The Cool Kids - Checkout (Official Video) (New)


Checkout - The Cool Kids

Please fire me. I work as a cashier at a local supermarket where we have a campaign that we hand out a small sticker for every 5 dollars our customers shop for. The customers collect the stickers in a booklet which the customer then hands in, in order to get nice silverware and chef knives and such,

The first 10 customers rejected my offer to give them stickers by laughing at me. The eleventh customer had a big grin on her face and told me she would love to get some stickers for every 5 dollar she shopped for. Turns out she had bought an entire new kitchen set for over 5000 dollars… I seriously had to close my cash register and count stickers for the rest of the day while the customer was humming and playing with her phone. When I was done she told me maybe her son would like to play with these.


Lady: You don’t have any of the new magazines.
Me: Oh, that’s because the vendor hasn’t…
Lady: *Interrupting me* No, you’re not listening to me. Your magazines, they’re all last weeks, you don’t have any of this weeks in.
Me: Right, as I was saying, they get brought in, we don’t control that, especially not myself, being a cashier.
Lady: No. Yours are all last weeks, you don’t have any new ones. 
Her daughter: Mom, she’s telling you she has no control over that.
*I look at her with a big smile and nod as I continue scanning their items.*
Lady: But they don’t have any new editions for the week. I’m just letting her know. 
Daughter: She has no control over when they come in, mom. 
Lady: I’m just letting her know. 

Like, holy hell. Get over your $5 magazines that are nothing but lies. I can’t do shit about it, so shove it.

“I sometimes wonder why my chain of shops failed.” said Terry, later. “But I just can’t work it out. All the ingredients for a healthy, profitable business were there. Just one of those things, I suppose.”

(thanks to themichaelmoran over on Twitter for this one!)