at- the high-immersion one for teens up in the mountains)

One time, I really really wanted to scare the shit out of the kids. So, I dressed up as a spooky ghost lady. My friend did skull-like makeup on me, I wore a long white dress, and I took my hair down (brown, and waist-length). I had my hair over my face, and then I put on a veil. 

A bit after one in the morning, I started singing ring around the rosy in a slow, high-pitched voice in the woods outside their camp. The kid on watch woke everyone else up, and they proceeded to half freak out trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn’t see for shit, since it was dark and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I had to feel out every step I took, which allowed me to do a creepy, jerky, zombie-ish stumble.

I entered their camp, and they were all huddled in the center, pointing swords at me and trying to decide if I was friendly or not. I approached them until I was maybe 5 feet away from the group. One of the girls steps out in front, holding out her hand to me and saying “it’s ok, we don’t want to hurt you-” as soon as she got close enough to almost touch me, I RIPPED OF MY VEIL AND SCREAMED AS LOUD AS I COULD RIGHT IN HER FACE


like 8 or 9 kids just tumbling to the ground it was hilarious

a fellow volunteer later told me it looked like a fus ro dah

anyway I kept haunting their camp for a while, basically stumbling vaguely towards them while they scrambled away, and I was singing whatever bits of songs I could remember that sounded vaguely creepy, such as

-ring around the rosy

-johnny cash (hurt, ain’t no grave)

-green fields of france

-the Halo 3 theme

-bookends (simon and garfunkel)

-spooky scary skeletons

i’d sing really high-pitched and slow, and on the long notes i’d slide out of tune 

and they kept mishearing what I was singing as SO MUCH CREEPIER THAN IT ACTUALLY WAS

one time I dropped down and did a rapid spidery crawl (like the girl from the Ring) at them and they FREAKED

I couldn’t do it for too long because i kept stepping on my hair.

There were multiple teenagers crying. One actually went and took himself out-of-game because he was so freaked. It was beautiful.

(don’t worry, they had fun).

at one point, the only other adult in camp (the plot lead, who was with the teens at the time, playing as himself, but he totally knew the spoopy ghost thing was coming) decided to try and take me down, and ran up to me and grabbed me, literally lifting me from the ground

i was like ????? because we hadn’t had enough time to discuss the spoopy ghost lady’s abilities- i.e. if I could take more than the normal amount of sword blows before dropping, if I could deal any damage (I couldn’t, I was literally unarmed) so I was like well, idk wtf to do here, so i just turned around and screamed in his face until he put me down, and he told me later that him releasing me wasn’t acting, he was literally too paralyzed to do anything

it was hella fun, so about a year later I decided to bring back the spoopy ghost lady (the kids had decided to call her Ashes). I approached the camp again and started singing and i hear “GODDAMN IT! FUCK! FUCKING SHIT!” etc. and I walked in and started my spoopy routine again (afterwords, someone told me that they were literally just talking about me and that one of them had looked at her watch and said “Ashes showed up at about 1:30 last time” and literally right then I started singing).

Highlights from the second time include:

-one of them gave me a fucking sword for no goddamn reason, and then proceeded to attack me. So I knocked him out and threw the sword at him.

- “She’s not that scary, she’s not that scary, she’s not- *I turn and look at him* FUCK”

- *standing over body of unconscious kid* “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM”

- *I stumble towards him* “FUCK NEVERMIND YOU CAN HAVE HIM” *runs away*

-quiet sobs

-louder sobs

- “she’s gonna do the thing she’s gonna do the thing she’s-” *I drop down and spider crawl at them* “FUCK SHIT I TOLD YOU SHE’S DOING IT”

- kid: “Tell me what you want, what you really want!” me: *internally suppresses urge to go so tell me what you want, what you really really want*

- fellow volunteer (who had decided to join the kid’s camp as himself, literally so he could be there to watch me spoop) tries to sneak up behind me, I wrap my veil around his neck and “choke” him (not really, but it looked real)

-next day at checkout, when I walk up to the group (not in costume, duh) to see them off: “fuck you Katt”

Glossy | M

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Summary: “Just sit on my face, and let me take care of the rest.“

Word Count: 2,143

“Do you want to try it now?” 

Seulgi takes a deep breath. She looks down at you, lying beneath her, hipbones poking into her thighs. “Yeah, but it’s fine if we don’t. I don’t want to hurt you.”

You roll your eyes. “You won’t. I wouldn’t have agreed if I didn’t think it’d be fun.”

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I was working self-checkout the other day when this dude comes up to me like “can I ask you a question?” And me, figuring it was something work related was like “oh, yeah, sure”. But then he asks me “do you think people can buy karma?” and I just fucking stared at him because I thought he was going to ask me where our chips were or something, fuck!

(and as someone who has never been apart of a religion where karma is involved I couldn’t really answer him, or lecture him about it despite how fucking wrong “do you think people can buy karma” sounds).

Your Rooftop ( Jason Todd x Reader ) - Part 2

A/N : I was actually overwhelmed by the amount of notes and positive feedback the first chapter got and I can not even express how happy I was. I hope this second chapter lives up to your expectations. If there was a word that was like ‘thank you’ but meant ‘thank you’ more than ‘thank you’ means ‘thank you’ I would use that. 

Part 1 , Word Count : 484


The chipped glass door flung open with the wind as you entered your apartment block at thirteen past six on that Saturday morning, the sun slowly making its way over the horizon.

Your fingers twitched and rubbed against the material of your sweater and you hastily walked up the steps to your humble abode.

The complex was fairly hushed at that time or morning. The most noise was maybe from the apartment below yours, the kids who lived there almost always watched the morning cartoons before they left for whatever weekend activities they had planned.

As you made your way across the distressed carpeted floor you could not help but notice the smallest rustling noise in your apartment. Of course it could be a bird or rat that had found its way into your home but life was better safe than sorry.

You unlocked your apartment door before holding up your duffle bag like sword and twisting the silver door knob that reflected your subtly grazed face.

Only to be greeted by an open window and the same masked vigilante from the night just passed relaxing on your couch.

“Shit” your voice ripped as you dropped your duffle bag to the ground.

“See b-man did not have anything on ‘mystery girl’ but he did have something on (Y/N) (Y/L/N)” he jeered, “so what’s your gimmick ?, urban outfitters checkout girl by day and anonymous vigilante by night” he stood up walking over to your stiff figure.

A concoction of fear, anger and confusion overwhelmed you and you just managed to let out a montone “what the hell”.

“I mean you’re good at staying hidden, I’ll give you that, but once you’ve been found it took me 30 minutes tops to figure out who you were” he crossed his arm and leaned against the wall.

“I-you can’t-just-I-wha-” you began and started to pace around.

“Hey listen I get your new to the whole crime fighter thing but you don’t take off your gloves the minute you see a pretty rooftop, you left your fingerprints all over that place…I mean honestly rookie mistake” It only made you mader that you could not see his facial expression under his dull red mask let alone his identity and there you were exposed.

He continued on only proceeding to point out his apparent superiority to you until you bundled up enough courage to respond. “What on god’s earth do you want from me anyway, could you not have just left me alone ?” you balled your fists.

“Listen I have a couple…projects that I need to sort out and I can’t have batman or any of his other bat babies knowing about them and in return for me not telling batman about your weird little shadow girl persona you need to do one thing”

“And that thing would be ?” you said faking un-intrigue.

“That thing would be helping me”

This angry old woman came through my checkout the other day, and she was buying one of those eftpos gift cards that are just gift cards you can use anywhere. Before she even bought it she was giving me minor grief trying to make absolutely sure it is a spend-anywhere card, which I can understand but she was just completely rude about it. This particular card was worth $50 once purchased and in a slightly smaller font below the price/value of the card, it said “$5.95 purchase fee.” So obviously when I scanned it through it came up with a total of $55.95 and when I read the total to her she goes “I only want a $50 card,” so I told her that there is a $5.95 purchase fee and pointed it out on the card, and she rolls her fucking eyes so hard and almost shouts “Oh for God’s sake!” And reluctantly pays for it. Like I am fucking sorry you didn’t take the time to read the front of the product you’re buying, it’s not like I have any control over the price of this. She was just so rude about it.

TL;DR old lady bought an eftpos card, didn’t see the purchase fee and whinged about it like I had control over it.

Unmake the World

A/N:  So, I never post fic anymore, it seems.  I don’t know where this idea came from but it forced me to write it.
That being said, I think warnings are important…but I don’t want to give anything away since it’s a short little one shot, but this is not a fluffy fic. It’s very short and it is complete. If I’ve done it right, it should be rather sad. Maybe don’t read it on a melancholy day?

Midnight seeps out of the room.  

She stirs, looks to check on him. His breathing is still even, still unchanged.

Light filters in under the door and reveals everything exactly as it was when her eyes had closed. Her forehead wrinkles, unsure of what woke her.

Light and shadow play along his features, his jaw in sharp relief, scruff a little longer than usual.

Unbidden, her brain conjures up a few flashes of the last mission…she blinks hard.  He’d fallen. It wasn’t as far as the mountain or the dam, but still. She knew he would never say how scared he must’ve been.

Carefully, she entwines her fingers with his.  Fingers that fit perfectly, like each bone, each tarsal, was carved from sediment and planned before the world began.

Straining not to drift off again, she recalls the first time he held her hand. When it was truly her hand, not the hand of his tech help. When she was his girl-girl, not his girl. Not back when it sounded different in her head, when she’d only thought he heart was full, when she’d only thought she knew love.

It had been on the way out of town, into their sunset, he’d kept grabbing her hand between shifting gears. Finally, he ended up just glomming onto her hand and not letting go, plastering it under his own over the gearshift.

“Where do you want to go?” he’d said.

“Anywhere. Everywhere.”

“I wanna see the world.” He’d looked at her a bit too long. Long enough that she knew he was considering something stupid.

“Oliver,” she’d said, narrowing her eyes as he’d raised their joined hands briefly from the shifter and kissed the back of her hand and winked. “Oliver, tell me you were not about to say something cheesy about seeing the world in my eyes.”

“No. No,” he’d answered too quickly. “Definitely not.”

They’d driven until the faded neon sign for a string of roadside motel cabins beckoned them in the wee hours. That became their home for two days. Before checkout, she’d let him sleep, truly sleep, until he’d awoken on his own. Soft and warm, he’d finally stirred. Turned on his axis. And it was then and there she was forced to admit that Oliver Queen had a point and, more to the point, she was actual queen of cheese: The earth was his body and the endless sky lived in his eyes.

He’d been the better part of her world from then on. Even when she tried desperately desperately desperately to stand on firm ground elsewhere. Now, she stretches carefully.

The sheet is scratchy and thin, catching on her clothes as she goes to splash her face with cool water.

Her muscles are sore but she knows his are so much worse. He’s worked so hard, given so much. He can’t give more. They can’t expect more from him.

Against all odds and often against all reason, the man she loves had given his everything for others. His peace, his tired body, at times she knew he’d worried he’d given his very soul just to save this godforsaken, ungrateful city.

Oliver, burning all passion and fire and progress. The city, in turn, wary and apathetic. 

If Robert Queen had any idea the cross he’d handed his then-ill-equipped, entitled son…She shakes off that thought, too. Wishes she could have a moment outside of her own mind. There’s nothing for it now. Oliver made himself while everyone sought to unmake him. He unearthed and honed and mined within, he made himself.

When he gave her himself, she knew he’d given her the world. 

Dawn slinks across pavement and wraps around the buildings, claws its way into the room.

She crawls back into the bed and curls up with him, gently slips his arm around her.  Perfect and complete. Like it was carved from sediment and planned since the world began.

She folds further into the crook of his arm. This small space, his embrace, her place in the world.

The monitor beeps on.

In the morning, they will come reclaim their tubes, their charts, their machines. 

These sheets.

Unplug these wires.

Unmake this bed.

Unmake the room.

In the morning, they will unmake the world. 

Ftw with these fucking fidget spinners and the damn parents who bought them for their kids without knowing what they were for.

I had a teacher come through my checkout line the other day and chastised the fidget spinners and when I said “well they were made to help kids focus in class who have adhd–” she just cut me off and said “no they werent. They are a problem and kids just play with them.”

This lady wouldnt even listen to me when I tried explaining “yeah the regular kids ruined them for the kids with adhd/autism bc they are using them as toys”.

& honestly, fuck the dumb ones who choke on their cheap fidget spinners & their moms freak the fuck out on social media over it. Like idk maybe know not to give your child the latest fad if you know they are a dumb shit and they’ll try to eat it???

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Author was a huge flirt! Whenever he would be out, getting food, he'd smile and ask the pretty girl at checkout how their day was. Or finding characters, no matter the gender, if he thinks your good and dynamic, he could fluster you and ask for a date at 6. (Of course those encounters mostly end up as romance novels, but hey you take what you can get) If the Author felt cocky, he'd turn the date around into an adventure or a mystery....hope that was good!

((It was wonderful friend!))

Yep honestly he’s definitely just such a flirt and he’s always so cocky, I think he might not usually take out his characters but it might happen every once in a while and they’ll be real spoiled.

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So this girl came through self checkout the other day and was whining on the phone about people from Massachusetts being obvious about hating people talking on the phone during a transaction because apparently New Jersey is different??? And she flat out said we were all rude for not catering to people who had better things to do like talk on the phone??? While I was there fixing her transaction after she fucked it up??? But I genuinely got an eye roll when I said have a nice day. What the fuck??

One of my pet peeves is when people don’t return their shopping carts to the collection stalls.

I saw a lady leave hers NEXT to the return stall today, in an empty parking space.

My brother left his at the end of the checkout line the other day at Randall’s. When I asked why, he said “oh, and I guess I should do some restocking while I’m here, too.” I mean, you pass the buggy’s house on the way out, why not just take it all the way home?

It hardly takes any effort to be courteous, but some people insist on being jerks.

Library AU (Kanej)

One of my newly discovered aus, and one that I’m tempted to make a story about.

  • Inej is just (frantically) looking for the latest edition of her textbook
  • she threw her old one in the trash after finding out it completely ‘forgot’ the Rwandan genocide
  • she sees ONE copy left and races towards it but the moment she lays her hand on the cover, another hand - pale and slender - does so as well
  • she looks up to see this dark-haired boy about the same age raising an eyebrow at her and clearly expecting her to move her hand
  • she doesn’t
  • Inej simply raises her eyebrows in challenge 
  • “I’m sure there are other editions to this book available.”
  • “It’s the one with the least glossed over events. I’m not giving it up.”
  • the boy tilts his head to look at Inej unfathomably 
  • “if you take it, what will you give me?”
  • Inej by this time is so desperate to get this book for her exam in a few hours that she just blurts out impatiently, “I’ll recommend you better books than the ones you’re holding right now.”
  • the boy looks down at his pile, seemingly offended 
  • Inej takes this chance to grab the book and hightail it to the checkout desk 
  • the next day she sits at the library to study, she hears someone sit across from her place at the desk
  • “I believe you promised me a list?”
  • Inej stares at this boy, who has his hands folded carefully across the front of his Armani Prive suit and who’s E X U D I N G privilege
  • but hey, not every day you get to teach a rich entitled person what to do
  • so she goes over to the history section with the boy trailing behind her 
  • she silently stacks a pile of tomes detailing history, slave trade, and corruption, then leaves him 
  • she comes back the next day with a pile of leather bound books about rebellions and insurgence of indentured servants on her desk and a neatly penned note on top of it
  • “For the girl intent on breaking chains. Kaz.”
  • the next day, Kaz finds a small post-it on the desk 
  • “Next time, include yourself so I can talk about them with you. Inej.”
  • Kaz smiles

This angry old woman came through my checkout the other day, and she was buying one of those eftpos gift cards that are just gift cards you can use anywhere. Before she even bought it she was giving me minor grief trying to make absolutely sure it is a spend-anywhere card, which I can understand but she was just completely rude about it. This particular card was worth $50 once purchased and in a slightly smaller font below the price/value of the card, it said “$5.95 purchase fee.” So obviously when I scanned it through it came up with a total of $55.95 and when I read the total to her she goes “I only want a $50 card,” so I told her that there is a $5.95 purchase fee and pointed it out on the card, and she rolls her fucking eyes so hard and almost shouts “Oh for God’s sake!” And reluctantly pays for it. Like I am fucking sorry you didn’t take the time to read the front of the product you’re buying, it’s not like I have any control over the price of this. She was just so rude about it.

TL;DR old lady bought an eftpos card, didn’t see the purchase fee and whinged about it like I had control over it.

The Tree House

    The Tree House


    Robbie’s and Y/N’s parents were old college buddies, so as a result, Robbie and Y/N had been friends since they were nine years old. His grandmother used to always chide that one day they’d get married, and Robbie would always respond by pushing Y/N over as she stuck her tongue out at him. Fast forward to age sixteen when Y/N’s family moved away and Robbie started getting busier with acting roles. They remained friends, but talking on the phone and occasionally on Facebook for more than two years just wasn’t the same. They grew apart, though they never fully left each other’s minds. Finally at nineteen, Y/N’s family moved back into town near Robbie’s family, and that’s when things really weren’t the same.

    Naturally Y/N and Robbie were happy to see each other after nearly three years of being apart, but the way Robbie’s eyes lit up when Y/N walked into a room and the way her eyes lingered on Robbie just a moment too long for friends was unmistakable - to everyone else but them, that is.

     “Robbie, you’re looking as handsome as ever. You’ve grown up so much!” Y/N’s mom had remarked in the airport when they first arrived.

    “What? Oh, thank you.” Robbie said, suddenly turning every shade of pink as he realised he had been staring at Y/N since she approached him at the baggage claim.

     Both sets of parents exchanged an amused glance, though it would be a while before Robbie and Y/N admitted a change was upon them.


   “Hey Mum?” Robbie said as he walked into the kitchen a couple weeks after Y/N’s arrival. “Don’t you think it would be nice to have the Y/L/N’s over for dinner soon? You know, as a sort of welcome home.” He said in the most casual tone possible.

     She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye as she washed dishes.

     “Do you mean Y/N or the Y/L/N’s?” She asked, clearly amused by his failed attempt to be subtle.

    “Mum! Don’t be ridiculous. We grew up together, that’s weird.” Robbie quickly shot back.

    “Hmm, alright then. Well you know, funny you mention it becuase actually I was thinking of throwing a little dinner party for the Morrisons since Dave just got that promotion, and I was going to invite the Garcias since we’re all good friends. Oh! And maybe the Gregorys as well. May as well make it a coming home party for the Y/L/N’s too!

    “Well so much for a small dinner party.” Robbie mumbled grudgingly.

    His mom just chuckled to herself as she turned back to the sink.

    A few hours later, the doorbell rang. Robbie sighed and got up to answer it, still acting unexplainably cranky as he struggled with the idea of falling for his childhood friend. He opened the door to find Y/N looking cuter than he ever remembered in a flowy turquoise blouse that just barely gave a glimpse of her midriff.

     “Y/N!” He said as he swallowed and not-so-subtly looked her up and down. “What are you doing here?” He asked, a mix of nervousness and excitement in his voice.

    “What, I can’t stop by my friend’s house after being away for three years?” She asked playfully as she hugged him.

    “No, of course you can.” Robbie said as he noticed how well she fit into his arms.

     “So are you going to let me in or what?” She asked as she mussed his hair.

     “Yeah! No, come in!”

    “You seem a little jumpy. Everything okay?”

    “What? Oh, yeah. No, I’m great. My mum is planning this whole big dinner party thing and she’s just stressing out about it. Guess it rubbed off on me.” Robbie said as he awkwardly rubbed at his neck.

    “Well, speaking of which, I’m actually here to see your mom!”

    “Oh…” Robbie replied, obviously disappointed.

    Y/N looked slightly perplexed for a moment before saying, “Yeah, she texted my mom about the dinner party and I thought maybe I could offer to pick up a couple decorations or something to help out.”

    “Hi sweetheart!” Robbie’s mom exclaimed as she came into the room.

    “Hi Mrs. Kay! Heard you were planning a little dinner party. Do you need me to get anything for it?”

    “Oh, don’t be ridiculous! It is a welcome home for you, after all.”

    “I really don’t mind! To be honest, things are a little crazy in my house right now with the move and I’d like to get out for a while.”

    “Well… I could use a few little things if you wouldn’t mind running to the store for me…” She replied hesitantly.

    “I’ll go with you!” Robbie said, sound much more eager than intended.

    “Easy there, tiger.” His mom said as she winked at Y/N.

    “I mean, I just thought she might need some help carrying things is all…” Robbie replied, trailing off at the end of his sentence.

    Y/N suppressed a smile and looked at the ground.

    “Well then, I’ll go make a list and then you two can be off!” His mom said cheerily as she patted Y/N’s shoulder.


    “Oh here, let me get that for you.” Robbie offered as he opened the car door for her.

    “Thanks.” She replied as she bit her lip, now catching on to what his behaviour might mean.

    The ride over wasn’t nearly as awkward as when she first arrived at his house, and within a few minutes they were both singing (if you can call it that) along to their favourite song from junior high. By the time they arrived at the store, it almost felt like old times… almost.


    “Damn it.” Y/N muttered as she stood on her toes, struggling to reach the salad dressing on the top shelf.

    “I’ve got it.” Robbie said as he reached up and laughed.

    He’s definitely not that scrawny little boy I remember. Y/N thought as she noticed how well his shirt complimented his broad shoulders. Definitely not.

    “Y/N? Did you hear what I just said?” Robbie said, snapping her out of her thoughts.

    “What? No, sorry. Must be uh, I’m just a little tired.” Y/N said, blushing as she hoped he hadn’t noticed her eyeing him.

    “Riiiight…” He replied as he squinted mischievously. “I just said we should go get a few baguettes from the bakery.”

    “That we should. I’ll go grab those while you get the sparkling cider.” She replied, trying her best to sound casual.

    What’s going on with us? I wonder if we could ever… no, no that’s silly. But maybe… Y/N thought as she absentmindedly placed everything on the checkout line.  


    The next day was the day of the dinner party. Y/N must have tried on three outfits before deciding to go with the first one after all, and spent just a little too long choosing the right eyeshadow.

    “You’re acting like you’ve got first date jitters!” Her mom had commented.

    Maybe I do. She thought to herself.

    Little did she know, Robbie had been hogging up the bathroom for nearly twenty minutes trying to get his hair to look just right, only to leave it looking as tousled as usual.

    “Robbie, you seem awfully peevish today.” His dad had teased, knowing fully well what the cause was.

    The doorbell rang and Robbie rushed to answer the door.

    “I’ll get it! Oh, hi Mrs. Garcia. Great to see you.” Robbie said, trying his best not to sound too disappointed.

    A few moments later the doorbell rang again.

    “I’ll -” Robbie had started to shout.

    “We know, you’ll get it.” His dad said as his mom giggled.

    Robbie just rolled his eyes before straightening his shirt and opening the door. There stood Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N with Y/N between them. He hardly noticed their presence as he took in what a sight Y/N was in her red cocktail dress and black pumps.

    “Yoo hoo! Can’t we come in?” Y/N’s mom teased after waiting for a few awkward seconds.

    “Right! Come on in.” Robbie said as he hugged her and shook hands with Y/N’s father.

    Finally he greeted Y/N as her parents began exchanging hellos with everyone.

    “Hi.” Robbie said quietly, a spellbound expression in his green eyes.

    “Hi.” Y/N replied with a coy smile.

    “Are you ready for an incredibly riveting evening of listening to our parents relive stories from college while the Garcias make passive-aggressive comments to the Gregorys the whole night?”

    She was glad to see some of his confidence had returned after that awkward encounter the day before.

    “Oh, you bet I am. Maybe we’ll even get to hear your dad’s rendition of Don’t Stop Believing after his third glass of wine.” She replied as Robbie helped her slip out of her coat.

    “Well whatever happens, I’m just glad you’re back.” Robbie said as he leaned across her to hang up her coat.

    Their eyes locked for a moment as it dawned on them they were both thinking the same thing. Y/N opened her mouth to say something when they were interrupted by Robbie’s mom.

    “Alright you two, in the kitchen to help me put the appetisers out!”

    “Muuum.” Robbie groaned as Y/N chuckled.

    At the dinner table, Robbie and Y/N were seated across from each other and couldn’t help but exchange glances constantly. He kept trying to make her laugh by raising his eyebrow mischievously. Ever since they were kids that always made her laugh. Finally she had had enough and she laughed out loud, quickly trying to conceal it by pretending to choke on her drink. She kicked him under the table and he kicked back. Dinner was going quite well, aside from the four couples getting a little tipsy and increasingly obnoxious as they moved the party to the living room.

    “Hey.” Robbie whispered playfully as Y/N placed a few dishes in the sink.

    “Hey yourself.” Y/N replied as she leaned against the counter and raised an eyebrow at him.

    “You’ll never be as good at that as I am, you know.” Robbie teased.

    “Yeah well a girl can dream.”

    “So, you want to get out of here for a while? I doubt they’ll notice.” He said as he gestured over to the living room where the couples were playing a very buzzed game of charades.

    “Thought you’d never ask.” She said as she dried her hands on a towel.

    “Stella okay?” Robbie asked as he grabbed a couple beers from the fridge.

    “Perfect.” Y/N whispered as she opened the back door as quietly as possible.

    They strolled through his backyard, enjoying the crisp night air, the sound of crickets, the scent of his mother’s garden, and each other’s company.

    “Hey, whatever happened to that old tree house we used to play in?” Y/N asked, finally breaking the silence.

    “Oh it’s still there.”

    “Yeah I know, but I mean why did we stop going there?”

    “I don’t know. Maybe we thought we were too cool.”

    “Oh yeah, because I was just rockin’ those braces with pink rubber bands and you were such a player at the mature age of twelve.”

    “Oy! I was pretty cool back then!” Robbie said as he bumped into her, causing her to spill a little beer.

    “Yeah well looks like you never outgrew your clumsiness.” She retorted as she wiped the beer off her arm. “And by the way, you still are cool.” She said as she playfully nudged him.

    Robbie just bit his lip and smiled at her adoringly.

    “Well, here we are. Shall we climb up?” Robbie asked as they approached the broken down old tree house.

    “Erm, in these shoes?”

    “Just leave them down here, princess.” He teased.

    “Princess, huh?” She said as she kicked off her shoes and took a sip of her beer. “Fine then. Up you go.”

    “Ladies go first!”

    “Not in this dress I don’t.”

    “Right then. Well I’ll go up first and then if the ladder gives out you can be there to catch me. Or laugh at me, whichever you fancy.”

    “Always here to offer my support.” Y/N replied sarcastically as she winked over her bottle.

    “Okay, it’s safe! Come on up.” Robbie shouted as he poked his head out the door.

    Y/N made it to the top to find Robbie sitting in the middle of the room and studying the ceiling. For the first time since her return, he resembled the little boy she knew and had grown to love. They both just sat there, filling each other in on the details they had missed about one another’s lives the past few years and reminiscing about their childhood. Finally they both fell silent, suddenly unsure of what to say next. Robbie laughed quietly to himself and cocked his head as his eyes found their way to a beam on the ceiling of the old wooden tree house.

    “What is it?” Y/N asked, squinting to see what he was looking at.

    He got up and gently touched the wood as he smiled nostalgically.

    “What have you got there?” She asked.

    “Do you remember this?” Robbie asked as he took her hand and lead her over to where he stood.

    “Yeah… I sure do.” She said wistfully as she read the inscription they carved into the wood when they were ten.

    Friends Forever, it read, accompanied by their initials and the date.

    “Looks like we are so far, huh?” She said as she smiled up at him.

     Her smile quickly faded when she realised he wasn’t smiling, but staring right at her nervously as his eyes fluttered down to her lips. She looked down to realise she hadn’t let go of his hand.

    “It would seem so.” Robbie said, nearly whispering as they both inched closer to one another.

    Robbie had just started to move his hand to her shoulder and lean in as a loud cracking sound shattered the silence, along with their special moment. Y/N let out a scream as the ground beneath her gave way, leaving her dangling high above the ground while she watched the termite-eaten boards fall to the grass below.

    “I’ve got you! I’ve got you!” Robbie yelled frantically as he struggled to keep his grip. He finally pulled her up, knocking him on his back as she collapsed on top of him.

   “Are you okay?!” Robbie said as he held her tightly.

    She began laughing uncontrollably and at first he looked confused, but then joined in on the laughter when he realised she was perfectly fine.

   “Phew.” Y/N said into his chest as she caught her breath. “That was scary.”

   “I think I remember why we stopped coming up here.” Robbie said, breathless from laughing so hard.

   Realising how close they were, Y/N sat up and brushed herself off and Robbie followed suit.

   “Well, we should probably get back down there.” She said after a moment.

    “I’m in no hurry.”

    “I guess I’m not either.” She said as she smiled softly and pushed a strand behind her ear. “Aside from the fact that at any moment we could come crashing to our death or possibly end up in wheelchairs. But you know, no biggy.” She joked.

    “I’d say we’ve got a few minutes before that happens.” Robbie said as he gently caressed her cheek.

    He leaned in slowly at first, then all at once as her lips met his. She ran her fingers through his sandy hair as he gripped her waist and smiled into the kiss. It was pure magic, if it ever existed in this world.

    They simultaneously pulled back, sensing it was time to slow down.

    “Wow.” Was all Robbie could say.

    “Who knew?” Y/N said quietly.

    “Apparently everyone but us!” Robbie said as he pushed her hair behind her ear.

    She tossed her head back and laughed. “I the timing worked out well, though. Almost like I was meant to move back when I did.” She said as their fingers intertwined.

    “I think so too.” He said as he laced an arm around her waist. “But I’ll tell you what.”

    “Hm?” She asked as she draped her arms across his shoulders.

    “I think we’ve done quite enough waiting up until now. How about I take you out? And I promise it won’t involve termites or nearly dying.”

    “I think that sounds great.” Y/N said as she kissed him on the cheek.

    Suddenly the tree house began to creak again.

    “What do you say we get out of here and go somewhere else to talk?” Robbie said, looking worried as they both laughed nervously.

    “I say I’d go anywhere with you.”





The Signs as Shit I've Heard/Seen This Week
  • Aries:
  • The kid who yelled "anything's possible with Jesus!" as he shot the ball and ended up getting hit in the head with it when it bounces off.
  • Taurus:
  • My boss pointing to the stacks of chairs and saying, "I'm gonna sleep there next class"
  • Gemini:
  • "Why do I need coffee? It's so I can deal with you guys for an hour!"
  • Cancer:
  • The two kids who ran around yelling that they were riding each other as the counselors lose their shit in the background.
  • Leo:
  • A 6"8 boy putting his head in the basketball net and weakly saying "oh no"
  • Virgo:
  • @ 3 screaming children "please don't do this to me"
  • Libra:
  • The three kids who did the Naruto run during the relay drill.
  • Scorpio:
  • Me teaching kids how to pass a ball for six hours, slowly dying as they keep kicking it around and not listening.
  • Sagittarius:
  • "I have the lightsaber so you have to listen to me or I'll cut your limbs off"
  • Capricorn:
  • The one counselor counting down the seconds before we're allowed to leave.
  • Aquarius:
  • "I'm not saying parents should beat their kids but some of these kids just need a good smack"
  • Pisces:
  • the kid who got lost on the first day during checkout time. he might be dead, we don't know or really care.